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Steph Hosts An Orgy In Her Office
by Richie Boi (

Torrie Wilson was in her locker room along with her fiancee Billy Kidman.

"Torrie, I'm going to the hotel early tonight, see you later tonight?"

"Sure Billy, I'll just hang out backstage and talk with friends."

Billy kissed Torrie on the cheek and walked out. Torrie stood up and looked
in the mirror. She was wearing a pink top and short tight pink shorts. She
walked out of the locker room and saw Stephanie McMahon backstage talking
with Triple H. Triple H walked off and Torrie saw Stephanie standing there
along. She walked up to her.

"Hey Steph, what's up?"

"Nothing. Hunter said he was going to the airport a little bit earlier."

"Oh same thing with Billy, well he went to the hotel."

"Cool, that gives us time to talk."

They walked down the hall and discussed Torrie's Playboy Shoot.

"Steph, believe me, you should be in Playboy, it is so much fun."

"I don't know. Probably Hunter and my dad won't allow it."

"Steph, you should go on the wild side more often."

"What do you mean?"

"Come by my locker room in 10 minutes."

Stephanie looked confused but agreed. Both divas walked off as Torrie saw
Trish and Stacy down the hall. She walked up to them and said the same thing
to Stephanie. Torrie then went to her locker room and looked in the mirror.

"This is your chance. Take it."

Torrie went through her bag and took out a 7 inch strap on dildo and a normal
8 inch dildo. She hid them in the desk near the lamp. She then took off her
clothes and started to rub her left nipple. She moaned a little and stopped.
She went through her suitcase and took out a silver see through bra and
thong. She put them on and took out a short, tight pink tub top and a short
tight blue shorts. She put those clothes on and a knock was at the door.
Torrie went to the door and opened it. It was Stephanie in a short black
leather skirt, and a black tanktop. She went in.

"So Torrie, what did you want to say."

"Just let me do what I need to do, then you can return the favor."

Stephanie looked confused and Torrie went closer to Stephanie. Torrie then
kissed Stephanie on the lips. Then stopped then both divas kissed. Torrie's
tongue went into Stephanie's mouth and Stephanie's tongue did the same. Both
divas massaged each others tongue. Torrie then took off Stephanie's black
tanktop and saw Stephanie's black bra. Torrie went behind Stephanie and undid
her bra. Torrie then put her arms, still behind Stephanie around her and
cupped Stephanie's big breasts. Torrie began to feel Stephanie's nipples and
pinched them. Stephanie moaned and turned her head to Torrie. They went back
to tonsil hockey as Torrie still felt Stephanie's nipples. Stephanie let go
of the lip lock and looked down at Torrie's hands of her feeling up her
nipples. Torrie let go of Stephanie's nipples and put her hands on
Stephanie's thighs. Torrie pulled down Stephanie's black leather shirt and
looked at Stephanie's see through white panties.

"Want me to eat you Stephanie?"

"Yes Torrie, eat me!"

Torrie giggled and pulled down Stephanie's panties. Torrie began to feel
Stephanie's left ass cheek. "Bend over Stephanie, I wanna eat your ass."

Stephanie did and put her arms on the desk. Torrie stood up and spanked
Stephanie a few times. Stephanie let off a moan whenever Torrie spanked her.
Torrie went to her knees and stared at Stehanie's nice ass. Torrie spread
Stephanie's cheeks and looked at her beautiful ass hole.

"Torrie, hurry, I want you to eat my ass!"

Torrie then put her tongue out and just lightly touched Stephanie's edge of
her ass hole. "Mmmmmmmmm, this will taste good." Torrie then put her full
tongue inside Stephanie's ass hold as she moaned.

"Ooohhhhh Torrie, yes, that feels good, eat me all up!"

Torrie then put her tongue in and out which made Stephanie moan louder and
faster. But then all of a sudden, Trish Stratus is shown coming in as Torrie
stopped licked and looked up at her. Trish giggled. "Want some help?"

"Yes Trish."

Trish then took off her blue top and had no bra. She went to Stephanie's ass
and licked it.

"Trish, eating my ass too! Please Trish, don't stop."

Torrie then took off her top and bra. Torrie felt Trish's left nipple and
began to pinch it. While Trish eats Stephanie's ass, Stephanie began to feel
her breasts and moan louder. Torrie then bit Trish's left nipple and licked
it. Torrie went to Trish's right nipple and started to bite and lick it all
up. Trish then re positioned herself and layed on her packed. She stared up
at Stephanie's well shaven pussy.

"Trish, eat my pussy, I wanna cum."

Torrie thought of what she should do. She pulled down her shorts and thong
as Stephanie watched on. Torrie went to the desk and took out the strap on
didlo. She put it on as Stephanie looked.

"Shove it up my ass Torrie!"

Torrie nodded and went back over to Stephanie's ass. Torrie touched and
spanked it again. She lifted up the dildo and widen Stephanie's ass cheeks.
She put it in inch by inch as Stephanie moaned. Trish then put her tongue
put to Stephanie's pussy and found her clit. Trish licked it fast as
Stephanie started to have a large orgasim. Torrie put the dildo in faster
and faster.

"Oooohhhhhhhhh...I'ma...I'ma...I'ma..gonna cum!!!"

"Me too Stephanie."

Torrie put it in faster and faster and Trish licked faster and faster then
Stephanie cummed all over Trish's face. Torrie moaned and Trish licked all
of Stephanie's juices. Torrie took off the dildo and Trish went over to
Torrie's pussy and put two fingers in and out. Torrie came all over Trish
and licked up all her juicies. Stacy Keibler then came in and saw the 3
divas naked. Stephanie went over to Stacy as Torrie licked Trish's pussy.
Stephanie took off Stacy's top and pulled down her shorts.

"Oh Stephanie, please fuck me."

"There's another dildo in the desk Steph."

Stephanie went into the desk and found the dildo. Stacy layed down near Trish
who's legs was open from Torrie's licking. Stacy and Trish looked at each
other. They started to kiss and put each other's tongue in their mouths.
Stephanie then put the dildo up Stacy's pussy as she and Trish moaned. Torrie
then rubbed Trish's clit as she cummed on Torrie's face. Torrie licked it
all up and Stephanie shoved the dildo in and out of Stacy's clit. Trish stood
up and picked up the strap on dildo she put it on and sat down.

"Torrie, sit on it, I wanna fuck you!"

Torrie went over to Trish and the dildo and widened her cheeks. She put the
dildo inch by inch in her ass and started to go up and down. Stacy and Torrie
moaned loud as Stephanie put the dildo on the side and licked Stacy's clit.
Torrie rubbed her pussy as she went up and down from the dildo. Stacy cummed
all over Stephanie as she licked it up.

"Stacy, now I wanna fuck your ass."

Stacy stood up and bended over. Stephanie spanked Stacy as what Torrie did to
her. Stephanie took the dildo she put aside and put it in and out of Stacy's
ass. Torrie rubbed her clit so much, she cummed as she moaned louder. All
divas had a large orgy that could be heard down the hall. Trish stood up.

"Hey wait, you all didn't fuck me in the ass!"

Stephanie, Stacy, and Torrie looked at each other and nodded. Stacy and
Torrie and Stephanie put Trish on the couch and widened her cheeks. Stacy
took off the dildo of Trish and put it on her. Stephanie took the other
dildo and shoved it up Trish's pussy. Stacy put the strap on inside Trish's
ass as she moaned louder than ever. Torrie started to lick Trish's asshole
with the strap on didlo still in and out. Trish moaned even louder. The
other three divas laughed. Trish cummed as the three divas licked her all
up. There was a knock at the door, then Test, Billy Kidman, and Triple H
walked in.


The divas laughed.

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