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Stacy Keibler Cornered By A Blue-balled Fan
by DaX

Moments ago, right after Heat went off the air on MTV, I was backstage,
uninvited of course. That little cock teasing bitch Stacy was out there and
she had it SCRIPTED to get her dress ripped off. Fuck that. That is dirty.
That makes her a whore. Giving someone the OKAY to disrobe you? Even worse is
when you go along with it and ACT like she didn't like it. It is better if
she has no idea it is about to happen. The bitch can't act and deserves that

See here is how I got my revenge on the cock teasing little Maryland slut
known as Stacy. I was crouched down under a table in her dressing room and
watched as her long legs flexed and bent as she was looking at herself the
mirror. What an egotistical little slut. What a cock teaser. She was all
alone in here with me and I had locked the door as I snuck in when she was on
her cell phone talking about how "fun" and "exciting " it was to be on tv
today. Big fucking woop. I got something big and exciting for this little

She was still dressed in her skirt and top when I snuck up behind her. She
saw me approaching her in the mirror and gasped as I spun her around and
smacked her lightly in the face Just enough to shut her up and scare her into
silence. I looked over her body as she looked up at me and swallowed her fear
in a big gulp Nothing could deter me now.

She raised her hands as if to keep me a safe distance from her. I pounced.
Grabbing each wrist, I slammed her arms against the intersecting walls and
jumped forward, pressing my groin against hers. This way, she had no room to
raise a knee or even budge. She was mine. And she was scared. But I wasn't
going to take any chances.

"Look into my eyes, whore. Do you see how angry I am"?

I squeezed her wrists even tighter, making her whimper. Her cute little
voice and wiggling body made me so fucking hard. I knew she'd beg. That was
the entire point.

"No, please I am a virgin I don't..."

Damn her voice. She is making my cock hard. I have no choice but to use
it. I didn't let her finish and snapped. "Oh, I have NO intention of stopping
now. You're a dirty little tv slut. You are always naked in one way or
another, showing skin, wiggling our ass, TALKING about our ass which really
gets to me, and you are such as fucknig ock tease.!"

As I spoke, I quickly released her right arm and reached my left hand up
her skirt, tearing her underwear off with one stroke. She yelped in pain. I
then slammed my entire weight against her, pinning her in the crevice of the
corner while I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing
erection. This was going to be so fucking sweet.

She begged again, "Nnnooo..." Oh it sounded to me like she said "Fuck my
tight wet pussy and spank my ass. I have been a bad girl!"

I picked her up by the knees, pulling her out from the wall slightly and
therefore making her torso fall back into the corner. She was powerless. A
trapped animal. Shocked by the speed of my manoeuvre and trying desperately
to keep herself from falling backwards to the floor, she held out both her
arms, pushing off the wall to keep her body at least at a horizontal level.
There was no fighting back. Now for the crowning glory.

I spoke with as much spite as I could muster, in as vile and raspy a voice
as I had in me, "You like to tease men like me, right? You like to wiggle
your ass and talk about your long sexy legs and your tight ass and flash guys
your panties for 2 seconds on tv?? HUH??? HUH?? I've had it with you. You ask
for cock everyday..."

I lifted her bottom even higher, positioning myself under her cunt
"...well here it is, bitch...", and in one violent thrust, I dropped her onto
my erect cock, penetrating every inch into her, all the way to my balls. "Is
THIS what you wanted, you slut? Huh? Huh?"

She cried, not in pain, but in defeat. One of the millions and millions
of fans that she had teased for the past few years, just stuck his dick up
inside of Stacy Keibler's little pink pussy. What a fucking feeling. Her
pussy lips contracted and hugged my cock, trying to push it out, but it made
it feel that much better. I yelled in ecstasy.

Thrust after thrust. I am telling you, I fucked that little girl for at
least 20 minutes striaght. Damn! I looked over he entire body. Made her ride
me. Made her get down doggy style and I licked her butt hole and I dont care
what she says, she moaned when I licked that . I did it all. She went along
with it the whole time, either in defeat or maybe she needed to get laid for
once ha ha I dont know.

All I know is I held off for a long time, considering it was Stacy
Keibler's pussy that I was in. She smelled so good. Fnially I spread her long
legs and put them on my shoulders as I plowed into her pink pussy. I could
have swore I felt her hymen give away. I deflowered the little tease. I held
her ankles and spread her long legs really wide. Her toes were curled as I
fucked her wet pussy hard before I shot load after load into her tight cunt.
I must have been hitting the right spot in her pussy.

Her face looked so hot. Her mouth was wide open like she was yelling, but
nothing was coming out. Just warm little quiet breathes of "Uh.......
Uh...... Uhhh!" every few seconds.

I swear she must have been trying NOT to cum or something. Then I pulled
out and made her suck the pussy juice off of my dick. Her mouth was so warm.
I guarentee you that I was her first fuck, but my cock was NOT the first that
she sucked on ha ha. She probably thinks sucking cock and not getting fucked
still made her a virgin ha. Well she sucked my cock and I fucked her so now
it is official.

Finally, I took off her top and bra, and sucked on her little titties for
a good 5 minutes. Nice little B cups, if that, but nice nipples. Long skinny
dark brown and HARD I rolled them in my teeth and I swear she was moaning. I
looked at her pussy and I couldn't tell if she was wet from being horny, or
if she was wet from me cummnig inside of her ha ha. I obviously didn't get
caught, because I am at my secret location at the North Pole typing this to
you all.

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