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Stacy And Randy
by Unknown

As Stacy was getting ready for a action packed RAW, Randy Orton walks in.
He was just about to tell her what was happening on RAW concerning the two
lovebirds, when Stacy snapped. She didn't want to know. As Stacy continued
to change, she began to feel uncomfortable as Randy was in the doorway
watching her. Stacy bent down to tie her shoes up and Randy whistled. Stacy
turned and said, "What?"

Randy kept quiet, Stacy had bent down to carry on doing her shoes when Randy
made movement towards her and stuck his warm hand up her skirt to feel her
dry, bald pussy and began to massage her pussy lips. Stacy began to moan
ever so lightly, so Randy up the pressure by sticking his fingers inside her
pussy. Stacy let out a louder moan as Randy pushed his fingers in and out of
her pussy.

Randy went to pull up Stacy's skirt, but Stacy pulled away to turn and see
Randy in full for a second and she could not help but see his erect cock
poking through his bottoms. Stacy got on her hands and knees and unleashed
Randy's hard cock and began to lick, kiss and suck it. She worked her magic
until he shot a load of cum in her mouth, down her chin and under her shirt.

They had to get changed quick as a knock at the door said, "Stacy you're up

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