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Stephanie AKA The Pimptress: Wrestlemania 20 Part 1
by WOWButtLover

Stephanie didn't know what to do, her father put her in charge of finding a
way to "up" the moral backstage. Vince didn't want to pay the roster more
money just to make them happy, it would cost too much. That was Stephanie's
first idea, her second was to give them more time off but since Wrestlemania
20 was coming up in six days they knew Brock, Goldberg and maybe Steve Austin
were leaving, so they needed more people not less, so that idea was shot

She was going nuts, she hadn't slept in two days and she had a headache. "I
need to sleep." Steph said to herself as she leaned back in her comfy chair.
She was in her personal jet heading to New York for the big day. She closed
her eyes but she couldn't, it was too important for her to just forget about
it. Stephanie put on the headphones that were plugged into her MP3 player,
and turned it on. The first thing she heard was "I'm a motha' fuckin P.I.M.P"
The idea just flew into her head. It was a crazy, un-professional idea but
god was it brilliant. She then began to write down her idea.

Six Days Later - 2:09pm

Stephanie had it all worked out, all she had to do is get a few people to
'sign up' with the idea. She hadn't ran the idea through Vince but she knew
he would like it. Someone knocked on the door to Stephanie's office backstage
at MSG.

"They're here." A friendly woman said from the other side of the door.

"Ok send them in." Stephanie told her.

Twenty seconds later Trish, Stacy, Torrie, Sable, Nidia, Molly, Gail Kim,
Victoria, Dawn Marie, Lita, Jackie Gayda, Jacquelyn and Terri came into
Stephanie's small office. Stephanie stood from her chair.

"Hey ladies, I know all of you want to know why I called you here." Stephanie
heard many mumbled yes. "Well I called you here because my father put me in
control of handling the moral problem backstage." Stephanie paused. "Low
moral backstage causes: low performances, it causes wrestlers to not want to
come to work." Stephanie paused again.

"Give them a porno." Sable yelled from the back causing laughs.

"We tried that and we ended up having to clean up some spills." Stephanie
joked. "All joking aside, I think you girls can help the guys moral."
Stephanie waited for comments.

"I go out there and get spanked by Christian." Trish said before Stacy yelled
"I shake my ass every damn week."

Then Torrie yelled "What in the hell else can we do?"

Stephanie took that chance "You can give them a blowjob for starters."

The room fell silent.

"I cant believe this." Molly started to leave along with mostly everyone else
as they cussed and all still they were shocked by the suggestion.

"Stop!" Stephanie yelled. They all stopped. "Let me ask you a question Stacy.
How much money do you get a year?" Stephanie asked.

"A hundred and fifty thousand, why?" Stacy asked.

"How would you like to make eight to ten thousand a night just by letting
Randy Orton and Batista get some of that nice little ass you sport around all
the time?" Stephanie knew she had a few won already.

"How 'bout this Trish, wouldn't you like to get four to six thousand a night
just by giving Booker T. and RVD a blowjob?" Stephanie could see the interest
peek in some of the girls eyes. "Cause think about it,why wouldn't someone
want to show up for Smackdown when they could get head from Torrie Wilson of
if they could fuck Dawn Marie's ass?" Steph knew Dawn would do it from the
start. "Before you accept my offer or decline it, let me tell you a little
more info." Stephanie picked up a sheet of paper.

"If you were to accept than I will sit down with you and ask you if you would
agree to get fucked in the pussy, ass, give blowjobs, handjobs, get spanked
and other stuff. I would run though the prices with you and all that." Steph

"The sex sessions will be supervised by me just incase something would
happen, I will supply you with condoms for protection. So thats the basics,
so if you don't want to sign up for this than thats fine just leave now and
I promise we wont hold it against you." Stephanie watched as Torrie,
Jacquelyn and Lita left.

"Is that all?...ok then if you will please sign your name on the paper and I
will talk to you later...oh and just so you know we will start tonight."
Stephanie sat in her chair.

"Your good." Stacy said as she looked up and smiled at Stephanie.

"Damn right." Stephanie replied. Next was Trish. "Those lips and that ass are
gonna make you a lot of money." Stephanie told Trish.

"Do you want to be my first customer?" Trish asked Stephanie in a sexy voice.

Stephanie laughed.

Everyone signed but three of the most wanted divas on Stephanie's list. She
knew she had to get them but not now, now she had to go tell daddy that she's
now a pimptress.

"Daddy guess what!" Stephanie said as she ran up and hugged him.

"What baby?" Vince had never seen Stephanie this excited.

"I've solved the moral problem." Stephanie told Vince.

"How?" Vince asked

"Well you know that the girls are doing great?" Stephanie didn't really ask
Vince a question.

"Yeah." Vince said.

"Well I thought what if the guys could pay some money to spend some time with
some women." Steph looked at the floor.

Vince's eyes got huge. "You're running a goddamn whorehouse." Vince quieted
down. "That's illegal." Vince looked around making sure no one was around.

"Daddy, no one will find out." Stephanie promised him.

"Forget it!" Vince told her.

"Wait dad look at this." She gave him a piece of paper with the names of all
of the divas who signed up.

"What in the hell is this?" Vince asked as he looked over the paper.

"Those are the women that the guys will spend some time with." Stephanie
smiled after she told him.

Vince thought then looked at Stephanie. "You better hope this doesn't
backfire." Vince said to her then left.

Stephanie had already set up ten rooms, each with a bed, toys and a hidden
camera, so she could "monitor" the sex, she also had a office where all of
the customers came to pay for what they wanted. So now all she had to do is
talk to each woman who signed up about what they would do and prices.

Stephanie sat in her office and waited for the first woman. Six minutes later
a knock came at the door. "Come in." Stephanie yelled.

The voluptuous Nidia entered her office. "Hey." Nidia said as she sat in the
comfy chair infront of Stephanie's desk.

"Are you excited?" Stephanie asked Nidia.

"Oh lord ya, I can't wait." Nidia said as she chewed on some gum and ran her
fingers through her hair.

"Well then lets get you a step closer to fucking." Stephanie told Nidia.

Nidia laughed.

"Ok lets see..." Stephanie picked up a paper. "Ok now, I'll ask you some
questions and you answer." Stephanie said as she looked at Nidia's newly
enhanced boobs. "Would you get fucked in the pussy?" Stephanie found it
appropriate to say "pussy".

"Uuuhhh...yeah." Nidia answered.

"Ok." Stephanie checked "Pussy" beside Nidia's name on her chart in which she
would use to know if Nidia would perform that sex act. "How 'bout anal?"
Stephanie knew anal would be in high demand.

"Do we get lubrication?" Nidia asked Steph.

"The next question is un-lubricated." Stephanie answered.

"Ok I'll do lubricated but not un-lubricated." Nidia tried that once and
regretted it for days.

Stephanie checked anal and x'ed un-lub anal. "Suck off, which does include a
condom so it will be hard to make them cum." Steph added.


Check. "Handjobs?"


Check. "Spank?"

"Why not." Nidia answered.

Check. "Titty fuck?" Stephanie cocked her eyebrow.

"That's why I got these." Nidia shook her tits.

Stephanie laughed. "Oh looky its a fan favorite, HLA." Stephanie hoped Nidia
would say yes.

"Oh hell yeah, girl." Nidia had fucked many women in her days but now she
would get to fuck a fellow diva.

Check. "That's my girl, how 'bout role-play?"


Check. "Andddd...bondage?" Stephanie asked.

"What's included?" Nidia asked.

"Um...handcuffed, tied up, nipple-pinchers and other stuff alike." Stephanie

"Ok." Nidia didn't feel sure, but moneys money.

Check. "Rough?"

"Yes." Nidia liked it rough.

Check. "Ok that finishes the questions, if I come up with some more I'll tell
you." Stephanie told Nidia.

"Ok now lets talk price." Stephanie picked up a different paper. "Ok I'll
tell you the sex act and you tell me the price that you will charge for it."

Stephanie told Nidia. "Suck off?" Steph asked.

"Two hundred." Nidia hoped it wasn't too high.

Stephanie looked at Nidia. "Honey these guys are getting their cocks sucked
by stars not street trash, make them pay their rich." Stephanie told Nidia.

"How much do you think?" Nidia asked Stephanie.

"Those pretty lips are worth a thousand."

Nidia was astonished. "Oh my god I'll be rich." Nidia said to herself.

"I know that's what I was trying to tell everyone." Stephanie said to Nidia.
"Ok, pussy?" Steph asked.

"Um, Um." Nidia didn't know what to say.

"You're young and tight, lets say seven thousand." Stephanie wrote it down.

"Next is anal?" Stephanie knew Nidia wouldn't give a price. "Why don't you
let me see that ass and I'll judge." Stephanie told her.

Nidia was a little surprised at what Steph said to her but don't get her
wrong she jumped up and unbuttoned her daisy dukes, turned around and let
them fall to the ground. Stephanie then layed her eyes on Nidia juicy,
chubby, bare ass. "Nice, seven thousand it is." Stephanie said as Nidia
pulled her shorts up.

Stephanie glanced at the clock. "Oh fuck four o'clock." She only had three
hours to get the women to work. "I wouldn't like any thing more than to test
the other acts but I only have three hours, so how 'bout I fill out the other
things depending on what I'd pay and we'll get together some other time to
confirm the prices?" Stephanie asked Nidia.

"Sure." Nidia told Steph. Nidia then got up and began to leave. "Oh wait,
could you do me a favor and give these to Terri, Jackie, Gail, Molly and
Sable?" Stephanie held the papers out for Nidia.

"Sure honey." Nidia took the papers. Nidia then walked to the door and opened
it and in walked Dawn Marie.

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