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Stacy & Torrie Have Their Way With Lita & Trish
by J Davie Jr (

Lita and Trish were in Lita's private locker room talking about their
practice. It was a Friday afternoon and Lita and Trish were looking forward
to going to Trish's hotel and getting into some uncensored fun.

Just then Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson busted through the door. "What
the hell are you doing in here!?!" Lita screamed. Just then Torrie and Stacy
jumped at them and covered their mouths and noses with some cloth. In
seconds, they were both knocked out cold.

When they woke up, they were chained to the wall in what seemed like a
huge barn. They were also stripped of their clothes and had ball gags in
their mouths. Just then Stacy and Torrie came in with identical dominating
black leather outfits. The top had their breasts showing. Torrie's breast
looked twice as big as Stacy's but both looked great. Their pussies were
also exposed through the suits.

"If you haven't noticed yet we are in my grandparent's barn. We are
thirty miles away from our nearest neighbors." Torrie said. "Do you know
what that means? It means that we have you two sluts to ourselves for the
entire weekend!" At this Trish's eyes went wide with fear.

"Take those ball gags out of their mouths Stacy. No one can hear the
sluts scream." Stacy walked seductively over to the two women and pulled
the gags out. She then planted a small kiss on Lita. Even though Lita was
BI she pulled away from her tormentor. Stacy pulled away and slapped Lita
across the face.

Torrie went and started to play with Trish's huge breast. "Stacy, can
you go get the toys please." Stacy quickly left and returned with two duffel
bags. She handed one to Torrie and picked up the other one. "Which one of
these sluts do you want Stacy?" Smiling, she went over to Lita and said "I
told you I would get you back for landing that moonsault on me bitch."

Torrie threw Stacy the key and she unlocked Lita, and Torrie handcuffed
Lita before Lita could do anything. Lita didn't have a chance to run or
anything. Stacy pushed Lita down and handcuffed her feet together. There
was no escaping for Lita.

"Lita, if you cooperate with me I won't make you weekend a total hell.
O.k." Lita didn't say anything. She just looked at her sadly. Torrie and
Stacy picked up Lita and carried her half way across the barn and laid her
on a bench.

Torrie left to go attend to Trish. Stacy kneeled down and kissed Lita.
This time Lita didn't pull back. She didn't kiss back either though. Stacy
got up and straddled Lita's face. She then sat down on Lita's mouth. "Eat
me out slut." Lita bit Stacy right in the pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh SHIT!
YOU LITTLE BITCH. You bit me. That's it." She got up and slapped Lita
again. Then she went to duffel bag and opened it. She pulled out a black
leather whip. She turned over Lita and kissed her tight ass. Then she
spanked her with the whip. She relentlessly hit Lita on her ass putting red
welts all or her ass. On the last hit Lita accidentally turned over. Stacy
saw her pussy a hit it with the whip. Lita let out a blood-curling scream
of agony.

"Now bitch, when I tell you to eat me out will you do it?" She looked at
Lita. Lita said nothing. She hit her with the whip in her side and said
"Answer me, bitch!"

"Yes!" screamed Lita.

"Yes 'what'"

"yes mistress."

"That's a good girl." Stacy again straddled Lita's face and sat down.
Lita, not wanting to get beat again start to lick Stacy's pussy. Lita had
an amazing tongue. Flicking in and out of Stacy's pussy. Stacy started
pulling Lita's head up making the full length of Lita's tongue to penetrate
her pussy. In a matter of minutes Stacy was coming and screaming "DRINK IT
ALL SLUT. DRINK IT ALL BITCH!!!" Lita drank it all.

Meanwhile Torrie was having her way with Trish. Trish was willingly
BITCH!" She was grinding her pussy into Trish's tongue. Trish could feel
Torrie's body start to quiver. A sign that she was ready to cum. Trish
wanted her girl juices, so she vigorously sucked on Torrie's clit. In a
matter of seconds Torrie screamed "OHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOD I'MMMMM
CUMMMMMMING! OHHHHH GOOOOOOOD!" She came all over Trish's beautiful face.
Her girl juices were all in Trish's hair. Torrie had such a strong climax
that she passed out with her pussy still in Trish's mouth. Trish still
licking and sucking away at Torrie's womanhood.

A couple minutes later Torrie came too. She gave Trish a passionate kiss
and said, "Well, I wasn't going to give you this pleasure because this is a
punishment but I guess you can have it." Torrie walked over to the duffel
bag and pull out the biggest dildo Trish had ever seen. It had two heads.
The longer side was about 2 feet in length and about 2 inches wide. The
shorter side was 1 foot. Trish was amazed by its size. Torrie rammed the
shorter side in her pussy. It slid in easily. Torrie had obviously used it
many times. "Because we are punishing you and this is a punishment, I am
going to fuck your ass with no lubrication." Trish never let men or women
fuck her in the ass, so her ass was tight as ever.

Torrie kicked her in the stomach making her get on all fours and hold her
stomach. As she did that, Torrie went behind her and with all her might
rammed the 2 foot dildo into Trish's ass. She only got about 8 inches in on
her first thrust. Torrie rammed even harder the second time. Trish now had
a foot of gigantic dildo rammed in her ass and she was screaming bloody
murder. Torrie grabbed Trish's hips and pulled them back as she thrust
forward. That was all Trish could take. "OHHHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD! I'MMMM
CUMMMMMMMMING!!!!" Trish went into her climax. It hit so hard she fell out
unconscious. Torrie still had 3 inches to get into Trish and wasn't going to
stop till she got it in. On her last thrust, she pushed so hard she fell.
"OWWWWWW!!" Trish screamed as she was shockingly awoken.

"Come here Stacy, please." Torrie asked. Stacy left Lita with the dildo
in her mouth and walked over to Torrie.

"Yes Torrie?"

"Pick up Trish please."

They walked with Trish still impaled through the ass over to a bench.
Torrie lay with her back against the bench. Stacy sat Trish up on the dildo
and picked her up and slammed her back on the dildo. She did it slowly and
then started to pick up the pace. Trish started to help by bouncing her
hips. She started to go so fast that she just a blur. Just then She began
to scream and quiver. "AWWWWWWW MAN I'MMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMING." Stacy bent
down and started to eat out Trish and swallowed all of her cum.

After that Stacy walked back over to Lita. "Did you miss me?" she asked
Lita. Lita slowly bobbed her head up and down. Stacy had obviously broken
her. She sat on the floor and sat Lita on her lap. She pointed Lita's head
over to Trish and Torrie. "Does that make you horny Lita?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Would you like to be fucked like that?"

"Would I mistress!!!" Lita screamed.

Stacy turned Lita's head around and kissed her. Seeing that Lita wasn't
resisting this time, she stuck her tongue out to explore Lita's mouth. Lita
did the same and they sat there for a long time kissing.

Once they broke the kiss Stacy got up and told Lita to get up. "I can't
mistress. You locked my feet together." So Stacy unlocked the handcuffs on
Lita's ankles and helped her up. They walked over to the wall. Stacy picked
up Lita and hung her from the handcuffs to a hook on the wall. "Now you just
wait there, ok?"

"Yes mistress."

Stacy went to the duffel bag and got out, a two headed dildo almost the
exact same as the one Torrie was using. Only both sides were smaller. The
long side was 1foot and a half. The smaller side was a little less then a 1
foot long. Stacy also slid the smaller side in with relative ease.

She walked over to Lita and said, "Do you want this?" And she let it
slightly touch Lita's shaven pussy lips.

"Yes mistress give it to me PLEASE!" Lita screamed.

"Well if I let you have this say 'Stacy, I am your unworthy little


"Say 'I want your huge cock inside me'"


With that Stacy inserted Lita. It went almost the whole length with such
ease! Stacy was inside Lita and right in front of Lita. They were so close
they were touching. Lita's huge round titties touching Stacy's small round
and firm titties.

Stacy then pulled her hips back and thrust forward hitting Lita's cervix.
Lita was feeling a little pain but a hell of a lot of pleasure. Stacy
started to go faster and faster. Each time she went all the way in she would
kiss Lita. Pretty soon Stacy and Lita's bodies started to quiver. Pretty
soon they both came at the same time and Lita passed out. Stacy also passed
out right on Lita's shoulder.

"Please Torrie can you fuck me in the pussy? My ass hurts." Trish begged

"What did you call me?" Torrie asked.


"No bitch, you call me either master or mistress. You understand bitch?"

"Yes, mistress."

Torrie walked up Trish and inserted her pussy. It also went in relatively
easy. But it didn't go all the way in. Trish still had about 8 inches to
go. Torrie lifted Trish's legs up and around her neck and pushed. She got
in another 3 inches. By this time the dildo had hit Trish's cervix. But
Torrie was not going to let that stop her. She thrust again and got another
4 inches into Trish. She had pushed pass Trish's cervix and into her womb.
Trish still had an inch to go and was in excruciating pain as it was. But
through the pain she was feeling so horny. Torrie pushed one more time and
got the full length of the dildo into Trish. Torrie pulled out and thrust
into Trish. She started to go faster and more violently. Trish and Torrie
came at the same time.

Stacy unhand-cuffed Lita and took her to a room in the house. Torrie
also took Trish into a room in the house. They slept together. All of them
dreaming about what was to cum tomorrow. All of them sleeping with cum and
smiles on their faces.

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