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Stacy Gets Helped With Her Bags
by JoJo Hostel

Stacy walks over to Edge and asks him if he'll help her take her bags up
to her room. Edge grabs some of Stacy's bags and heads up to her room letting
her lead the way so he can admire her beautiful ass. Stacy takes out the key
card but drops it directly in front of the door and she slowly bends down to
pick it up making sure she caught his attention. They entered the room.

"Just set them down there by the bed , I'll be right out I just have to
use the bathroom." Stacy instructed Edge.

"I'm going to get myself something to drink." replied Edge

"If you can wait two minutes I'll give you something better then a drink,"
says Stacy.

Edge decides to wait for Stacy. She comes out in a pink satin bra with a
matching thong. She slowly walks over to the bed he's sitting on and sits on
his lap.

"Edge I feel something hard in your pants, do you mind if I have a look?"
Stacy says seductively.

She lays Edge down and slowly unzips his pants and seductively pulls them
off. She moves up to his boxers and pulls them don to let out his 8 inch
cock. She licks the tip, then the underside of the shaft and then she slowly
takes his balls into her mouth one at a time then both and rotating back and
forth until slowly she makes her way back up to the tip and engulfs his cock
into her mouth and begins to bob her head up and down. Edge pulls her head
of his cock and pulled her down on top of himself and kisses her passionately
and breaks it only too unhook her bra revealing nice subtle tits with the
fully erect nipples. He then takes one nipple in his mouth and then the
other. He then lays her down on the bed and removes the pink thong panties.
He then begins to lick and suck on her succulent well trimmed pussy. It
tasted so good and sweet. Stacy was just about to have her first orgasm as
Torrie Wilson her room mate walked in.

"WOW!! Sorry!!" she says apologetically

"That's ok Torrie we forgive if you . . . . . . . . if you join us." Stacy

"OK!!" was Torrie's answer.

Stacy then walked over to her and gave her a big kiss. Edge walked over
to but not to kiss her but to remove her clothing, he started with her coat,
then her shoes, then her top that revealed a silver bra holding in her huge
tits, then he removed her tight leather skirt to reveal matching panties.
Stacy the unclasped Torrie's bra letting her breast free, they then laid her
down and Stacy removed her panties.Stacy the stuck her face directly in
Torrie's nice wet cunt.

Edge seeing Stacy's ass wide open decided to stick his swollen cock in
Stacy's ass. He got his whole cock in her with one stroke. He then began to
slam fuck, just as Torrie came on Stacy's face. Torrie then lowered her face
under Stacy's pussy hoping to get the same treatment she gave Stacy a nice
cum bath. She then began to eat Stacy the same as Stacy did to her and Stacy
came at the same time Edge did he came all over Stacy's back and Torrie's
chest. Stacy the began to lick Edge's cum off of Torrie's breast.

After seeing this Edge decided to stick his hard cock in Torrie's pussy,
Torrie moaned with pleasure the moment Edge entered her tight pussy. By this
time Stacy was done licking the cum of Torrie's chest so she positioned her
mouth under Edge's balls as he fucked Torrie and began to lick them. Torrie
came first and then past out with exhaustion. Stacy then put herself in the
same position Torrie was as Edge stuck his dick into her and she quivered
with excitement and pleasure.

"Fuck me Edge!!!!!! Fuck me harder!!! HARDER!!! HARDER!!! I'm gonna
cum!!!" Stacy then had an orgasm.

"You liked that didn't you Stacy. Now I'm going to fuck Torrie's hot

Edge then walked over to Torrie and stuck his dick directly up Torrie's
ass. He was pumping away the Torrie had an orgasm and Stacy sucked his cock
until he came.

"Now ladies wasn't that nice," said Edge triumphantly.

"Yes!!" replied both ladies.

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