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Trish's Traffic Stop Part 2: Stacy Gets Stopped
by Tntrc Revillusion (

After the whole Trish Stratus experience, I was itching for another hot
foot fetish experience to come to fruition. I now knew from experience that
my plan would work, and that the women used in my plan wouldn't turn me in.
Over the next three weeks, police work was quite routine in L.A. The only
celebrity that I pulled over in that time was Robert Downey, Jr., but then
again, who hasn't pulled him over? My celebrity dry spell would end though
on this one particular Sunday night at 11:30...

I spotted a 2000 BMW Z3 being driven with extremely bright high beams
zoom past my position, so I pulled out after the car and put my lights on
and immediately the car in question pulled over, roughly to the same spot
that Christina Aguilera had parked. I got out of my car and walked to the

As soon as I got to the Z3, I recognized the driver immediately: Stacy
Keibler! The beauty was dressed to kill in a tight black blouse with an
equally tight black microminiskirt. Her long, silky legs were covered by a
pair of ultra sheer black silk thigh-highs. Finally, she was wearing a pair
of thigh-high boots on her feet. What follows is an "actual" transcript
based on police records:

Gavin: License and registration, please.

Stacy: Hold on a sec, lemme get my registration out of the glove
compartment... Here it is.

Gavin: O.K., I'll be right back, just gimme a minute to go check everything
out. (I walk back to my car and grab some large plastic bags and my camera
and ready them, then walk back to her car.) O.K. now everything checked out.
The reason that I pulled you over was that you almost blinded me with your
high beams. I'll just go ahead and assume that you left them on by an
accident and give you a warning.

Stacy: Whew! I thought it was gonna be much worse than that!....

Gavin: Excuse me, would there be a reason for things to be worse?


Gavin: Have you been drinking tonight, Miss... Keibler?

Stacy: I had 2 rum and cokes, sir.

Gavin: Would you mind stepping out of the car?

Stacy: No, not at all...

Gavin: O.K., I think you've had too much to drink. Let me go get my
breathalizer equipment from my car to test you.

Stacy: O.K...

Gavin: Breathe in here please...

Gavin: Point two one... Miss you are way passed the legal limit, I'm gonna
have to bring you in.

Stacy: Officer, please don't bring me in, please! I'll lose my job! They're
cracking down on stuff like this!

Gavin: Ma'am, I have to follow procedures... you have the right to remain
silent, anything you say can and will...

Stacy: You know, you look really sexy in that uniform, officer, really

Gavin: ...Be used against you in the court of law...

Stacy: I'll do absolutely anything to stay outta jail...I just can't lose my
license! I'll do ANYTHING.

Gavin: In that case, I think we can work something out...

Stacy: (giggles) And what could we possibly do?

Gavin: Come here.

Stacy: Mmmmmmmmmmm....Do whatever you want to me.....Make love to me.

Gavin: Before we get that far, I want you to do something for me.

Stacy: Anything, officer.

Gavin: Here, sit down on your seat. I really like your boots, Stacy. They
look really sexy on your feet.

Stacy: I'm glad you like them. I paid alot of money for them.

Gavin: I really wanna see your feet though. I've lusted after your feet for
quite a long time, Stacy. Just give me some foot action, and you know what?
Your drunk driving charge will never happen. Don't mess with me, just let me
see those sexy feet of yours..

Stacy: Ohhhhhhhh... I see someone has a foot fetish big time! Before I take
my shoes off for you though, I want you to picture them like you've seen them
on pictures. Visualize my cute little toes wiggling inside your mouth...
mmmm... you like that, don't you? Yeah... visualize my soft soles being
rubbed all over your body, working their way down to your cock... imagine
the smell they give off since I've been in these boots barefoot all day...
yeah, rub your dick as you picture the feet that are inside of these shoes!

Gavin: Oh God, yes I NEED your feet, I NEED THEM!

Stacy: Yeah, that's what I thought, you need my feet...

I reached up and gently removed her shoes, revealing her sweaty bare feet.
She wiggled her toes and wrinkled her soles, showing her spectacular arch....

Gavin: Oh yeah, look at those sexy feet...

Stacy: Yeah, you dirty boy, look at my feet. I bet you wanna suck my toes
pretty bad, don't you? Yeah, I know you do... rub my feet, footboy.

I rubbed her soles over and over again and admired their softness...

Stacy: Yeah... That feels so good... My feet are killing me... Ooooohhhhh,
yeah. You know what I want you to do now? I want you to smell my feet. I love
smelling women's feet, but smelling Stacy Keibler's feet was orgasmic!

Gavin: Mmmmmmmm... Oh, God, yeah...

They were ten times as smelly as Trish's feet, the smell of cheese,
vinegar and leather seemed to fill the highway.

Stacy: Do they smell all like cheese and vinegar? Huh? Suck my toes... Oh
yeah... That feels so good, your hot mouth on my pretty little toes... Yeah,
you wanna suck the polish off of them? Huh? Yeah, show me what happens to
bad girls when they get pulled over...

Gavin: You've got lots of problems.......but your feet ain't one of 'em...

Stacy: Oooh... You gonna get all kinky on me now? You like giving blow jobs
to all of my toes? Mmmmmmmm... Bury your face in my feet, you naughty boy.
Oh yeah, do you like that? Your face in my soft soles... lick 'em like a
dog... get down on the ground so I can step on your face!

Gavin: I think that charge just might disappear....I wanna cum on your feet
so bad!

Stacy: Not yet, no, no, no, you're not cumming yet. Now get on the ground!

I happily and quickly obliged her and got down on the ground so she could
place her soft feet on my face.

Stacy: You like my feet on your face? Huh? Yeah, smell my feet... Suck on my
toes, go ahead... suck on 'em. You like my toes, don't you? Do you like my
nail polish? Lime green nail polish... oh yeah... lick my soles.

I decided that I was at a point to indulge my fetish like never before, so
I decided to skip the intercourse and just try for a footjob...

Gavin: Stacy, I LOVE your feet soooo much....

I was in utter bliss as she kept moving her feet over my mouth so I could
lick her soles like a dog lapping up water. Soon, her feet were glistening
from the saliva and sweat intermingling. I knew that I had to get some
pictures soon, so I got up...

Gavin: Lemme go to my car for a sec, I'll be right back, baby...

Stacy: O.K. Footboy, make it quick!

I went to my car and retrieved the mandatory polaroid camera along with a
couple ziplock bags for some more "evidence":-)

Gavin: Stacy, I'm gonna need some pictures of your feet for evidence...

Stacy: No problem, officer... here, hand it to me and I'll take a picture of
you sucking my toes.

I handed her the camera and started sucking her big toes at the same time.
She took a picture and giggled...

Stacy: You look so cute down there sucking my toes... do my feet really turn
you on THAT much?

Gavin: And then some. Here, hand me the camera now. O.K. now make the sexiest
face you can possibly make and sit up against the car and point your toes at
me and wrinkle your soles for me...

Stacy: Hurry up my legs are tired...

The face she was making, couple with her wrinkled soles, was almost too
much. I snapped 5 pictures before putting the camera down and putting my
mouth back on her feet like an animal.

Stacy: Mr. Officer is gonna jerk himself off to pictures of my feet, isn't
he? Yeah, I know he is. Now move so I can jerk you off the real way!

I unzipped my pants and let my throbbing cock fall out, she deftly put a
foot on each side of my cock and started pumping. I didn't know how long I
would last, so I took a picture before I sat back to enjoy the show.

Stacy: Do you like that? You like my feet on your cock?

As she was pumping me, she was rubbing her crotch furiously, and her
almost nonexistant skirt gave me a great view of her now-moist hot pink

Stacy: Oh yeah, I want you to feel good, Mr. Officer, so we can forget all
about me being bad, OK?

Gavin: This feels amazing.......

It was then that I realized that Stacy was nearing her own climax...

Stacy: Ohhh... Yeah, Mr. Officer, you're making me cum, you naughty, naughty
boy... OOH! (She squealed and the seat beneath her suddenly flooded from her
orgasm) Yes! Now, you're gonna get it!

She was pumping me so hard, with her toes ticking my head, that I knew I
was gonna nut all over her feet.

Gavin: Oh, I'm gonna cum, baby.

Stacy: Oh yeah, cum all over my feet, I want your hot white cream all over my

With that, I squirted a thick load of cum all over her feet.

Gavin: Oh, God, Stacy...

Stacy: Do you like having your cum all over my feet? I do...

I grabbed the camera.

Gavin: Lemme take a picture.

I took a picture of her feet as the cum ran all over toes, and dripped
down her soles. Then, Stacy took her foot into her own mouth and sucked all
the cum off of it. It was amazing! Then she repeated with the other foot...

Stacy: Mmmm... I love the taste of cum.

Gavin: Allright, that was amazing, Miss Keibler, but I must be going.

I zipped up and readied all of my equipment.

Stacy: Yeah, I need to get home. So everything's cool now?

Gavin: Yup, no charges filed, but I'm gonna need your boots for evidence...
Looks like you'll be driving home barefoot.

Stacy: You bastard... Here, take them. Smell them when you jerk off to my

I put her shoes each in their own ziplock bag.

Gavin: OK, Miss Keibler, you're free to go...

She got behind the wheel of her car and started the engine...

Stacy: Bye, officer...

Gavin: Bye, Denise, don't get in any more trouble:-)

Stacy: Believe me, I just might... (laughs)

And with that, she drove away. I watched her disappear before I got back
in my car to go on patrol. The rest of the night was uneventful, and when I
got home, I put the polaroids in the private album that I had started on the
two pages following Trish Stratus along with the date and details. Then, I
went to my shelf and put the ziplock bags on display next to the bags with
Trish's shoes. I opened one of the bags with Trish's sneaker in it and
smelled it... man, it still smelled strong. Then, I opened up one of Stacy's
bags and removed her left shoe. I inhaled the aroma of her foot and jerked
off until I came... Oh, to live and die in L.A...

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