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Stacey Kleiber and The Big Show.
by SimonN

"Ohhh, I'm The Big Show." The Big Show sang to himself as he showered
after Vengeance. It was almost an hour after the PPV had finished but he
still couldn't wash the grin off his face. The thought of spanking Stacy
Keilber over his lap was just too good to forget in a hurry.

He and Kane had lost their tag team match with the Dudley Boys but that
didn't matter. They'd all known the result before hand and Vince had promised
him and Kane that they would get another shot later this month. Probably win
if the currant feud story line worked out as expected.

The Stacy thing was another matter though. He'd been supposed to throw her
out of the ring but to the obvious delight of the fans he'd pulled down that
oh so short skirt down to her knees and spanked that perfect ass through her
pretty red panties.

The Show's grin spread even wider as he thought about her shriek of
surprise as he'd brought his hand down hard. He felt his groin stirring as
he remembered the feel of her firm cheeks giving under his hand. Maybe he
could ask the writers to put it into the script next match. Perhaps have
her wear a thong, the WWF wasn't ready to show a bare arsed spanking even
on PPV but a thong would be just as good. His dick was even larger now and
definitely needing some kind of release but before he could do anything
about it he heard the door to his room open and slam shut.

"You bastard." Stacy yelled at him as she stormed up to The Shower
cubicle and ripped the door open and glaring at The Big Show. In spite of
the considerable size difference which would have made this confrontation
look ridiculous to any neutral observer Stacy was determined to give The
Show a piece of her mind. That spanking hadn't been part of the script and
it had pissed her off.

What made the matter worse was Vince saying he wasn't going to censor
The Show in any way. The fans loved it he had said. He even believed that
The Show had done the WWF a favour and said that the writers had a few new
ideas for the Dudley/Kane + Big Show feud. A statement which filled her
with some trepidation as she'd hoped that being the Dudley's valet she would
need to be as involve with the T & A side of wrestling.

"What the hell did you think you were doing back there?" She spat out
looking straight into The Big Shows Face several inches above her.

She was about to continue her rant when it slowly dawned on her that The
Show was naked and, unable to help herself her eyes slowly sank lower. He
was a big man in every sense and his impressive member was ramrod straight
and pointing at her. She took a step back still staring at it.

The Big Show was also rapidly getting over his shock, and seeing where
her gaze was, stepped out of the shower and towards her. "Like what you see?"
He drawled as he reached for a towel and dried himself off.

Stacy nodded still staring.

"Well it came to life as I thought of you." He continued. "And I feel if
you caused it you should deal with it."

She was still wearing her Dudleyville costume and looking as sexy as hell
so this kind of talk was far from unexpected, but Stacy hadn't come here to
get laid so she backed off towards the door.

In spite of his size, however, The Big Show was quick and Stacy didn't
have a chance to escape. Before she knew it he had reached out and pulled her
to him crushing her to his chest. Stacy felt her breath rush out of her as
she was trapped by the behemoth but she also felt turned on. One of the
reasons she had teamed with the Dudleys was that she was turned on by size
and here she was with one of the biggest.

She felt unable to resist as The Show slipped his hands under her skirt.
He placed them on either cheek and raised her up whilst brining his mouth
down to hers.

Stacy felt overawed by his sheer size and unable to resist she wrapped her
long legs around his waist as his tongue plundered her mouth and she gave in
completely. The Big Show could take whatever he wanted right now and she'd
present it to him on a platter. Her arms went around his neck as she kissed
back and his arms left her ass to rip her top open and remove her red bra.

Stacy moaned with desire and impatience as one giant hand twisted the
nipple on her pert breast whilst the other returned to her ass. She was
dripping wet and desperate for her captor to go further. Already her short
skirt had ridden up so that there was only the thin material of her red
panties between the two of them.

Responding to his own desire, The Show dropped her to the floor and spun
her around to face the washbasin. His own hands gripped the side of her
panties and pulled them to the ground exposing the best ass in the business
to him. Trish and Torrie may have the best tits and Lita definitely had the
greater wrestling skills but for all around backside quality none of the
other Divas matched this one.

With one hand on the back of her head holding her in place The Show slid
a hand between her legs feeling her wetness. He continued in plundering her
moisture and using it to lubricate her ass for his deepest attention.

Stacy realised his intentions as his fingers invaded her anal passage.
"No... Please..." She half begged. Even the Dudley's hadn't gone here yet
and she feared what the enormous size of The Show would do to her.

She tried to turn to face him but the hand on her neck kept her in place
staring at herself in the mirror. She groaned again as The Show slid a finger
deeper inside her gathering more moisture.

"Don't fuck me there." She moaned as the walls of her vagina tightened
around his finger. "I'll suck you anytime you want but don't aiie..." She
cried out as his finger brushed the front of her clit. Her own fingers took
over as he moved back and she pressed hard, driving herself towards orgasm.

The Big Show wasn't about to lose the chance to fuck Stacy Kleiber up
the ass, however, and as she pleasured herself he pushed his giant dick
into her. Her backside mounted considerable resistance at first in spite
of the lubrication but slowly he inched his way in oblivious to her cries
of pleasure and pain. Her ass clamped down on his cock like a vice, keeping
in turn with what he had heard about anal sex, but he was surprised at just
how tight.

She was now moaning and gasping quite loudly, but The Show was far beyond
caring if anyone heard. In fact he half hoped someone would come in and see
him fucking Stacy Kleiber up the ass.

The Show moved his hands to her waist to get a better grip as he pushed
in and out of her ass. He could feel himself building already as he withdrew
and penetrated her clutching asshole again and again, which only served to
cause Stacy to moan even louder. The Show was moaning too, but he was too
enthralled with the sight of his cock being gobbled up by her ass to notice.
His impending explosion was mounting rapidly, yet his pace continued to
intensify. Soon, he was thrusting into her ass with abandon as she doubled
her efforts on her clit.

Within seconds, Stacy was shaking with pleasure and driving her fingers
delved deep into her pussy. She had lost her grip on the sink and they both
slid down to the floor. She twitched and grunted like an animal, her breasts
squashed into the wet linoleum floor and her ass still pointed up in the air
behind her.

She threw her head back and screamed with pure pleasure and she pushed
her ass back to meat his every thrust as pleasure and the desire to please
him took over completely. She didn't care about the pain or the fact that
she had come in here to put him in his place. She was in her place and loved
every minute of it.

The Show lost his rhythm completely in her orgasmic movements, but still
thrust his cock deep inside her asshole. Her hand cupped his balls and
squeezed gently, milking the cum from deep within them. Her ass squeezed
tightly around his dick desperate to get her sticky treat.

Behind her she felt The Big Show tense and she orgasmed, screaming louder
and louder as he emptied his load into her ass.

They both collapsed onto the floor still connected by his throbbing member
and too exhausted to even move.

Much later Stacy quickly dressed as best she could. Her top was ruined and
only just covered her bra if she held it closed and her panties remained in
the hands of The Big Show. A request for their return had lead to another
spanking, much harder than on The Show and on bare skin before he had fucked
her again good and hard. Still she thought as she left he had promised plenty
more unscripted actions in future matches, especially if she carried on

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