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Stacy's HLA Diary Part 1: Torrie Wilson
by Grahf

Dear Diary, The most amazing thing happened to me recently.

Torrie Wilson is my best friend, and we hardly get to see each other since
we are on separate shows. We try to stay in touch, but we are always so busy
we don't really have time.

This past Sunday, I got to see her in the flesh again, which I haven't in a
while. I can't believe how much I missed her. She had just finished her
Bikini challenge with Sable and I was waiting backstage for her in the
women's locker room. Here's how it went down.

She walked in, and I was shocked at how beautiful she looked. In that bikini,
I forgot just how sexy she was. Trust me, TV does not do her justice. She saw
me and her face lit up.

"Stacy! Oh my god, its so good to see you again." She ran over to me and we
hugged each other for what felt like forever. Her big tits squished against
my chest, and I rubbed my hands all over her bare skin.

"Oh Tor, I've missed you so much, how's it going" I managed to say as we
finally broke apart.

"I'm alright, but I'm so bored on Smackdown. You're not there and Billy's at

"Well we've got time now, come on let's catch up" We sat right next to each
other on The bench and begin chatting.

Before I knew it The PPV was over and we were still catching up. Andrew came
to get me, but I told him to go ahead, I still wanted to talk to Torrie.

I then asked Torrie about her kiss(es) with Sable. "What was it like?"

"It was fucking scary" Just like with Dawn Marie, but at least that was
pre-taped. I'll tell you a secret Stace, both times I had a secret for
getting through it?

"What is it, come on tell me!"

"Oh I can't, it's too embarrassing."

"Torrie it's me, come on!"

Little did I know, that what she would say next would change both our lives

"I imagined it was you." Torrie was completely serious and looked straight
into my eyes.

"I was speechless, I didn't know what to say," Torrie then grabbed my hand
and started talking again.

"You know you're my best friend in the world Stace. I've never felt more
comfortable with anyone else in my life. You know my body so well, and I
know yours. We've touched each other almost everywhere. All those mud
matches, gravy bowl, etc. and those bikini catfights. I've always enjoyed
those so much. Somewhere along the line, I started to feel differently
about you. I've never felt this way before, it's kind of like with Billy,
but different, it's more special. I was afraid to tell you but I can now.

S-Sometimes, Stacy...I think about you when we fuck, its the easiest way
for me to, to.....c-cum."

I was fucking' blown away. I began to think about our friendship and
everything she said was true. I know that I could shower with her and I
would feel comfortable. Her sobs broke me from my trance as I noticed her
head was down and she was shaking.

"I'm s-so sorry S-Stacy, I...I gotta go." She tried to run but I wouldn't
let her. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her back to me and then I
surprised myself as I kissed her full on the lips.

I started to cry as the realization hit me. I held her tight as I kissed her
harder. She wrapped her arms around me and began kissing me back. We opened
our mouths slowly kissing each other deeper and more passionately. Then our
tongues touched and time seemed to stop.

Torrie stuck out her tongue, and I drew it between my lips and began to suck
on it. I then let her suck on mine. Our sweet saliva mixed together as we
began a hot French kiss.

My hand went to her left breast, and I could already feel her stiff nipple
straining against the material. I reached behind her and untied her top,
letting her gigantic breasts spill free. I was in shock. They were so big
and beautiful.

I cupped them both and lifted them, testing their weight. They were soft yet
firm, and so heavy. I then squeezed them together. "Oh Stacy, that feels so
good." I then placed my palms on Torrie's wonderful tits and rubbed her
nipples back and forth. They grew harder and harder by the moment. They were
fully sticking out from her pink areolas.

Torrie put her hand on the back of my head and drew me closer to her massive
melons. I wasted no time and wrapped my lips around her left breast. "AHHHH"
Torrie began to moan as I sucked on her nipple. I couldn't get enough of her
sweet nip, and sucked it more and more. I sucked so much and hard it was if
I was going to get something out of her.

I stopped my sucking and began to lick her stiff nip, lapping and flicking
at it. I moved to her other tit and did the same. Slathering both of the pink
nubs with my saliva.

I started kissing my way down Torrie's tight stomach. Her abs tensed and
clenched with every peck. Soon I was right in front of her panty-covered
pussy. I could feel the warmth, and smell the musk emanating from her
crotch. I couldn't wait and pulled down her panties and was greeted with
one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

Her pussy was glistening with her juices. Her lips were protruding and she
had a small strip of hair right above her slit. I stuck my nose in her folds
and inhaled her succulent scent.

"Oh Fuck Stace, please......... eat me!"

"I obeyed her command and spread her lips with my fingers and attacked her
pink center, driving my tongue right into her hole. "AHHHHHH, OH MY GOD!"

Torrie tasted so sweet. Her pussy was so hot and slick. I kept thrusting my
tongue in and out of her pussy. "Oh shit Stacy, I'm gonna cum."

"Do it Torrie cum right in my face, I want to swallow all your sweet juices."

I thrusted my tongue in her more vigorously as her body began to shake. Her
pussy then convulsed and gripped my tongue, locking me into her.

Torrie's pussy gushed into my mouth, and her hot juices ran down my throat.
I thought I was going to drown, there was just so much.

Her pussy finally released my tongue and Torrie's knees began to shake. She
fell to her knees and I caught her. Before I realized what was going on she
pushed me back and pinned me to the floor.

Her naked sweaty body was on top of me and we started kissing, sharing her
juices between our mouths. Torrie had my skirt off in no time and had her
hand in my panties. She found my pussy and furiously began to finger fuck

She knew my pussy better than I did, and had me ready to cum in a few short

"Oh shit Tor, I'm gonna......" Torrie's hot mouth was on my own cutting me
off as her fingering of my hole intensified. I couldn't hold back and moaned
into her mouth and soaked both her fingers and my panties.

My eyes were closed as I revealed in my orgasmic bliss. We broke the kiss
and I felt her taking off my wet panties.

When I opened my eyes Torrie's big round and tight ass was in my face. Before
I could register what was I happening, I felt a warm wet feeling lapping at
my pussy. Torrie was eating me out like I've never been eaten before. I
spread my long legs and raised them in the air giving her better access.

With what little focus I had left, I grabbed her firm cheeks and stuck my
face into that beautiful pussy again. This time I found her clit. It was a
round and hard little bud. I instantly went for it and began to suck. Then
she found mine and did the same.

There we were on the floor in The middle of the women's locker room 69'ing.
Our muffled moans echoed throughout the room as we sucked each other's clits.

I squeezed her head with my legs as my 2nd powerful orgasm began to rip
through my body. As I felt it coming Torrie's pussy lips once again put a
vice-like grip on my tongue as she came into my mouth again. I was surprised
her tank still had so much liquid, but I drank her nectar down once again
with pleasure Torrie wasn't afraid to swallow my substance either.

We sucked one another dry until we collapsed. Her lying on top of me, both
of us panting and breathing hard.

After a few minutes we were finally able to recover. We stood up and kissed.
I felt so good. Torrie looked at me. "Stacy, I don't want this to stop. I
love what we did, and I wanna do it again."

"Me too Torrie, and we will." I then kissed her again.

* * *

Well Diary, that was the first of my many fantastic girl on girl adventures.
I'll write back soon about how I enlisted some other Divas into my new world.
_ _ _

Hope you enjoyed that, Email me at

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