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Stacy's HLA Diary Part 5: Stuff N' Steph
by Grahf

Dear Diary

You would think that after having 2 Divas at once in a hot tub that I
wouldn't go looking for some more girly action so soon. Well guess again.
I was so horny that I thought I would go crazy. I masturbated myself to 3
wonderful orgasms that night but it still wasn't enough. Andrew was no help
either. I just completely craved pussy. I couldn't help thinking about the
Divas I had been with. Torrie's tits, Trish's ass, Victoria's pussy. They
would all be fun again, but I wanted something new. I just loved the first
time that I fucked a woman. I could almost cum just by seeing the effect I
had on her.

It was Tuesday, and I was climbing the walls. I decided to attend the
Smackdown tapings for another round with Torrie. That was until I saw her;
Stephanie McMahon. She was a dream. She had just disappeared into her office,
and my mind was set.

As much as I wanted to taste that billion-dollar pussy, what I really wanted
were those tits. When it came to breasts, Steph was the queen. Men of all
ages over the world had fantasized about them. As far as I knew only HHH had
had them. But I already knew that I could treat them 10 times better. I took
a deep breath and entered her office with no idea of how I was going to
seduce her.

"Heyyyy." I smiled and tried to look in her eyes. She was wearing a tight
black short sleeve shirt, which was barely able to contain her mammoth
melons. My eyes almost popped out of my head. They were straining against
the material, and I yearned to set them free. Just by looking, I could tell
they were very soft yet supple. They were of course big, but also perky;
they stood at attention proudly. They were both easily more than a handful
(and mouthful).

After I was able to tear my eyes away, I saw that Stephanie was also wearing
a powder blue mini skirt that showed off her muscular legs. Her shiny brown
hair flowed down her shoulders, and her teeth sparkled beneath her soft lips.

"Hey Stacy. What are you doing here?"

"I came to see Torrie, but then I saw you and decided to come chat. I'm not
bothering you are I?

"Of course not. I've got plenty of time."

"Really? But you're aren't you the boss now, writing and creating and all
that stuff?"

"Well that's been taken care of for this week. Plus I don't do it on my own.
Anyways, these shows practically write themselves. So what's up with you?"

"Not much, just the usual showing off my ass for a few minutes a week. It
pays the bills."

We both laughed at my little comment, making things more comfortable.

"So how are things with you and Andrew?"

"Ahhh, I don't even wanna talk about it. Let's just say, I don't feel really
appreciated, know what I mean?

"Yeah I know, it's like the only thing he has time for is that title. Anyway,
we're both so busy; we barely have time for each other. On top of all that,
we're gonna get married soon."

"Jeez, that's not a good way to start off, but I'm sure thins will get better

"Yeah, I hope you're right."

I was fiddling with things the whole time we were talking. I opened one of
her desk draws and saw the issue of Stuff magazine that I was in.

"Stephanieeeee, what are you doing with this?"

"AHHH Stacy, gimme that!"

She tried to grab it but I held it out of her reach. Being the tallest Diva
had its advantages. As she tried to get it from me her breasts rubbed against
mine. I almost shuddered as her soft large tits caressed my own through our

"Ok Stacy you win. I just wanted to see how they came out."

"Nothing wrong with that. Those guys at Stuff do good work." I opened it up
to my section as Stephanie started looking at the pics with me, her bare arm
rubbing into my own. Her skin was so soft and warm.

"I know, look at you. No offense to our photographers, but damn!"

She may have been looking at the mag, but I couldn't help but stare down her
shirt. Her breasts were so smooth and milky white. I wanted to touch them so

"I wish I could look that good."

"What are you talking about Stephanie? You are one of the sexiest women I
have ever seen."

"Oh stop it Stacy."

"I'm serious Steph. Look in the mirror."

She stared at her reflection as I stood behind her.

I stated slowly rubbing her arms up and down. "Your skin is so soft."

I moved closer as she stared frozen at what I was doing. I moved closer and
whispered in her ear. "I've dreamt about you. We did things I never imagined
doing with another women."

I could feel her tremble, as her breathing got shallow. My arms were at her
stomach slowly moving upward.

"S-S-Stacy..." was all that she could mutter.

In my dreams, we pleasure each other fully. You know what I do to you in
them?" My voice got deeper and quieter as I breathed in her ear. "First I
squeeze your breasts gently."

Stephanie was frozen in shock as the mirror reflected me grabbing onto both
of her breasts. I fondled and caressed her luscious orbs in my hands through
the material. Lightly, I pinched her hardening nipples through her shirt.

"Just like this Steph, I squeeze and massage your wonderful tits. I can never
get enough of them." I squeezed them harder and harder, separating them and
then pushing them together. Stephanie's knees were trembling, and she
couldn't help but moan as I continued and began kissing her neck. "There's
more Steph." Her breathing was rapidly increasing

"Stephanie...will you help make my dream a reality?"

She turned her head slightly to me and I could barely hear her."


We kissed for the first time. It was passionate and all consuming. Our
tongues met and dueled while I continued to work on her breasts. The fun
was just starting.

We broke the kiss and I smiled at her.

"Naughty girl, you're not wearing a bra."

I pulled her shirt over her head and almost fainted with what I saw in the

Her creamy giant tits fell back down with a jiggle. They were even more
magnificent than I had imagined. Her areolas were large and brown, and her
stiff nipples stuck out about an inch and a half. I threw her shirt away and
quickly grabbed both pliant mounds. I squeezed the soft flesh, and felt it
squish and overflow in my fingers. I began to pinch her nipples as Stephanie
put her hands on my own helping me to pleasure her.

"Oh Steph, please. I want to suck them."

Stephanie turned around and took me by the hand. She sat on the couch and
had me lay my head in her lap. I reached up and grabbed her tit in one hand
and then latched my lips around her beautiful breast and slowly began to
suckle. I felt like a baby again, sucking on mommy's breast.

Her tit was so warm in my mouth, and I couldn't get enough. I sucked and
sucked. I rolled my tongue around her distended nipple. I could have done
that all day, she tasted so good.

I moved to her other breast giving it equal attention. I could feel the heat
from her pussy emanating from her, and could smell her musky arousal. I
decided to take care of her and reluctantly let her sweet tit-flesh pop out
of my mouth. I got on my knees in front of her. Steph got the clue and stood
up. She unsnapped her skirt and threw it aside as I looked at her drenched
and almost bald pussy.

I flicked my tongue across her slips, tasting her salty fluids as she
shuddered. Holding onto her hips, I ran my tongue up and down her slit,
making her ache for more. Her lips were swollen and glistening. I spread
them with my thumbs and shoved my tongue in her hole.

"OOOOhhhh, AHHH Stacy. That feels so good."

I stiffened my tongue and shoved it in and out of her like a little cock. I
could feel her body stiffen and waited for her juices.

I fucked her with my tongue harder and faster until she finally exploded in
my mouth sending her warm fluid down my throat.

Her knees shook and she had to sit back down on the couch. I bent over in
front of her pulling down my skirt and thong at the same time, leaving my
ass mere inches from her face. I could feel her hot breath on my cheeks
but couldn't see her. Then I felt her hands on my ass, then that warm soft
tongue enters my pussy. Steph was inexperienced but very eager.

I completely bent at the waist without bending my knees, my legs spread and
I had my hands on the floor as Steph ate me out, still sitting on the couch.

"Oh fuck Steph, Don't stop!"

I could her moaning into my pussy as she did her best to eat me out. Her
tongue was thrashing wildly in my tunnel and I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Stephanie, I-Im gonnna c-cum... AHHHHH!"

She didn't pull away; she just kept licking at me and drinking my juices as
my orgasm crashed through my pussy.

I turned around and straddled her; bring our pussies in direct contact with
each other. I began grinding myself into her as we looked into each other's
eyes with pure lust. My arms wrapped around her neck and I felt our hard
clits rubbing against each other.

I've never felt more uninhibited. I rode her as hard as I could violently
grinding our clits together. The couch was shaking, and Steph's tits were
jiggling like mad. She wanted me as much as I did her. Her hands were
gripped tight on my ass as she helped to grind our sexes together. I was
sweating and my muscles started to ache as I humped the billion-dollar
princess into submission.

We were both so close, and our screams filled the office. We didn't care who
heard, we just wanted to cum. I looked right into Stephanie's eyes, my mouth
open as I moaned louder and louder, and rode her harder and harder, until I
felt my pussy ready to explode. I could feel her pussy muscles right beneath
my own tightening.

Then it was if time stopped and our orgasms ripped through our bodies. Our
pussies convulsed and exploded into each other, as we both came harder than
we ever have in our lives.

As our bodies were being torn by the pleasure, we kissed again, moaning into
one-another's mouths.

It was finally over and I rolled onto the couch next to her. We were both
breathing hard, as if we had both just run a marathon. Stephanie locked her
door and sat back down again, guiding my head into her lap as sucked on her
tits until I fell asleep.

We had both fallen asleep for a couple of hours and were getting dressed.

"Wow Steph, that was my best lesbian encounter ever."

"So you've done this before?"

I told her about my previous ones, and just like the rest she was fine with

"I'm your best Stacy? awwww." She wrapped her arms around me and we kissed.

* * *

Well Diary that was my Billion-dollar HLA encounter, and trust me, Stephanie
is worth every penny. There are so many more Divas, and I will continue to
tell you about them.
_ _ _

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