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Starting Over From Scratch
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours after the end of the 2004 edition of the Armageddon Pay-Per-View,
Charlie Haas is walking into the hotel where the majority of the SmackDown
wrestlers are staying at. Earlier in the night, he refereed a match between
his Jackie Gayda and Dawn Marie, and after the match he broke his engagement
with Jackie and dumped Dawn. As he walks over to the elevator, he thinks
about what he should do next in his career, and he sees JBL's Image
Consultant, Amy Weber waiting for an elevator. He walks over to her, and
clears his throat, "Um Amy… do you got a second?" Charlie says as he stands
next to her.

The Image Consultant of JBL's Cabinet, the dark-haired beauty Amy Weber has
her arms folded over her nicely sized chest as she's dressed in short black
skirt and a navy blue, long-sleeved buttoned up blouse. Amy lifts her right
hand up from her folded arms and slides a strand of her soft, silky dark
black hair out of her beautiful face. Amy presses her lips together as she
turns to Charlie Haas with a raised eyebrow "Did you say something?"

Charlie, dressed in a pair of light brown slacks and a white button-down long
sleeve shirt, nods his head, "Yeah... I need some advice..." Charlie says as
he slides his hands into the pockets of his pants. "And you're the best
person to get advice from."

Amy turns her head away from Charlie and presses her soft, pouty lips
together "Advice on what?" Amy asks with a slight attitude as she keeps her
head turned away from Charlie.

"Career advice... I'm pretty much starting over from scratch... got rid of
all my distractions... and I was wondering if you could give me an idea of
what I could do...." Charlie says as the elevator doors open and he waits
for Amy to step into it first before he does.

Amy steps onto the elevator, joining Charlie before the doors close locking
both of them inside of the elevator cart, before the elevator cart begins to
ascend. Amy sighs as she toss her soft, silky dark black hair off of her
shoulders and glances over at Charlie "I don't give career advice..." Amy
slightly snaps as the Image Consultant of JBL presses her pouty lips together
and looks away from Charlie once again.

Charlie nods his head, "I know... you're an image consultant... but you
know... maybe you can give me an idea of what I should dress like in the
ring... I really want to get away from all that stuff Jackie had me wear..."
Charlie says as he shifts his feet.

Amy glances back at Charlie and raises an eyebrow. Amy smirks "As I say...
Image is everything!" Amy unfolds her arms "You're nothing without a perfect

Charlie nods his head, "I agree... and I've had a pretty horrible image
lately..." Charlie takes his hands out of his pockets. "Do you think you can
help me out?"

Amy's soft, mischievous eyes gradually light up as she smiles and nods her
head slightly "I could see what I can do..." Amy says as the elevator comes
to a stop and doors slowly open. Amy steps off the elevator and glances over
her shoulder as Charlie steps off the elevator as well "But...I don't come
cheap..." Amy says as she presses her lips together and turns around to face

Charlie nods his head, "I figure you don't..."Charlie says with a bit of a
smile, "But I'll pay you anything you want to get your services... I'm
starting over from scratch so nothing is out of the question..." Charlie
says as he looks at the beautiful dark-haired Image Consultant.

Amy smirks and nods her head "Well...I sure do have enough money with being
JBL's Image Consultant, so money isn't necessary..." Amy says before she
pauses and takes a good, long glance at Charlie Haas.

Charlie shifts his feet again as he slides his right hand through his brown
hair, "Ok... well... maybe I could do something for you..." Charlie replies.

Amy raises her eyebrow as she smirks slyly "I'm listening..." Amy says in a
soft, seductive tone.

Charlie shrugs his shoulders a bit, "Well... ummm you probably got like needs
that gotta be taken cared of..." Charlie says with a bit of smile, "And... I
can do a lot of different things..."

Amy folds her arms once again and nods her head "I would say...there are some
needs..." Amy narrows her eyes slightly as she locks her mischievous eyes on
Charlie "Just what did you have in mind?" Amy asks, sounding interested in
Charlie's brief offer.

Charlie slightly licks his lips a bit, "Well... I know it gets real lonely on
the road... and you're with JBL and the Cabinet... I know... give
you some stress relief..." Charlie says as he puts his hands back into his

Amy licks her lips slightly as she smirks and nods her head "Ok…ok...why
don't you come with me..."

"All right..." Charlie says as Amy walks pass him and down the hallway
towards her hotel room. Charlie walks behind her and licks his lips as they
walk towards their destination. Amy smirks slyly as she approaches one of the
hotel room doors and stops. Amy turns back to Charlie and licks her lips as
she casually unlocks her the door and pushes the door to her hotel room open.
Charlie walks into Amy's hotel room slowly and he turns around to look at Amy
as he stands near the bed. "Damn... JBL pays you a lot..." Charlie says as he
looks at how large Amy's hotel room is.

Amy smirks and nods her head "Image comes with price, Charlie." Amy says
softly as she presses her lips together and takes a few steps towards Charlie
as she starts to unbuttoned her long sleeved navy blue blouse.

Charlie nods his head, "And JBL's paying a lot..." Charlie says as he
unbuttons the cuffs of his long-sleeved white shirt, then he starts to
unbutton the buttons of the shirts. His smooth muscular chest slowly
becomes exposed with each button he unbuttons.

Amy licks her lips as her eyes lock on Charlie's smooth, muscular body
" have a great image already..." Amy says with a slightly smirks
as she opens of her navy blue blouse and removes the blouse from her body
revealing her smooth, tanned stomach and her large, rounded tits covered by
a black laced bra.

"Thanks..." Charlie says as he takes off his white button shirt and lets it
fall to the floor. Charlie looks at Amy's flat stomach and her large tits
that are covered by her black laced bra. "You got a great image yourself..."
Charlie says as unbuckles the belt that is holding his slacks up.

Amy smirks and nods her head "Of course I do." Amy says as she rolls her eyes
before smiling again "!" Amy says as she steps up to
Charlie and places her hands against Charlie's muscular, toned stomach and
leans her head up, kissing Charlie on the lips as she closes her mischievous
eyes. Charlie kisses Amy back as he pulls his belt through the loops of his
slacks. After dropping the belt on the floor, Charlie quickly unbuttons and
unzips his slacks as he slips his tongue into Amy's warm, wet mouth. He
pushes his pants down from his waist, and once they are down around his
ankles, Charlie steps out of them.

Amy steps back and tosses her silky black hair back. The Image Consultant of
JBL presses her lips together into a smirk and nods her head " even
better image..." Amy says as she glances down at the bulging crotch of
Charlie's boxers. Amy gently grits her teeth together as she kneels down in
front of Charlie and casually pulls his boxers down.

Charlie licks his lips as Amy pulls down his boxers, and within moment, his
extremely thick eleven-inch cock springs free. "I hope this image is as good
as it looks..." Charlie says as his hardening cock points straights out at
Amy. The former three-time tag team champion leans down and releases the
clasp of Amy's black laced bra and peels it from her body, freeing her large
round tits. Amy smiles up at Charlie and licks her lips as she gently places
her soft hands around Charlie's shaft and the Image Consultant of JBL begins
to stroke her skilled hands up and down against his hard shaft. "Ooooo...
mmmm..." Charlie presses his teeth together as Amy's hands move along the
length of his stiff unbending cock. Charlie puts his hands on his hips as he
looks down at Amy and he locks his eyes with her mischievous eyes.

Amy tosses her silky black hair back as she leans her head down towards
his cock and gently presses her soft, skilled tongue against Charlie's hard
shaft. The beautiful Miss Amy Weber begins to guide her tongue around and
against his shaft. "Ahhh yea...mmmmm..." Charlie moans softly as Amy moves
her tongue around his thick shaft, leaving a trail of saliva on his dick.
He puts his left hand on Amy's head and holds her silky black hair back so
that Amy's hair doesn't fall forward. Amy gently taps her tongue against
Charlie's shaft as she casually lifts her tongue up his hard, long shaft
and brings her tongue to the head of Charlie's cock. Amy gently circles her
tongue around the head of Charlie's cock before she opens her mouth and
lowers her head down his cock. She wraps her soft, pouty lips around his
shaft and starts to swiftly bob her head on his cock.

Charlie tilts his head back and closes his eyes as he plays with Amy's black
hair with his fingers. "Ahhh yea... ohhh yea Amy..." Charlie moans as Amy
bobs her head rather quickly on his fat eleven-inch cock. Charlie starts
pushing his cock forward, thrusting into Amy's mouth at the same pace she's
sucks his meaty shaft. Amy closes her eyes as she moves her head swiftly on
his cock as she bobs her head against his cock. Amy starts to lap her tongue
around his cock as she smoothly and swiftly sucks on his cock, taking more
of his cock into her sweet, soothing mouth. Amy presses her lips tighter
around his shaft as she starts to twist her head around his cock as her warm
saliva drips down onto his cock and rolls down his shaft as she continues to
suck on his meaty cock.

"Ooooo... damn... ohh fuck..." Charlie grits his teeth as he looks down at
watches the smoking hot Amy Weber suck and slurp on his cock while attacking
it with her tongue. Charlie puts his right hand on Amy's head and lightly
pulls on her silky black hair with his left hand as Amy goes down all the way
on his cock. Amy slowly lifts her head back as she lifts her head completely
off of Charlie's cock. Amy bites down on her bottom lip as she watches her
warm saliva trickle and roll down Charlie's hard, throbbing cock. Charlie
licks his lips as he looks down at Amy, "God... you're... a great... cock
sucker... the image of you sucking my dick... was great..." Charlie says as
he looks down at the dark-haired image consultant.

Amy licks her lips as she stands up slowly and begins to push her short black
skirt down from her slender, rounded hips. Amy guides the skirt down her
smooth, tanned legs and steps out of her black skirt and stands in front of
Charlie now completely naked with her smooth, hot pussy in full view of
Charlie Haas. Amy smirks and presses her lips together mischievously "A
better image you fucking me..."

Charlie licks his lips and smiles, "You got that right..." Charlie says as
he puts his hands on Amy's slim waist, lifts her up and lays her on her the
large bed that's behind her. Charlie spreads her legs and kneels on the bed
between them. Keeping his left hand on Amy's left leg, Charlie grips his
fat saliva-dripping dick with his right hand and guides to the hot image
consultant's hot pussy. With one swift movement, Charlie slams his cock
deep inside of Amy's waiting cunt.

Amy grits her teeth as she feels Charlie's cock slam into her tight, wet
pussy "Mmmmm Charlie..." Amy moans as he begins to thrust his cock in and out
of her tight pussy. Charlie puts his right hand on Amy's right leg, so that
now he's pinning both of legs down onto the bed as he drives his cock in and
out of her tight pussy. Charlie rocks his hips back and forth at a steady
pace, pulling back smoothly and then pushing forward sharply. Amy closes her
eyes as she raises her hands up and places them on Charlie's strong arm as
he drives his cock deeply into her warm, tight pussy "Mmmm...the perfect
image..." Amy groans as she starts to grind her pussy against his cock as he
thrusts into her.

Charlie leans his body forward and uses his hips to pump his cock in and out
of Amy's warm, wet pussy. "Uhhhh uhhh yeah... you like that cock?" Charlie
grunts as he moves his hands up from Amy's legs and puts them on Amy's

Amy grits her teeth as her hot, tanned body rocks back and forth on top of
the soft surface of the bed "Ohhh...ahhhhh..." Amy moans as she starts to
push her hips against Charlie's body as she rubs her pussy against his hard,
thrusting cock Charlie grinds his teeth together as he drives his cock
harder into Amy's hot pussy. Charlie moves his hands down Amy's waist and
rolls over on the bed, so that JBL's beautiful Image Consultant is now on
top of him. Before Amy realizes that she's on top, Charlie puts starts
lifting her up and down on his stiff fat cock while popping his hips upward
to thrust his dick up into her pussy.

Amy tilts her head back and moans as she bounces smoothly on top of Charlie's
cock. "Ohhhhh awwww...yesss Charlie!" Amy moans as she places her soft hands
on top of Charlie's muscular, impressive chest before she starts to rock her
body back and forth on his cock as she begins to ride his cock.

Charlie licks his lips and grunts as Amy bounces up and down on his thick
cock, "Ahhhh... ohhh yeah... perfect image..." Charlie groans as he feels
Amy's hands slide over his smooth muscular chest as she rides him. Charlie
raises his hands up from Amy's waist and puts them on Amy's large round
tits. Amy's body rocks smoothly on Charlie's cock as she bounces quicker
on Charlie's cock and her body begins to slam down rougher on his cock as
her soft skin smacks against Charlie's skin when she slams her entire body
down on his stiff cock. Whenever Amy comes crashing down on his throbbing
fat prick, Charlie responds by forcing his cock up into her pussy sharply,
making the hot dark-haired woman jump up on his dick. Charlie starts to
sweat slightly as the bed under him squeaks noticeably. "Ahhhh ohhh Amy...
I'm gonna... give you... a great image when I fuck you...from behind..."
Charlie grunts.

"Ohhhh Charlie...this already is the perfect image!" Amy moans as she
begins to sweat while slamming down hard on Charlie's cock as the beautiful,
mischievous Image Consultant rocks back and forth frequently on his
throbbing, stiff cock. Charlie groans as he Amy fucks him harder than he
fucked her earlier. The former three-time Tag Team Champion puts his hands
back on Amy's slender waist and he lifts her off of his thick throbbing dick.
Charlie sits up on the bed and puts Amy on her hands and knees, then he gets
behind her. After taking a moment to catch his breath, Charlie thrusts his
cock back into Amy's pussy and begins fucking the beautiful silk-haired Image
Consultant doggy style.

Amy grits her teeth as she feels Charlie's hard cock slam in and out of her
pussy from behind. Amy looks over her shoulder and smiles at Charlie as he
fucks her. "Mmmmm Charlie...that's it..." Amy groans as Charlie places his
hands around Amy's waist and pulls her body back against his cock before Amy
starts to buck her hips as she starts to slam her body back against Charlie's

"Uhhhh ohhh yeah... you like that... big... cock... fucking your... tight...
pussy..." Charlie grunts as the sweat flies off his body. He pulls Amy
backwards so hard that her round smooth ass crashes back against his waist
and thighs. Charlie grits his teeth as he drives his cock in and out of Amy's
soaking wet pussy.

Amy bites down on her bottom lip as her smooth, rounded ass slams back
against his waist as his cock rams deeply into her tight, wet pussy "Ohhhhh
Charlie..." Charlie grunts as he continues to pump his cock in and out of
Amy's hot pussy. He wraps his arms around her waist and leans forward so he
can deliver harder thrusts into her pussy. With sweat pouring down his face,
Charlie pushes Amy forward slightly and pulls her back as hard as he can onto
his cock. Amy grits her teeth "Ohhhhh fuck Charlie!" Amy groans as she cums
while sweat drips off of her hot, tanned and stunning body.

Charlie breathes deeply as he feels Amy's pussy squeeze his cock as her warm
juices flow from her pussy as she cums. "Ohhh... ahhhh shit Amy..." Charlie
moans as he gives Amy's pussy one more strong thrust before he starts to cum
inside of her warm soaking wet pussy.

Amy licks her lips and closes her eyes as she feels Charlie's warm cum invade
her tight, wet pussy "Ohhhh Charlie..." Amy moans as she slides her hand
through her sweat dampened hair.

Charlie takes a deep breath as he holds his cock inside of Amy's pussy as he
finishes cumming. "Ohhh... damn..." Charlie groans as he pulls his cock out
of Amy's pussy and wipes some sweat off of his face with the back of his
hand. Amy smirks as she tosses her silky black hair back and turns around,
facing Charlie. Amy presses her lips together before slides off of the bed
and begins to pick up her clothing.

Charlie gets off the bed and gathers his clothing, and he looks at the
beautiful sweat covered Image Consultant, "So... how's... my image?"

Amy smirks and shrugs her shoulders " needs work, like I said...image
is everything."

Charlie nods his head and smirks a bit, "Are you... going to help me with my

Amy presses her lips together "We'll see..." Amy says as she slides her skirt
up and begins to button up her navy blue blouse " hands are tied
right now with JBL's Cabinet..."

Charlie puts on his boxers and pants, followed by his white shirt, "Oh I
see..." Charlie says as he buttons up his white long sleeved shirt. "I'd...
really... appreciate if you could help me whenever you can..."

Amy smirks mischievously "Thanks for the fuck..." Amy points to the door "You
can see yourself out..." Amy says in a snobby tone.

Charlie raises an eyebrow, "Geeze... good thing I'm starting from scratch...
and the bottom of the barrel..." Charlie says back to Amy as he walks to the
hotel room door, opens it and exits the room, leaving Amy by herself.


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