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Steph Proves Her Love
by The Whole F'N Show (

(At a LIVE RAW the camera man picks up Triple H and Stephanie walking up the
ramp as Triple H just loss to Kurt Angle because of Stephanie and Triple H
and Stephanie are arguing)

***RAW IS WAR goes to a commercial***

***RAW IS WAR returns from a commercial***

(The camera comes back on and is inside the locker room of Triple H and
Stephanie and they are talking)

Triple H: Steph I am tired of this SHIT!!

Stephanie: Bu...Bu....Hunter!!!

Triple H: No Steph!! Week after week! Month after month I have dealed with
this SHIT!!! I have dealt with losing matches because of this KURT ANGLE
THING!! Well Steph I am REALLY SICK of it!!! Now it's time for you to decide
who you love more ME, YOUR HUSBAND Triple H!!! or Your Business Partner, KURT

Stephanie: Hunter...I love you!!

Triple H: Then why don't you prove it!! I me...

Stephanie: Hunter I can prove it!!!

(With that Stephanie drops to her knees and gets between Triple H's legs and
looks up at him before grabbing his tights and pulling them off and then
Stephand kisses the head of Triple H's cock as Triple H places his hand on
Stephs head and pushes her on his cock and Stephanie opens her mouth and
takes in Triple H's foot long cock and gets 6 inches down on the first try)

Triple H: Damn Steph!


(Triple H then pushes Stephanie's head on his cock again and Stephanie takes
the whole foot long in and then pushes out and begins to suck throughly on
Triple H as he holds his hand on her head)

Triple H: AHHHHH!! Steph Yeah baby!! Your Damn good!!

(Stephanie begins to moan around Triple H's cock as Triple H begins to pull
her on the couch while she stills sucks his cock and then as Triple H gets
Stephanie on the couch he reaches down and slips Stephanie's panties down to
her knees and then she gets up and undresses herself as Triple H watches)

Triple H: Damn your body is HOT!!!

Stephanie: Yeah I know!!

(Stephanie stands nude in front of Triple H)

Triple H: Now get back over here and finish what you started!!

Stephanie: Okay because I am THAT DAMN GOOD at Cocksucking that is!!!

(With that Stephanie climbs on Triple H 69 style and Triple H begins to suck
on Stephanies sweet pussy as Stephanie goes back to deepthroating Triple H's
cock, Triple H pushes his tounge pass the pussy lips and begins sucking on
Stephanies Clit and Stephanie pulls her head off of Triple H's cock)

Stephanie: OH DAMN HUNTER!! I am SOOOOO WET!!!

(Stephanie then goes back to sucking on Triple H's cock and Triple H takes
his hands and spreads Stephanies pussy farther open and sticks his tongue
down as deep as he can and starts licking away at Stephanies pussie as she
reaches her hand down and starts fingering herself as well with one hand and
her other hand is keep Triple H's cock steady, Triple H lifts Stephanie up
and puts her on the ground)

Triple H: SUCK IT STEPH!!!! I am Gonn...Gonna CUUUMMMMMM!!!

(Stephanie is moaning around Triple H's cock as she begins to suck faster in
pace and Triple H starts moaning out loudly)

Triple H: AHHHHHHHH!! YEAH Steph!! SUCK IT BABY!! SUCK IT!! You little Slut!!
Suck it!!

(Stephanie then begins to rub on Triple H's dick as she sucks it and then she
rubs on his balls as well)

Triple H: AHH AHH!! Steph I am gonna....I am gonna CUMMMMMM!!!!!

(Triple H then pulls Stephanies head off of his cock and he shoots his load
into Stephanies mouth and on her face and Breasts and Stephanie spills some
out of her mouth and it runs down her chin)

Triple H: Ahhhh! Steph that was great!!

Stephanie: But you didn't finsh me yet!!!

(With that Stephanie pushes Triple H down on the couch and she climbs on his
face and sits down and she spreads her pussy him and he begins to suck away)

Stephanie: AHHHHHHH YEAH HUNTER!!! Hunter!! You are The Game!!

(Triple H reaches up with his hands and begins to rub on Stephanie's breasts
and pinches her nipples making them hard)

Stephanie: Triple H I'm wet and I am going to CUM!!!

(Stephanie then stops Triple H and rubs his cock making it hard again and
then she slides on his cock and Triple H slowly Stephanie up and Down on his
cock and Triple H then starts pushing up and letting down)

Triple H: Yeah!! Uh Yeah!! You like that you SLUT!!

Stephanie: Yeah!!! Ummmmmmm Feels good!!! Your dick feels soooooo...
ggggooodddd inside me!!! AHHHHHHHH!!

Triple H: Yeah!!! You like Dick don't ya!!


(Triple H then starts to feel on Stephanies tits and reaches up and starts
sucking on them as she pounces on his dick)

Stephanie: OH HUNTER!! HUNTER!! HUNTER!! I.....I....I am about to CUMM!!!!!!!

(Triple H then lays down Stephanie and begins to thrust his dick inside of
her and they both Cum at the same time)




(Triple H then lifts Stephanie off of his dick and they cuddle together)

Triple H: Alright Steph you proved it to me!!

Stephanie: I was sure that would convince you!!

Triple H: Well you were right!!!

(The door then swings open and Kurt Angle enters the room)

Kurt: Do you realize that all those people saw you!! The Titantron and that
camera caught you!!!

***THE END???***

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