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Stacy's HLA Diary Part 4: Terri & Ivory In The Jacuzzi
by Grahf

Dear Diary
3 Divas down and so many to go. This time, I was able to get 2 at once.
Here's how it happened.

At Raw, I was involved in the first match, and I was the only Diva that
appeared on the show. I knew the rest were lurking around somewhere, and I
was extremely horny. I decided to take a soak and "Relax" a little before
continuing my hunt. I was still wearing my supertight 2-piece pink number.

I then saw Terri in the hall and went up to her. She had on a pair of super
tight white capri pants hugging her hips, and a black sleeveless top that
was pratically see through. Her nipples were clearly visible. Terri's nipples
always seemed to be hard. She may be one of the older Divas, but she is in
great shape. Her body is so tight, and she had one of the biggest pair of
tits in the wwe. I tried to maintain my composure.

"Hey Terri, what's going on?"

"Oh hi Stacy nothing much. I thought I was gonna do something tonight, but I
guess I was wrong. I'm gonna leave soon."

"Oh come on Terri, don't leave. I was just gonna go catch a soak in the
Jacuzzi. I don't wanna soak alone, come on and Join me."

"Well that does sound pretty good. I haven't been in one in a while, but I've
got nothing to wear."

"Please Terri, when was the last time you were in a Jacuzzi WITH clothes."

"Yeah, what the hell am I talking about, let's go."

We had to cross through the training room to get to the Jacuzzi. In there
we saw Ivory working up a sweat on the treadmill. She had on a black bandanna
and her hair was sticking out in pigtails. She also had a tight black low-cut
tank top. Her mocha-colored breasts bounced and glistined and I was
mesmarized. Her sculpted ass swayed nicely in a pair of tight black biker

"Hey where are you two going?" Ivory stopped the machine and yelled.

"We're gonna take a dip in the Jacuzzi, come and join us." Terri said

"I can't believe it. You two don't even wrestler yet you're gonna relax like
you had a hard day's work."

"Oh come on Ivory, stop complaining and join us."

"Oh alright, I really need to relax after my workout, let me grab something
to wear.

"Oh no." I said. "None of that shy crap here, it's all or nothing."

"Fine, I don't mind, I just didn't wanna scare you girls."

We all laughed as we entered the locker room. Once inside, I couldn't stop
staring at their bodies. Both women's pussies were shaved completely bald,
and fit their frames perfectly. Terri then raised her shirt over her head
and her humungous breasts spilled free.

"Holy Cow!"

Terri:"What's wrong Stacy"

"I'm sorry Terri, it's just that I knew you're tits were big, but I had no

Terri:"Oh, I guess they were worth the money huh?" The short blonde was
smiling proudly.

Ivory:"Hey Hey! wait, what about mine Stacy?" I heard Ivory say, and when I
turned around, there they were.

They were absolutley beautiful. Her skin was a creamy brown, and they were
almost as big as Terri's. Her nipples were a darker shade than her skin, and
stuck out about a half inch from her chest.

"Your's are great too. Maybe I should have mine done?"

Terri:"No way Stacy. You have a great body already. I wish I had legs like
your's." Terri said.

Ivory:"And I wish I had that ass." Then Ivory gave me a smack on my ass
playfully. If only she knew.

"You guy's go ahead, I'll be right there." I made a quick call on my cell
and then joined the ladies in the tub.

The Jacuzzi felt wonderful. The water was so hot and relaxing. All three of
us reveled in the sensation.

"This feels so good, it's been too long." I said.

Terri:"I know I love it."

Ivory:"I really gotta do this more often."

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Just leave it there, thanks."

Terri: "Stacy what was that?"

"You'll see."

I then walked over to the door dripping wet giving both Divas a perfect view
of my ass.

"I then returned with a bottle of champagne and 3 glasses"

Ivory: "Oh that's my girl!"

"I thought you might like this."

Terri: "Stacy, you are so naughty."

"You have no idea."

For the next 30 mins, we sipped champagne and talked about everything from
wrestling, to shopping, guys and of course sex. The champagne loosening our
inhibitions more and more as time went on.

"So Ivory, what's you're favourite position?"

Ivory: "What!? I'm not gonna tell"

The alochol had gotten to all of us and I knew Ivory wasn't that serious.

"I'll tell you mine."

Ivory: "Ok, go and then I'll tell you."

"Doggie-style, I love it from behind."

Ivory: "I knew it, you seem so innocent on TV, but you really like to get
nasty. My favourite on top."

"What was that, I couldn't hear you."

Ivory "I said on top!"

"Nice, that doesn't surprise me. Terri? you don't think you're gonna get away
do you?

Terri:"Ok ok, I'll tell you. My favourite is doggie style too."

"A girl after my own heart." I then gave her a high five as she laughed and
looked away embarassed.

"Tell me something you guys, have you ever given a tit-fuck."

Terri: "W-well yeah, I've done it a couple of times. It's a common request.

Ivory: "Really? but what do you do when they cum."

Terri: "I swallow, I don't mind."

"That's nice to know Terri."

Ivory: "I've done anal before."

"Ouch, what's that like?"

Ivory: "It's okay, I was so scared the first time, but the guy I was with
kept insisting, so I finally let him try. We used plenty of lubrication. It
felt like he was strecthing me in half. It hurt, but when he was finally in
and started pumping, it wasn't so bad.

"Did you let him cum in your ass?"

Ivory: "Yeah I did."

Terri: "Did you like it?"

Ivory: "........Well, actually yeah, it made me feel dirty, but I loved it."

"Wow you guys have alot of experience, I'm kinda jealous. All I've really
done is kiss another girl." This was it. The way the conversation was going,
HLA would seem tame to these two.

Terri: "Really Stacy, I've always wondered what that would be like."

Ivory: "Yeah me too. Terri told you about Tit-fucks, and I told you that I
liked it in the ass, you gotta give us some detail girl."

"Well, actually it's pretty nice. A girl kisses much better than a guy. It's
like she knew what I liked and gave it to me. I loved it."

Terri: "Who was it?'

"Promise you won't tell."

Terri: "Yeah I promise, and Ivory does too, right?"

Ivory: "Yeah I do, tell us."

"It was Torrie."

Terri/Ivory: "What!?!"

"I'm not lying, we were hanging out one time getting drunk and laughing and
then we kissed. Just a little peck at first, but then it got more intense,
and we started totally Frenching, open-mouthed, tongue and all on the couch.

Ivory: "Holy shit! What next? what next?"

Terri: "Yeah, come on!"

"Well then Billy called her on her cell phone and she left."

Ivory: "Aww man, did you guys ever kiss again."

"Now and then when ever we had time alone, I would make the first move, she
would say no but a minute later we were going at it, but something always

At Girls Gone Wild, I felt her breasts for the first time. We found a dark
little corner after the cameras went off and I stuck my hand up her shirt and
fondled her tits and pinched her nipples. Things were about to progress but
then Test found us. He didn't know what was going on of course.

I guess I lied, we did a little more than kiss.

Terri: "Well I knew you two were close, but wow."

Ivory: "I know."

After a few moments of silence, Ivory spoke again.

Ivory: "I'd like to kiss a girl. I wanna know what it feels like."

"What about you Terri?"

Terri: "Wellllllll, yeah I've thought about what it would be like to be with
a woman, but I've always been too scared."

"Well trust me guys, from what "little" I've experienced, it's awesome. You
really should try it. Come to think of it, you both are curious, why don't
you kiss eachother."

Terri: "What? I don't think I could."

"Come on Terri, stop being so scared, you might regret never doing this."

Ivory: "This must be the Champagne talking, but I'm up for it."

"See Terri, Ivory wants to try. Come on, it's just the 3 of us, and we
probably won't remember any of this in the morning."

Terri: "O-Ok."

With that I put my hands on both women's head's and guided them towards
each other. Their eye's were closed and their lips were inches apart.

Then their lips touched. They stopped for a second and I got worried, but
then they continued. Opening their mouths more and more. Ivory tilted her
head and was clearly the aggressor. She started opening her mouth more and
more kissing faster and Terri did her best to keep up. Although Ivory
seemed to be in charge Terri was the one who used tongue first. I recognized
the passion of a first-time girl-on-girl kiss. The way you're head would
spin not believing what you were doing, and not believing even more how much
you enjoyed it. The tenderness, yet uncontrollable lust. I envied these two
ladies, cause your first time only happens once.

More Importantly, I was surprised at how turned on I was getting just by
watching them kiss.

They finally broke the kiss, and looked at each other with surprise.

Ivory: "That didn't suck."

Terri:"Uhm yeah, that was actually pretty nice."

"You guys had me so turned on with that kiss, I want some now."

I then waded through the hot water towards Terri, with a look of
determination in my eyes and placed my mouth on hers, and quickly stuck my
tongue down her throat. She met my tongue with her own and Frenched me with
no problem.

I then reached out for Ivory, and pulled her head towards us engaging us all
in a hot three-way kiss.

Tongues and mouths were everywhere. That was the hottest kiss I've ever been
involved in, and I could tell that the best was yet to come.

We broke the kiss panting for air, when I decided to take things to the next

"You know guys, that was just the tip of the girl-on-girl iceberg. Trust me,
it gets a lot better."

Ivory: "Well I say, give me the whole Friggen Iceberg!"


Terri: "I-I, yes! I want it to. Teach us how Stacy."

"My pleasure." With that, I grabbed Ivory's hand and directed it under the
hot water to Terri's even hotter pussy. "I think you know what to do Ivory."

Ivory slowly began fingering Terri under the water.

Terri: "AHHH, AHHH, Oh Ivory!"

"Keep going Ivory, she's loving it."

Ivory's face was filled with amazement seeing the effect she was having on
Terri. Terri's eyes were shut tight and her moans filled the room. I could
see Ivory intensify her fucking as her arm shook vigorously splashing the
water. I knew Terri couldn't take much more.

Terri: "Oh Fuck. Ivory I'm gonna, I'm gonna...OH shit!"

I had enough experience to tell that Terri had just cum. I would have been
able to tell even if she didn't say anything at all.

"Well Terri how was it."

Terri: "It-It, It was fucking amazing! I've never cum like that before."

"Well that's just the beginning." I then got behind Terri and moved her
towards Ivory, my breasts pressing into her back and my pussy against her
ass. "I think it's is time for you to repay the favor."

I put my hands on hers and guided it towards Ivory's bald cunt.

Ivory:"Oh Fuck!"

"Wow Terri, you're a natural." Ivory shook in pleasure as Terri and me
simultaneously finger fucked her. She was tight but we were each able to
squeeze 2 fingers each in her. "Look at her Terri, can you tell what's
happening to her?"

Terri: "Yes, she-she's gonna cum."

Ivory:"OH shit, my pussy is on fire! AHHHHH."

Ivory's head slumped down after her massive orgasm.

"Wow Terri, not bad for you're first time, but we aren't through yet."

I sat Terri up on the Ledge and Spread her legs, moving my face closer to
her dripping pussy.

Terri: "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? Ivory come here, I only have two hands."

Ivory came over and looked into Terri's eyes nervously. Then without a word
she wrapped her mouth on Terri's huge tit. Terri let a gasp of surprise,
which soon became a low soft, moan. I thought watching them kiss was hot,
but seeing Ivory's long hot tongue flick over Terri's hard nipple had my
cunt throbbing. She had them both in her hands squeezing and massaging them,
alternating her licks between each.

I loved what I was seeing but I had to concentrate on the task at hand. I
opened up Terri's lips and stuck my tongue in her wet hole. I swirled my
tongue all around her hot canal.

Terri: "Oh Fuck yes! Eat my pussy, it's been too long."

She wasn't lying. Her body was already tensing. I then moved to her clit
sucking on it, replacing my tongue with two fingers. I've already been with
3 women, but none of them came as fast and as hard as Terri. I swallowed
every drop and stood up.

"Alright Ivory, your turn."

Ivory: "Oh no Stacy, I don't think I'm ready for this."

"Oh come on, you look plenty ready to me." I then slid a finger in her bald
pussy as she shuddered. I took it out and sucked her cream off my finger.
Silently, she took her place on the bench and spread her legs open.

"Your pussy looks so sweet Ivory, but I won't be the one tasting it." I then
looked straight at Terri.

Terri: "B-But I-I don't know what to do."

I pulled her close, mashing her breasts against my chests with my arms
wrapped around her. I looked down at the tiny blonde and said; "Just do what
I did to you." Then I bent down and gave her a searing open-mouthed kiss
letting her taste her own juices.

Terri: "O-Ok."

The tiny blonde kneeled in front of Ivory and inched her face closer and
closer to her pussy.

She was still scared and staring, and I looked at Ivory. "I think she needs
a little encouragement." I grabbed her by the head and pushed her face right
into Ivory's sopping pussy.

"You're not stopping until you make Ivory cum! And bitch, you better swallow
all of it."

She nodded and then began licking Ivory's pussy like it was her last meal. I
couldn't believe she let me do that to her, but she seemed to like it. Still
holding her head in place. I leaned over and kissed Ivory. I sucked her
tongue as Terri sucked her clit. I then moved down to those huge tits and
sucked on her right breast, nibbling and suckling on her stiff nipple.

Ivory:"Oh my God, you two are driving me crazy! I've never f-felt like....

Ivory came all over Terri's face. She tried to swallow all of it, but there
was just too much.

"That was pretty good for your first time." I said letting her up. "Why don't
you let Ivory see how she tastes? Terri and Ivory started kissing each other
without hesitation. I couldn't take it and joined them again in another 3-way
kiss. All of us were sharing her juices.

Then the two of them looked at me hungrily. They didn't speak, they made me
lay on my back on the ledge. These chicks learned fast, as Ivory got between
my legs and quickly found my clit. Then Terri came up and sat on my face,
grinding her hot pussy into my mouth. I wasted no time getting to work on her
as Ivory ate me out like a pro.

There we were, all 3 of us laid out, Ivory eating me, and me eating Terri.
For her first time, Ivory was damn good! She had me cumming pretty quickly
as her she sucked on my engorged clit and grazed it with her teeth. I came
right into her mouth and moaned into Terri's pussy.

Terri: "Don't stop Stacy, I'm so close."

The little she-devil started grinding her soaking sex on my face furiously
as my tongue brought her to another shattering orgasm.

We all slipped back into the water and relaxed.

"Uh guys, I may have lied a little before. I have a little more lesbian
experience than what I told you."

Ivory: "Uh duh!"

Terri: "Obviously, who was it?"

"Well, Torrie, Trish, and Victoria."

Both women looked at me shocked.

Ivory: "Jeez Stacy, you really get around. But I'm glad you included us."

Terri:"Yeah me too. I have a feeling things are going to get a lot more
interesting around here.

"You got that right. Could you guys tell the rest, that you're 'on the list'
now, so to speak?"

Ivory: "Don't worry we will."

Terri: "So Stacy, who's next?"

"I have no idea."

* * *

I didn't then Diary, but you'll be hearing about it soon, don't worry.

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