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Steph Becoming General Manager Part 1
by AndyDXnwo (

Stephanie Mcmahon flown over to WWE Titan Towers for a meeting. When she got
there, she went to Vince's office. "Steph, you want to get your job back
right?" he asked.

"Of course I do."

"Ok then. We have come up with an idea for Raw and Smackdown. There will be
two general managers. We considered you being one of them. There will be only
one way to become the general manager."

"What is that"? she asked.

"You must please the entire roster,"he said.

"Ok then, but only the men right?" she asked.


"The first one me! I want you to come over here and give biggest
blowjob you ever gave anyone!"


She then bent in front of him and pulled down his pants exposing his 9 inch
cock. She wasted no time bobbing her head up and down on her father's cock.
He then shot his load down her throat. She swallowed all of it. She then
pulled down her leather pants and rode his cock. Bouncing up and down, Vince
pulled her shirt off and sucked on her nipples.


He then shot another stream of cum up her pussy. She then collasped on him
with his cock still inside her.

Part 2 coming up

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