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Stacy Dominates Torrie
by Anonymous

Beautiful buxom blonde Torrie Wilson was still recovering from her
humiliating loss to Trish Stratus at the last PPV in which she'd managed
to win only one of three matches against the little blonde powerhouse. The
uncensored battle of the blondes, however, had been the most popular bout
in the federation's history and management was eager to go one better at
the next PPV with another no holds barred catfight: "The Better Woman

When they approached Torrie about it, she first said they must be crazy,
understanding all too well the league would allow these matches to sink to
the level of a seedy strip club where the loser could end up buck naked
before a live audience. The fitness model turned wrestler/valet was looking
for mainstream stardom, not some slutty reputation. But promotion of another
wild catfight was the key to the event's success and so soon Torrie was
being seduced in with the promise of a lot of cash!

Torrie was eventually sold on the match when they told her she wouldn't have
to fight her fellow muscle girl Trish, or any of the other tough wrestlers
in the league, but the slender young Stacy Kiebler.

Torrie had successfully battled Stacy before, beating her in both egg-nog and
lingerie matches and even besting the leggy blonde in a bikini contest. She
was confident she was far stronger and more athletic and could take Stacy
down without much trouble. In fact, rather than fearing Stacy, Torrie almost
had a secret attraction to the sultry long-legged dancer. After thinking it
over, she agreed to the match.

For her part, Stacy was more than happy to sign up. Though the more muscular
ex-fitness star was stronger, a no holds barred PPV competition against the
buxom blonde was just the type of match the darker, wicked, Stacy was certain
she could win. Torrie had won some previous battles, including the bikini
contest (outraging the jealous Stacy), but Stacy knew an "anything goes"
fight would be a whole different ball game. And even in regulated matches,
Stacy had managed to get in some good licks before the ref stepped in. She'd
attacked Torrie after the matches, managing to nearly rip her clothes half
off her body in the egg nog and even getting in a few smacks with her whip
in their lingerie battle.

"I'll have to remember to bring that whip along again," thought the
mischievous girl with a smile. "They'll be no ref to save her sweet ass
this time."

Stacy despised Torrie and her big bust, which she saw as the one thing
standing between her and becoming the star of the valet world. She'd enjoyed
watching her friend Trish win in the last catfight with Torrie and took
special note of how easily the timid and innocent blonde was overwhelmed when
Trish got a little dirty.

"Well you ain't seen dirty yet," thought Stacy, eager for the chance to enjoy
playing the role of the seductive dominant over the buxom blonde beauty.

In her pre-fight interview, the beautiful Torrie predicted an easy victory in
the `Better Woman' battle.

"Stacy Kiebler doesn't stand a chance. She's got the strength of a 12 year
old girl and she's as flat as one too!" she laughed, tossing her long hair.
"But I've got all the curves to take her," the former fitness model grinned
as she flexed her powerful arm to show off her biceps. "And I mean, ALL the

The busty blonde cupped her firm mammoth jugs together with a smile, "I'm
gonna roll right over that skinny weakling and show her I'm the best woman
around here!"

Then it was Stacy's turn, "Tomorrow night I'm going to prove that I'm the
dominant woman in wrestling today." Striking a seductive pose, the sexy
blonde added, "I'm the dominant beauty, the dominant female fighter, but
most of all, I'll show that Torrie that I dominate sexually! You see,
Torrie's the submissive type and when I get her one-on-one in that ring,
she'll be taught that lesson by the Better Woman. ME!!"

The night of the PPV finally arrived and the fight was the main event. A huge
audience had tuned in to watch. The match would be much like the final one of
the last PPV; no rules and no ref. The winner only declared when the loser
acknowledged her opponent was the "Better Woman" whatever that might mean and
the winner accepted the loser's defeat and new title.

Torrie arrived first to the roar of the crowd. Nearly busting out of a skimpy
baby pink bikini, she looked every bit the `strong but delicate beauty' as
she entered the ring with a smile and cute wave to the crowd, her long blonde
hair flowing behind her. Torrie was determined to take advantage of her raw
physical strength against her weaker opponent yet deep down she was nervous.
Not just because she knew the kind of public humiliation she'd suffer if she
lost the upper hand, but also because she couldn't shake the nagging fear
that her quest to be crowned the better woman might somehow be tested by her
own attraction toward the tantalizing sexy opponent she was about to face.

The arena then grew dark and the sounds of thunder and cracking whips filled
the air. Suddenly Stacy appeared at the curtain through a cloud of smoke,
dressed in a black leather bikini and cracking a whip in one hand while
playfully dangling a pair of handcuffs in the other. The long-legged beauty
strode down to the ring with a wicked grin, her eyes locked on Torrie. She
seductively slid through the ropes, pausing to wiggle her incredibly sexy ass
to the wild cheers of the crowd. Seeing the titillating sight of her gorgeous
big busted opponent in of her teeny pink bikini looking clearly shaken and
unnerved at Stacy's get up, she nearly burst with excitement thinking of the
fun she'd have with the timid blonde bombshell. Then the announcer led the
girls to the center of the ring, but right away Stacy took control of the

"Torrie, tonight you learn what all the men in this league already know -
that I'm the best woman around! And in this ring tonight, I'm gonna teach
you WHY I'm the best - and leave you begging me for more!" Torrie just
shrugged, but Stacy kept on, "And I'll leave you beggin' me for mercy, too -
starting right NOW you bimbo!"

Before she even finished speaking, Stacy sent a hard kick straight to
Torrie's crotch. Torrie gasped in shock, her mouth wide open in disbelief and
pain as she collapsed to the mat holding her aching womanhood. Stacy calmly
walked to her corner and hung her handcuffs over the ropes. Then, with her
whip in hand, returned to the fallen Torrie who was slowly trying to crawl
back to her corner. Stacy just grinned at the sight of the shapely bikini
covered butt before her as she cracked the whip!

"Ouch!" screamed Torrie as she collapsed on her stomach.

But Stacy kept on lashing out as her whip cracked Torrie's curvaceous rear
end and lower back. Each crack brought a new screech of pain from the
suffering blonde until Torrie finally managed to get to her feet and turned
to face Stacy rubbing her sore behind.

The match was already looking like it would turn into the wild catfight
Torrie had feared instead of the traditional wrestling match she wanted.
Torrie reached out, trying to wrestle the whip away from Stacy and end her
abuse and the two struggled in a tug of war until the weaker Stacy lost
control and Torrie pulled the whip away with a smile.

As Torrie turned around to toss it aside, the aggravated Stacy took
advantage; jumping on Torrie's back and yanking her long blonde hair every
which way. Torrie screamed and bucked madly trying to throw Stacy off her
back, but she soon found herself forced into the corner. With Torrie trapped
with nowhere to go, Stacy reached down and raked Torrie's eyes with her claws
as she slid down off her back.

Stacy then spun the dazed Torrie around to face her keeping her trapped in
the corner. As Torrie covered her burning eyes with her hands, Stacy decided
it was high time to unleash an assault on the irresistible target of her
rival's unprotected big breasts. She sent in one SLAP and then another SLAP!
Using both hands, Stacy was slapping Torrie's bounty, sending her sturdy
boobs flying in their bikini harness. Torrie desperately tried to cover up,
but whenever she dropped her hands down to protect her tits, Stacy reached
up and slapped her unprotected face. The hard blow stunned Torrie, who raised
her hands defensively, bewildered at what to do next to protect herself. But
Stacy gave her no chance, reaching back down to the confused blonde's once
again undefended puppies, grabbing both cups of her vulnerable pink top.

"No! Please!" screamed Torrie as she felt Stacy sink her claws into her large
round tits and begin to tear them up, down and side to side.

"Shut up slut!" barked Stacy, as she continued to maul, mashing Torrie's
mighty breasts into each other as she ripped the top right off Torrie's
incredible body!

The crowd erupted as Torrie's spectacular rack was exposed. She dropped to
her knees, her trembling hands covering her bare breasts while Stacy paraded
around the ring twirling the tattered remnants of Torrie's pink bikini top
in gleeful celebration as the bashful and apprehensive Torrie slowly backed
into a corner holding her aching tits.

As Torrie wondered how she could effectively fight topless without suffering
even greater embarrassment, Stacy circled back at her and Torrie was forced
to lock arms as they struggled. Torrie was pleased to find she could easily
push Stacy back with her arm strength, seemingly able to protect her battered

But the nasty Stacy was already one step ahead of her. Torrie soon felt
Stacy's leg rubbing against her thigh and before she knew it, Stacy had
wedged her leg between Torrie's and was grinding her knee against her
crotch! Try as she might, the bare breasted muscular blonde couldn't keep
Stacy's leg away from this new point of attack on her sexy body. As she
felt her little pink bikini bottoms being pushed aside by Stacy's intrusive
knee, Torrie felt increasingly helpless to stop what was clearly becoming
a sensual onslaught against her body by the gorgeous and aggressive young

As Stacy continued to grind her knee into Torrie's crotch, Torrie feared
being overwhelmed by her opponent's dirty tactics so she resolved to fight
fire with fire. She reached behind Stacy, grabbing her black bottom and
then yanking up as hard as she could. A stunned Stacy instantly ended her
own offensive as her black leather bikini ripped into her crotch, lifting
her to her toes as she cried in anguish and shock. The crowd cheered Torrie
on, eager to see more of Stacy's prized ass cheeks now jiggling into view
as her bikini wedged into a thin thong buried between the cheeks of her
sexy little ass.

Stacy back-peddled as fast as she could, until Torrie could not longer
maintain her grip on her bikini.

"How dare you, you nasty slut!" screamed Stacy as she picked the leather out
of her crack and pulled it back covering her cheeks. "You'll pay for that!"

"Bring it on bitch!" snarled Torrie, eager to dish out some revenge.

But as the two beauties faced off, Torrie was still a bit dazed from her
abuse and seemed preoccupied with trying to protect her bare and still-aching
orbs. Stacy reached down, caught the unsuspecting Torrie by the legs and
pulled them out from under her, dumping the clumsy blonde to the mat on her
ass with a loud THUMP!

Stacy followed with a swift kick to Torrie's open crotch that left her
curled up on the mat moaning in pain trying to protect herself with her
hands covering her throbbing pubic mound. But aggressive Stacy stayed on
the attack, eager herself to avenge her wedgie. She flipped Torrie over
onto her stomach and began to stomp away on Torrie's bikini covered butt.

"This'll teach you to touch my superior ass!" Stacy screamed as her foot
flattened Torrie's bouncing butt over and over.

Each time Torrie's rear came up as she tried to crawl away, Stacy would
stomp it back down with another brutal foot to the fanny.

"Stay... Down... fat... ass!" barked Stacy, punctuating each word with a

The suffering Torrie finally obeyed and with the battered blonde sprawled on
her stomach, her hands reaching back to rub her throbbing ass, Stacy stepped
over her and dropped her own rock hard bottom onto Torrie's back. She landed
facing Torrie's legs as, her spirit crushed, Torrie's mouth hung wide open
in slack-jawed dismay. Torrie's huge breasts were squashed flat beneath her,
the mashed mass of titflesh oozing out under her arms.

"Let me go! What are you doing?" the trapped Torrie whimpered, desperately
turning and twisting her head to see what Stacy was up on her back.

"Oh, I think it's time to play bongo on this big dumpy ass of yours! Make
you learn to submit to me, you haughty bitch!"

Stacy began to spank away at Torrie's already red and aching rear end.

"Ouch! Ouch! Not my ass again!" screamed Torrie as open handed spank after
spank rained down on her behind.

In seconds, Torrie's soft, fleshy, ass cheeks were forcing their way out the
legs of her tattered pink bottom, offering little protection or coverage for
her plump, quivering cheeks which suffered mightily under Stacy's devilish,
degrading attack.

"You've got even more rolls of fat down here then Stephanie," teased Stacy.
"Hell, there's even more here than in your overstuffed titties," jeered the
dominant blonde as she spanked away with both hands on the hapless Torrie's
bouncing butt.

Torrie was soon begging and pleading for mercy, but nasty Stacy kept up with
her relentless whacking assault on the blondes battered buns. Torrie began to
fear not just losing the match, but that the lewd Stacy may have even greater
humiliation in store for her before the night was done. And indeed, when
Torrie's red, aching butt could take no more, Stacy stopped the long spanking
and stood over her foe.

"Peeuw, what a stinky skank!" Stacy teased, jabbing at Torrie's battered red
ass with her toe as it was half-exposed under her tattered pink bottom as the
crowd erupted in laugher. Grinning, Stacy added, "So, whose the better woman

The fans roared her name as Stacy proudly stood towering above the utterly
embarrassed and upstaged body of Torrie who was fumbling to stretch her torn
bikini back around her aching rear end and crotch as she feebly rolled over
on to her back and lifted her hips, desperate to keep her battered buns out
of Stacy's evil reach as she moved in for the kill.

"Well you ain't much of a fighter girl," Stacy laughed. "And your big, soft
bubble butt clearly can't stand up to my perfectly toned ass!" she taunted,
as she wiggled her cute rear over Torrie's dejected face, slamming home her
supremacy over her fallen foe and bringing further cheers from the lustful
crowd. "So, if all you got are those ugly ass cow udders Torrie, then I'll
just have to finish showing you Miss H can dominate those, too!"

Torrie panicked, knowing that her big breasts, mighty as they were, couldn't
stand another round of torture and abuse. She desperately tried to slide
backwards on the mat to escape but Stacy was on her too fast. Stacy dropped
down on the battered blonde, driving both knees right into Torrie's bouncing,
bare breasts.

"Oooouch! Get off me! Pleeease!" screeched Torrie as her huge tits were
flattened under Stacy's weight.

Stacy just smiled, grinding her knees in harder, crushing them into the soft
titflesh as she teased, "What's the matter my poor little Torrie? Afraid your
over-inflated balloons might pop?!"

Torrie was wailing in pain. Even Trish hadn't abused her this badly! Finally,
Stacy lifted her knees off Torrie's aching orbs but she was far from done -
and Torrie knew it.

Sultry Stacy sat on Torrie's stomach as the battered and fearful blonde
looked up and begged her, "Please, leave my boobs alone! They can't take
any more, please Stacy!"

But Stacy was merciless. The dominant girl looked down with a wicked grin at
her trapped blonde opponent and hissed, "Oh, even your precious tits can't
hold up against me, is that it Torrie? Those boobies not as powerful and
strong as you thought, huh?" Torrie, her arms pinned under Stacy's strong
legs, was helpless to respond to the taunting as Stacy continued, "Better
Woman? Ha! You were so cocky coming down here tonight in that little pink
bikini, trying to show me up with these cow tits hangin' all over the place!"

Torrie, in tears as she heard the crowd laughing at her as they cheered Stacy
on, pleaded, "No, Stacy, please! I didn't mean to, please!"

"Too late slut!" barked Stacy, as she slapped both palms down onto Torrie's
big naked boobs, flattening them like pancakes against her chest as she
leaned on them with all the pressure she could bring to bear.

Torrie was sobbing, crying for mercy, her legs and hands flailing helplessly
as Stacy crushed her mighty breasts in on themselves. Again and again Stacy
lifted her hands, letting Torrie's battered boobs bounce back into shape,
then slammed her hands down, mashing them back flat again, twisting her
wrists and scrubbing her rough palms on Torrie's tender nipples. .

Torrie moaned in agony, her mouth wide, gasping in utter disbelief as Stacy
was bounced up and down on her prized tits, mashing them flat again and again
as she slammed her hands down, grinding Torrie's deflated breasts into her

"Please Stacy!" gasped the desperate beauty. "Please stop crushing my tits!
I give up! I give up!"

"Oh I'll stop crushing your plastic tits," giggled Stacy. "But I'll destroy
them another way!"

She took two handfuls of Torrie's big firm breasts and began squeezing
between her long, strong fingers which despite their length could barely
reach all the way around the blonde's enormous tits.

"Oh no, nooo!" begged Torrie, as the sadistic Stacy clawed away once again
at her big breasts, her nails digging deep into the tender flesh.

Stacy had longed to get her hands on Torrie's big bust. She'd long resented
the way the big blonde flaunted her big rack at the expense of Stacy and the
other `normal size' girls. She was determined to mangle and abuse Torrie's
titanic titties as much as she could in every way she could think of.

Torrie was at wits end. Her proud, powerful breasts were being endlessly
savaged by her rival's vicious claws, pinched and scratched without mercy or
end as her cries grew louder and more desperate. She'd come into the fight
certain her long workouts in the gym and her toned, muscular body could
easily defeat skinny Stacy. But now the battered Torrie felt like she had
been straddled by the dominant vice of Stacy's strong legs since the match
began many long minutes ago. Trapped endlessly and pinned forever beneath
her tormentor - helpless to keep the nasty girl from destroying any part of
her body she chose in any way she wished.

When Torrie's pain became almost too much to bear, Stacy finally eased up.
Satisfied Torrie's self-styled `terrific tits' had suffered enough, Stacy
loosened her claws but, instead of withdrawing her hands she began to gently
rub Torrie's big boobs. Her hands moving in circles, playfully toying with
the blonde's beaten bosom.

Torrie breathed a sigh of relief that the painful breast mauling had ended,
but she was still anxious for Stacy to leave her battered boobs alone,
particularly when her mind recalled her own thinly disguised lust for her
beautiful conqueror as Stacy's insistent hands continued to massage her
heaving chest.

Finally, Stacy removed her hands from Torrie's round orbs and waved to her
cheering fans, at last giving Torrie a respite from the torture and a brief
chance to catch her breath. But when Stacy looked back down, a big smile
came over her face as she saw that Torrie's dark nipples had become rock
hard and stood proudly at attention on her red breasts.

"Well, well, you little slut," teased the now playful Stacy. "Not only are
you helpless against my wrestling and fighting skill, but I see you've
realized you can't resist the sexual power of the Best Woman either!"

Torrie looked down at her chest in panic, horrified to see her bare big
nipples were in fact fully aroused, hard and erect for all to see! Her
hidden lust for Stacy's spectacular body had been revealed at the worst
of all times - in the middle of a match front of everyone in the arena
and a worldwide television audience!

The dismayed and humiliated blonde bombshell tried to cover her telling
swollen nips, but the chuckling Stacy, still perched atop her trapped prey,
quickly pulled Torrie's hands away and pinned them beneath her knees. Then
she began to gently pinch Torrie's perky big nipples between her fingers,
rolling the firm flesh with her thumb and forefinger.

"Ugh, no," moaned an utterly ashamed Torrie, pushing up with her legs,
raising her hips and trying to buck Stacy off. "Don't . don't you dare sick bitch!"

"Oh I thought you liked this, Torrie dear," teased Stacy as she stretched
one nipple to the extreme before she let it snap back. "I mean, it sure
LOOKS that way!"

The crowd roared with laughter as Stacy took firmer grip on Torrie's turgid
tips, sternly adding, "But if its sick you want, I can play that too..."
said the fiendish Stacy as she yanked sadistically up on both of her prey's
swollen nipples until her back was arched in pain.

"Ahhhh! Noooo!" cried Torrie as her tender nipples were practically pulled
off her chest, painfully stretched out to two points by their thinning nips.

Torrie couldn't stand the pain and she bucked and struggled as Stacy
continued to wrench her suffering nipples and beaten boobs, tugging and
stretching the soft flesh with cruel glee. The wicked Stacy further ravaged
the hapless blonde fitness girl's breasts with a relentless round of nasty
titty twisting.

Torrie was completely overwhelmed, drained by Stacy's sordid, relentless
assaults on her most prized body part. Even her mighty chest had proven no
match for the wicked girl's attacks. Seeing Torrie could barely put up any
more resistance, Stacy dragged her battered body to the ropes and handcuffed
each of Torrie's hands to opposite sides in the ring corner.

Topless, prone on her back, her wrists handcuffed to the ropes with her arms
stretched wide above her head, Torrie knew she was now completely at the
mercy of the nasty, smutty bitch.

Scared that she was helpless to prevent further physical abuse of her body,
Torrie was terrified of being in a position where she was unable to hold back
her body's secret desire for Stacy. Torrie knew her longings were all too
ready to be unleashed after a long night of seeing Stacy in her revealing
outfit and feeling her sexy body rubbing against and dominating hers.

Torrie pleaded with Stacy to end the fight but she just danced around above
her, taunting the bound buxom blonde beauty with her long legs and tight ass
as she did one provocative dance move after another, working Torrie into a
frenzy of sexual want and need.

As Stacy danced in celebration over the bound body of her fallen foe, Stacy
cupped her perfect little perky breasts, flaunting the fact that her cute
tits were still safe under her black leather bikini top, unscathed by the
long, but one-sided contest. She even dared to shake her perky little breasts
playfully for the crowd, then laugh as she used her foot to point to the
contrasting sight of Torrie's big, soft, slumping and battered boobs; mangled
and beaten as they were. Torrie, once proud of her huge firm breasts, could
only look down in shame as she beheld the sad sight of her mauled mammaries,
stripped and exposed for all to see, incredibly being totally outshone by the
cute perky little buds on the chest of Sultry Stacy.

Stacy loved every minute of this part of the battle and she played up her
dominance over Torrie to the crowd, "Hey boys, wanna see the real woman on
top in this relationship?"

The crowd roared it approval, but as Stacy seductively began to lower her
sexy hips onto Torrie's trapped sweaty body, they really went wild! The two
beauties' legs and crotches were the first to touch, sending sparks through
both their bodies. Then their hard stomachs connected as Stacy continued to
slowly fold herself flat atop the busty but battered body of the half naked

Torrie groaned as Stacy proceeded to roll and grind her hot body all over
hers, playfully rubbing her pert little breasts on her aching naked breasts,
stroking her soft thigh on Torrie's crotch. Torrie couldn't believe the
erotic display of supremacy Stacy was putting on at her expense - and in
front of everyone! Suffering utter humiliation, Torrie gathered what little
strength she had left and bucked and bucked until she finally forced Stacy
to sit up straddling her still pinned body.

Torrie glared up at Stacy with disgust, but with Stacy just sat smugly
smirking as she straddled her sweaty body smiled down at the buxom blonde
beauty who realized she was not only powerless to escape, but unable to
defend her all too vulnerable body from her aggressive tormentor.

"Don't fight it Torrie," smiled Stacy as she pinched the once again swelling
red nipples of her subdued opponent in her hands. "You belong to me now."

Stacy turned around facing Torrie's squirming lower body. With the once
mighty fitness queen's powerful arms pinned by her knees and Torrie's face
all but buried under her luscious ass, Stacy reached down and took a firm
hold on Torrie's soft pink bikini bottom at the waist and then teasingly
looked up to the crowd as if asking what to do. A huge roar erupted,
bringing a fearful, muffled, cry from a writhing Torrie and a wicked grin
to Stacy's face.

Suddenly, Stacy yanked up hard on the bikini, pulling the fabric deep into
Torrie's pussy. Torrie yelled as her butt was lifted off the mat by the thin
bottom as it disappeared into her ass crack and between her wet, swollen
pussy lips, revealing her light brown bush to all and proving for all time
she was not a natural blond!

The suffering Torrie cried and cried as Stacy pulled and tugged on the
wedgie, ripping it into and sawing it back and forth thru her most sensitive
spots. Torrie's crotch jumped and bounced madly in the air as Stacy yanked
her thonged bottom until she finally eased the pressure and let the panting
Torrie's quivering ass to drop back on the mat.

With the muffled panting of an exhausted Torrie barely audible under Stacy's
sexy ass, Stacy began a more delicate offensive, playfully rubbing her
fingers over Torrie's tight, muscular lower abs. But she didn't stop there!
Soon her fingers were moving down along Torrie's thighs as Torrie squirmed
and groaned beneath her. Stacy caressed Torrie's soft flesh until her fingers
returned to Torrie's stretched out bikini bottom.

Torrie was flushed with anticipation, yet still desperate to hide her mad
lust for this sex kitten. But there was no stopping the dominant sexpot as
Stacy again took Torrie's thinned bikini in hand. Torrie gasped in
anticipation, but this time Stacy sensually worked the material slowly and
gently into her crotch until the trapped blonde's aroused body began a slow,
writhing response.

"Come on slut," sighed Stacy as she continued to work the pink bottom wedgie
in Torrie's luxurious bush, teasingly running the fabric back and forth
between her spread apart pussy lips.

Stacy leaned down and began licking Torrie's sexy thighs while her own sexy
ass rotated slowly right above Torrie's red face and aching breasts. Facing
all these points of sensual onslaught, Torrie was consumed with ever-growing
twinges of pleasure. Soon, the beautiful sight of Stacy's tight ass, the
feel of her sweaty body slipping and sliding atop her; the magic touch of
her probing tongue and her light, deft fingers all began to work their magic.
Torrie was desperate, but despite her best attempts to control herself and
fight the rising tide of lust, she was soon moaning and writhing in pleasure.

Stacy smiled as she heard the sounds her handiwork was producing from Torrie,
but she was eager to complete her domination of the lusty blonde. With a
sudden move, Stacy yanked back on Torrie's damp, tattered pink bottom. Torrie
yelped as the material cut deep into her aroused womanhood but the stretched
fabric couldn't hold and gave way, tearing down the center seam as it parted
at her crotch! The mighty Torrie shuddered, both in shocked embarrassment and
building excitement, knowing she was now buck naked at the complete mercy of
this wicked dominatrix of the ring.

"No more, please," whispered Torrie, sensing Stacy would stop at nothing
short of her utter humiliation. "I give up Stacy, you win. You're the better

Stacy smiled back over her shoulder, "That's right. Now, I'll show you just
HOW good I am by finishing you off you naughty little slut!"

In desperation at the prospect of being sexually humiliated, Torrie renewed
her frantic struggling but it was no use! Her hands were still cuffed to the
ropes and her face was buried beneath Stacy's luscious ass. Torrie felt the
strong but gentle, insistent touch of Stacy's hands on her stomach . . . then
moving on to her overheated pussy. Sensing her excitement rising for what she
had secretly longed for, Torrie kept begging for mercy, but there was nothing
stopping her all-conquering rival. Stacy curled Torrie's short brunette pubic
hairs around her fingers and tugging at the beaten beauty's brown bush.
Torrie's hips lifted off the mat as the little hairs were pulled, twisted and
yanked. She began breathing harder with anticipation.

"Give in to your Stacy," Stacy whispered, her prying fingers now driving
into the Torrie's snatch as the beaten bound blonde began to moan louder and

Faster and faster Stacy continued worked the beaten blonde, rubbing and
tugging her pussy lips until Torrie was bucking wildly, desperate to avoid
letting everyone see how fully aroused she was being made by this wicked
girl. But Torrie knew she was losing control; her desire for Stacy was too
strong and Stacy's expert touch was too much to resist. She realized her
only hope was to beat Stacy to the punch, to show the world that Stacy's
body would give in to her beauty and feminine touch before she herself
lost control. Maybe then, thought Torrie, she could still claim the title
of the Best Woman!

Panting hard, Torrie craned her neck, rising up and pushed her face under
Stacy's luscious ass above her. Surprised, Stacy paused for a moment, then
smiled as she realized what her desperate foe was thinking. Torrie used her
tongue to push Stacy's black bikini bottom aside, then drove her tongue
underneath, stuffing it into Stacy's snatch.

But time was running out for the big blonde. Stacy refocused on her own
efforts, diving into Torrie's already wet pussy with her expert fingers.
While Torrie was losing focus and control fast, her body being consumed
with pleasure, Stacy seemed completely unfazed by Torrie's effort;
showing no interest in the busty blonde's attempts to excite her.

Getting nowhere with Stacy, and too overwhelmed with her own pleasure to
think of anything else, Torrie couldn't help but drop her head back to the
mat, putting a quick end to her feeble attempt at a sexual counteroffensive.
But Stacy was bringing her down fast.

"That's it bitch! Who's hot for who?!" she barked as her fingers pumped
faster and faster, exciting Torrie's exposed clit and draining her sopping
wet pussy as Torrie's panting and moaning grew louder and louder, "Ooooh,

Torrie's whole body was shaking, writhing uncontrollably as Stacy tore into
her soaking wet womanhood with her expert fingering and skillful touch.

"Yes! Oh, yesss Stacy!" Torrie cried as Stacy's fingers worked away at her
wide open crotch as her soft thighs lay limp and spread wide.

The crease of Stacy's tight ass (barely covered by the bikini that had
been wedged into a thong by Torrie's failed attempt to arouse her) rubbed
sensually down on Torrie's big breasts and swollen nipples as the beaten
blonde was rapidly being pushed over the edge.

"I can't! I can't! Oh! Ohhhh!" Torrie moaned, writhing on the mat.

"Oh give it up girl," Stacy yelled. "You can't fight your lust for this sex
machine!" Stacy laughed as she brazenly wiggled her sexy ass in Torrie's face
as she worked her faster and faster.

"Oh wow! Oooh Yes! Stacy you're the best! Ohhhhh YES! YES!!"

Torrie screamed, her back arching as her ravaged body exploded in a gush of
sexual ecstasy. The breathless crowd fell silent as the mighty Torrie, no
longer able to control her overwhelming urge, exploded on the mat; her hips
thrusting madly, overcome and utterly overwhelmed as she climaxed beneath
Stacy. Stacy grinning like a Cheshire cat, wiped her sticky fingers on the
insides of Torrie's thighs, then stood up and bent over the panting, shaking,
naked body of the breathless gorgeous Torrie.

"See, I knew I'd make you cum you submissive slut!" preened Stacy. "Nobody
can resist my body, especially not you!"

Torrie covered her blushing red face with her hands, ashamed of the way her
body had betrayed her, allowed itself to be - not just taken but dominated -
by a weaker opponent. Torrie was sexually spent and beaten in every way.

Stacy looked down at her conquered foe, "Well, well! The once cocky Torrie
Wilson. Did you really think you're a better woman than ME?! Ha! Look at you
lying there, helplessly, at my feet, soaked by your sweat, tears and cum;
dominated physically, mentally and sexually by the great Stacy Kiebler!"

The bound naked beauty looked up at her conqueror, filled with shame even
as her mighty body still quivered with the excitement of her orgasm, still
unable - and unwilling - to calm her still lustful panting. But the
victorious Stacy wanted to enjoy her opponent's crushing defeat.

"Well Torrie, that so-called muscle body of yours couldn't protect your
prissy ass from being beat on and dominated! And if that ain't enough, we
all got to see just how much your beat down, stripped down, he-man excuse
for a woman's body enjoyed getting off on my soft, sexy curves and hot
body. Admit it, you're just a submissive little fuck slut!" Torrie wanted
to crawl away, but she was still cuffed to the ring ropes, so Stacy's
verbal abuse continued, "See, the great Torrie can't control her own lust
for this feminine sex machine. If you thought that muscle bound body with
ugly, sweaty plastic boobs, would turn me on, well I don't think so girl!"

With the crowd cheering and laughing, Torrie closed her eyes and turned her
head aside in shame as the triumphant Stacy continued to belittle her, "And
that's why the better woman is ME! I beat you in our fight and look at me.
I'm still standing tall with all my dignity - and with all my clothes on -
and with the proven hotter bod still lookin' fine!"

The crowd roared its approval as Stacy shook her incredibly sexy ass one
more time above her beaten foe.

"And look at you. All messed up, lying naked at my feet. Your banged up old
boobs and flabby ass are still at my mercy! And your drippin' wet, cum soaked
body still tremblin' with excitement at having been conquered by a real

As if to emphasize her dominance and Torrie's complete defeat, Stacy planted
her foot on Torrie's wet, drooling crotch and used her toes to prod open the
dribbling pussy. "You're like a dog in heat, you pathetic loser! Do you admit
I'm the Better Woman, Torrie, or do you want some more?"

Torrie was overcome by shame, but she knew every word the wicked Stacy said
was true. She'd been taken every way it was possible to be taken by the
little sex pot and she knew her ravaged body could take no more.

"Yes," sighed the sobbing, moaning Torrie. "I admit you're a better woman
than me. I give up, I submit."

Having destroyed the busty blonde beauty and proven the ravaged Torrie was no
match for her physically or sexually, sexy Stacey marched out of the ring to
the cheers of the fans, leaving the humiliated and bested Torrie lying naked
and bound to the ropes, soaked in her own sweat and with her own wet memories
of her total submission to Sexy Stacy Kiebler.

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