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Stacy And Lita
by Grahf

"All right Stace, I'm gonna go shower, see ya in a bit."

Test gives Stacy a kiss and goes into the locker room. As Stacy decides how
to pass the time, Lita walks up to her.

"Hey Stacy, what's going on."

"Oh hi Amy, not much. Just waiting for Andrew to finish showering."

"Oh. So another Raw down this week, whatcha gonna do now."

"Well me and Andrew have that GGW thing, but I don't think it's a good idea,
not that it matters."

"What are you worried about Stacy, you're much hotter than any of those

"Yeah but GGW is all about the tits, and I have none. I bet Test is gonna
have allot of fun."

"Stacy, you can't be serious. Look around you, all of us Divas have had some
work done in that area except you, and you still blow us away."

Stacy begins to blush. "Oh stop it Amy."

"I'm serious, do you know how jealous some of us were of you. None of us
thought you would be a threat when we heard you weren't gonna have any work

"I was one of them, and then I saw those long luscious legs for myself, and
that great ass!"

"AMY!" Stacy says with surprise in her voice, but smiling nonetheless. Lita
laughs, "Come on Stacy, it's true.

Amy starts smiling at Stacy and walks up to her. She starts stroking Stacy's
hair. She then looks into her eyes and in a whisper says, "You are so

Stacy is shocked as Amy comes in for a kiss. Stacy feels so comfortable with
Amy, and has never felt so wanted before. She makes no move to stop her;
'Bang' Test walks through the door looking in through his gym bag.

Lita quickly pulls back.

"All right Stace let's go, oh hey Amy."

"Hey" Lita says nervously smiling trying to hide her disappointment.

"Come on Stace", Test walks to the exit with Stacy behind him. But she is
looking at Lita with a mixture of confusion and disappointment.

Lita looks back saddened.

Stacy is on the bed on all fours. Test Slams his cock into her tight pussy,
and holds onto her hips. He begins to pump in and out of her snatch quickly
picking up the pace. The huge Canadian emits a low grunt with every thrust.

Stacy clenches the sheets with her hands as she is being plowed. "UH, UH AHH

The bed is slowly moving across the floor from Test's hard thrusts, Stacy's
screams making him even more excited.

Through the whole session, in Stacy's mind she keeps thinking about Lita.
Stroking her hair, and giving her compliments.

Test's body begins to spasm, and he releases his load into the former Ms.

Just as Stacy starts to climax, in her mind she remembers what Lita said to
her; "You are so beautiful" "AHHHHHHHHH!" She lets out a loud moan and
collapses onto the bed still thinking of her.

Test pulls out his limp member out of her sticky snatch and rolls over. "Wow
Stace, you were really into it tonight."

"Well why wouldn't I be?" As she waits for an answer, all she hears is Test's

RAW, 3 Days before GGW.

Due to storyline purposes, Test wasn't there. After her mock phone call,
Stacy had gotten some GGW girls wet and then had the King spray her sexy

Stacy went into the women's locker room to dry off and change. She had just
pulled off her tight wet shorts.

"Well that was interesting." Stacy whips around surprised, to see Lita
leaning against the wall grinning.

"Lita!' Stacy says surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"I thought you could use some help"

Stacy realizes what's on Lita's mind as she looks into her eyes. "Don't
worry, I'm fine."

"Oh really?" Lita's says unconvinced. She walks up to her and looks Stacy in
the eyes. "He fucked you last night, didn't he?"

Stacy doesn't respond, but the look in her eyes gives her away.

"Can you honestly say that he satisfies you?" Lita starts kissing Stacy's
neck. Lita whispers in between her kisses "Did you...even feel...half as you do right now."

"No" Stacy manages to let out in a quiet whisper.

"He doesn't deserve you." Lita once again stares into the blonde's eyes."

Stacy realizes all at once that Lita is making her feel more horny and
desired then she ever has been in her life. Any thoughts of Test make her
want this even more. His sleeping right after sex and lack of intimacy
further pushes her into Lita's seduction.

Before she realizes it, Stacy asks for something she's wanted since last

"P-Please Amy...p-please k-kiss me!

Lita wasted no time and engulfed Stacy's lips with her own. The 2 divas were
locked in a passionate French kiss.

Lita probed Stacy's mouth with her tongue asking for permission. Stacy was
surprised but let her in, tongue stud and all.

Lita broke the kiss and tried to take off Stacy'S shirt. "No" Stacy said
looking away embarrassed. Lita tilted the taller women's chin with her hand
until they locked eyes. Lita smiled at her. She gave her another long soft
kiss, and then removed her shirt.

The Red-headed Diva quickly sucked and nibbled on Kiebler's bite-sized bits.

A tear fell down Stacy's cheek. No one had ever paid any attention to her
chest. She stopped Lita and forced her into another French kiss.

They broke away again and Lita leaned in close to Stacy and whispered in her
ear. "I want to taste you."

Stacy almost fainted, but Amy was already going down after putting Stacy's
hands on her shoulders for support.

Lita slowly pulled the soaked panties down those long luscious legs. She then
licked up Stacy's legs from her ankle to just shy of her pussy.

She continued to torture Stacy like this getting closer and closer until the
leggy blonde couldn't take it anymore.

"Please Amy, don't tease me" Stacy shook as she said the words and her cunt
oozed pre-cum.

"You want me to eat you Stace, make me." Lita looked up grinning. Stacy
looked at her for a second then grabbed the downed diva by the head and
shoved her into her blonde shaven pussy.

Lita stuck her tongue, stud and all into Keibler's wet folds as soon as she
made contact.

"AHHH" Stacy yelped from the sudden contact, but didn't loosen her grip.

Lita's tongue danced in Stacy's pussy, side to side, up and down. Lita's
tongue was longer than Stacy expected and was hitting parts of her she didn't
know or forgot exsisted.

Stacy squirmed against the wall, both hands holding Lita's head refusing to
let go until the job was done.

Lita finally found it, Miss Keibler's clit. She stopped her oral action, to
suck on her two fingers. Before Stacy could become frustrated from the sudden
oral stoppage, Lita thrust her spit slathered digits into Stacy's pussy.

"OH MY GOD!" Keibler yelled as she tried to hold on.

Lita wiggled her two fingers around, exploring the inner folds of her lesbian
lust bunny. At the same she started to lick Stacy's clit.

She kissed and suckled the engorged bud, until she could feel Stacy
trembling. She sucked on it harder and harder until Stacy was 'almost' going
to ask her to stop, and then it happened.

Stacy exploded into Lita's mouth. The orgasm was so intense that Stacy opened
her mouth but nothing came out.

Lita swallowed every drop of juice happily. She then stood up and smiled at
Stacy. "You better clean yourself up."

Breathing heavily and sweat covering her face, Stacy just realized what Lita
had said.

She looked at her confused. "But don't you want me know.... for you?

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll think of some way to repay me." With
that she winked and left the leggy diva to recover.

Stacy looked confused for a sec, but then smiled and looked at where Lita had
been. "Damn right."

* * *

Stacy was walking down the streets after a Raw taping. Test had other plans,
and Stacy really didn't give a rat's ass.

Stacy had been thinking for days about how she going to repay Lita. A simple
pussy licking wouldn't be enough. Without realizing it She had walked right
in front of a Sex shop. She considered it for a second, and made her way
through the door before she could chicken out.

Inside, She saw plenty of toys and items. Some that she has actually used,
and others she had only heard about. Candles, dildos, vibrators, blow up
dolls, the store was chock-full of sexual goodies. As interesting as the
store was, She just couldn't find anything she thought would get the job

She was about to leave until a certain something caught her eye. Stacy smiled
a devilish grin and brought the item up to the counter.

* * *

"Hello?" Lita had just answered her cell phone inside her hotel room.

"Amy, Its me."

"Hey sexy, what's up"

"Well, I'm ready to return the favor from our last little meeting."

"Oh really? So soon? Are you sure you're ready."

"I think the question is, are YOU ready? Hurry up and get over her, I only
got a couple of hours until Andrew comes back to the hotel."

"All right, I'll be right there."

Stacy had been busy preparing the apartment before she had called Lita. The
lights were dim, she had some soft music playing in the background, and she
had a few scented candles lit.

On the Elevator ride up, Lita was going crazy thinking about what was going
to happen. She was already wet as she knocked on Stacy's door.

"Come in." Stacy said in a low sexy voice.

Lita opened the door and was taken back by all the trouble that Stacy had
went through.

As she closed the door behind her, Lita saw Stacy sitting on the couch in a
long black robe.

"Have a seat," Stacy said.

Lita sat down beside her. "Wow Stace, you really know how to make a girl feel

"Well, after how special you made me feel, this is the least I could do."

"So uh.... I guess....Lita was cut off as Stacy's lips wrapped around her
own. It was clear to Lita, that tonight Stacy was the one in control. She
just went with the flow as the blonde's tongue entered her mouth.

Lita then took her hand and cupped Stacy's pussy. Stacy broke the kiss and
pulled Lita's Hand away. She stood up smiling and walked over to the Stereo.

"Uh Uh Uh," She said wagging a finger. Sorry Lita, if you want this done
right, then only I will be doing the touching.

"That's tough Stace, but I accept." As she watched her change CD's, Lita
thought that Stacy wouldn't be able to hold out too long, and she would let
Lita take over soon.

The new CD's music was anything but soft. It was a hard pumping beat with
obvious sexual intentions. Lita's confidence in being able to hold back from
touching was shattered as Stacy dropped her robe to reveal that she had on
nothing but a black bra and matching thong.

Stacy smiled as she approached the open mouthed diva. She started to sway her
hips and move her sexy body in a way that would make any man cum.

She moved closer to Lita and turned around. She then sat on her lap and
furiously started to grind her sweet ass right on top of Lita's pants covered

Lita couldn't take it. An orgasm quickly started to build in her pants as the
friction increased. She was somehow able to remember not to touch and just
tried to ride out her impending explosion.

Stacy knew Lita couldn't hold out much longer and increased her gyrations.

"UH, AHHHHH," Lita let out a moan as she exploded inside her pants.

Stacy stood up and looked at her. "Awww, it looks like I made you make a mess
in your pants. Here let me help you clean it up."

Stacy kneeled in front of Lita and pulled off her pants. She then slowly and
seductively pulled off Amy's red thong with her teeth, sliding all the way
down her legs.

Lita just looked down at the blonde woman in awe.

"Look how messy you are down here, I'm so sorry. I guess I'll just have to
clean you up with my tongue."

Stacy licked up all of Lita's juices around her pussy, making her quiver with
every brush of her tongue made by her slightly shaven pussy.

"Well, as long I'm down here" Stacy said as she stuck her tongue right into
Lita's pussy.

Lita had no time to react as Kiebler's tongue wiggled around inside her

Lita put her hand on top of Stacy's head, which made the blonde stop.
Quickly remembering the rule, she gripped the couch fabric instead as Stacy

Stacy found Lita's clit quickly due to the earlier lap dance and sucked Amy
into a second orgasm.

As Lita recovered, Stacy disappeared into the bedroom.

"You don't actually think we're finished yet do you?

As Lita looked up, her eyes grew wide and her mouth hung open.

Standing in the bedroom doorway was a smiling Stacy completely naked except
for a huge black plastic Strap-on dildo.

Stacy slowly walks over to a still shocked Lita, the Strap-on swaying
slightly with every step.

"Stand up" Kiebler says in a serious tone.

Lita obeys. Stacy walks up to her and begins to kiss her, the strap-on
digging into the red head's thigh.

They break the kiss and Stacy silently instructs Lita to turn around. She
then places her hands on Lita's back and pushes her forward until Lita has
to support herself by placing her hands on the back of the couch.

Stacy gets behind her and firmly holds Lita in place by placing her hands
on Lita's hips.

"Holy Shit" Lita barley whispers in anticipation of what is about to happen.

Stacy couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this. It felt so Raw and
primal to her. To have another women bent over in front of her waiting to be

Both women were already dripping wet before things even got started.

Stacy pointed the rounded tip of the plastic dick right at Amy's sopping
pussy. She slowly inserted it into the other woman. Both women's breathing
were starting to become shallow and heavy.

Lita's already wet cunt allowed the toy to slip in very easily, but Stacy
was still taking things slow.

As Lita's pussy gobbled up the plastic phallus, Stacy grew impatient and more
bold. "Fuck safety" she thought to herself as she tightened her grip on the
bent over diva and with one hard push, shoved the Strap-on all the way into

"OWWWW, AHHHHHH...." The red head screamed out in both pleasure and pain.
Before she could recover Stacy had already pulled out and was reentering her

Stacy continued to pull out and push in slowly, mesmerized by the effect that
her actions were having on Lita.

"AH....UH.....OHHHH...AHHH SHITTT!....HOLY FUCK!" Each thrust threw Lita
further and further into a fuck-filled frenzy, and Stacy was right along with
her for the ride.

Stacy Held onto Lita even tighter and mercilessly fucked her pussy harder and
faster. The smacking sound of flesh onto flesh filled the room.

Both women began to sweat, as Stacy's fucking began to grow in intensity.

Stacy finally understood why Test loved doggy-style so much. To be in total
control, to completely dominate another women and have her beg you for more.
Watching Lita's red hair fly around as she thrashed about made her even more

Stacy took hold of Lita's hair with one hand and pulled back, keeping her
little lezzy still.

"UH" Lita grunted from the sudden pain, but was too caught up in the furious
fucking she was receiving.

Stacy continued to increase the power of her thrusts, banging her thighs
harder and harder into Lita's smooth ass.

Lita's knuckles turned white as she clenched the couch material.

Both women's pleasures were rising quickly during the vigorous pumping.

Lita: "AH, UH, UH, OHHHHHH...." Stacy: "AH.AHH...AHHHHH, Fuck"

As she felt her orgasm brimming to the surface, Stacy let go of Lita's hair
and cupped the full breasts of the Diva beneath her.

Still pumping away furiously, Stacy's head rested on Lita's back as her hands
squeezed and pinched Lita's nipples. Both women had their eyes squeezed shut
as their bodies rubbed against each other, sliding smoothly due to thin
sheets of sweat.

"Oh Shit! Stacy I'm g-gonna c-c-cum."

"Me too Amy, w-wait for me, please!

With that Lita turned her head around and both women were locked in a
smoldering French kiss as both their orgasms simultaneously ripped through
their bodies.

They each moaned into one another's mouth as they rode out wave after wave
of pleasure.

* * *

Lita was lying on the couch still naked smiling looking up at Stacy.

Stacy removed the Strap-on and Lay on top of her engaging her into a steamy
post-sex kiss.

Test's Cock bulged in his pants as he ran up the Stairs to the hotel room.
He couldn't wait for the elevator and was ready to ravage Stacy.

He opened the door with a grin which soon faded as he saw his girlfriend
naked lying on top of and kissing Lita.


Stacy looked at him lazily and said; "Ah shut the hell up, you big testicle!"


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