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Steph Really Is Daddy's Little Girl
by Adam Haque

Stephanie woke up to the sound of the shower. Momentarily she forgot where
she was and then remembered she was spending the holidays at her parent's
house. Getting out of bed, she put her robe over her naked body and went
downstairs for coffee.

"Hey, honey," her mom, Linda, said seeing her come down the stairs. Linda
was already dressed in a suit and looking at the newspaper.

"Don't tell me you have to work two days before Christmas!" Stephanie

"Sorry, it's a tough job, being CEO -- I can't help it." Linda replied
and with that she was off.

Stephanie drank her coffee and remembered the past Christmas' fondly.
She smiled as her Dad, Vince came down the stairs in his boxer shorts and
surprised herself and noticing that his penis was poking out of the hole,
quite a bit in fact -- it was a pretty large one! "What am I thinking?"
Stephanie thought angrily to herself and crossed her legs.

Vince also couldn't help but noticing that Stephanie's right nipple
showed. It popped out of the V- in her robe. "God, she must sleep naked!" he
thought, before thinking but went ahead and took the stool next to Stephanie
at the counter.

"Coffee Dad?" and she poured him a cup.

As she got up to lean over the counter, her short robe rode up on her
butt. She gave her Dad a glimpse of her asshole and cunt and his penis
stirred without him noticing it. He drank the coffee greedily and turned to
look at the paper. Stephanie couldn't help but bring her eyes in a glance
down to her Vince's dick which lay on his right thigh. It looked a little
hard -- or was it really so fat?

"Oh god, it must be monster when it's all the way hard." Stephanie shifted
uneasily on her stool when she realized this thought had made her so wet that
she could feel the wooden stool get moist beneath her.

She got up and went to the fridge to get something to eat, Vince noticed
the wet spot on her stool as she looked in the fridge. In his caffeineless
state he put his finger to it and put it in his mouth. Sweet pussy flavor
filled his mouth. Oh god, his penis started getting bigger. He looked at
Stephanie bending over to see what was in the fridge and got up to come
behind her.

"Umm, see anything good" he mumbled, looking more at her now almost fully
exposed crotch. He put his hand to push his penis down.

"No, I don't know what I want. I feel sort of hungry, but then not
really." Stephanie said, feeling Vince close behind made her pussy strangely
wet again. She stood up and turned around. "Oh god, his penis is getting
harder, I must have been giving him an eye-full as I bent over!" She reached
behind her to push down her robe and her eyes stayed on Vince's growing cock.

"Oh god, I am so sorry honey, umm I don't know what.." Vince mumbled
seeing her eyes on his growing cock.

"It's okay, I mean... uhh, do you want to eat?" she got out nervously,
but didn't move away from him.

Vince was staring at her chest, her nipples were hard as diamonds and
pushing against her short silk robe. Vince didn't know how it happened, but
his hand just grabbed for her right breast.

Stephanie sucked her breath in and said "Dad..Dad, I don't know, ohh" and
felt Vince's calloused hand roll over her breast. Her nipples were screaming
in desire. She felt a trickle of pussy juice run down her leg. His other hand
grabbed her crotch and felt how soaking wet it was.

"Oh god, want your father's cock! You want it you, slut!"
His dick was about to explode right then and there in the kitchen.

"Noo, oh noo I don't! I don't know, ooohhh!" Stephanie couldn't help but
leaning closer as she said no.

"Touch it, touch your Father.." Vince murmured.

She grabbed his dick and her pussy screamed as Vince kept rubbing it. It
was so hard, so huge. Stephanie's Dad pushed her to the ground and lay on
top of her. He tore the mostly off robe open and looked at his daughter's
breasts -- the nipples were hard and red and as he kept his hand in her she
shut her eyes and moaned in pleasure.

"Ohhh, Dad more! More! I want it please!" He rammed himself into her and
she started screaming with pleasure. Stephanie felt the dick of Vince's in
her heart it was so huge, she grunted and moved around under him saying,
"Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me forever, more, more ohhhh!"

She screamed as her first orgasm ripped through her. Vince came upon
seeing his daughter come, sperm oozing out of her cunt on to the kitchen
floor. He pulled out and began licking her.

Her pussy was so wet and filled with his own cum. It tasted like heaven,
he couldn't believe this writhing slut was his own daughter, at the thought
his dick grew huge again and he threw her on her stomach and stopped touching
her. She got on all fours pushing her ass to him and crying out "Daddy, don't
stop, fuck your daddy's little girl now, oh god I want you! Daddy now!"

The look of her ass and clit dripping with his cum and hers made him wild,
he took his dick and pushed it against her asshole and then rammed it in as
she screamed with pain. "Oh no!" but as he worked it, she started to moan and
then started to scream "Fuck me harder in the ass Daddy! Harder I want it
harder!" He put his whole dick in her and she screamed again, with both pain
and pleasure. Stephanie couldn't believe how incredible her Daddy's dick was
as she orgasmed again.

Finally Vince felt that he was going to come again, so he pulled out and
turned his daughter around so she was on all fours facing his pulsing cock.
She grabbed it in her mouth and sucked him so hard that he couldn't enjoy it
very long because his cum erupted out of him. She sucked and sucked him dry.

Standing up, Vince looked at his daughter lying in a heap on the floor.
Her red ass and cunt looked incredible and although he knew his dick needed
a few minutes, he couldn't waste this opportunity, so he grabbed a beer
bottle from the fridge and proceeded to fuck his daughter with it. She moaned
and cried out for more, he took in out and went down on her again using the
beer bottle inside and his licked her all over. Neither of them talked any
more, it was just primal grunts and moans as his cock grew hard again at his
daughter coming all over his face. He picked her up and threw her on the
table and rammed her from behind.

"Tell me!" he ordered and instinctively she knew.

"I want you to fuck me! I need it, I need your big hard cock ramming me!
Ohh!" she groaned and he reached around and grabbed her big tits and pinched
the nipples. "Oh god, Daddy more I need it! Oh I am coming again and
Stephanie bucked down on Vince's hard prick and screamed.

Seeing his daughter in such a frenzy, Vince came and came. They collapsed
together and rested in their mixed fluids. After their strength returned,
they kissed passionately and promised that this would be their special

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