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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Mickie James (TNA, former WWE), Drew Galloway(TNA, former WWE as Drew McIntyre)

Stand Up for Hardcore Country
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Following the conclusion of the TNA tapings in Glasgow, Scotland in early 2015, the newest member of the TNA roster in Scotland's own Drew Galloway has returned to the backstage area following his shocking debut to start a war against the Beat Down Clan.

"Aye! Those bastards aren't gonna know what's fucking hit them now I'm here to Stand Up for professional wrestling!" The rugged Scotsman says, clad in just his jeans, his muscular upper body shown off as he appears to be heading out of the arena now his job is done for now.

"Well, I've heard that kind of talk before..." A voice to the side grabs his attention, making him stop and look at the speaker. None other than the gorgeous former full-time TNA Knockout, now more of a country singer as well as a mother now - Mickie James. The curvaceous brunette smirks as she steps forward off from the wall, clad in form fitting jeans that hug to her stunning, thick ass, and a nice white top that clings nicely to her large chest. "Tough talk, claiming to be about change... I've seen people come and go saying that, and not just around here in TNA either." The former Knockouts Champion who made a surprise return to defend the man she's engaged to and the father of their child Mangus says as she steps in front of Galloway.

"No offence lass, but I'm not here to just talk... I came here to kick some fucking arse!" Drew says with determination in his eyes. "Those thugs of the BDC have got it coming, and I'll run every single one of them out of this company if I have to in order to Stand Up for this sport, and give it back the honour it deserves!"

Raising an eyebrow, she smirks as she looks him over. "Might be true Drew, but are you only interested in "Standing Up" to kick some ass? I happen to be pretty good at making hunks "stand up" to do something else with an ass... My fine, Hardcore Country ass..." James says with a flirty tone as she brushes her hair back over her shoulder.

"That... That was the worst line I've heard since I was forced to team with a stale duck red headed dork and a personality of a brick wall Indian guy for a couple of years." Galloway states. "Corny lines? Really lass? Besides, I'm pretty sure that you've got a ring on that finger from another man..."

"Well if you know about this business as much as you seem to do, you'll know that what happens on the road stays on the road..." James says, not hiding the fact she's checking out her fellow ex-WWE star. "My man always tells me when he hooks up with Knockouts when he's here in TNA... And I'll tell him about us having a bit of action... That is of course, unless you think you can't handle a piece of this fine piece of country girl right here..." She teases, using a hand to give her ass a firm spank.

Smirking, he folds his arms across his muscular chest. "So you're challenging me lassie? Consider it accepted. We'll fucking see if you can handle it when I Stand Up and give that arse the kind of seeing too you claim it can handle.

"Good..." Mickie says with a lick of her lips. "Because only my man gets to take me in my sweet pussy... So you'd better be packing something for this Hardcore Country ass of mine to work with..."

* * *

Minutes later in her hotel room, a completely naked Mickie James has taken up almost the classic doggy style position on the bed, on her knees and one hand on the sheets while the other has reached back over to rub her juicy ass, facing out towards the similarly nude Drew Galloway as he approaches with his rock hard, nicely thick, and mouth wateringly long cock pointing right at her face. With a saucy smile she starts to brush her tongue across the crown of his dick, swirling over and around the head and showing the obvious lust, she's even groaning just from tasting his man meat with her hungry tongue.

"Lass, that better not be all you've got for me..." The rugged hunk states as he pops off the bottle of lube in his hand, watching as the gorgeous former Knockouts Champion licks away at his rod, giving another swirl around to leave a trail of saliva hanging from her tongue to the tip of his tool. Raising an eyebrow, she makes sure he's watching as she parts her full lips, sinking down and taking his inches in, not only taking an impressive amount in with the first push but managing to wrap those lips around his meat, showing she's certainly no stranger to handling some big cock.

"Ahhhh... More fucking like it..." He comments with a moan of approval as she begins to suck on his length with a slow and steady rocking motion, while he leans slightly over and uses a hand to grab a big handful of her thick backside, spreading one cheek and smirking as the brunette blowing him uses her hand to move the other cheek to the side.

"Mmmmmphhhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmmmphhh yeeeepppphhhhh!!" The curvaceous American moans around the Scottish cock she's sucking on as she feels the cool sensation of lubricant being poured out down onto her ass, the trickle flowing onto her asshole and then down her deep crack. Even muffled by all that fat dick as she bobs her head on it, a loud groan of delight comes from her as the newest member of the TNA roster pushes a finger into her anal passage, starting to work that digit back and forth into her booty, in turn working in some of the lubricant as now he shows a little of his own sexual skill.

"Mmmmmph... Mmmmmphhh... GAAAAAAAHHHH!! Gawwwwwkkkkkk!!" The eyes of the former full time TNA Knockout widen as she's surprised when the hung hunk in front of her thrusts his dick forward deep into her mouth, making her nosily gag around his length while she's still sucking on him. But instead of objecting, she just gazes up with a rather filthy, daring him to keep at it and so it gets her another thrust to make her gag and splatter saliva around his length, then another, and before long she's getting her face firmly fucked while she continues to bob her head on that dick now being fed deep into her.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm yeah Mickie... You weren't kidding about being hardcore..." The former WWE Superstar moans with a smirk, finger banging the juicy butt of the ex-WWE Diva in front of him as he pumps his dick in and out of her mouth with the kind of motion that's more suited for pounding deep into some tight pussy, rather than the dripping mouth that's gagging and leaving saliva covering his rod as he rams in deeply.

"Mmmmm!! And it sure fucking ain't being Hardcore Country..." He adds with a groan, squeezing another trail of lube out and down onto her backside as he pushes his finger in again, managing to thrust down to the knuckle as he steadily finger fucks her thick ass, while at the same time ploughing right forward to stuff her mouth full with his inches even as she groans and gags loudly over and over again.

"UHHHHLLLLKKK!!! GAAAAAAHHHH!! Mmmmmmppphhh!! GAH GAAH GAH GAAAAAAAAH!!" Saliva is now dripping lewdly from her chin and off of those pumping inches, staining the sheets of the bed she's on top off as she takes a fucking in both ends with her mouth getting hammered and her stunning, rounded ass getting finger banged and more than just nicely warmed up for a pumping to come.

"GAAAAAAHHH!! MMMMMPHHH!! HHHHRRRRLLLLLKKK... GAAAAAHHH!!" Despite obvious discomfort every swift time his shaft forces its way into her throat and she's made to gag nastily all over that fat cock she's taking it like a champion, staying in place and even continuing to bob her head along that same dick as he pumps her talented oral hole.

"Mmmmm!! Yeah lass... I can tell you've gone to town on a cock before..." The former "rock star" of 3MB smirks with a moan as he delivers another couple of deep and firm thrusts into the mouth of the "Somebody's Gonna Pay" country singer, as her spit now messily coats his shaft after the stiff to say the least face fucking he's been giving her. All the while he's been continuing to work over her thick and gorgeous ass, now plunging in two fingers in and out of her tight asshole, ensuring that plenty of that sex aid is worked into her back passage while she aids the task by gripping her tanned cheek to the side for him.

"Ahhhhh... Fuck!! Not too many lasses can handle that, I can tell ye..." He groans that statement, pulling out from her oral hole and allowing her to gasp and take in a deep breath, but soon smirking again up at him as her glances back, watching him finger fuck her booty for a couple more moments, as the feeling of those digits alone in her is enough to make her shamelessly moan in pleasure.

"You sure you haven't talked with my man about me? Because he knows I love a man who can give me credit for a good fucking job!" Mickie grins as she looks back, satisfied enough with his fingering work it seems as she shifts forward to make him pull out from her backside.

"How about I "give" you something else instead?" Drew offers with a smirk, watching the busty beauty lay down on her back on the bed and raise her hips up, reaching forward and hooking her own legs just under the knees, presenting her glistening now asshole along with her clearly wet looking and sexily full looking pussy.

"Oh, so now you're giving me corny lines?" James laughs as she watches as he moves up towards the bed, lining his saliva-drenched dick with her entrance. "Maybe I should get on your case about it!"

"Or maybe I can show you how a true Scotsman gives it to a wifey who's gagging for it?" Galloway states as he pushes forward and forces the head of his dick into her tight asshole, making them both moan out as he eases in.

"Mmmm!! Oh yeah... That fucking works just fine for me Drew..." The stunning MILF says with a groan, feeling that big shaft starting to slide in and out of her tightness, the first couple of inches moving in before he pulls completely out, repeating the motion of working into that very snug even after all the lubing up and fingering before and then fully pulling out as her asshole doesn't even gape for a moment.

"Oooooooh shit!! Mmmmm!! Keep it in there... Make me feel it stretching my big fucking ass..." She demands, gritting her teeth for a moment as she keeps her legs spread and held apart, her backside raised off the bed she's getting nailed on as his meaty length steadily moves into her back passage, but not seemingly enough to meet her needs of wanting that dick stuffing her completely full like her mouth had been minutes before.

"Ahhhhh... My fucking pleasure lass..." The former WWE Intercontinental Champion states with a moan of his own, loving the feeling of her vice-like ass gripping his manhood as he pumps in and out of her, able to gaze over her nude, tanned and curvy form in front of him as he now thrusts her with more force, only pulling out so the head and an inch or so stays in before driving back forward and making them both groan out.

"Mmmmm!! Since I know you can take it... You're bloody well gonna get it..." He adds with a smirk, one hand on his waist as he rocks his hips back and forth, sending his dick sharply into the only woman to have been the WWE Women's and Divas Champion as well as the TNA Knockouts Champion, and right now she's getting her ass nicely filled up with a series of steady and forceful pumps as he looks to work more of his inches into that tight hole.

"Oh yes!! Mmmm!! I can fucking take it!! Ahhhhhh!! More baby!!" The Richmond, Virginia-native demands, getting perhaps far too much into this anal sex than she should be considering the handsome and muscular hunk currently steadily sliding his shaft in and out of her booty is not the man she's engaged to. Yet from the way she's moaning and openly calling for more of that big dick from the stud from Ayr, Scotland who is more than happy to deliver more of his perfectly timed and stiff thrusts to plunge his dick forward into her tight asshole.

"Ooooooooh shit!! Mmmmm... I love getting hardcore with my big fucking ass..." She moans out, licking her lips as she gazes over the muscular form of the grappler who is working is shaft back and forth into her back passage that's still as tight as ever around those inches, but the increasing force he's using to fuck her ass is making her curvy body rock back against the bed, and that only seems to increase her pleasure as her carries on groaning away with each pump she takes.

"Ahhhhhh!! MMMM... Fucking tight arse... You fucking love taking up the arse... Mmmmm! Don't you Mickie?" The talented wrestler who has made two independent scene Heavyweight titles into World titles with international defenses is continuing to show off the kind of sexual ability more than worthy of a championship as he smoothly pumps his cock into the raised up ass of the similarly gorgeous and now part-time competitor as she moans out herself as she feels his length moving steadily deeper into her backside.

"Mmmmm... Fucking hot tart... Fucking loving getting your shitter filled up with my big caber..." He smirks as he groans, gripping her ankles while she keeps her legs apart herself, leaning over slightly and delivering a sudden sharp thrust to make them both deeply moan as he forces more of his dick further up into her very tight back passage, making her body jolt and her large tits bounce sexily as he gives her a round of focused and stiff pumps right into that fantastic, rounded ass of hers.

"UHHHHH!! Mmmmm damn fucking right I do!! I'm... AHHHHH!! I'm Hardcore fucking Country!!" She moans out with a lusty smile as she stares up at him, not hiding the great pleasure she's getting from having her booty filled up with his thick cock, even though she isn't even having her pussy touched while her back passage is getting firmly stuffed.

"Ooooooooh FUCK!! And my sexy, fat fucking country ass... Ahhhhhh!! Needs a big dick filling it up!!" She states before letting out another moan, finding herself licking her lips as the wonderfully thick MILF takes this fucking from the rugged and ripped hunk who she isn't engaged to, but is loving having the cock off rammed right forward into her ass as she keeps it raised up for him to plunge back and forth into like they've been fuck buddies for years and years.

"Aye, damn right it does lass... But I want to see if you can ride my fucking dick and not just take it..." Galloway states as he pulls out of her backside with a moan.

"My man loves watching my huge, fine ass bouncing on his dick..." James says as eagerly releases her legs to shift position, edging to the side of the bed so that the stud that is in fact not her actual significant other can now lay down on the bed. "So sit back and fucking enjoy what he gets every night from me!"

"I just want to see that arse moving on my dick... What you and your laddie get up to is your business..." Drew smirks as he watches her mount him with her legs spread and resting back at either side of him, allowing her to lean forward to raise her ass up, as he grips his tool and lines it up either puckered entrance.

"You sure you don't... Mmmmm!! Want to know??" Mickie groans as she again feels first the fat head, and then his inches being pushed up into her backside as she firmly moves back to sink down and impale herself onto that long cock. "I've got a great story about the time... Ahhhhh... Me and him got freaky on the set of my music video with my girl Trish..."

"Ahhhhhh... I think we're writing out one... MMMMM!! Fine fucking tale right now lass!" The sports entertainer formerly known as Drew McIntyre states with a moan, his eyes glued onto the stunning, rounded ass of the now former full time female wrestler turned singer and mother as she starts to roll her hips back and forth in order to fuck her stunning backside onto his thick rod.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhhhh FUCK!! And it looks like... Ahhhhhh... A real fucking good one to me..." He adds with a smirk, talking both about the sight of that one of a kind ass moving swiftly and smoothly to take his dick in and out of her asshole, and the feeling of being back and deep into that still extremely tight and very pleasurable back passage of one of the hottest women to ever grace the wrestling ring.

"MMMM... Can't... AHHHHH... Argue with that one Drew!" She says, tossing her long brunette hair back so she can look back with another wide and lusty smile as she expertly rocks those shapely hips back and forth against his crotch so she can stuff that big dick right up deep into her juicy booty with the kind of smooth and nicely paced motion that wouldn't look out of place on any professional porno website scene.

"Oh yes!! MMMMM... Fuck!! FUCK!! God that's filing me up... MMMMM... So fucking deep..." She groans out, sliding a hand down her tanned body so she can start to pleasure her already wet pussy, brushing her fingers across her tasty looking folds and causing herself to both moan even louder than before, as well as now more forcefully push her backside onto the dick that's already lodged deep up into herself.

"MMMMM... Fucking ride it lass!! AHHHHH... Get that big fucking dick right up that fine fucking arse!" The hunky Scotsman encourages with a moan and his just as shameless as her own cries of pleasure are soon rewarded when she decides to switch the pace up, leaning back and starting to now bounce on his dick, fucking herself sharply straight up and down onto his fat and long dick. The beautiful and busty American MILF moans out, one hand now grabbing onto her own large, bouncing tits as she swiftly rides that large cock with her thick and juicy booty, while the other hand keeps on rubbing and working over her wet snatch at the same time.

"Fucking ride it Mickie!! MMMM... Hot, fat arse lass!! AHHHHH... FUCK!!" He swears his approval, caring little that this stunning and perfectly curved woman is engaged to another man, instead focused on the sight of that jiggling, shapely rump as her rear cheeks shake each time she drops down onto his shaft before soon rising right up and repeating the motion to make a loud slap of skin hitting skin sound out around her room as they fuck on her hotel bed.

"OOOOOOOOOH MMMMM... Oh FUCK!! YES!! My big... THICK... FUCKING... Hardcore Country ass needs... UHHHHHH!! This kind of... AHHHHHH... Massive dick splitting me open!!" The former three-time TNA Knockouts Champion moans out, sweat glistening now over her already desirable and stunningly curved body from the wild desire she's showing as she aggressively fucks herself on the dick of the current EVOLVE World Champion underneath her as he also groans out from the pleasure of having his manhood so deep inside of her incredibly thick and rounded booty.

"AHHHHH!! MMMMM... FUCK!! Fuck that ass!! MMMM!! Make me fucking hurt!!" She demands with desire as she looks back and delivers another series of swift and smooth bounces to plant herself right down towards the base to almost take him balls deep up into her backside before she raises up to about half-way and sends herself back down, and all the while still both furiously toying with her wet pussy and groping her own massive tits while she rides his dick.

"MMMM!! Sure fucking thing!! AHHHHH..." The also now sweating hunk states with a grunt, working his hips up to send his man meat slamming upward into her thick backside when she drops it down onto him, causing them both to loudly and without any shame moan out as her thick cheeks now wildly and sexily jiggle from the impact of his strong thrusts sending his member deeply up into her already well fucked ass.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM FUCK!! AHHHHH... MMMMM..." He moans out his delight as he uses a machine-like movement to ram his thick, Scottish fuck stick straight into the bouncing and beautiful American ass mounted on top of him, her back passage remaining impressively and pleasurable snug all around his thickness even after the repeated stuffing she's taken and made herself take.

"OH FUCK!! MMMM... FUCK... Fuck me from behind Drew!!" Mickie gasps out as she comes to a stop on his thrusting dick but is still made to somewhat bounce upward as he carries on delivering stiff and sudden pumps right up into that ass.

"Aye? That's an idea I can fucking get behind..." Drew says as stops his pumping motion, letting out a sigh at the brief break in the action as she shifts forward to lift her backside off of that dick, showing her now gaping asshole to show the effect all this anal action has had.

"You'd fucking better!" James grins as she moves off the bed, turning around to stick that gorgeous backside out and lifting one leg up onto the bed, still keeping a hand right onto her snatch as now shoves a couple of fingers into her needy hole. "Because if you don't slam this hot, thick, fucking fine ass of mine? I'll be fucking kicking yours!" She warns even as she looks back and licks her lips as she watches him get into position behind her.

"Then allow me to "Stand Up" and show you what I fucking can do to an arse like this..." Galloway states as he grips his dick, spitting onto the head before he promptly stuffs it into that magnificent backside with a powerful and deep thrust.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCK MMMMMM!!" The beautiful former full-time TNA Knockout loudly moans out, tilting her head back and starting to finger fuck her dripping pussy as she feels that mighty cock now slamming in and out of her juicy backside as the newest member of the TNA roster takes her from behind and deeply rams that butt even harder than before.

"Ooooooooooh SHIIIIIIT!! FUCK!! MMMMM FUCK!! Fuck... Fuck that ass Drew!! MMMMM..." She gasps out her approval, feeling his hands gripping her nicely toned stomach in order to pull her back towards his deep pumps, causing her juicy butt cheeks to collide sharply with his muscular, sweat-covered waist as he pounds the horny MILF up her incredibly rounded and thick backside.

"AHHHHH... Yeah!! FUCKING... Fucking take it lassie! MMMMM!! All into that... AHHHHH!! FUCKING FAT ARSE MMMMM..." The former WWE Superstar known as Drew McIntyre groans as sweat drips from his rugged and handsome face, but he's showing absolutely no signs of stopping his stiff and sudden pumping motion as he slams home into the former WWE Diva in front of him, continuing to make her booty shake when he brings her back into him so he can ram his shaft in all the way up into her built to be fucked hard and fast like this ass.

"UHHHHH!! MMMMM... FUCK... AHHHHHH... So... Fucking!! GOOD!!" He grunts as he shifts his grip, taking a hold of those massive, rounded cheeks in order to squeeze them, making her groan in response as he shifts the pace, pulling his dick back with a long, almost teasing motion all the way until the head is still inside of her snug back passage, before she forcefully drives back in almost to the base and then repeats the motion to really stuff that sexy, juicy ass full.

"OOOOOOOOOH SHIT!! MMMMM... YES! Yeah yeah YEAH YEAH OOOOOOOOOH!!" Closing her eyes and tilting that long brunette haired head back again, the fingers of the multi-time champion in the WWE and TNA are working feverishly now in and out of her own soaking wet pussy, the lewd sound of her juices around those pumping digits and from her snatch masked by the moans from both her and the stud hammering into her ass from behind.

"AHHHH!! AHHHHH!! MMMMMM YES YES YES!! Ahhhhhh... AHHHHHHH..." She shamelessly and deeply moans out again, her hands switching roles now as now the other set of two fingers get quickly coated in juices as she fingers herself, while the hand that had been working herself now moves up to her mouth, entering as she wraps her lips around them and starts to clean them off with slight bobs of the head like she's sucking on a cock.

"MMMMM... Awwwwww SHIT!! AYE LASS!! MMMMM!! Not gonna... UHHHHHH!! Forget this fine fucking arse!!" He gasps out, gritting his teeth in the next moment as he feels his dick throb for a moment while deep inside of that shapely and full backside just as his body once again smacks into her shapely, tanned figure as he deeply hammers away into the ass of the stunning American MILF in front of him with almost every inch of this fat Scottish dick.

"AWWWWW MMMMM... AHHHHH... OH FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMMM..." He grunts, gripping those fleshy cheeks once again as he pistons in and out of her now gaping asshole, but the rest of her back passage remains as pleasurable tight as ever for him to still moan out loudly and deeply as he fucks the wonderfully thick booty of the woman currently engaged to another man.

"OOOOOOOOH... MMMM!! MMMMMM!! AHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK OOOOOOOOH MMMMMM!!" With a long and loud moan of sinful joy, the rapid fingering work on her snatch finally sets the floodgates open as Mickie James starts to cum from being fucked up the ass by Drew Galloway, her juices trickling down her still pumping fingers and hand to make her juices drip down onto the bed sheets, only further ruining them with the sweat both the gorgeous wrestling starts have been shedding.

"AHHHHH... AHHHHH!! MMMM... Ooooooooh FUCK... MMMMM..." She gasps with her head hanging down, her body now roughly rocking forward as she still takes a pounding into that sweet, thick butt from behind and even now she can't stop her fingers from keeping on sliding in and out of her dripping wet snatch until worn out from the entire experience she almost collapses down onto the bed, still held up by the stud gripping her butt cheeks as he slams one last pump between those buns.

"AHHHHH... MMMMMM FUCK LASS... Here... HERE IT FUCKING CUMS..." He warns with a grunt as Drew quickly pulls out of her ass , letting her fall onto the hotel bed as he takes a hold of his cock, starting to furiously stroke himself off and aiming down at the unmissable target of the same backside he's been deeply hammering for the vast majority of this sexual encounter.

"AHHHHH... AHHHHH!! MMMMMM AWWWWWW MMMMM..." He deeply groans, and just as Mickie James looks tiredly back behind her she groans herself as Drew Galloway shoots the first blast of his load down onto her juicy ass, the sticky spunk landing across both cheeks as he pumps out every drop he has, sending it down onto her booty and down into her ass crack, causing her to moan out as some trickles into her now gaping asshole.

"Mmmm... Oh fuck!! Someone... Had a lot backed up!" Mickie comments with a grin, seeing the large about of spunk that's now been left over her well fucked to say the least ass.

"Ahhhh... If you ask any of the lasses in the places I've been kicking arse in, they'd tell ye that's just what to expect out of me..." Drew states, flicking the last drops of jizz from the tip of his dick before letting go of his softening cock.

"That so? Then I guess you'll be able to handle yourself just fine around TNA then..."James smirks. "Then again, you might have just had a lucky night just now pounding my hot little ass..." She adds, pushing herself up and off of the bed as she catches her breath still.

"That your way of saying get your dick back into that arse again?" Galloway asks with a smirk of his own.

"Get into the shower first... And bring that bottle of lube again..." She states, standing up from the floor and walking towards the bathroom door, making her juicy, cum-covered ass sway as she goes. "Because my man knows one round ain't enough for Hardcore Country!"

Licking his lips, he quickly snatches up the lubricant. "Lass, I'm more than able to Stand Up for Hardcore Country..."

* * *

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