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Stephanie AKA The Pimptress: Wrestlemania 20 Part 2
by WOWButtLover (

"Hey Dawn." Stephanie welcomed Dawn as Nidia left.

"Hi." Dawn said in a sexy voice as she walked toward Steph swinging her hips
side to side.

"Have a seat." Stephanie told the Italian beauty Dawn sat in the foldable
chair in front of Stephanie's desk.

"Well let's get down to business." Stephanie grabbed some papers from a

"I'm gong to tell you a sex act and then you tell me if you will do it."
Stephanie picked up a pencil.

"Ok." Dawn admired Stephanie's chest which was being shown to everyone thanks
to the v-neck the she wore.

"Ok..would you be fucked in the pussy?" Stephanie felt really dirty talking
like that to someone.

"Yes." Dawn answered without hesitation. Check.

"Anal?" Stephanie knew the answer to that."Hell yeah." Dawn replied. Check.

"Suckof-" Dawn cut her off. "Ok whats the point in asking me if I would suck
someone or let them fuck my ass, you know the answer to all of them." Dawn

"Why don't you and I spend this time doing...something else? I've seen how
you look at me, I've seen how you look at Trish. Daddy's little girl is a
closet lesbo and almost everyone knows it." Dawn walked around Steph's desk.

"I would love to but I don't have much tim-" Dawn grabbed Stephanie's chair
and spun it around to face her. Dawn then put her finger on Steph's lip.

"Set my prices to whatever you want...I'll make it quick." Dawn said as she
got on her knee's. Stephanie wanted this and she always wanted a woman but
she had never acted on her desires. Dawn grabbed the waistband of Stephanie's
black skirt and pulled them down as Stephanie lifted her ass up so that
they can be removed. Dawn was the looking at a black thong which covered
Stephanie's box. Dawn pinched the thong by the crotch spot and pulled them
down. Dawn's eyes were then treated to the sight of Stephanie's bare pussy,
Dawn's mouth began to water, she wasted no time, she dove right into her
Steph's cunt.

"Oh my god!" Stephanie yelled as Dawn's long tongue dove straight into her
pussy. Stephanie had never had a tongue so long in her before and many had
tasted Steph's rich cunt before, to name a few: HHH had went down on her,
Test too, but none as good as Dawn.

Dawn licked, flicked and nicked Steph's clit knowing if she focused on it
that she could make Stephanie cum in no time. Stephanie grabbed a handful of
Dawn's long brown hair in each hand as Dawn probed her cunt deeply.

"Ooohhh yeah." Stephanie said in a moan.

"Don't stop." Stephanie felt it coming. Then suddenly a knock came at the

"It's me...Trish." Stephanie and Dawn looked at each other. Stephanie didn't
want it to end but she had to talk to Trish but she couldn't have Dawn eat
her out while talking to Trish...or could she?

Stephanie directed Dawn under her desk and then scooted her chair as far
under as she could. Dawn then got back to work on Stephanie's cunt.

"Cum-come in." Stephanie yelled. Trish then turned the knob, came in and
closed the door. Dawn's nose was treated to Stephanie soury sweet pussy scent
as she continued to lick her.

"You look beautiful." Stephanie told Trish blushed at the comment.

"Ok like I told the others, I will tell you a sex act and you tell
me if you would be willing to do it." Stephanie jerked as Dawn gave her clit
a long lick. Trish saw Steph jerk but thought nothing of it but what in the
hell was that slurping sound?

"Pussy fucked?" Stephanie said as Dawn nibbled on one of her pussy lips.

"Yeah." Trish wasn't totally sure.check. Trish thought that Stephanie would
be more professional about it. Well as professional as you could be when
setting up a illegal whorehouse.

"Um...ass fucked." Stephanie meant to say anal.

"Lubricated?" Trish asked Steph.

"Yeah." Stephanie wasn't really listening.

"Ok of course, I mean us wwe girls are known for our asses." Trish answered.

"Ok.." Stephanie rolled her neck.

"Um...unlubricated anal?" Stephanie asked Trish.

"Sorry but I don't want to have a sore ass for days, so not that one."
Trish had done it once and liked it but she had a really sore ass for days.
Stephanie checked unlubricated , not fully paying attention.

"" Stephanie asked as she felt a orgasm really near.

"Like you said, my ass and lips will make me alot of money." Trish laughed.

" god!" Stephanie's eyes got wide, her hands fell to Dawn's
head and pulled Dawn's head against her pussy as she arched her back and
pushed her pelvis toward Dawn's head. A little bit of cum shot out of
Stephanie's pussy and down Dawn's throat. Trish jumped out of her chair.

"Are you ok?" Trish ran around the desk and saw tons of brown hair covering
Steph's lap.

"Oh god..fuck." Stephanie said as she huffed. Dawn looked up at Trish.

"Hi." Dawn smiled.

"" Trish was speechless, she covered her mouth and giggled.

"I'll let you girl's finish up, we'll talk later Steph." Trish left the room
still giggling.

"She didn't seem too surprised." Stephanie said to Dawn.

"Why would she? Your the biggest closet case I've ever seen and all of the
diva's know it." Stephanie was shocked to hear that.

10 Minutes later

Stephanie sat in her chair looking at papers when someone knocked on the

"Who is it?" Stephanie asked.

"Victoria." The someone answered.

"Come in honey." Stephanie was gleaming when Victoria came in.

"Wow you look happy." Victoria said as she walked across the room. Stephanie
was happy, who wouldn't be after just getting head from Dawn Marie?

Victoria sat in the chair.

"So how do you feel about this?" Stephanie asked with a smile.

"Good, you know its a little scary though." Victoria was noticeably nervous.

"Why's it scary?" Steph asked.

"I'm not even sure that I want to do this." Victoria looked at Steph with
tear-filled eyes.

"It's all right honey." Steph got up and walked over to Victoria. Stephanie
kneeled down. Victoria looked at her.

"I'll tell you what. Why don't you stick to handjobs and oral until you feel
that you can do the other stuff?" Stephanie said as she wiped Victoria's
tears away, she felt kind of sad that she put Victoria in the position.

"Ok, yeah." Victoria stood up as did Stephanie.

"I'm sure I'll have guy's begging to get some of that ass." Stephanie joked.
Victoria laughed.

"I'll set your oral to a thousand and two hundred and handjobs to a eight
hundred." Stephanie told Victoria.

"Wow, that's alot." Victoria said as she wiped her eyes.

"It's nothing compared to what you could get for that ass." Stephanie gave
Victoria her sly smile.

"I might talk to you about it later." Victoria said as she began to leave.

"I hope." Steph yelled as Victoria closed the door...Damn she was good.

Six Minutes later: 4:40

Knock. Knock.

"Stacy?" Steph yelled.

"No, papashango." Stacy replied.

"Come in sweet che-Come in." Stephanie remembered Dawn saying that every diva
knew that she was "Curious".

The door opened and in came Stacy Keibler in low-cut jeans and a tanktop.

"Well look who it is. The goddess of ass herself." Stephanie got two papers
out of a stack.

"I don't deserve that title." Stacy replied. Stephanie scoffed.

"Let's get right to it." Stephanie said as she scanned the papers.

"I will tell you a sex act and you will tell me if you'd be willing to do
it." Steph was getting tired of saying that.



"Yes." Check.

"Pussy fucked?"

"...ok." Check.

"God I hope you say yes to this one...anal?" Stacy didn't say anything for a
moment, she looked in Stephanie's eyes and saw worry.

"It's gonna cost a helluva lot." Stacy smiled.

"Believe me, they will pay it." Check.

"Unlubricated anal?"

"Fuck no!" Stacy tried it once.

"No one ever says yes to that...except for Trish." Stephanie said as she x'd
un-lubed anal.


"Of course." Stacy answered. Check.

Stephanie skipped by "Titty fuck".

"HLA?" Stephanie prayed to god.

"Sorry but only guy's can have my ass." Stacy knew Steph wanted her. Like
Dawn said, every diva knew Steph was bi but Stacy wasn't so she said no.
Stephanie frowned. HLA...X

"Ok, roleplay?" Stephanie asked

"What's the normal roleplay?" Stacy surprisingly never roleplayed before.

"Ummmm...nurse/patient, father/daughter, brother/sister...mostly incest."
Stephanie had roleplayed many times.

"Sure." Stacy answered. Check.


"What's included?"

"Uhhhh..." Steph looked at the paper.

"Handcuffed, tied-up, rape, a." Stacy cut her off.

"Rape?" Stacy looked scared.

"Well you know, they will get you to act like you are being forced to fuck
them." Steph had done that once for HHH.

"Okay." Stacy wasn't sure.

"It's not as bad as it sounds."

"You sound like you've done it?" Stacy asked with a sly smile.

"Moving on...rough?"

"Yeah." Stacy always liked it alittle rough.

"That's all of the sex act questions for now unless I can come up with some
more." Stephanie switched papers.

"Okay let's talk price." Stephanie paused."I'll say a sex act and you tell me
how much it will cost for you to do it."

"Ok." Stacy replied.


"One thousand." Stacy had asked Nidia about the price.

Stephanie continued done the line of acts and it was obvious to Stephanie
that Stacy was there to get rich because her anal alone could break a bank.
The only thing that Stacy went low on was roleplay and she decided to do it
for free.

"I love the way you think." Stephanie continued.

Three Minutes later

"Ok Stacy we're done." Stephanie stood up, Stacy too.

"You look excited." Steph noticed.

"Well I am." Stacy replied.

"I well come and get you and the other girl's soon after I inform the boy's
about our little "moral booster"." Steph quoted.

"What a minute...what about Test?" Stephanie asked Stacy.

"We broke up awhile ago." Stacy seamed glad.

"Good." Stephanie smiled."Well you should go get ready." Stephanie said as
she sat on her desk.

"Ok, then I guess I'll see you later." Stacy turned around (knowing that
Stephanie's eyes would be following her ass) and headed for the door.
Stephanie watched Stacy's ass bounce in a rythmitic motion.

"Stop looking at my ass." Stacy said with a smile.

"Yes ma am." Steph smiled. Stacy left. Stephanie soon left too.

Ten Minutes Later

All of the male wrestler's were told to be in the lockeroom for a important
meeting. Stephanie entered the men's lockeroom full of men. Whistles came
from all around Steph as she walked to the middle of the room.

"I like big butts and I can not lie." John Cena yelled. Stephanie turned her
head to him and smiled.

"Ok, settle down boy's." She looked around.

"What I'm about to tell you cannot be told to anyone outside of this room. If
I find out that you told someone then I will make you sorry that you did."
Stephanie raised her eyebrows.

"Sounds good to me." Cena remarked.

"Believe me, you won't like it." Steph looked at John.

"I might." John stared at her legs.

" all of you know, the moral is not very good in this lockeroom.
What you don't know is that my father has put me in charge of making the
moral high again." Stephanie paused.

"So for weeks I have tried to figure out a plan to boost moral but I have
failed. Untill a couple of days ago I came up with a plan that I know will
no matter what work, I promise." Stephanie got ready.

"I've gotten everything ready so now all I have to do is tell you guys about
it. You may not believe what I am about to say but it's all true. Boy's what
I have set up is going to shock you so get ready." Stephanie warned them
before someone had a heart attack.

"Let me ask you something John. Earlier you said that you like big butts."
Stephanie looked at him. He had a confused look on his face.

"Tell me something John...would you like to fuck Dawn Marie's big butt for
the right price?" Stephanie listened to the gasps and awes. They all sat
shocked at what they just heard.

"Because what I have done is get almost every diva to agree to be part of my
moral booster program. For those of you who can't put two and two together.
I have set up a Diva whorehouse." Stephanie looked at their wide-eyed "Oh my
god!" faces. The whole room was shocked.

"Now if you boy's will snap out of it, then I will explain it to you."
Stephanie saw a few snap back into reality. They all thought that they were
dreaming, imagining being told that they could fuck a WWE diva.

"What happens is that you will come to a office where you will tell me what
diva you want to fuck and what you want to do to her." Stephanie felt dirty.

"Then if she is available and willing to do the act then I will send you to
a room to fuck, now of course it's not free, I mean guy's you will need your
wallets because it will cost you a pretty penny." Stephanie turned back to
Cena, who still couldn't believe his ears.

"For example, if big butt lover Cena here wanted to fuck Stacy Keibler's big
ass then it would cost him twelve grand." The men didn't care about money...

"I'm not gonna take up any more of your time because I have a few things to
do, so if your interested in this then at six o'clock, when it starts, you
can find me and the girls down the hall and to the left...then down that hall
and to the right." Stephanie then left, she was disappointed that the guy's
didn't pay attention to her ass as she walked out.

"Are you all ready?" Stephanie stood in the women's lockeroom. They all were
dressed in sexy lingerie, even Molly had on some sexy slut-wear, her blue
nighty made its best attempt to cover her gigantic ass. Stephanie saw them
nod their heads.

"Ok then follow me." Steph led them to a hallway of many doors, each had a

"Ok everyone this is where we will be working tonight. There are fourteen
rooms down this hall each with a number on the door, your number. This is my
office where I will monitor your sex sections and also where I will take the
guy's orders." Stephanie had her hand on the doorknob. She then took a piece
of paper out of her pocket.

"Ok this is you room number sheet." Stephanie tacked it to the door of her

"Terri, Molly, Jackie, Sable and Gail. I need to talk to you girls about
prices so if you would come into my office." Steph went in first. The five
women went into Steph's office. They sat in five chairs that Stephanie had
set up.

"Ok, lets make this quick cause the guys will be here any minute." Stephanie
got out a paper. Stephanie also got out the forms the women had filled out.

"Ok, I will say a sex act and you tell me how much you will charge for it.
And ladies remember, these horny fucks are rich, so pussy should be no less
than three thousand." Steph got ready.

"I will start with you and go down the line." Stephanie pointed at Terri.


"Four thousand." Terri said.

"Seven." Molly said.

"Six." Jackie.

"Eight thousand." Sable replied. Gail looked at Sable.

"Six." She couldn't believe how cocky (Pun) Sable was.

"Ok, anal...Terri, Molly and Jackie?" Stephanie was disappointed that Sable
and Gail wouldn't do anal.

10 minutes later

They had discussed a lot of acts so far and in everyone Jackie went lower
than the others and Sable went higher. Jackie even said "Free" to "Handjobs"
and "Spank". But now they had come to "HLA".

Stephanie was very pleased to see that they had all checked "Yes".

"One thousand." Terri had done a girl once.

"One thousand." Molly of course did it all of the time.

"Free." Everyones jaws dropped. They all were surprised at Jackie's

"Are you sure?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah." Jackie replied. Stephanie already knew who the star of this show was.

"One thousand." Gail said. Sable looked at Gail as she replied.

"Three thousand."

"Tit fuck?" Stephanie was again pleased to see that they all checked it.

"One hundred."

"Two hundred."

"Fifty dollars." Jackie answered.

"Two hundred."

"One thousand."

"Ok, now last...rough?" Jackie was the only one to check yes.


" hundred." Jackie always ended up doing it rough anyway so why not?"

"Ok, we are done." Steph stood up.

"You can go to your room and wait now." They all left at the same time, so
as you could guess Stephanie peered at their asses as they went to the door.
Some many great asses at the same time, she tried to payed each ass some

Stephanie then sat back in her chair. She thought about how smart she was for
thinking up this plan, hell she was a genius...And for a full year it was
genius...but that's another story for another time. Right now just enjoy the

CONTINUED IN "Stephanie AKA The Pimptress: Wrestlemania 20 Part 3"

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