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Stacy Finds Spike And Gets Even
by Stacy's Blue Panties

Stacy kiebler walked down the hall angry with fans yet again seeing her
panties. She had it with people pulling down her short skirt and letting the
world see her round little perfect ass. She walked to the back and got a
bottle of water. That's when she bumped in to spike.

Spike lauughed and said, "Hey miss blue panties!"

Stacy got angry and slapped him. Spike grew serious and rubbed his face.

Stacy yelled, "Shut up little shrimp, at least I have a body, your just

Spike yelled, "Well this scrap exposed your panties to all over the world,
like this."

Spike bent over and pulled her skirt down again showing her blue see-thru
panties. Spike walked away laughing.

Stacy fell on the floor and started to cry. In her mind, she was about to
make Spike cry and get even.

Spike turned around and yelled, "What the hell are you crying about?"

Stacy yelled. "Every one wants to humiluate me, no one cares?"

Spike said, "Stacy, I didnt mean to... but,it was just funny!"

Stacy, "You know what spike? Come with me please?"

Stacy walked down the hall, she kicked off her skirt and walked in her
blue panties.

Spike starred at this girls ass and wanted it bad.

Stacy pushed him in a closet and and wraped her long tan legs on his body.
Spike followed along and slipped off Stacy's shirt. Stacy had small breasts,
but they were perfect for Spike. Spike unfasened her bra and began to suck
her tits. Spike pushed her whole breast in his mouth and sucked and sucked.
Stacy let out little moans as Spike continued to suck stacy's round tits.

Spike was embarrased because he hadn't fucked a girl before and he didn't
want to do it to Stacy. Stacy took off his shirt and rubbed his small chest.
Stacy bent down and undid his pants and pulled down his boxer's.

Spike stopped her and said, "No no no Stacy... I cant!"

Stacy said, "Just let me suck it Spike, then you can decide if you want

Stacy grabbed his small dick and slowly began to suck it whole. Spike
yelled and screamed as Stacy continued to dip her tongue on Spike making him
yell. She sucked and sucked and licked and soon Spike had tears in his eyes.
He was about to cum but couldn't. Stacy tried not to laugh at him. She sucked
on his nuts and wiggled them. She licked his pubic hair and rubbed it. Spike
was hurting. Stacy got up and pulled her panties down. She pushed her ass
into Spike's dick and wiggled her tight round tan ass around making Spike

Stacy said, "Common Spike, if you don't want my pussy, at least my ass?

Spike thought and finally was convinced. He stuck it up her ass and
moaned. He began to fuck her round ass.

Stacy pushed her ass back against his dick and Spike was literally crying.
Stacy yelled out FAKE moans and "oh yeah" to encourage Spike.

The truth was his dick wasnt even in her ass but fucking her left cheek.

Stacy picked up speed and heard Spike yell, "Oh my

Spike was sweating.

Stacy stopped and yelled out fakely,"Take it out Spike!"

Spike pushed back sqeezing her ass. Stacy picked up her panties and turned

"Spike? Do you want my pussy?"

Spike was in so much pain and excitement he yelled, "No, Stacy."

Stacy said, "Not even this one?" Stacy pulled down the front of her
panties and exposed her sweaty pussy... which had a mid bush. She put Spike's
hand on it and rubbed it, "Please Spike?"

Stacy jumped on him as Spike licked her right leg. She stood up on him as
Spike was on the floor and she slowly sat on hs dick.


Spike was going to get it.

Stacy inserted his dick all the way and bounced up and down fast.

Spike yelled, "Oh my STTOP STOP!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!"

Stacy went up and down and fucked him till Spike was really crying.
Spike was so hurt that he fainted. Stacy fucked him hard and then she got up.
She sat on his face and cummed and dripped pussy juice all over his face! She
then did a stink face on him sticking his nose up her ass.

Stacy put on Spike's pants and left her panties on Spike's chest. She
walked away smiling. She enjoyed teasing Spike and was going to do it

Spike woke up and found her panties. He smelled them and found a phone
number on them! Spike ran for the phone!

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