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An interview with Stephanie McMahon I found. And by found I mean wrote. And
by wrote I mean typed.

Steph: The Interview Baring All
by Mr. Gannosuke

MR GANNOSUKE: Thank you very much for sitting down with me today.


Gan: First I'd like to talk about your on screen role as GM of Smackdown! How
much of that charecter is you?

Steph: That charecter is basically me. Of course, I've turned up the volume
quite a bit but I am a strong and dominiering person, I like to be in charge
I guess. (laughs)

Gan: So you must enjoy playing the character?

Steph: Sure its great fun. It gives a chance to flex a little acting muscle,
and I do love being in TV every week.

Gan: Now I've heard that you are very instrumental in the hiring of many of
the WWE divas. How so?

Steph: That is true, I recently got that. I usally will have a sexual
relationship with the girl, the better the lay the better her chances are.

Gan: Are you very sexual behind the scenes?

Steph: Yes very much so. I've had sex with all of our current divas, and many
from the past. The first one I had I beleive wa Tammy Sytch, Sunny of course.
Before that it was up to my mother. She hired everyone from Elizabeth to
Leilanni Kai to Alundra Blayze to Sherri.

Gan: WOW, seems the McMahon girls are always ready for action.

Steph: Very true. (lifting up her skirt a bit)

Gan: Now can we hear a bit of dirt of the divas sexual adventures with the

Steph: Sure.

Gan: You said the first you had was Sunny, tell us about that.

Steph: Sunny was very conservative in bed, as was I at the time. She liked to
be held and kissed. I was young then and had only been with a few woman so it
was a great place to start. I will say she had a great body, her breasts were
so full and her ass was also really nice. I have a thing for asses (laughs).

Gan: How about the Sable situation with the title?

Steph: I had sex with Sable often, she was very wild in bed. The opposite of
Tammy, and she gave my some of the most powerful orgasms of my life, so I put
the title on her. Like I said the better in bed the better the shot, but when
her time came to give it up she didn't want too. It was mostly because I was
sleeping with Debra more and more. She couldn't handle it and was let go
after awhile.

Gan: So Debra was your choice for next?

Steph: The world famous puppies had their hold on me (laughs). It was very
close between her and Terri, but with Terri married and more commited to her
family, I put the title on Debra. Terri didn't want the schedule I don't
think. Not at that time but she was VERY good where she needed to be.

Gan: Before we move on to todays divas I must ask you about Chyna. What was
your situation with her about?

Steph: I loved Joanie, she was great in bed, she was VERY dominating. She
spanked me fingered my ass and cunt, she even spit on me. I loved it, but she
even joined in on some orgies with me Jacqueline, Kat and Tori. She was a
great lover and friend. But she didn't know that I fuck guys too. Not very
much but I do. So when me and Paul, HHH, started she freaked. I was kinda
hurt by the things she said but I moved on, and I think she needs to as well.

Gan: Now tell us about some of the divas of today. Any favorites in bed?

Steph: Sure, Lilllian Garcia is great, she's got a magical tongue. (laughs)
Thats why shes such a good singer. Dawn Marie is almost as wild as Chyna
despite being engaged to Simon Diamond. Of course Stacy. From day one I have
loved her. And yes she is probably the best as far as anything oral goes. She
eats my ass and pussy with equal vigor.

Gan: Tell us about Victora, the curren women's champion.

Steph: I first fucked Victoria when she ws one of the Godfathers Ho's. I
actully fucked all of the Godfathers Ho's and I thought she was extra good.
So I kept her in the back of my mind, and told my mom to keep her, as well
as try her. Mom fucked her and said she was good and decided to give her a
contract. So after all these months of training shes back and she's much
better in the ring as well as in bed. I fucked her again before her title
reign and she gave me a thunderous orgasm.

Gan: May I ask how?

Steph: (laughs) Sure, three fingers in my ass, a tongue in my crotch and spit
all over both.

Gan: Now do you have any say in the Tough Enough competetion?

Steph: Yes I have all of it. That's why two woman won last year. I fucked all
of the Tough Enough girls from all three seasons in orgies. Me and the female
trainers, of course. I actually remember seeing Ivory at one point giving
pointers on using a dildo (laughs). She's always helping that girl. Anyway
Jackie Gayda and Linda Miles were both the best during that, and I had dinner
with Ivory to let her know that. And told her to fuck the both as much as she
could. Its just to bad that they were both so terrible in the ring. But
that's not my problem (laughs).

Gan: Nidia too then?

Steph: Yeah, I dcided her too. For some reason my mom said it was a girl AND
a guy winner. So she fucked Maven and Nidia while I just did Nidia. A very
wild girl, and I taught her to use her tongue like that.

(I should let readers know that by this point Steph and lifted her skirt up
above her crotch and is masturbating. No panties for the Billion Dollar
Princess, she is in fact clean shaven.)

Gan: You keep mentioning your mother, how much has she taught you about sex
and the business.

Steph: My mother is a wonderful business woman, and has taught me a lot in
that area. She is also a very sexual woman, despite what my dad has said in
the past (laughs). She has taught me a bit about sex, no incest or anything,
but we sometimes masturbate together. She also taught me to appreaciate sex
with woman more than men being bi-sexual herself. But I'd say I'm much more
of a lesbian then bi.

Gan: Then what about HHH?

Steph: Mostly for his status. I will say he is pretty god in bed but he can't
compare to a woman's touch.

Gan: Have you had sex with any wrestling divas outside the WWE?

Steph: Oh yeah, Lita mentioned Francine to me, they were lovers in ECW, and
I got to have her. Let me say if I was in charge of contracts, which I'm not
that's my mother, she would be hired right now. I've also had former WCW star
Daffney, she was a lot of fun. I've also had a relationship with an XPW girl,
named Kristi Myst.

(Masterbating a bit harder now)

Gan: Well that's all the time I have for today but I'd like to thank you for
sitting down and chatting for a bit.

Steph: Thank you very much, this was a lot of fun. I'd just like to mention
that I have a sex video coming out called Billion Dollar Slut, look for it
on eBay, and thaks to all the fans who watch each and every week.

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