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Stacy's HLA Diary Part 6: LIta's Been Naughty
by Grahf

Dear Diary,
I love writing to you about the many Divas I've fucked, but someone else has
been reading you too. I had known for a couple of weeks, and you helped me
add this Diva to my growing list of HLA encounters.

I bring you with me everywhere I go. I've gotten myself off plenty of times
reading my own entries when I've had no Divas around to pleasure me. Plus I
can't take the risk of Andrew finding out about my exploits.

To make sure no one has read you I place a hair around you. The girls in the
lockeroom are pretty trustworthy, but you can never be too careful. After I
wrote about Torrie, I noticed that the hair was broken. I was scared but then
I realized this is the women's locker room, and a perfect opportunity to add
someone else to my list.

So next week I waited in the shower stall. I placed my stuff on a bench that
would give me a perfect view of whoever it was that was reading you without
myself being seen. It was the week after my encounter with Trish. I had been
waiting for almost an hour when I heard the door open. In she walked, I
couldn't believe it, it was Amy Dumas, better known as Lita. I was so excited
and scared at the same time. She was a vision of beauty. Her hair was a dark
fiery red. Her lips were slightly pouty and she had on a heavy layer of dark
red lipstick. She had the kind of eyes that just looked straight through you
to your soul. She was dressed completely in character, even though she was
backstage the whole time.

She had on a black sleeveless T-shirt with the Hardy Boyz pendant in the
middle. She wore that green dragon tattoo proudly which I thought perfectly
represented her unique and untamed personality. The shirt was cut short and
stopped just above her bellybutton, showing off a sexy and toned midriff.
Her breasts swelled underneath the material, and bounced naturally and
freely; making it obvious she had on no bra. She also had on a pair of her
trademark green cargo pants, and black sneakers. She was the only woman I
knew of who could dress like that and still look sexy. My pussy already
began to drip hoping it was her that has been reading you.

She locked the door behind her and walked with a purpose towards my stuff.
As she bent over, I saw half of a red thong sticking out from the back of
her pants, and it made me shiver. She rifled through my bag and found you
easily. She sat down and opened you up, her eyes lit up and she smiled as
she began to read my entry on Trish. I already had my hand in my panties
and was rubbing my clit as I watched her begin to read.

After about a minute, she held you with one hand and put one foot up on the
bench. Then she unzipped the fly on her pants and her free hand disappeared
beneath them and her thong. The outline of her actions was clear as her pants
rose and lowered with the actions of her hand. I matched my strokes with hers
as my thumb massaged my hard clit, and I stuck two fingers into my wet hole.
Both of our actions increased as she read more and more. But Lita had the
luxury of moaning whereas I had to keep quiet. The more she read, the faster
she fucked her self. Her ass and hips were moving back and forth on the bench
as I could see she was getting closer. I had to bite my lip to keep quiet as
I intensified the rubbing of my clit and furiously finger-fucked my hole. Her
moans just kept getting louder and louder. Finally we both came together
drenching our hands and panties. I had no idea that just watching another
Diva masturbate could give me such an intense orgasm.

We continued this little game for my next two entries on Victoria and Terri
and Ivory in the Jacuzzi. She would come in and read you while I hid, and we
would both fuck ourselves to simultaneous orgasms. After reading my Jacuzzi
entry, she laid her head back on the wall and looked up with her eyes closed
and I could barely hear but I knew what she said; "Stacy..."

The next week was when I decided that Lita would join the list. I hid in my
usual spot but this time wearing nothing but a towel. I would pretend that I
had just showered and would "catch her in the act."

As she fucked herself to my entry on Steph I walked in on her right before
she came. She looked at me with Fear and embarrassment.

"Don't worry Amy, I knew someone had been reading my Diary."

I walked up to her smiling. She looked up at me unable to speak.

"Did you like what you read?" I said to her in a whisper. She remained still
not knowing what was going to happen next.

"I'm sorry I stopped you, here let me finish you off." I bent towards her and
replaced her hand with my own, as I held my towel closed. I could feel her
"landing strip" of hair was soaked with her cum, and her pussy was hot and
pulsing. I rubbed her clit with my thumb and fucked her tight hole with my
middle finger. Her eyes shut tight and her mouth hung open, as her breathing
grew ragged. I fucked her faster and faster as she held onto my arm.

Then her body froze, and her fluids flowed over my hand. I removed my hand
and looked right at her as I sucked my fingers clean. "You taste so good."
She looked at me with surprise as I walked away from her. I turned around
and opened my towel giving her a perfect view of my long legs and shaven
pussy. My skin glistened as she stared at me in awe.

I dropped the towel and looked at her. "Amy, I've watched you read my Diary
since I wrote about Trish. I hid and fucked myself at the same time you did.
I want you so bad, and I think that you want me too. You have 2 choices. You
can stay and experience the best sex of your life, and finally do what you
have been thinking about for a month and most of your life. Or you could just
leave and we will never talk about this again."

I was turning myself on talking to her about it. My voice got raspy and I
closed my eyes and touched myself as I tried to convince her.

"Think about it Amy, we could have them all, but first we have to have each
other. You've read it and I've seen the look on you face. You crave some
girl-on-girl action. Why do you think I haven't stopped? You'll love it Amy,
trust me. Don't you want to suck on Steph's tits, eat Trish's pussy, have
Torrie and me at the same time, making you cum harder then you ever have
before? Make your decision."

She said nothing and remained still for a few moments. I could see the
struggle of desire and lust wrestling with logic and rationality in her eyes.
Then she dropped to her knees in front of me, making her choice. Her hands
gripped my hips and she looked up at me. I stroked her cheekand ran my hand
through her hair and gave her knowing smile.

She looked back at my sex and buried her tongue deep into my pussy. I moaned
instantly. She must have been paying closer attention to my entries then I
realized. Her hot tongue was hitting all the right spots. Out of all the
Divas I've had so far, Lita was the best at eating pussy.

What really gave her an advantage over the other girls was her tongue-stud.
The way that cold ball of steel felt inside me is indescribable. Lita
increased her speed and her efforts sticking her tongue in and out of my
hole, stud and all as deep inside my cunt as she could. My hands were
tangled in her red hair as I felt myself about to climax.

"Amy...I'm about to cum. I want you to drink it all. Swallow my juices Amy,
let my hot sticky cum go right down your throat." She stopped for a second
and looked at me.

"Do it Stacy, cum in my mouth! I want to swallow all of your sweet cum."

She was practically begging for it and went back to my pussy increasing her
efforts. I gripped her hair tight as I began cumming in her mouth. She did
as she was told and swallowed all of my cum. She looked up at me.

"Oh Stacy, You taste so good." She stood up we kissed for the first time.
My tongue searched for that stud and sucked it dry of my cum. That little
ball felt so smooth yet hard against my tongue. I couldn't believe how
badly I wanted it right back in my pussy.

I broke the kiss to take off her shirt letting her braless breast fall free.
I went straight from her chest and pulled off her already unzipped pants,
and then took off her shoes and socks.

"Look at us Lita, all sticky and sweaty. I think we need a shower."

With that I took her by the hand and led her into the stalls. I turned on
the shower, and pushed Lita against the tile wall underneath the hot stream
of water. I grabbed both of her beautiful wet tits and went to work sucking
on them.

"Ahhhh yes. That's it Stacy. Suck my tits, just like you did with the

I kept on sucking on her tit, focusing on her rock hard nipple, while I
rolled the other one between my fingers. I flicked her nip with my tongue
then nibbled on it, squeezing it lightly between my teeth.

"AHHH! Oh Fuck! You are so good at this." Lita's hair was soaked and hung
down on her chest.

After worshipping the red head's breast I kissed my way down her tight
stomach towards her sweet treasure, as the hot water rained down on us.

I stopped to look at her pussy for the first time. Her lips shined with her
juices and were pouting in anticipation. I kissed all around her pussy,
wanting to savor the moment. I Frenched kissed her lips and tongued her slit.

"Fuck Stace! What are you doing to me? Oh shit!" Her hands were tangled in
my wet hair and she pushed my head deeper into her throbbing cunt.

My cunt started dripping again as soon as she said that. I opened her lips
and gave her what she wanted by sticking my expert tongue deep into her hole.


I had enough experience to do that. I replaced my tongue with three of my
fingers, and sucked on her clit. I fucked her aching pussy hard and fast, as
I sucked on her bud as hard as I could.


Lita's body shook as if we were in the middle of an earthquake. She held my
head tighter as I swallowed all of her hot sticky juices. Her pussy gushed
and I swallowed as fast as I could. I felt like I was going to drown. Finally
her pussy was spent.

I stood up and lay back against the wet cool tile beside her. Then she moved
in front of me with her back turned. She ground her sweet ass right into my
pussy and began gyrating. I reached around and grabbed onto her tits pinching
her nipples. She shaked her ass faster and harder against my pussy. She kept
grinding against me more and more intensely, and I could feel my second
climax coming on. She backed into me pinning me between her and the wall. Her
wet hair was right in my face. I couldn't concentrate on her tits anymore and
just wrapped my arms around her waist and tried to hold on.

The friction increased more and more. She put her hands on the wall behind us
to grind into me harder. I couldn't hold out much longer. My head rested on
her neck, and she mercilessly continued to bore her ass cheeks into my cunt
until I exploded.

I came so hard, it felt like my pussy was being shredded, and I drenched her
ass with my juices. She finally released me and I fell to my knees. I looked
down breathing hard. Amy bent beside me and tilted my head up. She kissed me

"Stacy.... I want to do what you did with Torrie."

"Amy, I want to too, but I don't think I can."

"I think you can."

"Before I could answer, Lita pulled me down and made me lay on back. Just as
fast as she did that, I looked up and her pussy was in my face. The sight of
her sweet soaking pussy rekindled my spirit. I gripped her taut ass cheeks,
and began feasting on her pussy. She started on my own, and I we were locked
in a 69 in the middle of the showers.

Slurping sounds filled the stalls, and we quickly worked to bring each other
off. This time, Lita found my clit and wasted no time sucking on it. She was
a fast learner and I couldn't believe I was ready to cum again so soon.

I found her little nub and sucked on it hard. I grazed my teeth along it
making Lita moan into my pussy. The vibrations on my clit made the feeling
even more intense. Then I felt her tongue-stud rub against my nub, and I
was in complete ecstasy. She rubbed it back and forth across my sensitive
bud, increasing the friction. I repaid the favor by sucking on her clit
like a vacuum. My experience versus her stud gave us simultaneous
earth-shattering orgasms. We drank each other dry, as we each came again
for the 3rd time.

We dried each other off back in the locker room and got dressed.

"So Lita, was it as good as you thought?"

"It was better Stace, a thousand times better."

"Then are you in?"

"Of course I'm in. This is so cool. I can't wait to have some fun with the
other Divas myself.

"You're a natural Lita, they're gonna love you.

"Yeah, you're probably right, oh and Stacy, I expect a new entry next week."

"Count on it Lita."

* * *

Who will that be Diary? you'll just have to wait and see.


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