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Stacy's HLA Diary Part 3: Victoria In The Sauna
by Grahf

Dear diary,

Here I go with my third and one of my favorite girl-on-girl encounters. This
one was with former Women's champ Victoria. aka Lisa Vernon.

Lisa is one tall strong sexy Diva. She's almost as tall as me, and has long
black hair. I find the red streaks she puts in it really hot. Her breasts
are usually constricted in her matches, but if you ever get a good look
(which I have), you will find they are one of the nicest pairs in the WWE.
They are perfectly rounded, smooth, and very firm. As big as they are, they
are also very perky and always stand at attention (Plastic surgery can do

She also has a smooth flat washboard stomach, and a sexy firmly rounded ass.
Pretty sweet but it's got nothing on Molly's (that's a story for another

I found out that she was taking a Steam in the sauna. "This is too easy" I
thought to myself. So I quickly stripped down and wrapped a fluffy white
towel over me and headed to the sauna.

I walked in and saw her lying down on a bench wrapped in her towel, with her
eyes closed.

"Hi Lisa, you don't mind if I join you do you?"

"Not at all Stacy, come on in."

I sat on a bench right above her, giving her a perfect view of my legs.

We looked at each other locking eyes and smiling.

"It's like a sauna in here."

Victoria then did something I've never seen her do, she laughed.

"Oh man Stacy, that was funny, you watch Seinfeld too."

"All the time, I love it."

We spent the next few minutes chatting about our favorite episodes when I
decided to make things hotter.

"Sauna's are great, but I like them better without a towel, do you mind?"
I said sweetly.

"O-Oh n-no, that's fine."

With that I took off the towel and threw it aside, giving Victoria a nice
eyeful of my trimmed blonde pussy.

"Why don't you take yours off too, there's nothing to be afraid of, we're
both grown women."

She seemed hesitant for a minute but then said..."Yeah, you're right Stacy,
why not."

She than sat up and shrugged off her towel. I was in amazement. Her breasts
were better than I imagined. They were big and beautiful, easily more than
a handful. She had brown upturned nipples with lighter brown areolas

I had to resist the urge to grab them right then and there. She then stood
up to stretch, and my eyes immediately scanned down her taut abs to her
beautiful pussy. It was pretty tight with a small dark triangle of pubic

I regained my composure, and decided to use her stretching to my advantage.

"What's wrong, are you sore?"

"Yeah, all I do is wrestle and work out, I don't give myself time to really
relax my muscles. This is the first time I've had for relaxation in a while,
but the sauna isn't enough."

"You know I give a great massage, I can really help relieve the tension,
have a seat."

"Oh I don't know Stacy, you don't have to....

"I insist now come on sit down." I was already in front of her, and it was
clear to her that I wouldn't take no for an answer.

She turned around and sat down. I then sat right behind her and began
massaging her shoulders. She was really tense, and I wanted to relieve her
in more ways than one. Her skin was so soft; I just enjoyed rubbing her so

"Ohhhhh, Stacy, that feels so good." I couldn't believe how easy this was,
but I still had to take things slow.

I massaged her shoulders for a few minutes, and then moved my hands lower,
rubbing and massaging her upper back.

"Man, Test is one lucky guy to have you Stacy, I've never felt so relaxed
in my life."

"Thanks Lisa, I'm really enjoying this too." I moved my hands more and more
towards her front massaging her sides, slightly touching the sides of her

The steam had my head spinning, and my Hands were slick with sweat rubbing
smoothly on Victoria's skin. Every now and then, the whole situation felt
like a dream.

Lisa had no trouble letting me know how she felt as her low moans filled the

"Do you like that Lisa, does it feel good?" I whispered in her ear in a low
husky voice. I was ready to ravage her.

"Yessss Stacy, uh, it feels so good, don't stop, please"

Now my hands were completely rubbing the sides of her breasts. It must have
taken me 15-20 minutes to get from her shoulders to her breasts, but it was
well worth it. I couldn't help it; I grabbed both of her wonderful globes
in my hands and began to squeeze them gently, lightly pinching her nips,
which seemed to be completely hard before I even got to her tits.

"Do you want me to stop Lisa?"

"S-Stacy, I-I...No! Please don't stop, never stop." With that she totally
leaned back into me, her ass up against my mound, my small tits against her
back, as she revealed in my terrific treatment of her breasts.

I couldn't take it anymore, Victoria gave in to me so easily, and her body
was making me so hot. I held onto her tits tight, and started to grind my
mound into her ass.

The sensation was wonderful! My wet lips were sliding against the smooth
skin of her ass. My juices were coating her cheeks, and she didn't seem to
mind one bit. I began to rub my hot cunt against her ass harder and faster,
and found myself moaning loudly.

My orgasm was beginning to build as I rubbed my aching pussy against Victoria
more vigorously. I couldn't hold back as I laid my head on her muscular back,
and my body shook as my orgasm ripped through me, and coated Victoria's
cheeks with my pussy juices.

"Stand up." I whispered in her ear. "Let me clean you off." With that she
stood, and I quickly went to work lapping up my juices from her ass.

I then turned her around still sitting on the bench my face mere inches from
her pussy. I looked up at her and could see she was nervous.

"Don't worry Lisa, I won't hurt you. I just want to make you feel good."
With that I snaked my tongue through her hair and up her slit. The steam in
the sauna had us both sweating bullets, but it was nowhere near as hot as
Lisa's pussy. She was on fire, and I was quite proud of myself.

I continued to lick my tongue up and down her slit, moving it deeper with
every stroke. Her tangy pre-cum drenched her lips and my tongue.

I decided to stop teasing her, and stuck my tongue in her hole with one hard

"OHHHH Fuck, Fuck.... Fuck, AHHH, AHH!"

It must have been a while for her. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could go
and swirled it all around her love canal. I had to tighten my grip on her
hips, she was squirming so much. I spread her lips apart so I could get even
better access, and dove deeper.

"Fuck Stacy, I don't believe this! You are so fucking good. Please make me
cum; I haven't cum for real in so long. I want to cum right in your mouth,
keep eating me, don't stop!

I couldn't believe this was the same women I was talking to about Seinfeld
earlier, but it didn't matter as her clit made it's way out from its hood.
I replaced my tongue with 2 of my fingers, and started sucking on the little

"Oh Shit Stacy, That's it that's It! I-I'm G-Gonna Fucking cum right now."

And boy did she cum. Her pussy convulsed and exploded in my mouth. I thought
that after Trish & Torrie that I could handle it, but Victoria's seemed to go
on forever. I swallowed as much as I could, with plenty of it dripping down
my chin and the sides of my mouth.

When the flood was over I continued to lick her until she pushed my head

"No more Stacy, I can't take anymore."

She pulled me up to her face and kissed me open-mouthed with her tongue,
tasting her juices from my mouth. I then started to suck on her breast,
slathering it with saliva, her nipple was distended and rock hard. As much
as I wanted to continue, my cunt was throbbing and needed to be taken care

I then sat down on the bench and started finger fucking myself. I didn't
expect Victoria to return the favor, and our Sauna Sex session left me
desperate for release. I rammed 3 fingers quickly in and out of my wet
snatch. My cunt was drenched and I was getting close. As soon as I began
to rub my clit, Victoria stopped me and Knelt down on the bench beside me.

"Lisa you don't have to, I just need to cum really badly."

"I know Stacy, and I am going to help you do it."

"But you've never eaten pussy before."

"Who said anything about eating pussy?"

After she said that, she spread my legs and moved closer. Then she grabbed
her tit in her hand and started moving it towards my Pussy.

I couldn't believe what she was planning to do, and I tried to brace myself.

Her hard nipple came into contact with my clit, and Victoria started rubbing
her nip against my super-sensitive bud.

"Oh My God! That feels incredible." She rubbed her nipple all around my
engorged clit, and I could feel myself ready to explode.

The friction was mind-blowing. I was ready to blow. Victoria increased the
speed of her rubbing. Faster and faster her nipple assaulted my clit. And
then that was it...

My pussy felt like it was being shredded with the onslaught of my brutal
orgasm, and I felt myself losing consciousness.

I woke up in Victoria's arms. She was lightly stroking my hair. I forgot
where I was for a second, then remembered.

"How long was I out."

"Just a couple of minutes, relax."

"Stacy, I want to thank you for what you did. I've never ever been so
sexually satisfied in my life. I really want to do this again."

"That's great Lisa, we will." We then kissed each other long and soft,
before we left the sauna and got dressed.

"Lisa, I've got a confession to make."

"What is it Stace?"

"Well you're not the first woman I've been with."

"Wow, I'm not surprised. You seemed to have some experience. If you don't
mind, who was?"

"Wellllll, it was Torrie."

"What the fuck, Torrie Wilson?"


"Torrie Wilson from Smackdown?"


"Oh man, that's...that's, that's awesome, wow!"

"Oh and uh, Trish too."

"TRISH TOO!?!, Ok Stacy if you're joking...."

"No I'm serious, and I don't mean to hurt you, but I plan on getting some
other Divas as well."

"I don't mind Stacy, actually it kind of turns me on." You've got to tell
me about it sometime."

"Don't worry Lisa I will" I kissed her again and went home.

At home I called Torrie and told her about Trish and Victoria and we fingered
ourselves over the phone to great orgasms as I told her in detail about
everything that happened. Then I did the same with Trish, telling her about
Torrie and Victoria. Now that all three of them know and are fine with it, it
will make things a lot more interesting in the future.

* * *

Well Diary, that was my third Girl-on girl encounter, and each one just makes
me hungry for more. I can't get the other Divas out of my mind, and keep
thinking of all the things that I would do with them. Don't worry, I will get
everyone I want, and there are plenty left.
_ _ _

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