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Started With A Hug And Ended With A Bang
by JMK615

I was on vacation in Florida when I decided to call a old friend I've known for 7 years but haven't seen in 3 years due to her work. I pulled out my phone and hit call but it went to voice mail.

An hour later I went to the beach to catch some sun after 20 minutes at the beach my phone rings, I look at my phone and it's my friend.

"Bayley, how you doing?" I answered my phone.

"I'm good, how are you?" Bayley asked.

"I'm great I'm actually on a beach in Florida" I said.

"What? Your in Florida?" Bayley asked.

"Yeah just got here today for vacation" I said.

"what part of Florida?" Bayley asked.

"I'm in Orlando" I said.

"Sweet me too" Bayley said.

"You should come hang with me at the beach" I said.

"How long you gonna be there" Bayley asked.

"I'll be here for another hour or 2. I'm at Fair view beach" I said.

"Ok cool, I'll see you in 20" she said.

About 20 minutes later Bayley met up with me on the beach. I jumped up and got a big hug from Bayley, who was looking great in her bikini.

"It's so good to see you!" Bayley said with a smile.

"Yeah it's great to see you!" I responded.

We laid down on our towels and caught up on what we've been doing, I was so proud to see Bayley get to WWE. All of a sudden we noticed we talked on the beach for 2 hours.

"You wanna grab some dinner?" Bayley asked.

"Yeah sounds good" I said.

"Cool I know a great place" Bayley said.

"Nice, we better get changed tho" I said.

"Yeah I'll shower at your hotel, I got a change of clothes in my car." Bayley said.

"Ok cool lets go!" I said.

We showered and changed then went to the restaurant where we caught up some more and had some great food. After dinner we headed to Bayley's place to watch some TV and hang out.

"Stay right here, I got something to show you." Bayley said walking her nice butt into her bedroom.

"Ok come on in." Bayley said after a minute.

I walked into her bedroom and Bayley stood there fully nude. Bayley walked up to me undoing my belt dropping my pants down to the ground.

"Lay down on the bed" Bayley said licking her lips.

I removed my shirt and laid down on the bed as Bayley kneeled on the bed next to me, wrapping her fingers around my cock gliding her hand up and down before licking my tip with her tongue. I reached my hand over and started rubbing her wet pussy as she started smacking my cock on her tongue like a porn star.

"Oh I love your dick." Bayley said staring at me while licking from my balls to the top of my shaft.

"Oh damn Bayley!" I said as she engulfed my dick with her warm wet mouth bobbing up and down swirling her tongue around so fast I felt like I was gonna cum right there but I didn't and it felt way too good to make her stop. I started rubbing my hand along her nice ass and giving it a couple slaps which just turned Bayley on even more, bringing out the inner freak in Bayley.

"Oh yeah slap my ass babe." Bayley said softly before going back down on my dick like she was trying to suck a golf ball out of a garden hose. After another minute I grabbed Bayley by the hair and slowly lifted her head off my dick then laid her down kissing her on the neck as I grabbed her boob with one hand and rubbed her sweet pussy with the other.

"Oh yes" Bayley moaned from her innocent pussy being played with. I slowly worked my head down her body, kissing all the way down til I reached her lovely pussy. I slowly started to lick her clit while plunging two fingers as deep as I could making her moan.

"Oh yes just like that" Bayley said softly as I parted her pussy lips and buried my face into her love box. Her body trembled as my tongue touched the wet walls of her tight pussy.

"Oh.....fuck" Bayley screamed out, surprising me cause I've never heardher say fuck before. I continued lapping my tongue in, out and all around her pussy tasting her juices in my mouth.

"Come on babe give me that dick, I need it I need it bad" Bayley begged.

I moved up the bed sinking my hard cock into her tight pussy. We locked lips as Bayley ran her nails down my back, wrapping her legs around me as I thrusted faster and deeper into her.

"Ohhhh yeaah harder fuck me harder" Bayley grunted. I twisted her nipple causing Bayley to bite down on her lip, giving me a lustful stare as my balls smacked against her ass from me thrusting faster into her.

"I wanna ride you please."

Bayley begged again knowing it turned me on.

I turned onto my back and she slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock in reverse cowgirl letting out a moan and giving me a perfect view of her ass, I put both hands on her sweet butt while she drove herself up and down on my cock with such force I thought she was gonna break the bed.

"Oh yes ride my cock baby" I said grabbing firmly on her cheeks as she moved her hips slamming herself down on me. After a few minutes of riding Bayley decided she wanted to be fucked doggy-style.

Before letting me get up she drove her hand down my chest and driving her mouth back down on my dick to taste her pussy juice.

"Come and fuck me" Bayley said looking back at me. I first rubbed my hand from her neck down to her ass as I slowly inserted my cock back into Bayley.

"Oh yes, that feels good" Bayley purred.

I grabbed onto her hips and began to hump her like it was the last thing I'd ever do. I leaned forward and reached under to grab one of her tits as I kept up the pace driving deeper and deeper into her.

"Yeah you like my tits don't you?" Bayley asked before letting out a loud moan.

"Pull my hair and fuck me hard" Bayley then said as I watched her ass slam against my waist. I grabbed her by her ponytail and slammed my cock deep inside as hard as I could.

"Yes yes yes fuck me just like this baby....I'm gonna cum" Bayley screamed out as I watched the sweat drop off her sweet body. I pushed Bayley's face into the bed removing my hand to grab both ass cheeks with both hands and punishly pound her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh yesssssss!" Bayley moaned louder.

"Cum on my ass baby" Bayley requested.

I thrusted a few more times before pulling out and shooting my load all over her ass. Bayley turned around grabbing my cock and sucking it dry while staring up at me. She was the best fuck I ever had and she gave me the best blowjob ever.

"You are amazing" I said to her with a smile on my face.

"You are too" she said.

Bayley got up went to the bathroom and turned the shower on. A minute later she came back to the bedroom "wanna join me in the shower" she said.

I jumped up off the bed and chased her into the shower for round 2.

The End

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