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Spit Or Swallow?
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the May 15, 2006 edition of Monday Night Raw, the beautiful Maria
interviewed Carlito about his new t-shirt, with the slogan "Do you Spit or
Swallow." After the interview is over, Maria still has a confused look on her
face as Carlito, wearing his new yellow "Do You Spit of Swallow t-shirt" and
blue wrestling shorts, stands nearby eating his apple. Carlito looks at her
looking on and says with his mouth full, "Hey, it's cool that you said you
swallowed... apples." Carlito swallows what's in his mouth and grins at the
lovely interviewer.

Maria lowers the microphone in her left hand and scrunches her nose up
"Carlito....what do you Spit or Swallow..." Maria asks as she looks
a bit dazed and confused at the same time, while dressed in white skirt and a
white strapped top. Maria smiles cutely as she looks at Carlito.

Carlito grins at her and licks his lips, "Well... Carlito meant did you spit
or swallow... after you finished something..." Carlito chuckles at bit as he
tilts his head a bit and checks Maria out.

Maria raises her eyebrow as the look of confusion appears more across her
cute, beautiful face. The cute interview shakes her head "Carlito....I don't
understand..." Maria says with her eyes having a blank look to them.

Carlito licks his lips and slides a hand through his brown Afro hair, "Are
you sure you don't understand?" Carlito asks as he takes a step to stand
right next to her and he puts an arm around her shoulders.

Maria nods her head cutely "Yeah..." Maria says as she scrunches her cute,
little nose up.

Carlito doesn't believe his luck as his thinks of the possibilities, "How
about you come with Carlito so he can tell you in secret," Carlito says as
he gives her a playful light gentle squeeze with his one arm that around her

Maria sighs a bit "I don't know Carlito...I'm suppose to have another
interview soon..." Maria replies with a slight frown.

"But don't you want to know what Carlito means?" Carlito asks with a smile,
"Carlito supposes he could tell you right here... and that could be cool."

Maria looks down a bit "I suppose you can tell me here..." Maria says as she
cutely looks back up at the handsome Caribbean native.

Carlito smiles, "Cool, Carlito meant do you spit or swallow after you... you
know... gave head..." Carlito answers with a wide grind as he looks to see
the expression on Maria's face.

Maria squints her eyes a bit as she looks at Carlito "Give head?" Maria
laughs a little "What's that?" Maria replies ditzfully.

Carlito gets a slightly surprised and annoyed look on his face, not at all
believing that Maria just said what she did, "You don't know what 'give head'
means?" Carlito asks as he looks at the ditzy cute backstage interviewer.

Maria cutely scrunches her nose up and shakes her head, giving a weak smile
"No... could... you... tell me?" Maria asks as she shrugs her shoulders a

Carlito laughs a bit, "Yeah, Carlito could tell you, that'll be cool..."
Carlito replies before he pauses, "Head is when you put that cool mouth..."
Carlito traces his finger around Maria's lips, "On Carlito's big banana..."
Carlito finishes his explanation by taking Maria's left hand and pressing it
against the crotch of his wrestling shorts.

Maria tilts her head back and laughs cutely " mean a blowjob!"
Maria laughs again "Why didn't you say so..." Maria rolls her eyes a bit "I
know what that is, duh!" Maria shakes her head "I'm not stupid..."

Carlito's jaw drops after hearing Maria's reply, but then he laughs, "Yeah
Carlito meant that... so... do you spit or swallow... after you give a
blowjob?" Carlito asks with a smile as he's eager to see what Maria gives
as an answer.

Maria shrugs her shoulder and smiles cutely "I don't know..." Maria pauses
and presses her soft lips together as she casually glances down at Carlito's
crotch "Do to...ummm...find out?"

Carlito nods his head quickly as he licks his lips, "Yeah, that'll be cool...
cause Carlito really wants to know." Carlito says as looks down the front of
Maria's white strapped top before he takes a bite out of his apple.

Maria nods her head and smiles "Okay!" Maria says excitedly with a bounce
" locker room close?"

"Yeah, Carlito's locker room is right down there..." Carlito says as he
points over his shoulder in the direction of the men's locker room area.

Maria smiles as she sets her microphone down and then nods her head at
Carlito "Okay! I'm all ready!"

"Cool," Carlito smiles, "Just follow Carlito," Carlito adds as he starts to
walk towards the locker room area, but Maria doesn't follow him, she walks
right next to him, allowing Carlito to take constant looks at her and he
licks his lips as he sees how her white-strapped top fits her upper body
Maria blushes a bit at Carlito, before she reaches down and lifts his arm,
making him place the arm around her shoulder as they walk towards his locker

Carlito smiles at how cutely Maria wrapped his arm around her shoulders,
"Carlito is looking forward to finding out the answer to Carlito's
question..." Carlito says to her as they walk around a corner and approach
the first locker room door, which has Carlito's name on it.

Maria smiles cutely "Ohhh Carlito...I hope I answer your question right."
Maria says as Carlito opens the locker room door for Maria, and the
cutely-ditzy interviewer enters the locker room of the cool Caribbean

Carlito licks his lips, "Carlito thinks you'll answer the question right...
no way to answer wrong and that's cool..." Carlito says as he walks into
the locker room behind cute interviewer and he closes the door behind him.
Carlito almost instantly takes off his yellow "Spit or Swallow" T-shirt
before he asks, "You want Carlito standing or sitting?"

Maria scrunches her nose up and then shrugs cutely with a smile "Ohhhh...I
don't care, Carlito....whatever works best for you..." Maria the ditzy
interviewer replies.

Carlito licks his lips, "Carlito's gonna stand for a while... then Carlito
is gonna sit down..." Carlito says as he walks over and stands in front on
the leather couch that sits along the east wall of the locker room.

Maria smiles "Okay..." She replies wide-eyed as she starts to approach the
cool Caribbean. Maria flips her wavy, soft blonde-brownish hair back as she
slowly slides herself down onto her knees in front of Carlito. Maria smiles
up cutely at Carlito as she reaches up and begins to untie his blue wrestling

Carlito licks his lips as he looks down at Maria, "This is gonna be really
cool, Carlito can tell already..." Carlito says as he rolls his half eaten
apple around with his hand. As Maria gradually lowers his blue wrestling
shorts, his ten-inch cock becomes free and the lovely ditzy interviewer can
see that the cool Caribbean native is already half hard.

Maria licks her lips and laughs a bit as she lowers his blue wrestling shorts
down his ankles and feet "Ohhhh Carlito...." Maria giggles cutely "I can see
your ready to go..." Maria says excitedly before the ditzy RAW interviewer
gently grips Carlito's cock with both of her soft hands. Maria begins to
slowly and gently guide her soft hands up and down Carlito's hardening cock
as she strokes the cool Caribbean.

Carlito laughs lightly after Maria's cute comment, "Carlito is always ready
to go... cause Carlito is cool," Carlito says and moans a bit as Maria's soft
small hands travel back and forth along the length of his thick cock, making
it become an unbending shaft of flesh. Maria licks her lips as her soft,
innocent eyes lock on the head of Carlito's cock while she continues to
stroke Carlito's now fully hard cock. Maria presses her lips together and
leans her head into Carlito's cock, giving the head of his cock as soft,
gentle kiss on the tip.

Carlito's body shivers a bit after Maria gently kissed the tip of his long
fat cock, "That was cool..." Carlito says as he puts a hand on his waist and
holds his apple up to take decent bite out of it. Maria slowly lifts her soft
eyes to gaze up at Carlito as she sticks her soft, wet tongue out of mouth.
Maria gently pats the tips of her tongue against the head of Carlito's cock
before she starts to circle her delicate tongue around the large head of
Carlito's cock. Carlito moans lightly and chews on the piece of apple in his
mouth. He doesn't say anything with his mouth full, as he becomes lost in
Maria's soft beautiful eyes, but he does smiles as Maria switches back and
forth of circling his cock with her tongue. For some moments she circles it
clockwise, then she switches to moving her tongue counter-clock wise.

Maria closes her eyes as she gently works the tip of her delicate tongue
into his piss-slit as she rubs the smooth palms of her hands against the
underbelly of Carlito's shaft. Carlito tilts his head back and continues
to lightly moans, "Ohhh damn... that's cool... really cool..." Carlito
says as Maria continues to delicately work over his impressive shaft with
her soft, gentle tongue and small hands. Carlito swallows the well-chewed
piece of apple that's in his mouth as he closes his eyes.

Maria guides her warm, wet tongue down Carlito's long, fat shaft as she
leaves a wet, warm trail of her saliva on the underbelly of his shaft. The
cutely-ditzy interviewer works her delicate tongue down his shaft and to his
ballsack, she then begins to flick her gentle tongue against his ballsack,
before she opens her warm mouth and pops both of his balls into her wet
mouth. "Uhhhh damn... now that's cool!" Carlito lets out a gasp of pleasure
as he feels the warm moisture of Maria's mouth on his heavy ballsack. Carlito
looks down at her and smiles as she sucks on his ballsack and he slides his
right hand over her forehead, pushing her brown hair back.

Maria swifts her soft eyes to look up at Carlito as she slides her tongue
back and forth along Carlito's ballsack as she tightly sucks on his sack.
Slowly, the cute interviewer moves her head away from his ballsack, allowing
her warm saliva to drip off of his ballsack and onto the floor. Maria cutely
smiles up at Carlito, before she sits up higher on her knees and grips
Carlito's cock, near the head, with her soft right hand.

Carlito swallows a bit as he smiles at her, "Damn... Maria... that was
cool..." Carlito says, sounding extremely impressed as he steps out of his
blue wrestling shorts that were resting down at his feet and ankles. He kicks
them across the room and spreads his legs apart as he ponders excitedly of
what Maria might do next. Maria licks her lips before she pulls Carlito's
cock up to her soft lips, she then opens her mouth and pushes Carlito's cock
into her warm, wet mouth. The cute and ditzy interviewer proceeds to wraps
her soft lips around Carlito's shaft and starts to slowly bob her head along
his cock, as she begins to suck the cool Caribbean.

Carlito groans happily, "Ohhhh that's cool... very cool..." Carlito moans as
takes another bite out of his apple and chews on it, while he slides his hand
back and forth over Maria's soft brown hair. "Damn... Maria... you keep that
up... you'll answer Carlito's question easily..." Carlito says with a smile.
Maria lifts her soft eyes up, to once again look at Carlito as she bobs her
head peacefully on his cock. The cutest RAW interviewer starts to bob her
head slightly quicker on Carlito's cock, causing her soft lips to rub against
his shaft. Maria starts to gently moan against Carlito's cock as she cups his
ballsack with her left hand.

Carlito licks his lips, "Mmmmm damn... Carlito likes what you're doing...
it's really cool..." Carlito quietly moans as he Maria handles his cock with
such grace that it's blowing him mind. Carlito takes a step back towards the
couch and Maria scoots forward on her knees so her pace of bobbing her head
is not disrupted. Maria's head bobs become quicker as the cute interviewer
starts sucking his cock deeper, taking more and more of his cock into her
warm, saliva dripping mouth. Maria starts to lap her tongue around his cock
as she tightens her soft lips around his shaft.

"Ohhh...mmm..... that's cool... and hot..." Carlito moans as Maria has
three-quarters of his thick ten-inch shaft past her lips. Carlito drops the
half eaten apple down on the clean tiled floor of the locker room.

Maria slowly lifts her head up from Carlito's cock and watches her wet saliva
drip down Carlito's long, fat shaft. She then looks up at Carlito cutely
" want to...sit down, Carlito?" Maria asks.

Carlito nods his head and licks his lips, "Yeah... Carlito needs to sit down
before Carlito falls down..." Carlito laughs as he slowly sits down on the
soft couch behind him. He spread his legs apart so that Maria has room to get
between them. Maria licks her lips as she scouts between his legs and flips
her wavy, soft blonde-brownish hair back as she lowers her head down to his
cock. Maria wraps her left hand around the base of his cock and holds his
cock straight up as she opens her warm, saliva dripping mouth. Maria lets
half of Carlito's cock enter her mouth before she encloses his cock inside of
her warm mouth by wrapping to soft, luscious lips around his cock.

Carlito places his left hand on Maria's hair and gently strokes it as he
closes his eyes. "Ohhhh... mmmm.... Carlito love finding answers to his
questions..." Carlito says as he leans his head back against the couch.
Maria gently taps her tongue against the underbelly of his cock as she
starts to bob her head swifter and quicker. Maria closes her eyes as she
opens her mouth a bit wider and lowers her head more on his cock; until
his enter Caribbean cock is packed in her sweet, hot mouth.

Carlito's eyes fly open as Maria stuffs every inch of his cock past her lip,
"Uhhhh damn... that's beyond cool.... that's freezing!" Carlito groans as he
looks down at her completely amazed with the oral skills Maria has. Maria
slowly lifts her head up from his cock and lets out a cute, quiet cough as a
string of her saliva drips from her bottom lip to the head of Carlito's cock,
that is also coated in her warm, wet saliva.

Carlito continues to look at Maria, and the cool Caribbean native has a huge
smile on his face, "Mmmmm Maria... you're gonna get to answer... Carlito's
question soon..." He says as Maria's warm saliva tricks from her lip down
onto his throbbing fat pole.

Maria licks her lips and smiles up at Carlito with a cute laugh "It's about
time..." Maria the ditzy interview replies before she wraps her hand back
around his shaft and lowers her soft, lustful eyes as she starts to circle
her wet tongue around his shaft.

Carlito licks his lips, "Hey... Carlito is liking what you're doing..."
Carlito moans as he places both of his hands on Maria's head and flips her
soft hair back with his fingers as he bites his lip. Maria lifts her eyes up
and locks her soft eyes with Carlito's eyes as she brings her tongue up to
the head of his cock and begins to gently pats her tongue against the surface
of his cockhead.

"Ohhh... mmmm damn..." Carlito looks into Maria's soft beautiful eyes,
"Carlito's gonna... get his answer... Carlito's gonna cum..." Carlito moans
as he warns Maria of what's gonna happen. Maria licks her lips before she
parts her lips and takes the head of Carlito's cock into her warm mouth.
With the warmth of Maria's hot moist mouth on his cock once more, Carlito
can't hold out anymore, "Ahhhhh yea... that's cool!" Carlito groans as he
starts to cum inside of Maria's sweet lovely mouth.

Maria softly moans as she begins taste the warm, gooey cum of Carlito. Maria
lifts her head off of his cock that drips of her saliva and she begins to
swallows the majority of Carlito's cock. The cute interviewer then lowers her
head and spits a few drips of Carlito's cum onto the head of his cock. Maria
then lowers her head and begins to laps the drops of cum off the head of his
cock with her soft tongue.

"Ohhh damn..." Carlito moans after he had one of the most powerful orgasms of
his life because of Maria. As he licks his lips, he looks at her and smiles,
"So... Maria... you swallow right?"

Maria removes her hand from around Carlito's cock as she scouts out from
being between Carlito's legs. Maria raises her eyebrow a bit "Yeah....DUH! I
told you so..." Maria says as she shakes her head a bit.

Carlito laughs a bit at her cute ditzy reply, "Yeah... Carlito thought you
were talking about apples..."

Maria rolls her eyes "No...silly! What do you I am, stupid?" Maria asks
cutely as she starts to stand up from the floor and off of her knees.

"Carlito don't think you're stupid... Carlito thinks your cool... cause you
answered Carlito's question..."

Maria smiles and scrunches her nose up, cutely "Well...Carlito, I have to go
and interview someone...I really wish I could stay though.." Maria says with
a slight frown.

"So does Carlito..." Carlito says as he thinks, "But maybe we can get
together... cause Carlito's got more questions... like next week we're in
Vegas..." Carlito gets a big smile on his face.

Maria smiles widely "Ohhh...Okay! That'll be fun!" Maria says excitedly "I
can't wait!"

Carlito then smirks, "Don't you want to know Carlito's question for when
we're in Vegas?"

Maria scrunches her nose up and shrugs "Okay.." Maria says as she bobs her
head slightly.

Carlito smiles, "Carlito wants to know... Does whatever happen in Vegas...
Stay in Vegas?"


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