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Stacy's HLA Diary Part 8: TLC From Jackie Gayda
by Grahf

Dear Diary,
Here I go again. My list of converted Divas just grows longer and longer.
This time, I got to experience the young and tasty Jackie Gayda. It all
started backstage after Raw. I was in the women's locker room rubbing my
back after a pumphandle slam by Test. Molly, Ivory, and Jacqueline had
already left. So it was me, Jackie, Trish, Victoria, and the new girl Gail
Kim. I couldn't wait to get my hands on that Asian beauty but she was new
so I decided to wait awhile.

I sat there rubbing my back when Jackie noticed me. "Hey Stacy, how are you

"I'm okay, but my back is killing me." I gave the others a wink to get lost.

Victoria: "I feel so bad about what happened to Jazz. I'm gonna go check on

Trish: "Yeah, that looked pretty serious. Hey Gail why don't you come along
too. We can tell a little more about how things work here."

Once they left it was just me and Jackie.

"Jackie, could you do me a favor?"

"Sure Stacy, whatever you want."

"Could you rub my back for me, I just can't seem to do much on my own."

"Of course I will, no problem."

Her warm soft hands began massaging my back, and I knew this was about to get
interesting. I suggested that we go back to my hotel room were things would
be more comfortable.

"That is Jackie, if you don't mind. I wouldn't want Andrew to find out that
he may have actually hurt me. Plus we could get to know each other better.

Jackie agreed, and we headed up to my room. Jackie suggested the couch and we
went back to her rubbing me. The room was dark, with only the city lights
giving us just the right atmosphere.

We made small talk to help lighten the mood.

"I'm so glad I got a second chance Stacy, after I messed up so bad."

"Don't be so hard on yourself Jackie, we all make mistakes."

"B-But this is my dream, and the first chance I get, I screw up."

Jackie stopped rubbing and began sobbing. I turned around facing her.

"Oh come on Jackie, don't cry." I wrapped my arm around her pulling us close.
I looked right at her, our faces inches apart.

"Jackie, you busted your ass to get here and you won that contract fair and
square. Not too mention how hard you worked to get back on TV. Of course you
were nervous, it was your first match ever on Raw. In front of thousands of
people not to mention the millions watching at home. Do you know how many
times Trish has screwed up in the ring? Anyway, look at you. I mean wow! I
don't think you have too worry too much anymore about people accepting you."

I whispered slowly as I ran my fingers softly across her stomach. Your body
is so tight."

I could feel her stomach muscles tighten beneath my finger tips.

"Your breasts are so big and beautiful." I placed a hand on her right breast
and squeezed it lightly. Jackie started breathing faster as I explored her

"Your skin is so soft." I stroked her cheek gently and moved my face closer
to hers, our lips barley touching.

"And your lips....."

Then our lips touched and we kissed for the first time. Our kiss was slow and
deliberate. My hand was on her cheek as our kiss intensified. Jackie didn't
resist and kissed me back.

I laid her back on the couch still kissing her. I was on top of her as we
kept making out. I slid my hand down her pants and quickly began fingering
her. She moaned into my mouth and squirmed beneath me.

I kept fucking her until she came quickly all over my hand. I broke our kiss
and looked at her.

"We're just getting started."

Then I pushed up her shirt exposing her tits. Her nipples instantly hardened
as they were exposed to the air. They were a deep pink. I grabbed both of
her tits and pushed them together. Jackie squealed as I forced her melons
together. I licked both of her nips furiously. I licked, sucked, and nibbled
and Jackie was loving every moment of it.

I continued worshipping her tits as her hands ran through my hair.

I kissed her lovely melons all over and worked my way down her stomach. I
kissed along her taut tummy, and she couldn't help but giggle. I was just
above her mound and hooked my thumbs under the material. In one swift motion
both her pants and panties were off.

Her pussy was beautiful. It was almost completely shaven, with glistening
golden curls. Her lips shone with her juices and were slightly pouty. I
looked up at her.

"Are you ready?"

She nodded her head slowly in anticipation. I could see that she was scared.

I bent my head forward and licked her slit from top to bottom, and she
shuddered. She tasted so sweet. I began to devour her young pussy, licking
her center and tasting her as much as I could. I buried my whole mouth into
her pussy and fucked her hole with my tongue.

Her legs were up in the air on my shoulders as I ate her out. She took off
her shirt and started playing with her tits as I feasted on her pussy.

It must have been because Jackie was so young, but she was already cumming in
my mouth. I swallowed her liquid and kept on licking her until she stopped.

I sat up on the couch, and looked over at her.

"Jackie...Have you ever eaten pussy before?"

All she could do was shake her head no.

"Well, its time you learned."

Jackie got the idea and knelt in front of me. She helped me tug off my
shorts and panties and then I opened my legs in front of her waiting. She
came closer slowly; I could feel her breath on my pussy and almost came
right there.

She licked my slit tentatively.

I put my hand on her head and groaned as she teased me.

"You gotta do better than that baby."

She kept lapping at me lightly until I thought I was gonna crazy. Her teasing
flicks had my clit throbbing and I was sure she could see it.

Then I felt her tongue flick my erect bud. She licked my clit like it was an
Ice Cream bar, and I could feel myself getting closer.

Then she wrapped her lips around it and sucked for all she was worth.

Oh my God, she may have never eaten pussy, but she must be an expert at
sucking cock because I was going crazy.


Jackie sucked me into a blinding orgasm, and I could barley tell that she was
also obediently drinking my juices down as well.

I looked at her breathing hard. I couldn't believe how much I still wanted
her. I jumped on top of her knocking us both onto the ground. We rolled
around on the floor vigorously. Her nails scratched my back and I bit her
shoulder. We were like animals.

Finally we couldn't take it. I got up and lead her by the hand to the shower.
I set the temperature and we both got in. We soaped each other up. I was
behind her and paid extra attention to her breasts. I lathered both beauties
and pinched those hard nips. My hands easily slid all over them thanks to the

Jackie then turned around and put her leg between mine, resting my pussy
on her thigh. I did the same to her and we began sliding our sopping cunts
across each other's legs. The sensation was fantastic. The soap helped
increase the speed of our rubbing.

This girl had stamina. I was close to my second orgasm, and she was coming to
her third. My pussy felt like it was going to explode, and my mind went numb.

Jackie came at the same time, as our moans filled the stall. We leaned
against each other for support as the hot water washed away the soap and our

I climbed out of the tub on shaky knees reaching for a towel, but Jackie
grabbed my hand and led us both to the bedroom naked.

We got onto the Queen-sized bed, and lay sideways head to toe. Jackie
instantly went for my pussy. I couldn't believe this girl's sexual appetite.
She started feasting on me like I was her last meal. She stopped for second.

"Please Stacy, Mine too."

I could hear the urgency in her voice, and began eating out her young pussy
again locking us in a sideways 69.

We ate each other out to another explosive simultaneous orgasm, Jackie still
one ahead of me. She crawled up to me and we kissed, mixing our juices
together. We held each other tight and fell asleep in one another's arms.

* * *

Wow Diary! That Jackie sure can go. She was great, but I've got other Divas
to get to, so until next time.

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