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Stacy's Last Flirt Part 2.
by Tommy Filth.

"What do you have in store for me now then" Stacy asked crying. "I invited
a couple of friends over and thought they could join me in ruining your
pretty little face."

The Big Show opened the door revealing a group of large men. Stacy didn't
recognise any of them but she new their intentions werent good ones. "Ok boys
shes all yours."

With that they all forced Stacy to her knees. She could hear them laughing
at her, mocking her, calling her a filthy slut. The four men all pulled out
their dicks and began to jack off in her face. The only thing she could do
was cry as the men masturbated inches away from her already ruined face.
Two of the men began to shoot their load all over face. It hit her forehead
and dribbled down her face until it began to enter her mouth. The taste of
cum was never liked much by Stacy so she let it fall down to her chin. The
next man was ready and shot her right in the eye.

"Ouch it stings," Stacy said as it crawled its way from her eye and down her
cheek. She sat there ready for the final man to finish his job.

He quickened his pace as he began to cum. He shoved his dick in her mouth and
let his warm cum fill her mouth. "Don't even think about spitting you ho," he
said. Stacy did as she said and gulped down every drop. She found the taste
salty and disliked having to slurp it down her throat. The four men stood
back to witness their masterpiece.

"Ok guys thats enough leave her to me now" The Big Show said...

Stacy had been locked in the Big Show's boot for almost twenty minutes. Ever
since being raped by the Big Show she found herself without any energy what
so ever to scream for help. She can still rememebr the evil smile he had on
his face when he carried her into his car boot. Her hair had clumped itself
together from all the cum. She lay there cold and naked in the boot never
feeling as used as this before.

The car finally came to a stop, Stacy could hear the Big Show coming out. He
reached down and opened the boot door to reveal a crying Stacy Keibler.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she mumbled out to him. No answer came out.
"Why? WHY?" He picked her up despite her screams and violate kicking. "Where,
where are you taking me?"

"To the kennels," Big Show replied.

Stacy looked around and saw a number of kennels filled with large dogs. The
Big Show stopped and put her on the floor. "Be a good girl and bend down," he

Without a bit of energy left Stacy full filled his request. She felt so weak
after her pounding from the Big Show that fighting almost seemed impossible
for her to do. The dogs could smell the juices from Stacy's pussy. She could
tell that the dogs were horny from this twisted smell. The Big Show opened
the first cage door to reveal a large beast of a dog. "She's all yours," he
said to the dog.

He started off by sniffing around her cunt, the dog found the warm juices
coming from Stacy's pussy arousing. After sniffing the dog started to
rapidly lick her pussy. Stacy let a quiet moan, it would seem that the
tenderness of the dogs soft strokes were pleasuring Stacy. The dog was
starting to get bored off this and was to horny to carry on with this
childs play. He lifted his front legs and mounted Stacy. Stacy's pussy
had become so tender that she let out a scream of pain as the dogs
knotted dick entered her pussy. "ARRRGGGGHHHHHH!! Please make him stop
this so wrong and painful."

The Big Show could only laugh as Stacy was pleading for him to stop the dog
from this terrible act.

"Please no more."

The dog kept on thrusting in and out, never before had Stacy had a dick
thrust into her pussy as fast viscous as this before. She could hear the
dogs pantings increase as he began to shoot his sticky warm cum inside
her pussy. The dog removed his dick and as soon as he did Stacy could
feel a gush of cum pour out of her pussy. "Oh god oh god l can feel that
dogs cum all around cunt," Stacy said in disgust.

The Big Show walked off laughing to himself.

"Wait where are you going?" she asked.

The Big Show didn't answer and carried on walking. Stacy was left behind with
no idea what to do in her state. One thing was sure though she learnt her
lesson not to be such a flirt.

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