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Steph IS The Game
By J.D. Morrison

Mark had just gotten back from the gym. Throwing his gym bag
uncerimoniously into the corner of the room, he collapsed exhaustedly
onto the sofa of his lonely one bedroom apartment. Not that he needed to
be alone. At about six feet tall and a muscular 200 pounds, with long
flowing brown hair and a look the ladies found very desirable, he simply
didn't have the time because of his dedication to his pursuit of his
dreams; a shot at a career in the WWF.

He had just wracked is body with an intense workout with weights and
cardio, followed by an hour of working in the ring with his partner Jim.
The unglamorous life of an independent pro wrestler trying to get his
shot at the big time. Looking over to the phone he noticed the answering
machine light blinking.

"Probably another bill collector," he thought to himself as he
sluggishly got up to retrieve the message.

"Hi Mark, this is Jim Ross with the World Wrestling Federation," the
voice on the tape started as Mark's heart began to race. "We've seen your
work and are impressed. We'd like to have you come work a tryout match on
our next show at the Rosemont Horizon next month."

"Fuck yeah!" Mark screamed in jubilation as the message gave the
pertinent contact details. All the hard work,long travel for little pay,
and all the pain was about to pay off.He knew all he needed was one shot
and the brass ring was his.

Part 2:The show

As Mark made his way into the building he was greeted by Jim Ross and
led to the dressing room area where he was introduced to his opponent for
the night and given instructions. As he began to prepare, the owner of the
WWF, the ringleader of it all Vince McMahon confidently entered the room.
McMahon courteously greeted Mark as Vince's daughter Stephanie made her way
to her father's side.

"Hello, daddy," she said as she kissed her father on the cheek and
looked appraisingly over to Mark.

"Hello, sweetheart," Vince replied to his stunning daughter. "Steph,
this is Mark, he'll be recieving a tryout with us tonight. Now if you'll
excuse me I have other business right now. Best of luck." Vince turned and
departed the room.

"Hello, Mark," Steph said. Mark couldn't help but notice a definite
look of interest in her eyes as she appraised him. After a few minutes of
small talk she concluded "We'll be keeping a close eye on your work tonight.
Good luck". She smiled and excused herself to prepare for her on-camera
role as Stephanie McMahon-Helmsely, the vixen wife of Hunter Hearst Helmsely.

Mark's match went off without a hitch and Mark was riding high as he
made his way back to the backstage area. He was surprised to find Stephanie
waiting for him when he returned.

"Incredible work tonight. I think daddy's impressed.," she began, "I
definatly think you've got a shot at a joining the company. In fact, I'd
like to meet you tonight... to talk about your future with the company."
Mark was more than interested in the invite.

"Sure, where should we meet?" He asked. She handed him a piece of paper.

"This is the hotel I'm staying at and the room number. Be there right
after the show. I've got a few other things to attend to here now. I'll
see you then."

She turned and started to walk away, then paused. Making sure no one
else was around and watching, she stepped closer to Mark and looked
longingly into his eyes. "And don't worry, this invitation is for EXACTLY
what you think it is." She reached around to the back of Mark's neck and
brought his face to hers, engaging him in a lingering, lustful kiss.

Part 3: The Hotel

Mark made his way through the lobby of the hotel and found the door
leading to the room of Stephanie McMahon. Knocking softly, Mark was not
entirely sure what to expect on the other side of the door. What he saw
when the door opend was both a shock and a wet dream come true. There
stood Stephanie McMahon, wearing a stunningly revealing red lace teddy,
highlighting her incredible shapely legs and perfect tan. Her long, medium
brown hair flowing over her left shoulder and a glass of champagne in her
right hand, she invited Mark in, handing him the glass.

"Don't worry, this isn't part of the job interview," she softly said
as she sat down on the love seat and motioned Mark to join her, "but it
definitly won't hurt your chances".

"I'll bet you tell that to all the guys," Mark replied jokingly as he
joined her.

She laughed lightly and replied, "I usually don't do this sort of thing.
But once I saw you,I knew..." she trailed off as she set down her champagne
and leaned closer "I had to have you."

She took the glass from Mark's hand and set it aside as their lips met
slowly. Their lips parted. Tongues found each other as Steph found the
buttons on Mark's shirt and began to undo them. Once the shirt was gone,
she turned her attention to the button on his pants. As they continued
their passionate kiss, her hand found his swolen member and released it
from his pants as Mark's hands made their way to Steph's incredible chest.

Mark slid the thin straps of the teddy down Steph's shoulders and her
naked breasts were exposed to his touch for the first time. She moaned
lowly as she pumped his cock in her hand. Mark kissed his way down her
neck and to her chest. Exploring the fullness of one breast and then the
other with his tongue, he finally took her left nipple into his mouth.

Steph's breathing got louder and her stroking inensified. Pulling his
face up to meet her's, Steph breathily appraised Mark with lust in her
eyes. Mark responded by sweeping Stephanie up in his powerful arms and
carrying her over to the bed.

He finished removing his pants as he joined her on the bed. Returning
to her chest he kissed and licked his way down her body to the point where
her teddy had been pushed down around her waist. He took it by either side
as she lifted her body. He removed it and tossed it aside, sitting up,
appraising her body,now naked except for a pair of red g-string panties,
he stared directly into her longing eyes. Slowly he returned to kissing
his way down her body. Licking a trail down her flat stomach, circling her
belly button with his tongue. Then positioning himself between her spread
legs, he lightly kissed a trail down to the top of her panties as her
breathing intensified.

Her fingers were now tangled in his long, brown hair as he kissed around
her panties, down her left thight to the knee, over to the right knee and
back up. Finally, he hooked his fingers under the sides of her panties as
she eagerly lifted her hips to allow him to finally remove her panties and
him access to her hot, wet cunt.

Mark quickly licked a straight up her pussy, from bottom to top with a
suddeness that made her gasp. He put his toungue to work,eagerly lapping
at her cunt and gently tickling and teasing her clit. Stephanie bucked her
hips and grabbed him by the hair, pressing his face into her pussy as as
she thrashed uncontrolably on the brink of orgasm.

Finally settling back down after an intense orgasm, Steph released her
grip on Mark's hair as he kissed his way back up her perfect body. Hungrily
she grasped his cock and guided it to her sex. Both moaned in exctasy as
he entered her womanhood and thrust in to the hilt. They quickly found a
rhythm together as their bodies thrashed together like a pair of wild

Stephanie grabbed her knees and drew them up to her chest,t aking as
much of his cock into her as she possily could. Mark finally began to feel
the throws of orgasm began as Steph herself was coming yet again. When the
point of no return came,Mark withdrew from her hot cunt,gripping his hard
cock as his semen sprayed Steph on her stomach and chest.

Spent from the intensity of their encounter, both lay next to each
other on the bed. Stephanie excused herself to go to the bathroom to clean
up as Mark poured himself another glass of champagne. She returned holding
something behind her back.

"Mark, there's something else I forgot to tell you," she started as
Mark hung on her every word. She produced a peice of paper from behind her
back as she continued. "Dad wanted me to give you this," as she handed him
a World Wrestling Federation contract. "I think we'll be seeing A LOT more
of each other", she told him as she kissed him gently on the lips,laying
back down and resting her head on his chest. She looked up at him and
added, "that is, if you sign it."

Mark looked down smiling, "Let's just say I KNOW we'll be seeing a lot
of each other."


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