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Stacy's HLA Diary Part 10: The Bachlorette Party
by Grahf

Dear Diary,
Get ready for some HLA down in Las Vegas. My best friend and first HLA
encounter Torrie Wilson recently held her bachlorette party in the Palms
Hotel down in Vegas, and I'm still trying to recover.

Torrie had invited 2 divas that I hadn't yet gotten too, but was very anxious
to add to my list. These two Divas were Sable and Dawn Marie. Those ladies
had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Before hand, Torrie,
Trish, Victoria, Ivory, and myself had already planned to get Sable and Dawn
into the "club." This was going to be a very interesting weekend indeed.

Me, Ivory, Victoria and Sable arrived on the 25th. Poor Sable had no idea
what we had in store for her. As we walked into the room, I knew that it was
perfect. The place was more than big enough for all of us, and it was clear
that Torrie spared no expense getting the best. There was a fully stocked
bar, big screen TV with satellite, 2 extravagant bathrooms, couches,
bedrooms, and so much more.

Torrie had just walked out of one of the bedrooms wearing a tight pair of
pink pants, with a matching pink top. Her tits were busting out. My nipples
started to get hard as I realized I had only had her once, and wanted her
again. Ivory, Victoria and Sable were busy marveling at the room, and I
couldn't hold back anymore.

"Torrie, why don't you show me your room?"

"Sure Stacy right this way."

She shook that beautiful ass for me and disappeared through the bedroom door.
As soon as I came in, she jumped me, kissing me hard and fast. We fell back
against the door slamming it closed. Our tongues mingled as we fumbled with
our clothes. I grabbed her top and lifted it over her head delighted that she
wasn't wearing a bra. I attacked her tits with a fury, sucking on her left
breast wildly. I forgot how good she tasted as I slurped and sucked her
nipple. She moaned as her hands tangled in my hair. I squeezed her tit hard
and kept sucking, slathering it with my spit. I pinched and tweaked her other
nip with my fingers. I could have done that all day, but I knew we didn't
have much time. I moved down her tight stomach, and undid her pants. Torrie
was obviously ready for me, because she also had on no panties.

Her pussy was dripping, and its musky scent filled my nostrils. I quickly
dove in and began eating her lovely flower. I licked and lapped at her pussy
rapidly, making her moan even more. Her juices coated my tongue, while my
tongue attacked her center.

I spread her lips and stuck my tongue right in her, pistoning it in and out.
I fucked her pussy with my tongue as my fingers found her clit. I pinched the
hard nub and fucked her faster and faster.

"Oh fuck Stacy! Suck my clit, please!"

Replacing my tongue with 2 fingers, I fucked Torrie's dripping pussy hard and
sucked on her clit.


Torrie's body shook wildly as she gushed into my mouth. She tasted even
better than last time, and I greedily milked her pussy for more.

She finally stopped, and picked me up by the arms. She had a hungry look in
her eyes, and threw me forcibly onto the bed. Before I knew what happened
she was already on top of me, kissing me madly. She worked her way down my
stomach until she was right at my crotch. She undid my jeans, and pulled
them off me with ease. She rubbed my soaked panties with her fingers teasing
me. She increased the speed of her rubbing, as my pussy further drenched my
panties. I was getting closer and closer. Right when I was about to cum, she
stopped. She smiled as she saw the look of disappoint in my face. I watched
as she agonizingly pulled my panties off with her teeth.

Finally, Torrie began to eat my pussy. She took her time, with slow agonizing
licks. Getting closer and closer to my throbbing clit. I was going crazy with
each torturous stroke. She finally wrapped those soft lips around my pulsing
bud. I was already so close. She lightly bit down and I exploded violently
into her mouth. My body shook as my orgasm crashed through me.

I finally stopped cumming, and lay back trying to catch my breath.

"Stacy, you can't rest, we've got business to take care of."

"You're right Tor, let's go."

We had all gone out shopping that day and got back at the hotel around
11:30pm. I got behind the counter and acted as bartender. All the girls had
had a few drinks, and things were getting pretty loose. Some hard music was
playing and we were all dancing.

Sable was moving very well. She had on a tight low cut tank-top with no bra.
Her nipples were hard and poking out beneath the shirt. The shirt left plenty
midriff, showing off her flat stomach. Her ass was tantalizing in a tight
pair of black jeans.. All of us wanted a piece of her, but were able to
restrain ourselves, mostly. Torrie got behind Sable and wrapped her arms
around her waist. Torrie's pussy was right against her ass. She not so subtly
began grinding against her, and Sable didn't seem to mind at all.

Those 2 were turning me on so much. I winked at Victoria and went to the
bathroom. After a couple of minutes, she came in. I lifted my dress, showing
her my bare wet cunt. She got on her knees and started licking my hot pussy.
I held her head tight wishing she was Sable. She sucked and licked my snatch
furiously bringing me closer. Her tongue was thrusting in and out of me, and
I couldn't hold out much longer. I held onto her tighter as I felt my body
tense. I finally came and my pussy convulsed as Victoria drank my juices

Once we were done we both stood up.

"Thanks Lisa, I really needed that."

"Don't worry about it."

When she turned around, I put one hand up her shirt and began fondling her
breast. She froze and began breathing heavily. I whispered in her ear.

"Let me repay the favor."

I put my other hand down her pants and could feel her pussy was soaked
with pre-cum I stuck my middle finger in her hole and began fucking her. I
squeezed her breast and pinched her nipple while I finger-fucked her faster.

"Oh yes, thank you Stacy."

She leaned back against me as she got closer to climax. I fucked her faster
and faster until she came all over my hand. I pulled out and licked my
fingers dry.

"Don't worry Lisa, this weekend is just starting." We kissed and rejoined
the other girls. Ivory had already gone to bed.

Torrie then had an interesting suggestion.

"Hey guys, how about some body shots."

"Sure, why not?" I said before Sable could object..

"Ok Sable you first."

"Why me?"

"Why not?


"Oh come on, don't be such a prude."

"Oh all right."

I helped her up onto the counter. It was a perfect excuse to feel that tight
ass. She lay on her back on the counter, and Torrie already had the shots
ready. I pulled up Sable's tank-top to just below her breasts. Torrie poured
the liquid over her tight stomach. She clenched her abs at the feeling of
the cold liquid. I bent my head and licked the alcohol off of her stomach.
I made sure I got every drop, and I could feel her shaking under my tongue.
She quickly hopped off the counter.

"O-Ok, who's next."

Sable was a little shaken. It was obvious she was a little nervous about what
she was feeling.

Torrie: "Me." Torrie then placed the shot glass full of tequila right between
her tits.

"Who's gonna do it?"

"I will." Victoria stepped forward. She put her head right in Torrie's
cleavage, nuzzling in her tits for a few seconds before emerging with the
glass. She threw her head back and downed it all. I never thought of
Victoria and Torrie together, but the way they looked at each other after
that body shot, I knew it was only a matter of time.

"All right Sable, I did you, now you do me."

I was already laying on the counter before she could protest. Torrie poured
the alcohol all over my stomach.

I smiled at Sable slyly. "Make sure you get it all."

She came forward slowly. She bent her head and slowly started licking my
stomach. I shivered as I felt her warm tongue against my belly. She licked
every drop and tongued my belly-button for the extra liquid. I was getting
wet thinking of how her tongue would feel in other places.

I got off the counter and smiled at her. She looked a little nervous, but
then Torrie broke the silence.

"Man it's late, I'm going to bed."

As Torrie went to her room, Victoria spoke.

"Uh yeah me too. See you guys."

I saw the way they looked at each other, and knew they were definitely not
getting any sleep anytime soon.

"Hey Sable let's watch some TV."

Sable sat with me on the couch. I gave her the remote and she started channel
surfing. It was around 1:30am.

"Wait go back, to 209."

The tv stopped on a porno channel with two hot blonde chicks making out.

"Interesting huh?"

Sable: "Uh I guess."

"Have you ever thought about it before?"

Sable: "W-Well yeah, I guess."

By now, one of the girls was sucking on the other's tit. I moved closer to
Sable on the couch.

"I think its pretty hot. How about you?"

Sable: "Its...Its nice."

"That's all, just nice. I mean you have done it a little, how was it."

Sable: "The kiss with Torrie was nothing special but, but..."

"But what?"

"When she was dancing on me at Smackdown, I-I got turned on."

"How turned on?"

"Really turned on."

Our faces were inches apart, and I had my hand on her leg.

"Are you turned on now?" I moved my face closer to hers.

Sable: "Y-Yes."

I couldn't take it anymore, I kissed her full on the lips.. She kissed me
back. We open-mouthed kiss and I put my hand on her breast. Then she pulled

"I can't do this!"

She got up and ran to her room.

"Sable wait!"

I followed her and was about to knock when I heard someone moaning. I looked
in the next room and smiled. I went back to Sable's door and knocked on it.

"Sable I'm sorry. Let's talk please. I won't try anything, I promise."

She opened the door. I smiled at her.

"I'm sorry Stacy, its just that....."

"Ssshh!" I grabbed her by the hand and lead her down the hall.

"Look." She peered in through the cracked door, and her jaw almost dropped at
what she saw.

Torrie was on top of Victoria in their bed sucking on her breasts. Victoria
was moaning loudly, and both women were completely naked.

Sable was frozen, and I walked up behind her. I pressed fully against her and
put both my hands on her breasts.

"Stacy! what are you doing?!"

She kept her voice quiet as I fondled her tits, getting her nipples harder.

"Do you like what you see?"

"S-Stacy, we can't."

"Why not, I know you want to."

I lifted her shirt up exposing her tits, and squeezed them both, my hands
against her bare flesh.

The whole time, Sable couldn't take her eyes off of Torrie and Victoria.

"Look at them Sable, look how they are enjoying themselves. Don't you want
to feel how good it is?" I took off the rest of her shirt and began undoing
her jeans.

Her whole body was trembling, as I took off her jeans.

"I won't hurt you Sable."

Torrie: "We won't hurt you."

Torrie took Sable by the hand and lead her to the bed with Victoria. I took
off my clothes and joined them, closing the door.

I watched as Torrie placed little butterfly kisses all over Sable's breasts.
Sable's body shuddered at Torrie's treatment. Torrie pushed Sable onto the
bed, making her sit on the edge.

Victoria came from the other side and started sucking on her breast. Torrie
took the other one in her mouth and began sucking. I locked eyes with Sable
as she enjoyed the pleasure being given to her. I walked towards her, our
faces only inches apart.

I wrapped my mouth around hers, engaging us in a hot kiss. Our tongues
swirled against each other, as she moaned into my mouth. I broke the kiss
and knelt in front of her.

I opened her legs and her cunt was dripping in anticipation. I moved my head
closer and licked at her slit. I could feel her body shake as I continued to
tease her by softly kissing her pussy.

Suddenly I felt something probing at my pussy lips, and realized that
Victoria was sticking her fingers in me. I knew I wouldn't last long and
started to go to work on Sable.

I shoved my tongue into her hole as deep as I could, and held onto her hips
as she squirmed more. I swirled my tongue all around her slick walls. I
opened her lips with my fingers to get better access.

As I worked my tongue inside of Sable's pussy faster, I noticed Torrie stop
sucking on her tit and guided Sable's mouth to her own breast. Sable sucked
on Torrie's tit without hesitation.

I could feel myself getting closer as Victoria relentlessly fucked my cunt
with 3 fingers.

I worked my tongue inside Sable's hot pussy faster and faster until finally
her body froze and her pussy began convulsing around my tongue constantly
gripping and releasing it. As I drank her down, my own pussy exploded all
over Victoria's fingers.

Swallowing Sable's cum as my own pussy gushed was an indescribable feeling.
Finally both our pussies calmed down.

Torrie aggressively forced Sable to lay on her back on the bed. Then without
warning she sat on her face pushing her pussy into Sable's mouth. Sable's
hands gripped Torrie's thighs as her inexperienced mouth worked at trying to
get her fellow blonde Diva off.

My pussy was already getting wet again as I watched Torrie grind her pussy
into Sable's mouth.

I couldn't hold back any longer and Sat on Sable's stomach right behind
Torrie. I grabbed her tits from behind and began to play with them. Torrie
increased her thrusts, and Sable's muffled moans just turned me on more.

Torrie turned her head and we kissed as I pushed in rhythm with her into
Sable. Torrie finally came right in Sable's face. She was forced to drink as
much as she could, the rest going all over her face.

We didn't get off until Sable had swallowed all that Torrie had to offer. As
she tried to regain her breath, Victoria came forward and licked her face
clean of Torrie's juices, ending in a steamy French kiss.

We were all laying down looking at each other smiling, when it was like we
all had the same idea. I went between Victoria's legs and starting eating
her. Then Torrie positioned herself, so that Victoria could eat her. She
smiled at Sable and Sable moved her pussy to Torrie's lips. The chain finally
ended as Sable went to work on my own pussy.

We all simultaneously worked on one another's cunts. I couldn't believe how
good this felt. There we were, 4 Divas in a bed locked in a pussy-licking

I watched as Torrie sucked on Sable's clit, and I matched my sucking with
hers on Victoria's. Soon we all had the same rhythm going and we each started
to suck faster and harder.

The room was silent except for the slurping sounds coming from our intensive

If someone told me that walking backstage at a PPV a few months ago to talk
to Torrie would lead to this, I wouldn't have believed them in a million

I was brought back from my thoughts as I could feel my pussy ready to
explode. I couldn't believe that as I began to climax, all the girls began
to too. We had a quadruple orgasm, as we stayed locked to each other,
refusing to let go until we all drank each other dry.

We finally untangled ourselves and relaxed.

"So Sable, how was it?"

Sable: "That was great Stacy, thank you so much."

Torrie: "So are you in the club now?"

Sable: "Definitely, I can't wait to do this again."

"Great, because we have big day tomorrow. Trish and Dawn are coming over."

Sable: "So we have to get them in?"

Torrie: "Trish is already in, but Dawn isn't. So are you willing to help us
get her?"

Sable: "Just try to stop me. I can't wait to get some of Trish too."

"Oh she would love to have you."

Victoria: "Guys, I think I speak for everyone here when I say; let's get some

Victoria turned out the lights and we all got under the covers naked. We fell
asleep-entangled together waiting for tomorrow.

I woke up the next morning still a little out of it, but looking forward to a
new day of HLA. I found I was alone in the bed, but then I heard someone in
the bathroom.

I sat up and Sable appeared in the doorway. All she had on was a long silk
black robe.

Sable: "Did you sleep well?"

"After that, how could I not?"

Sable: "You still look a little tired, let me help wake you up."

My mouth hung open as Sable opened her robe and a let it slide down her
body to the floor. She was completely naked underneath. Her breasts looked
magnificent and her nipples were already rock hard. I didn't think it
possible, but her pussy looked even more delicious than it did the first

Sable had the eyes of wildcat stalking its prey as she crawled on the bed
towards me. Sable lay on top of me, pressing her naked body against my own.
She fed me her breast and I sucked on it greedily. I rolled my tongue around
her stiff nipple, and found that I wasn't as groggy as I was before.

Sable deprived me of her sweet tit and slithered down my body. I felt her
hands spread my legs and waited in anticipation. Her warm wet tongue slowly
entered me, and I squirmed beneath her. I couldn't believe how good Sable
had gotten so quickly.

She slowly wormed her tongue into me deeper and deeper, as electricity shot
through my body. Her beautiful ass was up in the air, and her mouth on my
cunt forced me to sit up as I got closer.

Sable's tongue worked inside me faster and faster and my hands were in her
hair. She found my clit and sucked on it hard and fast.

"Oh fuck Sable, I'm gonna... gonnna...AHHHHHHHHH!"

I exploded into her mouth and she didn't stop licking me until I was

Sable: "So, how do you feel now?"

"Oh, I'm wide awake now, thanks Sable, I'm going to take a shower."

I took off my clothes and turned on the water. I waited until it felt just
hot enough and jumped in. I soaped up my body and thought of what was to

I slid my hand all over my tight stomach and down towards my pussy. I
couldn't wait until Trish got here with Dawn. The things we would do to her.

Without realizing it, I had two fingers in my pussy. The bathroom was
completely steamed up, and the hot water ran down my body. I slowly started
fingering myself as I thought of sucking on Dawn's tits.

I felt cold for a sec, but then forgot about it. My eyes were closed, and I
fucked my pussy faster. Then something grabbed my hand. I opened my eyes and
saw Torrie in the shower with me completely naked. I was scared for a sec and
then relaxed as she came closer to me.

We French-kissed under the shower and I couldn't believe I was getting more
action so soon. Our tongues rolled together and I felt like I was in heaven.
Torrie's tits squashed against my own, and her hard nipples poked my tits.

I sucked on her tongue before moving down to her chest. I can never get
enough of her tits. I squeezed them both and sucked on her right tit.

Torrie pushed my head lower, and I got the message. I was soon inches away
form her pussy. The water ran down her pouting lips and I could easily smell
her arousal. I nuzzled my mouth into her lips and she moaned at the contact.

My tongue went to work on her inner folds, and her pre-cum tasted sweet. The
sun shone through the window as I ate out my fellow diva.

The room filled with steam, as I started sucking on her engorged bud.

"Ohhhh, Stacy, you are so good at that. Don't stop, I'm almost there."

I increased my suction, and worked on her clit like mad."

"Oh shit Stace, I'm cumming."

I swallowed all of her juices down and stood back up. I kissed her, letting
her taste her juices and then looked in her eyes.

"Your turn."

Torrie smiled and went to her knees. She obediently began lapping at my
pussy. I was close already, since she stopped me earlier.

Her licks got faster, and my legs began to quiver. I braced myself by putting
my hands on her shoulders.

"Yes! That's it Torrie! That's it! Oh yes, yes, yes, OHHHHHHH!"

I could feel my pussy convulse and gush into her mouth. It wracks my body and
she is the only thing keeping me standing.

We kiss again before washing up and getting dressed.

Me, Torrie, and Sable are all in the room. I can't believe that I've already
cum twice in less than an hour. All of sudden Victoria enters, with an
anxious smile on her face.

"They're here!"

We all rushed down to the lobby to meet them. As we greeted each other, I
gave Dawn a hug. She had on a low cut white tank top, and her gigantic
breasts squished against my chest. I purposely held her tighter and a little
longer to feel them some more. Her perfume was so sweet, and I had to resist
the urge to kiss her.

We helped them with their luggage and went back up to the room. As Trish and
Dawn marveled at the place I went into one of the rooms to change. While I
was looking through the closet I heard someone coming. I don't know why, but
I hid in the closet. I looked through the slats and saw Sable come in. She
had on tight white shorts and black low-cut sleeveless top. She looked so
hot; I was going to jump her right there, when someone else came in.

It was Trish. She had on a super tight pair of jeans and a very snug red top,
leaving plenty of midriff. Her ass looked magnificent, and her breasts were
busting out. Trish looked at Sable.

Trish: "So Sable, it's nice to see you again."

Sable: "You too Trish. It's been awhile. How are you?"

Trish: "I'm good thanks. You look great, you're even sexier than I remember."

Sable: "Thank you, that means alot to me."

Trish: "So, have you been having fun?"

Sable: "I've had alot of fun. The girls have been showing me a great time,
especially Stacy."

Trish's eyes lit up, but I could tell that she still wasn't sure what Sable

Trish: "Did she now?"

Sable: "Oh yes, we've grown pretty close."

The way Sable said that, and her sly grin was all the proof Trish needed.
Trish slowly walked up to her.

Trish: "Awww, now I feel left out."

Sable grabbed Trish by the waist, and pulled her in close, smashing their
breasts together. I could feel a heat building between my legs, and my
nipples started to stiffen.

Sable: "Well I guess I'll have to fix that."

With that Sable put her mouth on Trish's and they began to kiss. They kissed
madly, opening their mouths wider and wider. Their breasts squished together
as they continued engulfing each other. I couldn't help it, and I quickly had
my hand in my panties stroking my clit.

They then opened their mouths and swirled their tongues together in open
view. My swollen bud ached as I rubbed it more.

Sable grabbed Trish's breasts while their tongues battled and squeezed them
hard through her shirt. I could clearly see that her own nipples were already
hard as well. She kept squeezing them until Trish broke the kiss to take off
her shirt. She had on no Bra, and I forgot just how beautiful her tits were.
They seemed to glisten, and I recognized the look of lust and awe on Sable's

She wasted no time and bent her head to taste Trish's tits. She wrapped her
whole mouth around her right tit and sucked like there was no tomorrow. Trish
smiled and put her hand in Sable's hair enjoying the feeling. Sable rubbed
and squeezed Trish's other tit with her hand.

My shorts and panties were already down to my ankles in the dark closet, and
I was frantically rubbing my clit.

Sable continued to suckle on Trish's tit, and pinched and tweaked her nipple
on the other. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue all around Stratus's
hard nipple. She kissed and nibbled it few a times then stuffed as much of
Trish's tit as she could in her mouth. I was going crazy, and wanted to jump
out and join them but held back. I was ready to cum, but purposely stopped
myself, and started rubbing again.

By now Trish had stopped Sable's sucking, and took off Sable's top, bra and
all. Then she got to her knees, and peeled Sable's shorts off. She grinned
as she starred at Sable wet and bare pussy.

Trish: "Naughty Girl"

Sable smiled and put her hand on Trish's head guiding her to her soaking
cunt. Stratus wasted no time eating her out. I could clearly see her tongue
flicking up and down Sable's slit. I rubbed faster and felt myself ready to

Trish spread her pussy lips and dove deeper, pistoning her tongue in and out
of Sable's wet folds. I delayed my orgasm again, and each time it just came
back stronger. I rubbed my nub as I watched Trish bring Sable to a wonderful
orgasm. Sables head flew back and her eyes were closed.

Just like all my girls, she eagerly drank up all of Sable's liquids. Sable
stood her up and started undoing her jeans while still looking directly at
her. I could only see the outprint of Sable's hands in Trish's Jeans as she
began to finger fuck her.

Trish's jeans then slid down just below her panty-less pussy, and Sable had
2 fingers going in and out of her while they were still standing. I matched
my strokes with Sable's, as she bent forward and kissed Trish again.

She picked up the pace and was fucking Trish's pussy hard and fast. Finally
Trish came quietly, but I didn't. I stopped myself again. I began rubbing
again as the two ladies moved to the bed. They then got into a 69 and wildly
began to eat each other out. I was going crazy, and I rubbed my bud harder
and faster.

Trish was on top, and Sable held onto her beautiful ass as she worked on her
sopping snatch. Trish spread Sable's lips, and her hot tongue disappeared
into her pussy. They moaned into each other's pussies, and I could feel
myself ready to cum.

They moaned louder and faster, as they got closer. The build up from delaying
myself was huge, and I couldn't stop myself, even if I wanted to. I squeezed
my clit and my pussy exploded like never before. I started to black out as I
saw Trish and Sable climax simultaneously.

I came so hard, I couldn't believe it. I screamed and fell through the closed
door onto the carpet right in front of them.

As I recovered we looked at each other shocked. Then Trish smiled, and we all
began to laugh.

"Wow you two can really go."

Trish: "Well we learned from the best."

Sable: "Yeah, but Stacy, don't we still have to get Dawn."

"Don't worry Sable, we will, we will."

The weekend was coming to a close, and I had to get Dawn "initiated." That's
where you came in handy Diary. I "accidentally" left you on her bed, and let
the other Divas in on my plan. Trish, Torrie, and Sable, were conveniently
out of the hotel once the plan had begun to take place. I saw Dawn head into
her room. I waited a few minutes and then I spoke to Victoria, making sure
Dawn heard what I said.

"Hey Vic, I'm starving, let's get something to eat."

We then shut the door pretending to leave, and then went into hiding behind
the couch. After a few moments we heard Dawn's door open, and her slow quiet
footsteps across the floor as she checked to make sure we were gone. We
stifled our laughter as Dawn hurried back into her room and locked the door.

Victoria held onto my waist as we tiptoed back to her door and peeked through
the peephole. I was delighted and turned on with what I saw. Dawn had the
Diary in one hand reading, and her other hand down her pants gently fingering
herself. It brought back memories of Lita. Victoria took a look and grinned
at the pleasant image. We went back to the living room and sat on the couch
listening to Dawn's moans. We were both getting turned on, and Victoria tried to put her hand down my pants, but I stopped her.

"Just be patient. We have to save everything for Dawn."

She frowned, but I kissed her to keep her mind of things.

As Dawn's moans got louder as the time went by, Trish, Torrie and Sable
came back through the unlocked door. We all smiled at each other, silently
acknowledging that the plan was going perfectly.


That was it, we all had enough experience to know what that meant. Sable
slammed the door to make Dawn think we had just came back. We giggled as we
heard her scramble. Moments later she emerged. I had to give her credit for
trying to look like she didn't just cum to my entries. If I hadn't set it
up, I might have believed her.

Dawn: "Oh hi guys, you're all back."

"Yeah, sorry we didn't invite you, but I'm sure you found some way to
entertain yourself."

I could see her fear. I knew she read that we planned to get her.

Trish: "So what did you do while we were gone?"

Dawn: "U-uhm, n-not much, just watched some TV. You know, I think I'm gonna
get some air"

As Dawn tried to escape, Victoria blocked her path out of the room.

Trish came up to her and put her arms on her shoulders.

Trish: "What's the hurry Dawn, stay awhile."

Dawn was frozen with fear as Trish lead her to the couch.

As Trish sat her down next to me, I held her chin with my hand, and looked in
her eyes.

"You've been a very naughty girl Dawn Marie. You read my diary without

Dawn: "Oh fuck! I'm so sorry Stacy, I shouldn't have done that. It won't
happen again, I promise!"

"I'd like to believe that Dawn, I really would." And even if you are telling
the truth, I still think you need to be punished."

Dawn: "W-What are you going to do?"


With that Victoria and I held down Dawn's arms as Trish took off her top.
Her braless tits fell free and she smiled as she moved her beautiful melons
towards Dawn's face. Dawn stared at Trish's tits in awe.

"Come on now Dawn, After all that you've read in my diary, you don't know
what to do?"

She looked in my eyes, then slowly turned her head back to Trish's tits and
engulfed one into her mouth. She sucked it obediently with her eyes closed.

"That's a good girl."

I unbuttoned her shirt as she continued to suck on Trish's tit. I slipped my
hand in her bra, and began massaging her own massive melon. Not surprisingly,
her nipple was already rock hard. Dawn moaned as her mouth was still stuffed.

I pinched and tweaked her hard nipple inside her bra. I played with her tit
a little more then undid her bra. As her breasts fell free it was evident to
all of us how much Dawn was really enjoying herself. Her tits were a deep
glistening brown and even rivaled Trish's in size. I worked off her shirt and
bra and threw them aside. Dawn didn't miss a beat and never let Trish's tit
out of her mouth.

My mouth was watering. I bent my head to her chest and lightly licked her
stiff nipple with my tongue. I felt her body shake, and she let Trish's tit
fall out of her mouth. Trish grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back to
her chest, forcing her to continue the job.

I squeezed her large breast with my hand and wrapped my lips around her
nipple. I kissed and nibbled on the sweet bud. I opened my mouth wide and
slowly engulfed as much of her tit-flesh as I could. It was so soft and
warm, I loved it. I sucked and suckled her breast as she did the same for

Finally I came up for air, and looked at Trish.

"So Trish, how is she?"

Trish: "Oh, she's great Stace. I can't wait to see how good her mouth is at
other things."

"Good idea, Trish. Sable, If you don't mind."

Trish popped her tit out of Dawn's mouth and let Sable walk in front of her.
Sable eyed down Dawn.

"Dawn, I think you know what to do."

Without saying a word, Dawn slid her body off the couch and got on her knees
in front of Sable. She slowly undid the button fly on Sable's jeans, and slid
it down her legs. Sable had on no panties, and her dripping snatch was inches
away from Dawn's face. Sable stepped out of the jeans at her feet and kicked
them away. She then held Dawn by the back of her head and guided her forward.

Dawn braced herself by putting her hands on Sable's legs, and tentatively
licked at Sable's pussy.

"You gotta do better than that Dawny."

Trish: "Yeah come on, eat that pussy!"

Trish then slapped Dawn's firm ass through her pants. Dawn yelped but went
back to work on Sable, licking at her faster.

Trish: "I said eat, not lick bitch!" With that, Trish slapped Dawn's ass even
harder. Dawn tried to hold back a moan of pain & pleasure and spread open
Sable's pussy with her fingers and thrusted her long pink tongue as deep into
Sable's snatch as she could.

Sable: "AHHHH, n-now that's more like it."

Sable's face lit up as Dawn worked feverishly on her. Dawn's head moved
vigorously as she ate out Sable. She continued to fuck Sable with her tongue
hard and fast. Then taking a page from the diary, she replaced her tongue
with her fingers, and wrapped her mouth around Sable's clit.

Sasble: "AHHH shit! This slut learns fast."

Dawn rammed 3 of her cum soaked fingers in and out of Sable's pussy, while
her mouth sucked on her clit like a vacuum. I watched as she increased her
speed and efforts, and knew that she would make a fine addition to my little
club. My own pussy was getting wet watching her go to town on Sable. She
sucked and fucked Sable faster and faster. Sable's head rolled back as her
body shook. Her hands were stuck in Dawn's hair as she got closer to her

"Now Dawn, you be a good little girl, and drink every drop of cum Sable


Sable exploded, and Dawn Marie was already swallowing everything that she had
to offer. The sticky liquid ran down her chin, as she drank down as much as
she could. Sable finally released her head and backed up as Dawn tried to
catch her breath.

I looked at Victoria and winked. She took a shiny object out of her pocket
and got behind Dawn. She then held Dawn's arms behind her back and handcuffed
her hands.

Dawn: "W-What are you doing? Please let me go Stacy. Didn't I do enough?"

"Oh no Dawny, This party is just getting started."

With that, Victoria put Dawn back on the couch, while Trish stripped off her
pants and panties. With her arms cuffed behind her back, Dawn looked at us
with fear. I surveyed her tight naked body. I looked at her lightly shaving
pussy and smiled at her. I rubbed my middle finger across her slit.

"And here I thought you weren't enjoying yourself."

Dawn looked at me as I removed my finger wet with her juices. I sucked my
finger and looked at her. I slowly ran my finger across her nipple.

"Dawn, do you remember when Trish wrote in my Diary about when she went after

She barley nodded yes as she looked at Trish, who had a sly smile and stood
in front of Dawn completely naked. Then she reached into a bag near the

"Well say hello to an old friend."

Dawn's eyes went wide as she saw Trish pull out the same shimmering black
strap on. Trish quickly equipped the huge dildo and walked up to a helpless
Dawn on the couch.

Dawn: "Please no."

Trish ignored Dawn's pleas and opened the legs of the helpless Diva. With one
thrust, Stratus rammed the plastic phallus into Dawn's cunt. Dawn screamed
out in pain and squirmed on the couch, unable to stop the impending fucking.
Her hands cuffed behind her back left her with no choice.

Trish pulled out slowly, and then re-entered Dawn hard. Stratus continued to
pull out and re-enter Dawn faster. Dawn's feet were on Trish's shoulders as
she was being fucked. Her eyes were shut tight as she took Trish's assault.
Trish picked up the pace and mercilessly fucked Dawn harder. Thanks to Dawn's
flexibility, Trish's tits pressed against Dawn's as she fucked her deeper and
deeper. The 2 Divas locked eyes as they fucked. Trish held onto the back of
the couch to keep the dildo as deep in Dawn as she could. Trish's pelvis
pistoned back and forth as she attacked Dawn's prone pussy.


The couch was shaking from the furious fucking. Trish was relentless, and
rammed the dildo in and out of Dawn faster and faster. Their hair covered
their faces as they thrashed on the couch. Beads of sweat formed on their
bodies, as the intense fuck session continued.

Dawn: "AH, AH, AH, AH, I...I.... AM... GON-NA..."

As soon as she heard that, Trish fucked Dawn even harder and faster.


Dawn's body shook all over from her orgasm. She and Trish looked at each
other, as they panted, trying to catch their breath. Then Trish backed up
and slid the sticky shaft out of her pussy with a pop.

Victoria turned Dawn around forcing her face into the couch, not letting her
see what was happening. Me and Trish smiled as Torrie and Victoria stripped.
As Victoria put on the strap-on, Torrie sat on the couch and spread her legs.
Dawn was handcuffed and her ass was in the air. Torrie guided her head to her
pussy. Dawn obediently went to work eating Torrie's pussy.

Then from behind, Victoria grabbed Dawn's hips and rammed the plastic dick
into her pussy from behind. Dawn's head shot up and she screamed out as
Victoria stuffed the dildo up her pussy. Torrie grabbed her head and forced
it back into her pussy. She was helpless as Victoria began to fuck her doggy
style. The couch was big enough for all 3 women, as they fucked and sucked
parallel to it. Dawn worked on Torrie's pussy as she was being fucked.
Victoria tightened her grip on Dawn's hips, and slammed the dildo into her
soaked pussy. She fucked her faster, and the sound of Dawn's ass hitting her
thighs echoed throughout the room. Torrie kept Dawn's head in place as she
was furiously fucked. Torrie's legs wrapped around Dawn's head as her pussy
was being eaten. Victoria reached around and grabbed Dawn's tits as she
continued to fuck her from behind. Torrie's was close to cumming, and the
couch was moving as Victoria fucked dawn like there was no tomorrow.


Torrie came and Dawn's face shot up covered in cum. She screamed out.


Dawn came again and then fell forward exhausted. I stripped off my clothes
as Victoria slid the strap on out of Dawn. She took it off and gave it to me.
Trish and Torrie took Dawn off the couch and helped her to her feet. I put on
the strap on and sat on the couch in front of her.

The plastic dick stood straight up as I looked at the trembling Dawn. Her
hands still cuffed she looked back at me as she stood on shaky feet. With out
saying a word she walked up to me, her breasts bouncing with each step. She
came to me, and placed one foot on the couch next me. Her pussy hovered right
above the hard shaft. She looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes and
slowly lowered herself onto my dick. Her slick pussy gobbled up the plastic
as she kept lowering until she took it all in. She looked at me and slowly
began riding the plastic dick. Her breathing got deeper as she moved back
and forth across it. With her hands behind her back, her tits were pushed
out inches from my face. She began to moan as she picked up speed. She would
raise her body up slightly, then slam back down onto the dick. I smiled as
she picked up speed, and slammed down harder and harder. Her moans got
louder, as she fucked me. I could see her juices running down the shaft as
she rode it faster. The girl s looked on in amazement as Dawn Marie rode the
dick with enthusiasm. She was fucking harder and faster with each moment and
her moans filled the room.

I could feel how much she wanted this as her weight slammed into me over
and over. She fucked the dick faster and faster until her body began that
familiar trembling. Just before she climaxed, she leaned forward and we
kissed as her orgasm washed over her. I felt it like it was my own. Our
tongues mingled as her pussy creamed my thighs. Finally she stopped and
then collapsed, her head on my chest.

Trish and Torrie helped Dawn off of the strap-on. Victoria then got the
key to the cuffs and let her free. Dawn sat on the couch tired, breathing

"Congratulations Dawn, welcome to my HLA Diary."

Dawn: "Happy to be aboard."

* * *

Well Diary, that's how you helped me get another Diva. And Dawn will make a
great addition to the diary, til next time:

HLA Forever!

Stacy Kiebler

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