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Stacy And The Cruiserweights
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the late summer of 2005, Stacy Keibler was traded with Christy Hemme from
Raw to SmackDown for Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson, and on her first
night as part of the SmackDown roster, the gorgeous long-legged beauty is
walking around the backstage area, looking for the divas dressing room.
Getting frustrated with her inability to find her destination, Stacy decides
to ask the first person she sees for directions, and notices the door to one
of the men's locker rooms is half open. As she approaches the locker room,
she can hear voices from inside it, one of which, belongs to long time WWE
veteran, Scotty 2 Hotty, "Man can you guys believe they traded Candice back
to Raw after she's been here only 6 weeks?"

Another voice, belonging to SmackDown's Number One Announcer Funaki replies,
"Yes, it was... bad... but SmackDown got two number one divas in return."

Paul London looks at Funaki with a raised eyebrow, "Torrie got traded too,
you know that right?"

Funaki nods, "Yes, but Smackdown got number 1 Raw Diva winner Christy!"

The trio making up the Mexicools of Juventude, Super Crazy and Psicosis all
smirk as Juvi says, "Hotties for hotties is all good..."

The other man in the locker room, Nunzio sits on a metal chair, "Yeah... even
though SmackDown got the better deal... if I was GM I would do the same."

The Mexicools, Scotty, Funaki and London all laugh at Nunzio's comment,
before Scotty says, "If you were GM, you'd make SmackDown have a roster full
of divas."

"And what's wrong with that?" Nunzio replies with a bit of a snap in his
voice as no one notices Stacy at the open door.

Stacy gently knocks on the framing of the door as she peeks her head. "I
know everyone is decent..." Stacy says with a laugh before she steps into
he locker room consisting of some of SmackDown's best Cruiserweights. Stacy
places her hands on her round hips as she smiles at the seven Cruiserweights,
"I was hoping one of you could help me out a bit..." Stacy says as she
dressed in short black skirt and a red, tight-fitting, tank top.

All the wrestlers in the locker room are dressed in their trade marked
wrestling nights, consisting of various colors and every man looks toward
the door. Nunzio is the first to realize it's Stacy at the door and smirks,
"What do ya need help with?" He asks in his heavy Italian accent.

Psicosis tilts his head as he looks at Stacy and licks his lips, "Hey
Senorita Hancock..." he says with a smirk, referencing Stacy's old gimmick
when they worked together in the past.

Stacy raises her eyebrow a bit at Psicosis, giving him a strange look
"Ummm... are you ok?" Stacy then shakes her head "Whatever...never mind..."
Stacy replies before she sighs a bit "I'm...having a bit of trouble finding
the Women's Locker room.." Stacy laughs a bit "I'm a bit lost..."

Juvi gets a wide smile on his face, "Hey mami, you came to right place, we
can help you out with no problem... cause we'll show you where it is..."

Scotty, being the veteran of the group, walks towards Stacy, "I'll show you
where it is... it's not to far from here..."

Almost right after Scotty says that, Super Crazy chimes in, "Or we can get
wild and crazy..."

"Aww yeah... now that's a good idea right there..." Juvi says as he high
fives his Mexicool teammate.

Stacy pauses right before she's about to turn an exit the locker room, she
raises her eyebrow as she looks back at Juvi "Excuse me?" Stacy asks as she
folds her arms.

Juvi smiles at Stacy and walks over to her, "We could show you where the
divas locker room is... or we can get wild and crazy right here."

London rolls his eyes, "Juvi... if she doesn't slap the taste out of your
mouth for that..."

Nunzio looks at London and smirks, "Juvi's got a great idea..."

Funaki raises his hand, "Super Crazy thought of it..."

Stacy laughs a bit and nods her head slightly as she exchanges glances
between the seven Cruiserweights "Just...what kind of a girl, do you think
I am?"

Juvi licks his lips as he up and down Stacy's slender body, "Oh you look
like the kind that likes to get cool and crazy."

Scotty folds his arms and raises an eyebrow, "Juvi you better chill..."

Psicosis stands next to Juvi and slaps his back, "C'mon Scotty, you'd do that
hottie right?"

Scotty cracks a bit of a smile and nods, "You bet I would... but that's not
the point..."

Stacy raises her eyebrow as she places her hands back on her round hips.
Stacy licks her lips "You know...I do have quite a reputation..."

"Yeah I heard about that reputation..." Nunzio grins as he adjusts his tights
so his crotch is a bit more comfortable.

London raises a bit of an eyebrow, "What reputation would that be?" he asks.

Funaki smiles, "Stacy is number one party girl in WWE."

Stacy nods her head proudly with a smile "That's right...I'm just too prude
to usually admit it though.." Stacy smirks as she licks her lips before
pointing to Scotty 2 Hotty, then to Funaki and then to Nunzio "You three...
let me see what you got..."

"All right... hope you like Italian sausage..." Nunzio says as he gets up
from the metal chair he's sitting on and takes off his tights, freeing his
six-inch cock.

Scotty shakes his head, "Well I hope you just like worms..." He laughs, as he
uses the most obvious joke possible before he takes off his tights, and his
eight-inch cock hangs between his legs. Funaki doesn't say anything when he
takes off his bright blue wrestling shorts, showing off his own six inch cock
before he, Nunzio and Scotty all move towards Stacy and stand in front of the
former Raw diva.

Stacy looks down and takes time to glance at the three cocks around her
belonging to Nunzio, Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty. Stacy nods her head with a
smile "Not bad...not bad at all boys." Stacy licks her lips " case
you haven't heard, I have great reputation when it comes to giving head."
Stacy adds as she slowly lowers herself down onto her knees in front of
Scotty, Funaki and Nunzio as the three Mexicools and Paul London watch on
in amazement.

"Oh I heard that reputation about you from back when you were dancing on
announcer tables..." Nunzio smirks as he places his hands on his hips as his
cock rises to its full hardness.

Juvi elbows London and smirks, "Hey watch gringo, Stacy is gonna blow
Funaki's mind in under a minute..."

London looks at the leader of the Mexicools and folds his arms, "How would
you know?"

Juvi smirks, "The Juice knows Stacy..."

Psicosis laughs a bit, "Shit Juvi... everyone in WCW got to know Stacy like

Stacy looks up at Funaki with a smile "I think I'll start with you.." Stacy
replies as she wraps left her hand around Nunzio's cock and her right hand
around Scotty's cock, leaning her head into Funaki's cock, she opens her
warm mouth and takes his cock inside the warmth of her mouth. Stacy wraps
her soft lips around the cock of SmackDown's Number One Announcer and begins
to swiftly bob her head on his cock as she starts to suck on his cock.

Funaki lets out a loud gasp of pleasure as Stacy's mouth closes around his
cock, "Oyyyy Geez..." Funaki moans as he starts to cum almost instantly
inside of Stacy's warm mouth.

London happened to look at a clock and his jaw drops, "Shit... only 15
seconds..." he says, commenting on how quickly Funaki lost his load.

Nunzio looks at Funaki and laughs, "Damn... that was pretty quick..."

Scotty also can't help but laugh, "Sorry about your luck Funaki..."

Stacy swallows the small amount of Funaki's cum and lifts her head up from
his cock. Stacy looks up at Funaki with disappointment and shakes her head.
She rolls her eyes as she turns around from Funaki, still on her knees.

Funaki shrugs and also has a very disappointed look on his face, "I was not
ready..." He says as he walks back to where his tights are and puts them on.

Nunzio moves in front of Stacy and licks his lips, "I'm next Stacy... and
you're gonna have to do more than that to get me to blow...." Nunzio boasts.

Stacy smirks "We'll just see about that..." Stacy replies before leaning her
head into Nunzio's cock, she removes her left hand from his cock and starts
to bob her head slowly as she works her tongue around his shaft, gently
patting with her tongue, as she moves her right hand up and down Scotty's
hardened shaft.

"Mmmm yeah..." Nunzio moans as he places his left hand on top of Stacy's head
as he starts to thrust his cock in and out Stacy's hot mouth. Scotty closes
his eyes and moans quietly as Stacy strokes his hard dick with her skilled
right hand.

Meanwhile, Funaki has stepped around the group and left the locker room
before the Mexicools started to poke fun at him. Juvi laughs, "Oh man...
Stacy made real quick work of him..."

Super Crazy nods and laughs, "Yeah... guess he's just got one shot in him."
Meanwhile, Stacy begins to softly moan against Nunzio's cock as she loosens
the grip of her lips as she starts to bob her head down deeper on his cock,
quickening the speed she is sucking at as well. As Stacy laps her tongue
around Nunzio's shaft, rubbing her warm saliva around his cock, she moves
her right hand down to Scotty's ballsack and begins to fondle with his

Ahhh ohhh shit..." Scotty grits his teeth as he suddenly starts to cum when
Stacy lightly squeezed his balls. His hot load shoots across Stacy's right
cheek, leaving a streak.

Nunzio looks at Scotty and laughs, "Damn... she didn't even blow you yet...
ahhhh fuck..." Nunzio then clutches a handful of Stacy's blond hair and like
Funaki before him, the Sicilian Shooter start to cum inside of Stacy's mouth.

Stacy inhales Nunzio's warm cum and slowly lifts her head up from Nunzio's
cock. Stacy raises her eyebrow as she looks up at both Scotty and Nunzio
"That was all you had!?" Stacy asks with a bit of an attitude in her voice.

"Hey... I was with a real hot pure Italian woman earlier..." Nunzio says as
he starts to make a bit of an excuse.

"Hey gringo, you were here all day..." Psicosis laughs hysterically.

"I was not!" Nunzio shouts back with his face turning a bit red.

Scotty looks down at Stacy and shrugs, "You should take it as a compliment...
cumming fast shows hot you are..." Scotty smiles before he goes to get his

"Yeah... and blowing soon means you need Viagra or something," Super Crazy
says to Scotty, which gets the former Light Heavyweight Champion to glare at
him a bit when he picks up his tights and puts them on.

Stacy smiles as she remains settled on her knees "Scotty, Nunzio...why don't
you both do like Funaki...and leave..." Stacy says in an unpleasant tone.

Nunzio slightly glares at Stacy, "Hey this isn't Raw... you should show

Before Nunzio can lose his tempter, Scotty hands him his wrestling tights,
"Come on Nunzio... you got a match tonight anyway... work your frustration
out in the ring."

Nunzio glares at Scotty and nods, "Yeah... I'll beat whoever I'm facing from
one side of the ring to other..." Nunzio snatches his tights from Scotty,
puts them on and leaves with Scotty.

Super Crazy shakes his head and laughs, "What a couple of losers..."

Stacy licks her lips as she looks over at the three Mexicools and Paul London
"I guess that leaves just you four."

Juvi licks his lips as he starts to strip out of his wrestling gear, "Hey
Stacy I hope you didn't forget... me and Psico can go all night if we have

Psicosis unties the red bandana that's around his neck and nods in agreement,
"Yeah... we're not like those three and Crazy is pure loco..." Super Crazy
doesn't say anything as he takes off his full-body wrestling outfit, but he
does smile lustfully at Stacy.

Stacy licks her lips as her eyes lighten up with a cock-hungry look "Mmmm...
Ohhh...I love those that can go all night, can you Paul?"

London smirks a bit as he starts to take off his tights, "Stacy... I can go
for as long as you want... and that's no lie..." London says as he removes
his tights completely, just as the Mexicools become fully undressed as well.
Stacy can see that London and Juvi have the largest dicks at roughly twelve
inches long each, but Psicosis and Super Crazy both have big cocks that are
around ten inches long.

Stacy gets down on her hands and kneels, crawling to the group of the four
Cruiserweights. Once she reaches them, she sits up on her knees and bites
down on her bottom lip, gazing at the four cocks in front of her "Mmmmm...
who to start with..." Stacy says as she licks her lips.

Super Crazy licks his lips as he takes hold of his semi-hard cock, "Why don't
you go pure crazy on me first..." He says as he takes the step forward and
stands right in front of the beautiful long-legged beauty.

"Or you can get psycho with me first..." Psicosis says with a laugh as he
stands on next to Super Crazy on his right side.

Stacy licks her lips as she sits up on her knees with a wide smile "What
about both you at the same time..." Stacy says as she reaches both of her
hands up and wraps them around the shafts of Super Crazy and Psicosis.
Stacy moves her left hand up Psicosis's cock, while moving her right hand
down Super Crazy's cock, feeling both their cocks hardened almost instantly.

"Oh yeah... I like that idea..." Super Crazy smirks as he spreads his legs
apart to get a good base as Stacy stroke his cock.

Psicosis nods his head and licks his lips, "Yeah me too... this is gonna be
totally insane..." he says as he flips Stacy's blond hair back. Stacy licks
her lips as she leans her head into both cocks, she first pats her tongue
against Psicosis's cock, before moving her delicate tongue to the head of
Super Crazy's cock. Stacy begins to work her tongue around the head of Super
Crazy's cock as she moves her right hand up Psicosis's shaft and squeezes
the head of his cock with her soft hand.

"Ohhh baby... yeah... work that tongue..." Super Crazy moans as he feels a
bit of Stacy's saliva drip from her soft tongue onto the tip of his dick.

"Mmmm fuck, that's it... stroke me nice and slow..." Psicosis says in bliss
as flips his own black hair back a bit. Juvi and London watch from behind the
other two Mexicools and are licking their lips as they watch Stacy work her
hand and oral magic. Stacy moves her head slowly away from Super Crazy's cock
and turns a bit so she's facing Psicosis. Stacy places both of her hands on
Psicosis's hips as she opens her mouth and leans her head into his cock.
Stacy let's his large cock enter her warm, wet mouth before she closes her
lips around his shaft. Stacy then begins to swiftly bob her head up and down
on his cock, sucking at a decent starting off blowing speed.

"Uhhhh yeah Stacy... suck it good..." Psicosis moans as he closes his eyes,
completely loving the warmth of Stacy's mouth moving over the skin of his
hard thick cock.

Super Crazy takes a step back away from Stacy and licks his lips as he looks
at London and Juvi, "Fuck you got to get her mouth on your dick... she's
fucking great!"

London gets a smile on his face, "Well if seeing is believing then I believe
it..." he says as he steps over towards Stacy and stands right next to hear,
stroking his own cock as he watches her suck Psicosis's dick. Stacy steadily
bobs her head on Psicosis's cock as she removes her left hand from his hip
and wraps her left hand around the shaft of Paul London. Stacy then begins
guide her hand up and down London's long and hard shaft as she laps her
tongue around Psicosis's cock, which remains being suck by the ultra hot
mouth of Stacy Keibler.

"Ohhhh damn... that's fucking sweet...." Psicosis moans as he pushes Stacy's
hair back and holds it in a ponytail with his left hand as he thrusts his
hips forward to push his cock all the way into Stacy's mouth so that it hits
the back of her throat.

"Damn... you must use a lot of moisturizer..." London comments, referring to
the softness of Stacy's hand as she jerks him off.

Stacy twirls her tongue against Psicosis's cock before lifting her head up
and turning her body, while on her knees, to London. Stacy smirks up at
London "You ready?"

London nods his head with a smile on his face, "You bet I am..." London says
as he pushes his medium length black hair out of his face.

Psicosis steps over to where Super Crazy as Juvi starts to step over to
Stacy, "Mmmm she's saving the best... The Juice... for last..." Juvi smirks
as he stands right behind Stacy.

Stacy removes her right hand from around London's shaft as she leans her head
into his cock. Stacy opens her warm mouth and accepts his cock into her hot,
sensual mouth. Wrapping her lips around his shaft, Stacy begins to instantly
bob her head on his cock, right away lapping her sweet tongue around his hard
cock. As Stacy is busy bobbing her head on Paul London's cock, she reaches
over her shoulder with the left hand and rubs the palm of her hand against
the head of Juvi's cock.

"Yeah... you want The Juice..." Juvi says as he moves a bit to the left so
that Stacy can wrap her left hand around his cock easier.

Meanwhile London has closed his eyes and has tilt his head back, while
moaning from the way Stacy is attacking his cock with her seducing mouth,
"Ohhh fuck... that's great..." London gasps as he feels Stacy's bottom
teeth graze against the underside of his dick.

Stacy quickens her speed as she bobs her head along London's shaft, now
pressing her teeth down gently on the top portion of his cock against. Stacy
softly moans against London's cock as she wraps her left hand around Juvi's
cock, as he stands behind her, and begins to stroke Juvi's hard cock while
she bobs her head quickly on London's cock.

"Ahhh ohhh damn I gotta fuck you...." London moans as he starts to thrusts
his cock into Stacy's mouth at the exact same pace she's bobbing her head on
his shaft.

Juvi gets a smirk on his face, "Hey... gringo, you fuck Stacy... while she
suck The Juice..." Juvi says as he bends down a bit to start lifting up the
tight fitting red top Stacy is wearing.

Stacy slowly lifts her head up from London's cock and licks her lips "Mmmm...
I love double action.." Stacy says with a smirk as she flips her blonde hair
back after letting go of Juvi's cock. Stacy slowly turns around on her knees
to face Juvi. Stacy bends over slightly, sticking her round, nice
skirt-covered ass up into the air.

Juvi lifts Stacy's red top off of her slender sexy body and smirks, "All
chicks do when The Juice is around..." Juvi says with a grin before he gets
an idea. He looks at Psicosis and Super Crazy and motions them over, "Hey
amigos... come here... so Stacy can get a triple burrito special..."

Super Crazy raises an eyebrow at Juvi's comment but shrugs, "All right..." He
says as he and Psicosis come over and stand next to Juvi in front of Stacy,
while London licks his lips as he takes a moment to look at Stacy's skirt
covered ass. Stacy licks her lips as she looks up at the Mexicool trio, she
places both of her soft hands around Super Crazy and Psicosis's shafts and
begins to stroke both of their cocks. Stacy leans her head into Juvi's cock
and sticks her tongue out, flicking her tongue gently against the tip of
Juvi's large, Mexican cock.

"Lick the tip..." Juvi moans as he watches Stacy flick her tongue teasingly
against his dick as Super Crazy and Psicosis hook their arms around Stacy's
to give her some extra balance.

Behind her, London has pushed up Stacy's skirt so that it's around her waist,
and he quickly removes her dark red colored thong. "What a great looking
ass..." He says as he caresses her firm backside before gripping his cock and
pushing it into Stacy's warm tight perfectly shaved pussy. Stacy lets out a
soft moan as she feels London's cock shoved into her warm, tight pussy. Stacy
gently circle the tip of her moist tongue around the head of Juvi's cock,
gently patting her tongue against his piss-slit. Stacy moves her hands
quickly against Super Crazy and Psicosis's cocks as London's begins to thrust
his cock in and out of Stacy's pussy.

London steadily thrusts his cock in and out of Stacy's tight pussy and is
rubbing both her ass cheeks after each deep push into her twat. "Ohhhh
fuck... what a pussy..." London grunts as he occasionally gives Stacy a
sharp thrust which pushes her forward. Juvi takes a hand fuck of Stacy's
blond hair and he pulls Stacy's head forward onto his cock so that slides
between her lips and into her warm mouth.

Psicosis watches London fuck Stacy's sweet cunt and smiles a bit, "Wait
till I'm fucking her... she'll be screaming in no time..." Stacy circles her
tongue around Juvi's cock once more, before she opens her mouth and takes his
cock into her warm mouth. Stacy tightly presses her lips around his cock and
starts to quickly bob her head, sucking on his cock, lapping her warm saliva
around his cock with her gentle tongue. As Stacy bobs her head on Juvi's cock
and pushes herself back against London's cock, she rapidly moves both of her
soft hands against Super Crazy and Psicosis's cocks.

London looks at Psicosis and grins, "Hey... if you want to fuck her... go
ahead..." London says in between moans as he pulls out of Stacy's warm pussy
and wipes some sweat from his forehead.

Psicosis smirks and frees his stiff dick from Stacy's grasp and moves behind
the long legged blond, "Time for you to feel some Mexicool heat..." Psicosis
says as he takes hold of Stacy's hips and pulls her back and lays her on her
side. He lays down behind her, lifts her right leg up and inserts his
throbbing cock into her pussy with ease.

Juvi slightly glares at his comrade, "Hey... I was getting blown..." He says
as he moves to kneel near Stacy's head and slides his cock against her lips.

Stacy laughs a little "Boys...don't fight...there's plenty of me" Stacy
replies before she opens her mouth and takes Juvi's hard and already saliva
soaked cock back into her mouth. Stacy places her right hand against Juvi's
cock as she pulls his cock in and out of her mouth, gently sucking and
working her tongue over her mouth. Stacy's muffled moans vibrate Juvi's cock,
adding to the pleasure, as Psicosis wildly thrust his cock into her sweet

Super Crazy walks over to London and nudges him " was the pussy?"

London looks at Super Crazy and smirks, "If I had to grade it... I'd give
Stacy's pussy an A Plus..."

Meanwhile, Juvi is slide his right hand through Stacy's long blond hair as
tilts his head back and moans from Stacy resumes giving him head. "Ohhh yeah
that's it... you know how taste The Juice..." he says as he reaches down to
Stacy's chest and rubs her small, round tits.

"Ahhhh ohhh shit... shit... what a tight pussy..." Psicosis says as starts
changing up his thrusts, first fucking her with quick hard thrusts, then
slowing down to push his cock in and out of her gently for a while before
resuming a fast and wild pace again.

Stacy moans around Juvi's cock as she opens her mouth wider and deeply
inhales all of Juvi's large, Mexican cock. Stacy wraps her lips back around
his shaft as she starts to deep throat his cock, flicking her tongue against
the under side of his cock as well. As Stacy blows Juvi, she starts grind
her pussy against Psicosis's cock each time her thrusts into her wonderful
cunt. Super Crazy takes a step towards the hot threesome action going on and
licks his lips "Man...I'm tired of watching, time to get fucking..."

Juvi looks at the Insane Luchador and smirks, "Hey Crazy... how about you and
Psico... double team Stacy..." Juvi says as he pulls his cock out of Stacy's
hot mouth, causing some saliva to pour out.

Crazy licks his lips, "That's an bueno idea..." Crazy says as Psicosis rolls
onto his back so that Stacy is on top of him. Before the former Raw diva can
get started bouncing on his prick, Super Crazy moves in and spins her around
on Psicosis's cock so she's facing him. He then pushes her forward and
without any hesitation, Super Crazy rams all of his cock forward into her
already stuffed pussy.

Stacy tilts her head back and moans "Ohhhh my god!" She yells as she feels
two Mexicool cocks stuffed in her tight pussy. Stacy places her hands behind
her onto Psicosis's chest as he and Super Crazy start to simultaneously
thrust their cocks into Stacy's jam-packed pussy.

As Super Crazy and Psicosis repeatedly ram their cocks into Stacy's tight
pussy, stretching it out so it can accommodate the girth of their dicks.
London licks his lips as he watches two-thirds of the Mexicools fuck Stacy
senseless and walks over towards Stacy's head, stroking his cock, "Hey
Stacy... open wide..." London says as he holds his cock near her lips.

Stacy smiles and tilts her head back, opening her warm mouth allowing London
to push his cock into her sensual mouth. Stacy wraps her lips around his
cock and starts to slowly bob her head against the length of his cock as she
bounces on Psicosis's cock and pulled rapidly against Super Crazy's cock.
Stacy's muffled moans bounce against London's cock as she laps her tongue
and saliva around his cock.

"Hey don't forget the Juice!" Juvi says as he moves around in front of Stacy
and presses his cock against the side of Stacy's already full mouth. Psicosis
and Super Crazy continue their relentless assault on Stacy's pussy, as both
men keep their thrusts hard, fast and steady. Stacy shifts London's cock to
the left side of her mouth, keeping her head tilted back, allowing Juvi to
push his cock inside of Stacy's warm mouth along with London's cock. Stacy
then begins rock her head back and forth against London and Juvi's cock as
she works her tongue against both cocks inside of her warm mouth. Stacy moans
around both cocks as she slams down hard on Psicosis's cock followed by Super
Crazy quickly ramming his cock deeper into her tight cunt.

"Ohhhh shit... what a fucking slut..." London moans as he feels Juvi's cock
grind against his own inside of Stacy's mouth as she successfully works over
both of their dicks.

"Yeah... she loves this..." Juvi licks his lips as he flips Stacy's hair to
the right side of her head.

Super Crazy gives Stacy a few more hard thrusts of his cock into her pussy
before he suddenly pulls out of her cunt. "Hey Juvi... you didn't get to fuck
Stacy yet..."

Juvi smirks, "Don't worry... The Juice is gonna let her fuck him..." He
replies before he pulls his cock out of Stacy's mouth moments after he got
it past her lips. Juvi lays down on the floor and smirks, "Hey, let her ride
The Juice..."

London looks at him and pulls out of Stacy's mouth, "All right... but she's
gonna keep sucking my dick... cause I wanna fuck her ass before anyone

Stacy smiles as she lifts herself off of Psicosis and crawls over to Juvi,
who is laying on the floor. Sweat starts to form on Stacy's forehead as the
prude slut mounts herself on top of Juvi's cock and then suddenly lowers
herself down on his cock, taking Juvi deep into her warm pussy "Ohhhhh fuck
yesss!" Stacy moans tilting her head back as she starts to bounce on her own
momentum as she begins to ride Juvi's Mexican cock.

"Man... look at her go..." Psicosis licks his lips as he sits up and watches
Stacy bounce freely up and down on Juvi's dick.

London grins, "Yeah.... she can't get enough of this..." He says as he steps
over Juvi's head as just shoves his cock into Stacy's open mouth, making the
snobby chick deep throat off of his dick in one movement. London takes two
handfuls of Stacy's long blond hair and begins moving his hips back and
forth, fucking Stacy's beautiful face. Stacy moans against London's cock as
she bobs her head quickly on London's cock, matching each thrust into her
warm, wet mouth. Stacy starts to lap her tongue around on his cock as slams
down on Juvi's cock with sweat dripping of her tanned body.

"Ohhh shit... what a cunt... she's like a sweet Latina..." Juvi moans as he
places his hands on Stacy's sweaty hips and starts rocking her back and forth
as she rises and falls on his cock.

Super Crazy, who is sitting on his knees and stroking his cock with his left
hand, looks at London and says, "You should fuck Stacy's ass doggy style...
I want to feel her mouth on my dick again."

London rams his cock all the way down Stacy's throat and holds it there as he
looks at Super Crazy with a smirk, "Good idea..." London simply says as he
pulls his saliva-covered dick out of her mouth. Stacy's tongue hang out of
her mouth after London pulls his cock out of her warm mouth, causing some of
Stacy's saliva to fall onto Juvi's forehead.

"Awww shit..." Juvi whines as Stacy's saliva splashes on his forehead.

London laughs a bit, "Sorry Juventud..." London then helps Stacy get off of
Juvi's cock and he sets her up on all fours. He gets behind her and spreads
her ass cheeks apart with his hands before he thrusts his cock into her tight
asshole. "Ohhhh this is a rush!" London moans as he starts to fuck Stacy's
tight asshole.

Super Crazy kneels in front of Stacy and he holds his cock steady for her,
"I hope you're still cock-hungry..." Super Crazy says as he waves his dick
back and forth in front of her face.

Stacy licks her lips as her body shakes due to London's quick and powerful
thrusts to her tight asshole "Ohhhh...ahhhh...I'm...always...cock...
hungry..." Stacy moans as opens her mouth and Super Crazy shoves his cock
into Stacy's hot mouth. She wraps her lips around his cock and begins to
swiftly bob her head on his cock as Paul London bangs her from behind in
the ass.

"Hey.... how's... her ass?" Super Crazy asks as he thrusts his cock in and
out of Stacy's hot mouth, causing saliva to pour out when he pulls his dick
back slightly.

London slams his dick balls deep into Stacy's tight asshole, causing his
sweaty ballsack to slap repeatedly against her firm buttocks. "Ahhhh shit...
she's... got an... almost perfect ass...." London grunts as places his hands
on her waist and pulls her back towards him.

Stacy gently pushes herself back against London's cock as she starts to deep
throat Super Crazy's cock. Stacy gently presses her teeth against Crazy's
shaft and begins to grate her teeth against his cock each time she lifts her
head up.

"Fuck... I got to get a piece of her sweet ass..." Super crazy moans as sweat
drips down his light brown skinned face. He pulls his cock out of her mouth
and is about to move behind her, until Psicosis gets an idea.

"Hey Crazy, man, you should let Stacy ride you with her ass..." Psicosis

Juvi nods his head in agreement, "Fuck yeah, that'll be fucking sweet to

Super Crazy thinks about it and looks at Stacy with a cocky look, "You think
you can do that?"

Stacy nods her head with a smirk "Ohhh...I know I can..." Stacy licks her
lips as she gazes at Super Crazy's cock, dripping in her warm saliva.

"Now that'll be cool if you can..." Super Crazy grins as he lays down right
in front of Stacy as London pulls his throbbing cock out of Stacy's tight

Juvi looks at Super Crazy and asks, "That's a bad impression of Carlito..."

Stacy laughs a bit as she stands up from the floor and steps over Super
Crazy's body, standing over him with her backside facing him. Stacy slowly
lowers herself down onto Super Crazy's cock, and gently works herself down
on his cock "Ohhhh fuck...yesss..." Stacy moans gritting to her teeth as
she feels his cock inside of her well fucked asshole, thanks to Paul London.

"Ahhh shit fuck... what an great ass..." Super Crazy grunts as he wraps his
arms around her sweaty slim body and pulls her back further so her hair is
hanging right over his face. He thrusts up into her ass rapidly, making her
bounce upward.

Juvi looks at Stacy's pussy and licks his lips, "It's time... for The Juice
to come back to her pussy!" He says as he moves and lays a bit on top of
Stacy and inserts his cock into her tight pussy and starts fucking her with
wild thrusts.

Stacy tilts her head back as she closes her eyes "Ohhhhhh fuck!" Stacy
moans as she slightly opens her eyes and glances over at Psicosis and London
" two...get the fuck over here..." Stacy says with a bit of an

Psicosis looks at London and raises an eyebrow, "She's got a bit of an
attitude for a slut getting double fucked..."

London shrugs, "Yeah, but whatcha gonna do..." Both men move over to the
sandwiched Stacy as Juvi and Super Crazy continue to rapidly fuck her pussy
and asshole.

Stacy reaches with both of her hands up wrapping her left hand around
London's cock and her right hand around Psicosis's cock. She then begins to
stroke both cocks, moving her hands, as she bounces wildly on Super Crazy's
cock "Mmmm...ohhh...fuck yess!"

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah... Finally... The Juice..." Juvi raise an eyebrow almost
like a certain People's Champion as he starts to cum inside of Stacy's warm
tight pussy, "The Juice... has cummed... inside of Stacy!" He gives Stacy a
few hard thrusts to make sure all of his cum is dumped inside of her. Stacy
licks her lips as she grinds herself against Super Crazy's cock. Stacy turns
her head to London's cock and opens her mouth taking his cock into her warm
mouth. Stacy bobs her head a few times on his cock as she quickly slides her
hand up and down Psicosis's shaft.

Juvi pulls out of Stacy's tight cum filled pussy and moves away from the
group, but keeps his eyes on the action. "Ahhh yeah... suck it..." London
moans as he places a hand on Stacy's forehead as she does a number on his
cock with her mouth.

Psicosis grits his teeth as Stacy's skilled hand moves swiftly along his
cock, "Ahhhh ohhh shit..." Psicosis moans as he starts to cum, shooting his
hot load across her chest, and moment's later London bites down on his own
lip and starts to cum inside of Stacy's hot mouth, giving her a hot smoking
load of spunk soup.

Stacy swallows London's warm load of cum and licks her lips clean after
pulling his cock out of her mouth "Mmmm....I love...cock..." Stacy groans
as she slams down hard on Super Crazy's cock "Ohhhhh fuck yesss!"

Underneath Stacy, Super Crazy has his teeth clenched tightly together as he
thrusts hard up into Stacy's asshole, "Ohhhh shit... I'm gonna... fill you
ass with... my salsa!!" He grunts as he tries to hold out for a few moments

Stacy licks her lips as she glances over her shoulder as sweat flies off
of her body "Ohhhh fill me up! Fill me up!" Super Crazy nods his head and
thrusts up one more time into Stacy's tight asshole and starts to fill up
her asshole with his hot cum. The Insane Luchador bounces her up and down
on his cock as he continues to cum, and some of his hot load spills out of
her ass even with his cock still in it. Stacy grits her teeth as she slides
her hand through her sweat-moist hair "Ohhh...god..."

Super Crazy soon lays still underneath Stacy, catching his breath, "Holy
shit... that... was... crazy..." He says as he licks his lips.

London smirks, "Man... now that was... a lot of fun..."

Stacy licks her lips as she lifts herself off of Super Crazy "So...where's
the Women's locker room at?"

London smiles, "Go down the hall... and make a left... it's the second door
on the right..."

Psicosis picks up Stacy's red top from the floor and hands it too her, "Here
ya go."

Stacy smiles as she puts her red top back on, she flips her blonde hair back
and glances at the four studdly Cruiserweights "Mmmm...we did have a lot...of

Juvi nods his head and licks his lips as he looks at Stacy's long legs while
he sits on the floor, "Yeah... we should do this again something... so you
can get more of The Juice..."

Stacy smirks and licks her lips "How about...I go find to locker
four freshen up...and come pay me a visit..."

London and the three Mexicools all exchange looks before they look at Stacy
with big smiles, and at the same time they all say, "That sounds great to


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