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Stacy's HLA Diary Part 7: Trish Takes Over
by Grahf

Dear Diary,
Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't Stacy, its Trish Stratus. I'm writing
because I've got a story of my own to tell. Stacy was all too happy to lend
me the diary when I told her I had my own story to tell. I can't until she
reads it.

Stacy had no idea what she set in motion with her HLA adventures. As much as
the others and me enjoyed our times with Stacy, she always left us wanting
more. Now I understand she has other Divas to enlist, but it's not easy to
just sit and wait around, after she created in us this craving for pussy.

I don't know about the others, but I couldn't wait anymore, and decided to
set off on my own. Stacy kept us up to date on all of her new encounters.
One in particular caught my interest, Stephanie McMahon. I decided to have
my fun with her the week after Stacy had her.

Stacy only worked with her body, since she was always working on a first-time
basis. Since Step had already been introduced to girl-on-girl action, I felt
pretty comfortable bringing an "accessory with me."

I arrived at the Smackdown tapings and went directly to Steph's office
wearing only a trench coat.

"Hey Trish, what's up?"

I didn't say a word, walked up to her, and grabbed her head locking us into
a hot French kiss. Steph quickly returned the favor, swirling our tongues

We broke the kiss and I backed up and opened my trench coat to her. Her eyes
went wide as she saw that all I had on were my shoes and a black 8-inch
strap-on dildo.

I walked back to her and pushed her down forcing her to her knees in front of
my crotch. I pressed the tip of it against her lips.

"Suck it." My tone was clear that I wasn't asking.

She wasted no time and wrapped her lips around the plastic dick. She licked
all over it with her tongue, slathering the shaft with her spit. She
swallowed more and more, deep throating it as I held my grip on her head
tighter. She slid her sexy mouth back and forth across it faster and faster.
I pulled out and stood her up.

I gave her no time to react and turned her around and pushed her forward,
forcing her to bend over her desk. I lifted up her skirt and pulled down her
panties, and slide the slick dick into her snatch. Her skirt was completely
ridden up, exposing all of her ass, and her panties were around her ankles.

I grabbed her hips tight and began sliding my dick in and out of her wet
pussy. I picked up the pace and was slamming the dildo into her cunt hard
and fast. She was screaming in pleasure.


I continued pounding her pussy with a vengeance. I was breathing hard and my
own pussy was dripping. I moved my hands under her shirt and fondled her huge
tits, as I continued fucking her doggy-style.

The desk was moving across the floor with each thrust as Steph got closer and
closer to cumming.


I rammed my hips into her as fast and as hard as I could, my thighs were
continuously slapping against her ass, and got coated with her juices. This
felt so raw, and I fucking loved it. I pulled her hair forcing her head back
while still assaulting her pussy with vicious thrusts.

Finally she came hard, her pussy gushing its juices all over the dildo and my
legs. Her body shook as smaller waves of pleasure flowed through her. She
finally stopped cumming and put her head on the desk.

I pulled the sticky dick out of her with a loud wet pop and sat on the couch
breathing hard with my eyes closed trying to recover.

When I opened my eyes, Steph was completely naked and came over to me and
took off the dildo. She put it on her self and stood before me. I got to my
knees in front of her, with the soaked dick inches away from my mouth. She
grabbed my head and pushed the dildo into my mouth. I sucked her juices off
of it, as she fucked my mouth relentlessly. I almost gagged, and pounded on
her thighs with my fists as she mercisely stuffed my oral cavity.

She finally took it out. I bent forward with my hands on the floor and my
head down trying to get back my breath. Steph gave me a few moments and then
pulled me up and lead me to the desk clearing it off, then lay on her back
on top of it. I got the idea and climbed on top. I lowered my pussy slowly
towards the erect plastic cock, filled with anticipation of what it would
feel like. The lubrication on both the dildo and my pussy helped it slide
inside my hot hole. I couldn't believe I could take it all and felt like my
pussy was being torn. I slowly began to slide my wet cunt up and down on the
smooth shaft. I moved faster and faster, as my pussy was stuffed with the
dildo. Steph grabbed onto my tits as I rode her like a wild woman. I couldn't
get enough, and went crazy almost knocking us off the desk. I had both my
hands in my hair as I rode that dick harder and faster. Steph squeezed my
tits and pinched my nipples, as I rode myself to climax.

My pussy convulsed around the shaft, and I came so hard I almost passed out.
I was so tired I collapsed onto Stephanie, squishing both our tits together.
We kissed again on top of her desk.

We finally got ourselves together. "I think Stacy is really onto something
here, huh Steph?"

"You got that right, I can't wait to get some Divas of my own. By the way,
where did you buy that?"

* * *

Well diary that was MY second girl-on-girl encounter, and it won't be my
last. I have a feeling that I won't be the only Diva other than Stacy writing
in here. Till next time.

Trish Stratus: Stratusfaction Guaranteed.


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