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Couple things l need to mention. Firstly you must be over the legal age of
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me. Thirdly this story is from my twisted imagination so in words its not

Stacy's Last Flirt
by Tommy Filth

Behind the scenes in the WWE Stacy Keibler was THE biggest flirt in the
business. She'd forever be bending down and showing off her under-wear or
talking dirty to the boys. The bigger the man the more she'd flirt with
him. Stacy hadnt realised it but her flirting had caused trouble for more
then one superstar and was being called up to Stephanies office.

Steph was busy in her office, filling papers when she heard a knock at the
door. "Come in" she said. The figure entered the door. It was a tall
blond woman wearing a short skirt and revealing top, Steph felt a powerful
attraction to the beautiful woman who stood in front of her.

"You wanted to see me?" the woman asked.

"Yes, Stacy I'm having reports that your flirting is causing domestic
problems with some of the superstars in the locker room," Steph said.
"l want it to stop."

Stacy approached the desk closer which Steph was sitting at. "Oh I'm sorry
l never realised..."

Steph interupted, "That's right you don't realise. You are a naughtly girl
and should be punished for being such a flirting whore."

Stacy knew what she had to do if she wanted to keep her job, it wasn't the
first time which she was put in this situation.

"Bend down you whore," Steph demaned.

Stacy got down on her knees and bent down in Steph's view. She peeled back
her short skirt revealing a panty-less ass. Her ass was well-rounded and
perfectly curved. Stacy bit her lip and said, "Please be gentle."

Steph replied, "Shut up, worm." Steph got up from her seat and ran her soft
hands across Stacy's ass. She then pulled back her hand and with all her
might smacked Stacy's perfect ass. SLAP!

"Owww!!!" Stacy said.

"Quiet you bitch!"


"P-P-Please no more my butt is killing," Stacy pleaded.

Steph looked down at Stacys ass, it was red and looked to be in pain. She
wasn't done yet. Steph pulled out a long whip from her draw and began to
crack the whip on Stacy's ass. With each crack of the whip a red mark would
emerge on Stacy's ass. The whip was made of strong leather and with each
blow Stacy let out a painful scream.

After ten whips Stacy couldnt take anymore and shouted, "YOU FUCKING BITCH,

Steph gave Stacy a evil look. Many superstars were familar with this look.
Steph only gave this look when she was really mad and when Steph was mad
there is only thing she'd do humilate the person making her mad. "Thats it
you blond bitch you asked for it now."

Stacy had very little idea what was happeneing. To her surprise Steph pulled
out a 6 inch cock. "What the fuck? Your a fuckin She-Male" Stacy said.

"That's right and your going to pay the price for crossing me."

With that Steph positioned herself in front of Stacy and started jacking off
in front of her face. "Move and its off to XPW with you," Steph said.

Stacy knew what was going to happen so she closed her eyes ready.

Steph screamed. Cum began to shoot and stick to Stacy's face. Within twenty
her whole face was bathed in Steph's juices. This was the worst punishment
of all for Stacy - having wet sticky cum attached to her once beautiful

Steph stood up and said, "Don't even think about telling anyone my secret.
Oh, and keep that cum on your face, it makes you look like the filthy whore
you are."

Tears were beginning to mount in Stacy's eyes as she left the office in a
extreme amount of pain.

After leaving Steph's office Stacy was rubbing her red ass and she was
confonted by the Big Show.

"Stacy I'm sick and tired of you flirting with me, I don't care if I have to
hurt you I want you so lm going to have you."

Before Stacy could turn him down on his offer The Big Show grabbed the sore
Stacy by her arm and lead her into the men's locker room. The room was empty
and the only sound which could be heard was The Big Show locking the door.

"Now bitch your all mine."

"Nooooo, get me out of here!"

No matter how much Stacy screamed The Big Show wouldn't let go. He bent the
girl down and lifted up her skirt to reveal a very red and sore ass.

"Well what do we have here?" The Big Show said.

"Get off me you over grown freak," Stacy protested.

The Big Show pulled out his 14 inch member and forced 5 inches into her tight

"Owwwwwwww, please stop!" Stacy protested.

Show replied by shoving another 5 inchs into her. Stacy hadn't felt so much
pain her life, 10 inchs of cock in her ass was unbearable.

"Take it out it huuuuurrrrrrrts so much!" Stacy begged. "Owwwwwwwwwwwwww
please stop!"

Once again Show replied physically by thrusting faster faster. All he could
do was laugh at the used bitch. Stacy's pain finally came to a stop when Show
came all up Stacy's shaft. He pulled out his dick and looked at Stacy's
asshole. His dick had widened her hole and now sperm dribbled from her once
pure asshole.

"This should teach you for flirting," Show laughed.

"Are you are you done yet?" Stacy stuttered.

"What do you think?"

With that Show turned her over and ripped his 14 inch dick into her tender

"AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!" Stacy screamed as she had 14 inchs of manhood forced
into her tight pussy.

He pounded harder and harder into Stacy, she would have enjoyed the
experience if it wasnt hurting her so much. For 5 minutes Stacy was having
her pussy banged by 14 inchs of The Show's cock. Stacy was in tears as the
pain became relentless.

"Stoooopppp your tearing me into two!"

Show laughed once again. His pace quickened as his sperm once again found
its way into Stacy's body. "Yeah baby take all my fuckin' load!" The Big Show
said as he had ejaculated in her again. He pulled out and looked down at the
girl. She was lying there in tears as she was filled with the Big Show's cum.
"Don't worry I'm not finished with you yet."

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