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Stacy Get More Then Just A Ride To The Hotel
by JoJo Hostel (

It was a cold night in Toronto after the Raw show. Torrie had a strap
match with Stacy and could still feel the strap whipping of her ass as Stacy
continuously whipped her with it. Somehow Torrie got turned on by all of
this. That's why she had asked Stacy if she wanted to ride with her to the
hotel. So as they walked towards the limo Torrie was thinking how good
Stacy's pussy was going to taste. And Stacy was just wondering why Torrie
had asked if she wanted a ride with her. So as Torrie entered the limo Stacy
admired her nice ass but couldn't help thinking that she had a nicer one.

"What a great show! Especially the Strap Match." Stacy said glancing down
at Torrie's large chest.

"Stacy don't look at my tits! Unless your going to get pleasure from
them." Torrie said seductivley.

As Torrie said this Stacy reached over and unbuttoned the first button on
Torrie's blouse. Torrie reached for Stacy's skirt and pulled up a little just
before Stacy stopped her and said:"Not so fast Torrie. I want to please you
first. Then when I'm done you can do whatever you want to me."

Torrie allowed Stacy to keep going. Stacy slowly unbuttoned the rest of
Torrie's blouse to reveal a gold bra that incased Torrie's succulent tits.
Stacy the got on the floor of the limo and began to caress Torrie's legs
before removing Torrie's black leather pants to reveal matching gold panties.
Stacy put her head in Torrie's lap and pulled down her panties using her
teeth when she got the panties to Torrie's ankles she immediately moved back
up to Torrie's slightly shaved cunny and began to tease Torrie by licking
around her tight little hole. Torrie had enough of the teasing so she grabbed
Stacy blond haired head and shoved right into her own pussy. She immediately
felt a shock to her system but it was one she liked.

Torrie screamed "Eat my pussy, make me cum!! Make me cum!!" With that
Torrie had her first orgasm.Stacy then moved to Torrie's large breasts she
began to suck on them as Torrie slowly slid a hand up Stacy's skirt. Torrie
then removed Stacy's head from her gigantic nipples and kissed hard and
passionately.She then opened Stacy's shirt to see nice not big breasts but
nice breasts being held in a green bra. She opened the bra and began to
suckle as Stacy moaned in enjoyment.

"Ya suck my titties.Suck them good. Your good at this Torrie you've done
this before!!"

Torrie then set Stacy on the seat and opened the limo's fridge and grabbed
a bottle of champagne and opened it up. She then took a drink and poured some
on Stacy's chest and stomach and began to suck and lick it of. Stacy was
moaning very loudly and was enjoying every second of it. Torrie the ripped of
Stacy's skirt she then soaked Stacy's crotch with the champagne which sent a
chill down Stacy's spine, she then pulled of the panties and licked what
champagne that seeped through the panties off Stacy's pussy and Stacy began
to breath heavier and aprroached her climax with one final scream she came
all over Torrie's face.

"Were at the hotel ladies." Said the driver.

"Well that was an interesting ride," exclaimed Stacy still a bit shak
from that mind blowing orgasm she just had.

"Ya you can say that again," said Torrie as they entered the hotel.

* * *

This was my first story any feed back or comments you have e-mail me. My
address is Thanx!

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