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Stacy Shows Her Skills
by Skivelowitz (

I had just gone to a showing of WWE Raw and had somehow snuck backstage. I
was walking around until I saw Stacy Keibler's dressing room. She had her
door open so I could see into it. She was looking through her bag, so as she
bent over to look for something, I got a fantastic view of the reason she
got hired. It was so nice round and firm. Definitely the nicest ass that I
had ever seen in person. The minute I saw it my pants immediately felt
smaller. At that moment I had to have it. I had to have her.

She kept on looking and I couldn't take it anymore. She was wearing a very
sexy and small belly tank top, and and a very very very short skirt. This
skirt showed off her bootiful booty when she stood up straight. So just
imagine how much was shown when she was bent over. Seeing as this was a once
in a life time opportunity, I new that my dick would never forgive me if I
didn't atleast try to get with her. I wanted to make my move, but I was
frozen. I couldn't take my eyes off of her ass, and as long as my eyes were
locked on that georgous butt of hers, I couldn't think, I couldn't even move.
Every single part of me was completely frozen, well,... almost every part.

She then turned around a let out a scream of pure shock. She saw me standing
there staring at her with a big smile on my face and a tent in my pants.
"Hello, anyone there?" She said seeing that I was in my own zone still seeing
her great ass in my mind. I finally came back to reality seeing Stacy looking
at me. Seeing her from the front is just as good as seeing her from the back.
She had a great looking body, and the prettiest face I have ever seen in my
entire life. "Hello, can I help you?".

"I'm Brady." I was able to get out.

"Well Brady, can I help you, well, more than I have already", she said with a
sexy smile on her face pointing to my very noticeable, and very large boner.

Me: Um.....welll.. I ..... well

Stacy: You want an autograph?

Me: Sure, if your giving them out.

She then went over to her desk to look for paper and a pen, and once again
had to bend over to look over for them. I went back into my trance, but this
was too much. The first time was one thing, but this time put me over the
edge. I needed to have Stacy or else I would absolutely explode.

She found what she was looking for and signed her John Hancock. As she turned
around to give it to me, I immediately kissed her. With my hand on the back
of her head, I passionately kissed her, hoping that this moment would never
end. It was at this moment that she pulled away.

Stacy: What do you think you are doing?

Brady: I'm sorry, but you are just so incredibely beautiful. I just couldn't
help myself.

Stacy: You know, not that I'm not flattered but I don't think so Brady. Here
is your autograph, now have a good night.

Brady: Oh, I will, but only with you.

I again passionately kissed her pretty face. As I pressed her against the
wall, I began kissing her neck. She pulled away again, and brought her face
up close to mine so we were looking at each other eye to eye. She had a sexy
and seductive smile on here face, as she looked me in the eyes and said,

Stacy: OK!!!

They started kissing me, and pressed me against the table in her room. As me
made out passionately, I placed my hands on her georgeous and fantastic ass.
Since our bodies were so close, my erection could easily be felt by her. She
then smiled and took my shirt off. She then began kissing me down my chest
all the way down to my pants. After taking them off for me. She place her
sexy lips around my 8 inch erection, and licked my shaft all around. She then
got into a rythm and started bobbing her head back and forth on my cock. I
closed my eyes and couldn't believe what was happening to me. I moved my
right hand to the back of Stacy's head, and guided her head back and forth,
like she needed any help.

After sucking my dick for a while more, she stood up and we kissed some more.
I then took her shirt and bra off, revealing her small but pretty nice and
tits. They were small but they worked on her. She then turned around and took
off her skirt revealing a beautiful thong. God, her ass was incredible. I was
against the wall, and she then started dancing on me. She was so sexy,
rubbing her ass against my massive hard cock. As she shook her great behind
on my rock hard penis, I kissed the back of neck, causing her to make little
moans of pleasure. I then took her thong off and kissed her up and down her
long long legs. I was in pure heaven. There I was, naked with Stacy Keibler
who was also naked. She the guided me to stand up straight, and jumped on me.
Inserted my cock into her tight little pussy, and with my hands grabbed here
ass. As I held her up by her ass, she bounced up and down on my stiff rock.
As we did this we continued to plant short but sweet kissed on each other.
She let out moans of pleasure during this process.

Stacy: Oh, my god Brady. Brady!!! oooooooooooooooo.

Brady: Stacy, I'm gonna cum!!!!!

Stacy: Go ahead.

I blew my load right into her cunt. I then lied on the floor , with my dick
still in her great pussy. I then ran my hands around her breasts, and to her
ass. Grabbing it I she then started bouncing on my cock again. The pleasure
was more than I could handle as I was just able to keep from cumming again.
I wanted to save it for something special. We both got up and I made Stacy
face the desk, and place her stomack onit, sticking her amazing ass towards
me. We both knew what was coming next. I slid my cock into her tight asshole.
She screamed in pain at first, but then changed into extreme pleasure. She
then moved onto all fours and I fucked her in her ass again. I eventually
blew my load all over her luscious ass. After we both cleaned up, she gave me
a passionate kiss and said good-bye. As she turned around I gave her ass one
last slap and left. I then realized that I hadn't gotten any proof to prove
that it had actually happened for when I tell my friends. SO i went back for
an autograph or something, when I got to the door I saw her bending over
looking for something, with her round booty staring me right in the eyes...

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