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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Steph Brings Home The Gold
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the taping of the March 30, 2000 episode of SmackDown and escaping the chaotic brawl that closed out the show, the new Women's Champion Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts, her husband WWF Champion Triple H, Road Dogg, X-Pac and Tori, wearing a lime green top and black bottoms, have returned to the shared locker room of the McMahon-Helmsley Regime. "I can't believe it... I'm the champion! I am the Women's Champion of the WWF!" Stephanie excitedly says as she cradles her newly won championship belt.

"Yup you sure earned it..." Triple H says with a smirk as he places his WWF Championship on the table.

"This calls for a celebration..." X-Pac says.

"And I know just the kind of celebration..." Tori adds with a smirk.

"You do?" Road Dogg asks?

"Yup...I do...." Tori says while licking her lips and stepping towards Stephanie where she knocks the Women's Championship from her her hands.

"Hey! What are you...." Stephanie begins to say before Tori cups her face with both hands and deeply kisses her. "MMMMMM!" Stephanie moans out of surprise and places her hands on Tori's arms to push her away but as soon as Tori invades her mouth with her tongue, Stephanie begins to return the return the kiss, sliding her tongue against Tori's.

"Hmmm two words boys... get naked...." Triple H says to Road Dogg and X-Pac as they watch as Tori and Stephanie kiss in the middle of the locker room.

"Ohhhh mmmm..." Stephanie moans into Tori's mouth as they wrestle each other's tongues while feeling Tori's hands leaving her face followed shortly by Tori grabbing her ass.

"Mmmmmm..." Tori moans as she probes Stephanie's mouth and dominates her tongue with her own while squeezing her shorts covered ass for several moments. After a few moments, Tori breaks the kiss and starts to lift up Stephanie's t-shirt.

"Wow... this is going to be some celebration...." Stephanie says with a smile as she raises her arms and allows Tori to remove her t-shirt before she sees that Triple H, X-Pac and Road Dogg have all stripped naked and are stroking their cocks. Stephanie licks her lips as she looks at the trio of studs while Tori moves behind her and jerks down her shorts, exposing her juicy round ass and neatly shaved pussy.

"Hey Steph get over here and suck it...." X-Pac says.

"I don't know... Hunter.... whoa!" Stephanie says before Tori pushes her in X-Pac's direction and then pushes her down to her knees. Stephanie looks back at Tori with a playful glare before she looks at X-Pac and grabs his cock with her right hand and begins to stroke it.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm..." X-Pac groans as the new Womrn's Champion strokes his cock for a few moments before she leans her head forward to take his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm...." Stephanie moans as she wraps her lips around X-Pac's dick before she starts to bob her head back and forth on his stiff pole.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm ahhhh..." X-Pac moans as Stephanie rocks her head on his cock with her lips dragging perfectly against his dick

"Ohhhhh mmmm... mmmmm...' Stephanie moans as she places both hands on X-Pac's waist as she sucks his cock at a more eager pace while Tori kneels behind her and begins to grope her tits.

"Hey Steph you got two more dicks to please...." Triple H says to his wife before he grabs her right hand to force her to grab his cock while Road Dogg pulls her left hand from X-Pac's waist and to have grip his tool.

"Mmmmm ohhhh mmmmm..." Stephanie moans as she looks up at the three male members of the McMahon-Helmsley Regime while she sucks X-Pac's cock and starts to jerk off Triple H and Road Dogg while Tori is behind her playing with her breasts.

"Yeah bitch.... fucking suck it!" X-Pac groans as he places a hand on Stephanie's head and pushes her head all the way down on his cock to have her deep throat his cock.

"Mmmmm gahhh! GAHHH! Ohhhh! Stephanie groans and gags on X-Pac's cock as he holds her head down on his shaft as he starts to pump his dick in and out of her mouth.

"Yeah you fucking slut!" X-Pac moans as he pumps his dick briskly into Stephanie's mouth, with his balls banging against her chin as saliva spills from her lips.

"Gahhh! GLACK! GAHH! GLACK!" Stephanie gags as she keeps jerking off Triple H and Road Dogg as X-Pac 'bronco busts' her face with his cock pistoning into her mouth.

"Damn she's taking Pac's dick like champ...." Road Dogg says as Stephanie pumps her left hand on his dick.

"Like a Women's Champion..." Tori clarifies as she against squeezes Stephanie's breasts.

"Like my fucking wife..." Triple H smirks as Stephanie rotates her right hand around his dick as she jerks him off.

"Ahhhh mmmmm shit...." X-Pac moans as he shoves his cock deeply into Stephanie's mouth for a few more moments before pulling out of her mouth.

"Hunter fuck me... fuck me now..." Stephanie says lustfully as son as X-Pac's dick leaves her mouth.

"Anything for my wife...." Triple H smirks as he motions for Tori, X-Pac and Road Dogg to back away which they do once Stephanie let's go of his and Road Dogg's cock. Stephanie turn turns and gets on all fours before looking back at Triple H as he kneels behind her, "Time to play the game..." Triple H says as he shoves his cock into Stephanie's snatch.

"Ohhhhh mmmmm yeah... ahhhh ohhhh..." Stephanie moans as Triple H grabs her his and begins to pump his cock in and out of her tight twat from behind.

"Ahhhh awww mmmm ahhhh..." Triple H groans as he rocks his hips to propel his dick deeply into Stephanie's tight fuck hole.

"Mmmmm ahhh ohhh mmmmm ahhh..." Stephanie moans as she begins to push back against her husband's dick as he fucks her.

Meanwhile X-Pac is laying on the floor and Tori is bouncing up and down on his cock while she bobs her head on Road Dogg's cock. "Mmmmm ohhhhh..." Tori moans as she places a hand on Road Dogg's waist while placing the other on X-Pac's shoulder in order to keep her balance as X-Pac starts to thrust his dick up into her snatch.

"Ahhhh yeah ahhhh..." X-Pac groans as he grabs Tori's waist as he rams his cock upward into her box.

"Mmmmm shit... ahhhh..." Road Dogg moans as Tori twist and turns her head on his cock, rubbing her lips against his meat rod while she sucks on it.

"Mmmmmm mmmmm ohhhhh mmmm..." Tori moans lustfully on Road Dogg's dick as she bounces and grinds herself on X-Pac's pistoning cock.

"Ohhhhh yeah Hunter... mmmmm fuck me.... fuck me!" Stephanie moans as the WWF Champion slams his cock balls deep into her twat, causing her jolt forward on her hands and knees.

"Awww ahhh mmmmm shit..." Triple H grunts as he slams the full length of his sledgehammer like dick into the fuck hole of the new Women's Champion.

"Mmmm ohhh... ohhhh yes mmmm fuck yes!" Stephanie moans as her pussy is hammered from behind.

Meanwhile, Tori is still rocking on X-Pac's cock as he thrusts his dick up into her cunt however Road Dogg has moved behind her and is guiding his cock into her toned ass. "Ohhhhh mmmmm fuck ahhhh ohhhh...." Tori moans whorishly as her ass is invaded.

"Awww ahhhh... ahhhh..." Road Dogg grunts as he starts to thrust his dick in and out of Tori's asshole.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmmm fuck...." X-Pac moans as he looks up at Tori's large tits as they sway perfectly as she moves between himself and Road Dogg.

"Mmmmm yeah... mmmmm yeah boys.. ohhhh mmmmm..." Tori tosses her blond hair back as she gets double teamed by Road Dogg and X-Pac.

Meanwhile Triple H is now seated on the locker room couch with Stephanie straddling his lap and bouncing on his cock, "Mmmmm ahhhh ohhh god... mmm fuck you're so big Hunter... ohhhh!" Stephanie moans as she rises and drops on Triple H's dick.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmmm shit..." Triple H licks his teeth and as he grabs Stephanie's ass with both hands an gropes them every time she rises on his shaft.

"Ohhhh ohhh mmmmm yes ohhhh mmmm...." Stephanie leans her head back as she rides the cock of the WWF Champion while moving her hands against his muscular chest.

"Aww.... ahhhh fuck... mmmm..." Triple H groans as he sharply drives his dick firmly up into the new Women's Champion's pussy.

"Mmmmm yeah ohhh mmmm yes... ohhhh mmmmm..." Stephanie McMahon licks her teeth as she bounces briskly on her husband's stiff upward thrusting shaft.

Meanwhile, Tori is on her back with Road Dogg between her legs, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy at a brisk pace, "Mmmmm yeah... mmmmm give me your bone Dogg..." Tori moans as she arches her back in response to Road Dogg's thrusts.

"Awww ahhhh mmmmm ahhhh..." Road Dogg groans as he slams his cock deeply into the pussy of X-Pac's girlfriend.

"Ohhhh yeah mmmmm...." Tori licks her lips and grabs her breasts with both hands to squeeze them as Road Dogg hammers her fuck hole.

Back on the couch, Stephanie is rocking back and forth on Triple H's cock as X-Pac gets behind her and shoves his cock into her ass, "Ohhhhh fuck... mmmm yes fuck my ass!" Stephanie gasps as X-Pac begins to bound her anal cavity as she rides her husband's dick.

"Ahhhh ahhh shit... mmmmmm...." Triple H groans as he grabs the Women's Champion's large tits and begins to grope them as she rides his rock hard dick.

"Ohhh yeah ahhhh mmmmm fuck...." X-Pac grits his teeth as he see-saws his cock in and out of Stephanie's anal cavity.

"Mmmmmm ahhh ohhhhh shit... mmmmm ohhhh..." Stephanie moans whorishly as she bucks back and forth between two men who were apart of the infamous Kliq with their huge cocks pounding her holes.

"Awwww ahhh mmm.... ahhhh fuck...' Triple H grunts as he drives his shaft up into Stephanie's soaking wet pussy.

"Ahhhh awww... ahhhh shit... mmmm..." X-Pac clenches his teeth together as he slams his cock balls deep into Stephanie's thick round ass as she wildly bucks between him and Triple H.

Tori is now on all fours with Road Dogg behind her, driving his cock rapidly into her pussy, "Ohhhhh mmmm yes.... ohhh ahhhh..." Tori gasps with pleasure as Road Dogg fucks her deeply from behind.

"Ahhhh awww ahhhhh shit..." Road Dogg groans as he keeps a firm hold on Tori's hips as he hammers her twat with stiff thrusts.

"Mmmmm ohhhh fuck... ahhhh mmmm..." Tori licks her teeth as she pushes back against the former Intercontinental Champions.

Meanwhile, X-Pac is continuing to hammer Stephanie McMahon-Hemsley's asshole as she bounces repeated on Triple H's cock, "Ohhhh mmmmm shit ahhh ohhhh mmmmm..." Stephanie moans as she presses her lips against Triple H's firm lips to kiss him as he and X-Pac continue to double team her.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh..." Triple H groans against Stephanie's lips before forcing his tongue into her mouth as he jackhammers his dick up into her fuck hole.

"Ahhhh shit yeah... mmmmm fuck..." X-Pac licks his teeth as he rapidly slams his cock into the depths of Stephanie's asshole.

"Mmmmmm ohhhhh..." Stephanie moans as her tongue is pressed down by Triple H's tongue as they kiss while she continues to buck eagerly between her husband and one of his long time friends.

"Ahhhhh mmmmm..." Triple H moans as he and Stephanie continue to kiss as she rocks on his sledgehammer like cock.

"Awww ahhhh mmmm ahhhh awww..." X-Pac groans as he repeatedly plows the full length of his dick into Stephanie's asshole.

"Mmmmm ohhhh...ahhhh fuck ohhh shit...." Stephanie cries out as she breaks the kiss with Triple H as she starts to cum on his cock as he and X-Pac continues to fuck her ass and pussy.

Tori is bobbing her head briskly on Road Dogg's throbbing cock while moving her hands against his waist, "Mmmmmm mmmm.. ohhhh mmmm... ohhhh..." Tori moans as she sucks, slurps and slobbers on Road Dogg's fuck stick as he pulses between her lips.

"Ahhhh awww mmmmm shit..." Road Dogg groans as he starts to cum, flooding Tori's mouth with his jizz.

"Ohhhhh ooooo mmmmm..." Tori moans as she eagerly gulps down ever ounce of Road Dogg's cum while she continues to bob her head on his dick.

Stephanie McMahon is on her knees and is bobbing her head vigorously on X-Pac's throbbing cock while Triple H is behind her pounding her ass with his massive fuck stick. "Mmmmm... mmmmm ahhhh..." Stephanie moans on X-Pac's shaft as she pushes back against her husband's pistoning dick.

"Ahhhh yeah... suck it....mmmm fuck..." X-Pac licks his teeth as Stephanie slobbers heavily on his cock while she bobs her head at a brisk pace.

"Awww ahhhh... mmmm ahhhh..." Triple H grunts as he slams his cock into the ass of the new Women's Champion and gradually his dick starts to throb.

"Mmmmmm ohhhhh... mmmmm..." Stephanie moans as she twists and turns her head to rub her lips on X-Pac's tool while her husband pounds her juicy backside.

"Ahhhhh ahhh fuck awww mmmm..." X-Pac moans as he pulls his cock out of Stephanie's mouth and jerks it briefly before shooting warms wads of jizz all over her face.

"Ohhhhh yeah... mmmm fuck ohhhhh...." Stephanie gasps lustfully as she feels X-Pac's spunk landing on her face while Triple H continues to hammer her asshole.

"Ahhhhh awww... ahhhh ahhhh..." Triple H grits his teeth as he makes sure to slam the full length of his cock into his wife's ass while Tori moves over towards him on her knees with Stephanie's newly won Women's Championship which she lays across Stephanie's lower back.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh ohhh shit... mmmmm fuck baby!" Stephanie moans as the WWF Champion drills her ass for a few more moments before he pulls out. Licking her lips, Stephanie looks back over her shoulder to see Triple H stroking his cock until his meat stick erupts with thick ropes of cum that he sprays onto the Women's Championship belt that Tori placed on her.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck you've brought home to gold Steph..." Triple H says as he finishes cumming on the Women's Championship. Tori lifts the belt from Stephanie's lower back and moves to lay it in front of the daughter of Vince McMahon.

"My belt needs cleaning...." Stephanie says with a smirk before she lowers her head down and starts to lap up her husband's cum from it in front of Tori, Triple H, Road Dogg and X-Pac.


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