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by Andrew Keller (

Chyna had taken a leave from the World Wrestling Federation to do the
role of a policewoman on an episode of the NBC-TV sitcom series, Third Rock
From The Sun. For her first scene Chyna's character was meeting Sally
Solomon, Officer Don's girlfriend, for the first time. As soon as the scene
was finished, the director had yelled, "CUT AND PRINT! OKAY, PEOPLE, TIME

After everyone else had gone on their breaks, Kristin Johnson (the
actress who plays Sally) has concerned look on her face when she saw Chyna
rubbing the back of her neck.

"Chyna?" asked Kristin after she had walked towards Chyna. "Are you,

"Oh, it's just I feel so stiff." answered Chyna, while in a little bit of
pain. "And after all those WWF gigs that I've had to do, it's no wonder I
feel like shit."

Then suddenly, Kristin had taken Chyna's hand and said, "Come with me,
Chyna. I think I know how to handle such a problem." and lead Chyna to her
dressing room.

After she had gotten Chyna to sit down, Kristin had said, "Now,take off
your shirt."

Chyna had taken off her t-shirt and placed it on the sofa, while Kristin
was rubbing baby oil on her hands.

Then after she had placed her hands on Chyna's back, Kristin had said,
"Now, all you have to do is sit back and relax." and began to rub her hands
on the back of Chyna's neck.

Suddenly, while her eyes were closed, due to the little massage that
Kristin was giving her, Chyna was beginning to feel something sliding down
her chest and all the way down to her pussy.

A shocked Chyna looked at her, causing to Kristin back away and said,
"Look, Chyna, I'm sorry. It's just that I'm kind of hot for your body."

Then, strangely, Chyna had smiled, placed her hand on Kristin's knee, and
said, "Why, Krissy, I didn't know you were 'bi.'"

"And, you don't mind?" asked a confused Kristin.

"Of course not." answered Chyna, as she began kissing Kristin on the lips.
"I don't mind at all."

Then, as soon as Kristin had gotten all of her clothes off and Chyna had
gotten the rest of her's off, the two women had laid themselves down on the

Kristin had, then, began to suck on Chyna's firm breasts, while her hand
was stroking Chyna's hot, moist snatch.

"Oh, yeah! That's it!" said Chyna, while she was feeling hot all over.
"You're bi! You'!"

A minute later, Kristin had placed herself, in a 69 position, on top of
Chyna,and continued licking her moist snatch, while Chyna has started
sucking on her's.

"Oh,Chyna...!",said Kristin, after she had raised her head up. "Oooohh!
It feels soooo good!"

"You like it, Krissy?" asked Chyna, while she was fingering Kristin's
pussy and asshole.

"Oooo--Oh, yes!" answered Kristin, as she was stroking Chyna's large

Afterwards, as soon as she had turned to face Chyna, Kristin had started
kissing her on the face, while her right leg was rubbing itself against
Chyna's wet bush.

"Hey!" said Chyna, having realized that she hasn't sweated so much since
the last WWF Pay-Per-View event. "It's getting a little steamy in here...!"

"Just the way I like it!" said Kristin, before kissing Chyna on the lips.

To Kristin, having sex with another woman was nothing new. But, to Chyna,
that particular day was unlike any other, because she was making love with
someone other than that certain WWF asshole, Chris Jericho.

"Oh...Oh,yes,please!" said Chyna,who was feeling more sexual intensity to
last at least ten millenium. "Yes--Take me!"

"Like this?" asked Kristin, after she had placed Chyna's pussy next to
her own.

"Oh,yes!" answered Chyna, as she had felt Kristin's snatch against her's.
"Oooh, yes, that's it!"

Then suddenly, Chyna and Kristin were rubbing their hot, wet pussies
against each other.

Sometime later, Chyna and Kristian were rubbing their hot, wet pussies up
against each other.

"WE'VE...BET...TER CUM...SSSOON!" yelled an overeager Kristin. "I'VE...

"DON'T...WORRY, KRISSY!" yelled Chyna, who was about to explode. "BECAUSE

After they had came, the two newfound lovers had fallen asleep in each
other's arms.

Finally, Kristin had arrived on the set to do the next scene as Sally
Solomon, while Chyna was standing behind the rest of the staff -- with a
smile on her face.


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