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Stacy's HLA Diary Part 9: Initiating Gail Kim
by Grahf

Dear Diary,
I had known about Gail Kim coming to Raw for some time. Even before I started
my Diary. But after bagging about 6 Divas, there was no doubt in my mind that
she would be joining the club. It may have been hard on my own, so I got
myself some help. Namely 2 of my recruits, Trish and Victoria. Gail Kim was
about to be initiated.

We cornered her in the locker room. She was putting her title away as the
three of us surrounded her. She turned around understandably a little

Gail:"Uh hi guys, what's going on?"

"Hello Gail. We just wanted to give you a proper welcome. But you have to
realize something; no matter who holds the title; the fact remains that I
run things around here.

Gail: "Is that so?"

She was feisty. I knew I was going to like her.

"Yes it is Gail, you need to be initiated. Just cooperate and..." I ran my
hand through her hair looking her up and down. "Everyone will be happy."

She slapped my hand away.

Gail: "I don't think so!"

"You just have to do things the hard way, huh Gail? That's alright with me,

With that Victoria and Trish both grabbed one of Gail's arms and held her
back. The Asian beauty struggled in vain.

Gail: "What the f*** are you doing? Let me go!"

"Just relax Gail, you'll be begging for this later"

I unzipped her little leather top as Trish and Victoria kept their grip on

"Nice, very nice."

She had on a tight lace bra which was barley able to conceal her soft pert
breasts. I grabbed them both, and squeezed them lightly.

Gail: "You bitch! Stop it!"

"Oh come on Gail, you know you love it." I unsnapped her bra, letting it
fall to the ground. I grabbed her left breast and massaged her nipple with
my thumb.

Gail: "Stop it, I don't like this."

"Oh really Gail, then why are your nipples so hard." She had no answer for
me. I moved my mouth closer to her breast.

"It looks like your body is a lot more honest than you."

I slowly sucked her breast. It was soft and warm in my mouth. Her nipple was
rock hard, and I licked it generously with my tongue. I grabbed her other
breast with my hand and fondled it at the same time.

"N-No. I-I don't want. ah."

She wasn't resisting as much, but I knew she had plenty of fight left in her.
I stopped worshipping her tits and looked her in the eyes.

"You liked that, didn't you?"

Gail: "Fuck you."

"Oh you will."

I then reached for her little black leather shorts and undid them. I slid
them off and knelt in front of her.

"Oh Gail what's this?" Her panties had a very visible damp spot. Once again
she didn't answer. I pulled her panties off, and inhaled the scent of her
aroused pussy. Her shaved cunt dripped with pre cum.

"Trish, could you give me a hand here?" Trish got on her knees beside me,
while Victoria held the much smaller and weaker girl in place locking both
of her arms behind her.

Trish and me were right in front of Gail's pussy. I turned to my fellow
blonde and we French kissed each other. Then we both attacked the newest
Diva's pussy with a fury.

Both of our tongues worked on Gail's hot pussy. Our tongues dueled one
another for control of her cunt. The Asian Diva stuggled in Victoria's grasp,
as me and Trish brought her closer to climax. I fucked Gail's hole with my
tongue, while Trish sucked on her clit.. Our double assault had Gail cumming
into both of our mouths in no time.

Me and Trish stood smiling at her. She remained silent trying to catch her
breath. "Just admit it Gail, you want this." I then put my hand down my pants
and began fingering myself. I took two cum-soaked fingers out of pussy and
held them to Gail's lips saying nothing. She looked at me and my fingers.
Then her mouth opened and wrapped around my fingers. She licked my fingers
greedily and sucked my digits dry.

"Let her go Victoria."

Victoria let her free, and Gail stood there looking at all of us.

"You can leave if you want Gail, but we aren't going anywhere until we cum
at least once. I sat on the bench watching Trish and Victoria kissing each
other. Gail watched too as I stripped and began fingering myself. Trish and
Victoria stripped one another as I looked at Gail.

"Can I help you?"

Without a word, Gail knelt in front of me and opened my legs. She quickly
went to work on my pussy.

"That's a good girl." I said as I held her head in place with my hand.
Victoria sucked on Trish's tits as Gail lapped at my clit with her tongue.
Her iniation was going perfectly as she sucked on my throbbing bud.

"All right Gail, I'm going to cum in your mouth, swallow all of it." My grip
on her hair tightened as I came in her mouth. She swallowed it all as told.
As soon as she took her head out of my pussy, Trish came from behind her and
pulled her onto the ground on her back. Trish sat on her face, forcing her
to eat her blonde cunt. Victoria got between Gail's legs and went to work on
her pussy as Gail stuck her tongue in Trish's hot snatch.

I finger-fucked myself as I watched the steamy 3-way in front of me. Gail
worked on Trish's clit with the same intensity she did with my own only a
few seconds ago. Victoria attacked Gail's pussy with a vengeance, but to
her credit she stayed on course pleasuring Trish. I could tell Trish was
close, not to mention me and Gail as well.

Trish's body started shaking, as her pussy poured her juices into Gail's
mouth. Gail swallowed it all eagerly. The sight of it was enough to get me to
cum. As I recovered from my own, Gail came for a second time into Victoria's

Victoria gave Gail no time to relax and quickly switched her position rubbing
her pussy into Gail's. Trish sat in my lap as we smiled watching Victoria
fucked the small Asian Diva recklessly. Victoria grinded her pussy against
Gail's with a fury.

I played with Trish's breasts as we clearly saw that Gail couldn't take much
more. Victoria's and Gail's screams filled the room as their pussies came on
each other.

Me, Trish, and Victoria stood over Gail. She was sweating still on the floor
in a pool of cum exhausted.

"Well Gail, Congratulations, welcome to the WWE."

* * *

Well Diary, I know we were a little hard on Gail, but it was for her own
good. She proved she was worthy of being in the Diary and on the list. Plus,
it was clear that she enjoyed herself. But enough of her, it's on to the next
Diva, unitl then.


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