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Stacy's HLA Diary Part 2: Trish Stratus
by Grahf

Dear Diary

I Still haven't recovered from the Wonderful orgasms Torrie gave me, but
that didn't stop me from checking out Trish in the women's locker room at

Ever since Torrie, I've been thinking about sexy women non-stop. Now I was
alone in the Locker room with Trish changing for my next segment. You think
she looks good on TV? You should see her in person. I was looking at her
while wearing just my Bra and Panties.

We've been in the Locker room alone before, and have no trouble getting
naked in front of each other. But now I've really started to notice her.
First of course are her breasts. They are so big. They used to make me
jealous but now I just want to suck on those pink pointy nipples. She may
push them up on TV, but they really don't need it. They are huge, firm,
and perky, and always stand at attention. I don't really care if they are
fake; Torrie's felt fine to be.

Then down to her tight stomach. It's nice and flat and her tummy muscles
are very visible. I thought I had a nice ass, but Trish's is out of this
world. You can tell she works out regularly. It's so tight and round, and
it just seems to glisten. Her legs are divine, while not as long as mind,
they pretty nicely toned and very smooth.

Now for the honey pot, what a thing of beauty. She had the most beautiful
pussy I've ever seen. Lightly shaven with sweet pouting lips. Her slit is
tantalizing, and she is a lot tighter than I expected.

She had just put her pants on when she caught me staring.

Stacy...are you checking me out."

"Oh I-I'm sorry Trish, I just couldn't help but notice you've got some nice

I was worried for a sec but then she laughed.

"Well don't get too excited, they aren't real."

I decided to make my move. "Well, I'm sure they feel real" I said walking up
to her.

I then cupped her left breast in my hand and Squeezed lightly. She gasped,
and her eyes were filled with shock. I grabbed her other breast and pushed
them together. Her hands were at her side and she began to breathe heavily.
I started rolling my fingers over her nipples, feeling them become harder
and harder beneath my fingertips.

She then grabbed my hands and took them off of her chest. "Stacy, w-wait, we
shouldn't be doing this." She was scared, but not offended, so I knew I still
I had a chance.

"What Trish, I just wanted to see if they felt real, and they do. Just one
more thing and I'll stop."


"I want to see if they taste real." I didn't give her a chance to answer,
then bent my head and started sucking on her massive tit. I wrapped my whole
mouth over that lovely boob and sucked and sucked. I started rolling my
tongue over her nipple and her grip on my arms tightened.

I started fondling her other tit, and thought I heard a soft moan. But then
she pulled my head denying me her beautiful breast. She looked in my eyes.

"What's wrong Trish? I was just having a little fun. You like to have don't
you. I started planting little butterfly kisses on her neck.

"No Stacy, I can't." She had her eyes closed and I could feel her body

Her mouth said no, but her body said yes and I decided to take a big chance,
if it worked then she would be mine.

"Ok Trish, forget it. I just really wanted to pleasure you. I could make your
knees buckle, and your mind go numb. I could you make you feel things you
never imagined, but I guess your not interested."

I then turned around and picked up my dress. Suddenly Trish grabbed my arm
and spun me around. She grabbed my dress and threw it on the ground. She
looked directly into my eyes, and this was the moment of truth for her. Then
out of nowhere, she crushed her lips into mine backing me up against the
locker and Frenched me like a madwomen.

Trish was completely dominating me. This was not what I expected but I liked
it. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, her face filled with lust.
Then she put her hand on top of my head and pushed me down to my knees. I
obeyed her completely and started undoing her jeans. I pulled them off her
quickly and stared at her soaking sex. Trish never liked to wear panties,
and that just made things easier for me.

I spread her lips and started to lick her center. I could feel her body shake
at the contact, but that didn't stop her from shoving my head even deeper
into her pussy.

I sucked and licked her pussy even more furiously as her hips bucked against
my face. "OH Fuck Stacy, You're so good! Please don't stop.... OH fuck, I'm
gonna cum!" Trish's grip tightened on my head as her orgasm racked her body.

I swallowed all her juices. I was amazed and just how different she tasted
from Torrie, her juices were tangier but equally tasty.

I stood up but as I did Trish spun me around and pushed me up against the
lockers. Before I knew what was happening she had pulled down my panties,
gotten on her knees, and stuck 3 fingers up my cunt. I wasn't ready for
this onsault, but Stratus didn't care as she quickly rammed her fingers in
and out my aching pussy. She started biting my ass. I was shocked at how
much I enjoyed that. Her finger fucking got faster and faster and I couldn't
it take anymore. I came all over her fingers and had my head resting against
the cold steel of the locker.

Trish turned me around and stuck the fingers that she fucked me with in my
mouth forcing me to suck off my juices, before kissing me and mixing both
our saliva with my cum.

We then switched places; I was behind her squeezing those beautiful melons
and playing with those lovely nipples. She reached behind and ran her hands
through my hair as I squeezed those tits even harder.

I then bent down, planting kisses all over that tight ass. I licked her
crack, probing her.

"Do it Stacy, Stick your tongue in my ass, I can't wait."

With that I pulled her cheeks apart and stuck my tongue in her anal ring. She
was so tight; I had to use my fingers to gain access. I wormed my tongue into
her hot sphincter and she loved it, and so did I. This seemed so wrong but it
felt so fucking good.

After that I pulled Trish onto the floor with me and put my leg over hers
making our pussies touch. We grinded our wet pussies together driving one
another crazy.

All that was heard was heavy pants and quick moans. Both our pussies were
practically bare and were sliding together easily thanks to our previous
juices and sweat. Then I felt something in my pussy and was confused until
I realized it was Trish's clit. OH MY GOD, the sensation was wonderful,
and I could tell that Trish enjoyed it too. She must have felt like a guy
fucking a girl.

The friction increased and increased and soon a brutal orgasm ripped
through both of our bodies. We lay there panting trying to recover from the

"Damn Stacy, that was good." Imagine, how long ago we could have done this.
You know this isn't over right?"

"Trust me Trish I know, and next time that mouth of yours is gonna eat some

"I'm looking forward to it."

* * *

There you go Diary, my second Girl on Girl encounter, and that just made me
want more. Trish was like an animal. No offense to Torrie I enjoyed what we
did, but with Trish I just felt like we were totally fucking, and I loved
every minute of it.

Trust me, we are far from over, there are plenty of Divas left

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