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by Anonymous

Stephanie was preparing for another busy night of television when the a loud
knock jolted her from her work. She called the person in and it turned out
to be none other than Brock, the Next Big Thing. He closed the door behind
him and walked over to his boss, who still sat behind her desk which was
awash with papers.

"What's going on, Brock?" Steph asked.

"I just wanted to know what's planned for me tonight. Who am I working with?"
Brock replied.

Stephanie rose from the desk to look at a chart posted on the office wall. As
she walked, her tight business suit squeezed her breasts, capturing Brock's
eyes at once. Her short leather skirt hid a behind that danced for everyone
to see. Steph turned back to Brock and smiled.

"It seems you're free tonight. Nothing's planned." she said while smiling.
After a moment she added, "Where's Paul tonight?"

"He's not here." Brock said just before he discreetly adjusted himself in his
tight fitting jeans.

Stephanie noticed this and liked what she saw. She slowly unbuttoned her
jacket and hung it on her big chair. Her shirt hugged her curves and allowed
a hint of nipple to peek through. She pushed her papers to the side and sat
down on the desk in front of Brock.

"You have any ideas?" she asked.

Without saying another word, Brock walked up and began passionately kissing
Steph. Her full lips felt wonderful as his probing tongue explored deeper
into her mouth. His large hand grabbed one of her breasts through her shirt
and squeezed it as she began moaning.

He pulled her shirt off over her head and began letting his tongue slide
over her neck and collar area. Her face began getting flushed as her
sensitive zones were invaded. He lapped between her bra-held breasts while
massaging them from both sides. He quickly slid his fingers between her
cleavage and ripped the bra off, tearing the front completely. Her huge
jugs swung free as Brock pushed her down onto the table and climbed on top.

He pushed his face between her breasts and mushed them into his face, taking
in every bit of their wonderful scent. He let his tongue roll around her
light pink areolas until the nipples were rigid and thick. By the time Brock
began to go south, Stephanie was moaning loudly and grabbing her own breasts

Brock pulled the skirt off revealing white panties. There was a wet stain
between her legs indicating just how hot Steph was. Brock massaged her bud
through the panties for a few moments, finding it already swollen in
anticipation. He pulled them off revealing a light brown landing strip

He spread her tight womanhood and plunged his tongue into the darkness.
Stephanie reacted with a gasp. As he licked at her folds and tasted her
sweet nectar, her breathing became heavy and more frenzied. Her vagina
was incredibly sensitive. It seemed like every movement Brock made sent
shockwaves of sensation throughout her body. It's a good thing the room
was sound-proof.

"Let me feel you," Stephanie cried out breathlessly. "Come into me, I need
you in me!"

Brock withdrew his tongue and stood over the prone sex goddess. He took off
his tee-shirt and began undoing the buckle to his belt. Steph stared at the
erection that seemed seconds away from tearing right through his jeans. He
pulled them off revealing only a small pair of boxer briefs bend wildly out
of shape.

Steph sat up as Brock stood wordlessly in front of her. Put her hands to
Brock's waist and allowed her fingers to slip under the elastic of the
underwear. She slowly pulled them down revealing all of Brock's manhood.
Brock laid a hand on her bare chest and gently pushed her down again.
Steph was both exciting and nervous waiting in anticipation of his

When she felt him slowly but insistently pressing into her she felt a rush
of pain as he stretched her tight walls to accomodate himself. She softly
cried out in protest, causing Brock to stop and pull back. Rubbing her
smarting bud, she sat up again and invited Brock to take a seat.

She'd never performed oral sex on a very large man before but she was so
turned on that she didn't care. She took him into her mouth slowly, avoiding
her teeth and trying not to gag. As he reached the back of her throat, she
stopped for a moment before tensely accepting more inside her. Brock's
anguished moans of ecstacy signaled to Steph she was doing okay.

Her tongue caressed his underside and she moved up and down on him. He
rested his hands on her head as she quickened the pace. She pulled her head
up, letting his entire shaft slide out of her mouth. She punished his tip
with short, hard licks. She grabbed his penis and firmly massaged him up
and down to raging readiness.

Brock jumped off the table and grabbed Steph around the waist, bringing her
down to the wooden floor and mounting her. He spread her as wide as he could
as she squirmed underneath and pressed the head into the opening. He felt
quite a bit of resistence from her tense hole but pushed forward as gently
as he could.

As Brock pushed deeper inside her most private crevice, Stephanie experienced
a sensation like she'd never felt before. The mixing of discomfort and
ecstacy was truly overpowering. Every inch Brock gave her sent chills up her
spine and gave her goosebumps all over. Her mind soon blocked out the pain as
she drifted into a fantasy world of passion.

When Brock was finally burrowed deeply inside Stephanie he began some slow
movement back and forth. Steph wrapped her legs around his waist and let
her whole body move with his increasingly powerful thrusts. She grabbed him
around the shoulders and repositioned so she could be on top.

She rode him in long strides, taking him deeply inside and then sliding all
but the head out. She could feel something building after mere seconds of
this. The stimulation was beginning to overflow. She laid her hands on
Brock's sculpted pecs and braced herself for the coming explosion inside

Her breathing grew frantic once again. Her eyes watered, sending stray trails
down her cheeks. She made low gasping and grunting noises as her body tensed
and then stiffened totally. Brock felt a rush of warmth engulf his penis as
Steph involuntarily screeched in release. She had never climaxed like that
before. She felt she literally didn't have control over her body. It took her
a few moments to recover from the experience.

"You're incredible," she whispered almost inaudibly to Brock. She felt his
still-swollen member inside her exhausted vagina. She half-smiled at Brock
and then added, "I can't right now. I'm numb."

Brock withdrew and allowed her to sprawl onto the floor under him once again.
He laid his thick organ between her breasts. Its head reached almost to her
collarbone, allowing her to blow on it, sending chills through the incredibly
aroused Brock. He roughly grabbed her jugs and suffocated his penis with
them, making it disappear under the soft flesh.

He thrust his hips back and forth, reveling in the sensation of Stephanie's
breasts on his most private of parts. It wasn't long before the feeling
came over him that an explosion was about to occur. His testicles tingled
anticipating the rush that was seconds away. He set Steph's breasts lose as
his member jerked in release and he let out a long breath.

A sea of cum drenched Stephanie's chest and torso. It dripped onto her
collarbone and made trails down her neck. Brock made pained noises as every
drop of his love was shot from his body. Steph moaned in passion as the warm
liquid trickled over her sensitive skin, tickling her. She felt like maybe
she'd like one more go at the Next Big Thing.

Just then a show producer walked in the door unannounced.

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