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Stephanie: The Dominate Female
by Jason

Stephanie saw me gawking at her on several occasions backstage. She would
just grin and then go about her business, talking to whoever she was talking
to. This was the 3rd night in a row now. My older brother was hired by
Steph's company and I got a chance to meet all of the people in the
organization. I was so shy around women. Especially a woman like Stephanie.
I don't have much confidence, so I just sit in the corner and shy away from
people. I could not help staring at her though. Every night for the past few
nights, my eyes just wandered out of boredom, and they just happened to look
her direction.... every time I looked, she saw me though! Just as my brother
and I were about to leave, Stephanie came over in her pink little summer
dress and flip flops. "Hey Tony!" she said to my brother.

"Oh hey Steph! We were just about to leave. You need a ride to the hotel?"

"Uh yeah actually. I decided to stay here longer than usual and I sent my
limo diver on home. Do you two mind?"

I just looked at the ground, too shy to make eye contact with her. "No, no
not at all. Come on Stephanie, we'll take you."

She grabbed her bag and we left the building, driving to the hotel. My
brother drove his large car but not all of our bags would fit in the trunk,
so some of the stuff went up in the front with my brother. I had to sit
crammed in the back with Stephanie. We were literally hip to hip, buried in

"By the way, I'm Stephanie," she giggled in my ear as she tried to shake
my hand.

I awkwardly extended my arm that was being crushed with a bag of weights
as she shook it somewhat firmly. Very strong. She looked me in the eye with a
big smile as she shook it. She held it for about 10 seconds too long. I felt
bashful again. The way we were sitting, she was about 6 inches higher up than
me. I was so small compared to her, which didn't exactly help my shyness.

My brother's car was a bit loud running, and he couldn't quite hear what
we were saying. He just concentrated on finding the local hotel this late at
night. Stephanie started wiggling her hip a bit and I could feel it moving
mine. I pretended not to notice and didn't dare look her in the eye. I could
have sworn she was making faint "uhh uhhhh" sounds right in my ear, but I
didn't want to look. I think she was flirting with me, just fucking around
cause she knew I was shy or something. I felt a little wind, then noticed the
windows were up. I saw Stephanie out of the corner of my left eye... blowing
gently into my ear! Then I saw her mouth open a bit and she went
"uhhhhhhhhhhhh" and I KNOW I felt her smooth leg rub against my own legs. My
cock began to get hard, but I was so scared. This girl was intimidating. I
don't know why, but I just felt nervous around her.

We got to the hotel and checked in. As I was going to my room with my
brother, Stephanie said "OH SHOOT! I forgot about this bag," she said as she
tugged on a heavy bag. "Would you?" she begged me with puppy dog eyes. I
agreed and my brother took my stuff to our room as I helped Stephanie to her
room. She walked in front of me, wigging her big thick butt down the hotel
halls. She kept looking back at me seductively and flashing her sexy smile.
It's hard to walk with a chubby while dragging a heavy bag. We got to her
room and she opened the door, then closed it and LOCKED it as I pulled and
tugged her ton of bricks in with both hands.

"There. Um. Bye." I said, quickly walking towards the door. I reached past
her to open the door and she grabbed my arm roughly. She was smiling big and
devilish, sexy even. I was so nervous. She began to walk towards me and I
backed up, but she was gaining on me. I tripped over backwards over the bags.
She basically sat on my stomach, still smiling. "I saw you," she said with a
fake-mean look on her face.

"Saw me what?"

"I saw you look at me the past few nights. Do you like me?" she said very
confidently, staring right into my eyes.

I was scared, but my cock twitched. She was in total control. She smiled
as I squirmed, but not enough to get away. "Do you like my big breasts? Huh?"

I began to sit up but she countered me. She put her hands on mine, still
sitting on me, and slowly lowered her face to mine as she talked slowly,
articulate, and sexy as hell.

"I bet you do. I bet you get a chubby when you see me," she laughed,
giggling so sexy as she tightened her grip. Her face was a few feet away, and
getting an inch or two closer every few seconds.

"Do you like my BIG BREASTS? .... do you like my LONG LEGS? ... my big
thick BUTT?... do you?... do you watch me and then PLAY with your DICK
thinking of me?.... are you a BAD BOY?... do you want Stephy to punish
you?... you may be technically an adult, but you are a BAD BOY, aren't you?"

Her hair began to tickle my face as she got closer and closer, theen she
kissed me on the mouth. She was so good. Smelled good, looked good, felt
good, tasted good even. She made little moans as she kept me pinned and
kissed me for nearly 5 straight minutes. I felt her hot pussy through my
pants as it rubbed against my stomach. She then stood up and pulled me to my

Her eyes immediately locked on my ereection poking through my jeans. She
gasped out loud and gently grabbed it through my pants and began to stroke
it. She moved in and kissed my neck over and over saying "such a bad, bad,
bad boy you are.... so naughty... I am gonna teach you a lesson." She then
basically ripped my shirt and pants off, everything except boxers.

I should have been humiliated, which I was, but in a good way. I was rock
hard and didn't know why exactly. She took a step back and sat on the bed.

"Take off your boxers!"

I paused. I had only had sex a few times and it was in the dark. I was so

"DO IT!" She yelled, then grinned, knowing she had control.

My hands shook as I gently pulled down my boxers, my cock springing as it
was freed. She knew I was nervous, but she wanted to make sure I knew my

"Why is that thing so BIG?" she teased, looking at my 9 inch member. "Did
I make it like that?" she added.

I just stood there, horny as hell, but too scared to act on it or run

"HEY! ANSWER ME... do you play with it when you think of me?" she said
looking back and forth from my cock to my eyes. "....(yes)..."


"Yes... yes I do."

She smiled again, staring at it.

"What do you think about when you masterbate to my image?"

She was now crossing and uncrossing her legs, basically masterbating with
no hands.

"Your body... and stuff..." I quietly said.

"Stuff? Like....? Don't be shy... you bad boy."

"Your... your boobs and butt..." I sounded like such a moron. She laughed
out loud.

"Well that was pretty blunt."

She stood up and moved towards me. Her voice became a sexy whisper almost.
A low moaning sound while she talked as she got behind me and cupped by butt

"Tell me what you think about exactly... come on bad boy... tell me." She
was cooing, her mouth 2 inches from my ear.

"I... I..." She squeezed my butt hard and my cock swelled up a bit more,
I... Uhhhhh.... I think about sex. Sex with you."

"Yeah... go on... what kind...?"

Her right hand on my butt still, her left hand cupped my balls and she
began to rub them.

"I think of fucking you for a long time.... of different positions... of
you roughing me up a bit... riding me all night..."

She was now panting in my ear and she gasped "how about this" as she
wrapped her hands around my cock and began to jerk me off. "Huuuuuuuh yes...
yeah!" I moaned.

She was rubbing my butt and then jerking me off, then SMACKED my butt

"Bad boy! BAD!" she yelled, still jerking.

She smacked me again and my cock got bigger, my balls contracted. She
kissed my neck and really began to whack me off, now spanking me harder and
harder. My legs were getting weak and she knew it.

"DROP!" she yelled and I bent down to my knees as she let go of her warm
grip from my manhood.

She took my chin gently in her hand. Looking in my eyes, she said softly:
'Do as I say, nothing else, and you might enjoy this night as much as I

She bent down and gave me a long, wet and possessing kiss on my mouth.
'Now, keep your head down.'

She walked behind me. I could feel her warmth as she bent down over me and
bit me gently in the ear. She put some kind of tie around my neck, like a
leash. She took my tie and pulled me after her. We walked a few paces, I was
back on all fours.

'Lay down' she ordered. I put my face to the ground, my butt in the air
still. She began to giggle as she kicked off her flip flops. She put her left
foot near my face. She laughed and said 'kiss my foot'. I kissed the top of
her foot. She kind of nudged me in the side and I rolled on my back. She put
her left foot on my face and said 'kiss it'. Her toes wiggled and I kissed
her foot, making her jump and yelp. Then she did the same with the right one.
I kissed the bottom of her foot and her eyes closed a bit and her mouth let
an "UHHHHHHHHH" escape as I licked the bottom of her foot and toes. Then she
pulled it away and looked at me.

'Sit' she ordered. I sat. She laughed.

"Up on the bed." I did and my cock stood straight up. She stood back a
little. I was still nervous, but I had to watch. With a sexy look on her
face, she grabbed her skirt and lifted it up and over her head with one
swoop. I blinked and she stood in purple bra and panties. She came over and
sat on my lap sideways.

"Go ahead..." she said seeing me stare at her breasts. I messed with her
bra and finally unsnapped it, letting her jugs swing free. "Suck on my

I leaned down a bit and sucked her right nipple into my mouth, rubbing the
left one. She smashed my face in between them and rubbed them up and down my
face, moaning and giggling as she did. I held her milk jugs and nibbled her
tits until they were perky and hard.

She stood up, put her butt in my face, and pulled down her panties. 'Lick
me' she whispered I slid between her legs. She was wet and juicy. I licked
her slowly and thoroughly. She went wild. She moaned and pulled me close. She
took me by my hair, and sat on my face. My cock was hard and it had barely
been touched. I licked her clit and stuck my tongue in her pussy really deep.
She tasted very salty and warm. As I licked more and more, she moaned very

She flipped around and kissed my cock a few times, then took half of it in
her mouth. We 69'd for several minutes, me just trying to keep myself from
cumming. I began to tongue fuck her pussy very hard. She didn't last. She
trembled. When she came, she screamed and wrapped her legs around my neck,
holding my head still.

She was relaxed. I was trapped, very horny and wanted her intensely. I
slid my hand softly to her beautiful breast and caressed it softly. I moved
from under her, rolling her on her back and saw her eyes closed witth a sexy
smile. I rubbed her breasts and got in between her legs. I slid my dick in
her pussy and she moaned. "Uhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh!"

I could have came right there but I bit my tongue and slowly pulled out,
then put it back in her pussy.

"Ahhhhh come on... give it to me..."

I moved in and out of her in short hard pumps. She wrapped her legs around
me and started to fuck my cock. I let her do it as I suck her big titties
again, reaching under to feel her large ass. She rolled on top of me and
really began to bounce. Just the sight of watching her tits slam up and down
was enough motivation to really fuck her hard. I pulled her close to me, tits
smashing into my chest, and held her tight as I fucked up into her slit.

"Ahhhhhhh uhhhhhhhh ohhh ohhh ohhh yeah.... yeah yeah yesssss ahhhhh
ohhhhhh" Her voice was in my ear, but it didn't seem all that annoying...
seeing as the fact that my dick was in Stephanie's pussy. "Uhhhhhnnnn
uhhhnnnnnnn ahhhhhh ahhhhh ohh --h --h --h --h --h" she moaned and shook

I held her really tight as I felt her orgasm all over my cock. She layed
on top of me for a second, then I began to fuck her so I could cum. Then she
jumped off and stood up. My cock throbbed more than ever and she just looked
at me and said "okay..." I looked at her funny. "What? You want me to beg
again? Sit? Roll over? What?!"

"Ummmm no I want you to leave. I am done. What do you mean? Did I do
something wrong?"

"No, but I am done. I got off twice, so... bye!"

I slowly got up, still in shock, and grabbed my clothes. Can't believe she
gave me some major blue balls. Damn. Then, I thought about all the shit she
did tonight. The humiliation. Taking advantage of my shyness. I looked back
at her, still naked, fixing her hair in the mirror. I dropped my clothes and
walked back to her.

"Get on the bed...." It was my voice that said that. She looked at me
through the mirror with a strange look.

"Stephanie... come here and get BACK ON THE BED!"

She turned to face me. I was looking her right in the eye.

"LOOK BUDDY!!! I DON'T KNOW WHO...." I picked her up and put her on the
bed on her stomach. "WAIT! WAIT! I... oh please', she begged. Not that!
Please!" she yelled as I held her ass cheeks open and started to eat out her

"Ohhhhhhh.... n-n-no not my UHHHHH not my butt..... mmmmmm ahhhhh." I'll
show her domination. I moved behind her and stuck my dick back in her still
warm wet pussy.

"Uhhhhh! Yeahhhh! Errr... noo, I mean no-OOOHHH YEAH!" I pumped her pussy
a few times to lube up my cock, then I pulled out. I rubbed my dick against
her puckered little butt hole. I smacked her ass with my hands and she cried
out a bit. "You want this? Huh? Want this cock? Beg me baby. Come on
Stephanie! Beg!" She was squirming and whimpering. "Please.... ohh... do it!
Take me! Put it up my butt! Please!" I touched my dick to her pucker and
pushed the head in.

"Ahhhh! Yeah!!! More... more..."

"You want more? Huh?! UHHH There! Take it baby!" I spanked her with my
hand a couple more times as I pushed more up her butt. "Yes.... ahhhhh! Do

I spanked her once or twice and started to fuck her right up tthe ass,
pumping most of my cock in and out with short hard thrusts.

"Uhh... uhh... take it Stephanie! Uhh! Take it up your butt!"


I couldn't believe I had turned the tables. I put my face next to hers,
hugged her around the waist, and really pumped her spoiled little ass hole.
I was in and out of her tight ass atleast 3 times a second. She couln't moan
witth the pace, she just let out long low moans that were stuttered as I
slammed her ass. "UHHHH-H-H-H-H OOOOOH-H-H-H.... MMMM-M-M-M-O-O-O-O-O-H..."

My hips were a blur. She moaned and whimpered and took all of it. I pulled
out after a few minutes and grabbed a handful of her hair and slapped my cock
on her face and mouth as I came all over her billionaire face. She gobbled it
all up.

She cleaned up as I got dressed and gathered my things. It was now early
morning, maybe 4 A.M. As I was leaving she smacked my ass really hard.
"Tomorrow?" she asked.

I grinned, saying "mayyyybe..."

"You BAD BOY!" she teased as I left the room.

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