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Stephanie AKA The Pimptress: Wrestle Mania 20 Part 3
by WOWButtLover (

It was 5:50 and Stephanie realized that she had never fully questioned Trish

"Damn it!" Stephanie got up and went into the hall where all of the divas

"Trish can I see you in my office for a minute?" Stephanie asked the
beautiful blond, who was talking to Victoria and Stacy.

Stacy said something so quietly that Stephanie couldn't understand. The three
girls laughed, the joke was nothing more than a cheap crack at Stephanie
being a closet lesbian.

"Sure, see you later girls." Trish said to the girls, they chuckled at the
obvious joke about what Stephanie wanted her for. She then walked into
Steph's office.

"I need you to fill out this form very quickly." Stephanie handed Trish a
slip of paper, nothing more than a copied sheet, regardless of what it the
words were written on, all of them would determine how her life would be for
who knows how long.

Five minutes later...

"Here you go." Trish handed the paper back to Stephanie.

"Thank you." Stephanie put the paper on top of a stack of them, she looked at
the clock as Trish left. It was 5:57. "Oh, god it's time." Stephanie said as
she left her office again.

"Ok, girls, if you will please go to your rooms now and wait, believe me it
won't be long." Stephanie watched as the diva's disappeared into the rooms.
She then opened her office door as much as it would allow and then put a door
stop under it. She quickly walked over to her desk and sat in her chair. She
had two twelve inch colored monitors infront of her, expensive yes, but she
had to make sure her diva's were being treated color. She turned
the monitors on. Nidia was on one and Dawn on the other, she took a remote
out of a drawer to her left and switched the Nidia monitor, it then displayed
Stacy Keibler.

"This is gonna be fun." Stephanie smiled. She looked at the clock which read
6:00. Stephanie then heard the faint sound of foot steps, really fast foot
steps, running. She then heard yelling before John Cena, Charlie Hass and
Randy Orton and many others stormed her office.

"One at a time boys, one at a time. Cena first the rest of you wait outside
of the door." Stephanie yelled.

"Back the fuck up." Cena said to Randy.

"Ok, Cena it appears that you are our first customer." Stephanie said to him.
"I know you're eager to begin so let's not waste any time, which diva did you
have in mind?" Steph asked Cena.

"I always have you in mind but since you're not on the list then I pick...
Dawn." Cena had his wallet out.

"And what exactly did you want to do with Dawn?" Steph asked as she looked at
Dawn's sheet.

"I've gotta get some of that ass first off. And some pussy." Cena smiled.

"So anal and pussy?" Stephanie added the price up.

"That will be thirteen thousand dollars." Stephanie watched as his jaw

"That...that...dammmmnnn." Cena said as he counted his money. Cena then
forked over the money.

"Dawn's in the number eight room, have fun." Stephanie said as she put the
money away. Cena quickly left.

"Next." Stephanie said to the next person. It was the Hurricane. Stephanie

"I didn't know that superheros fucked whores." Stephanie said to him. He was
in his Hurri-gear.

"What can I get for a hundred?" He asked her.

"Well you could get a few things but I recommend a Hurri-cocksuck from Miss
Jackie Gayda." Stephanie chuckled at her "clever" word.

"Sounds great." He grinned widely.

"She's in room seven." Steph told him as he gave her the hundred-dollar bill.

Meanwhile in room eight...


Someone was knocking on Dawn's door.

"Come in." Dawn said to her first customer. Cena then entered.

"Well, well, well look who it is." Dawn said as she looked at Cena from head
to toe.

"So what did you pay for baby?" Dawn asked Cena.

"a...ass...and...p, pussy." Cena was nervous, it was a flashback for Dawn to
her prom where she fucked a younger boy named Brian. Or was that at the Game?
Was it Ted? Ben? Josh? Or was it even a boy?

"Well I'm sure more people will be wanting the same so let's get this thing
going." Dawn said before pulling down her red lace trimmed black thong. Dawn
didn't stop to think about the excitement a man's heart would experience at
such a moment. Damn it, a man could go into convulsions at a moment like
such. But John's heart held together as Dawn's Italian pussy came into sight.
Her pussy was currently sporting a bacon strip of pubic hair. Dawn then spun
around, allowing Cena to see her fat ass.

"Come and get it." Dawn said as she looked over her shoulder at him. She
wiggled her ass. Dawn then went over to the bed and layed her elbows on the
edge while sticking her ass up in the air. John then quickly unzipped and
un-buttoned his shorts. He kicked out of them, almost falling in the process.
John literally ran over to Dawn, he stood behind her, staring at her ass.
"You didn't pay for spank so don't even think about it." Dawn warned him

John wished that he had thought about spanking but it was too late for that
now. Still he was beyond eager to fuck her...he pulled his boxers off and
dropped to his knees. Dawn looked behind her at John's average sized, hard
six inch cock. John grabbed her by the hips and lined up perfectly behind
her cunt.

"Wait!" Dawn yelled to Cena. "You'll have to use this." She grabbed a condom
out of her bra (it's always in the bra isn't it?).

"Right sorry." John wasn't too disappointed that he had to use a condom. How
could he complain about fucking Dawn's cunt this way or that way right now
because...he was getting ready to fuck Dawn Marie's pussy! No man or woman
could be anything but happy at this moment. He quickly slipped it on.

"You fuck my pussy till you come. Then you fuck my ass till you come, ok?"
Dawn told John.

"Yeah." John then held his dick in his left hand and pointed it toward Dawn's
cunt, he moved forward... His cock easily slid into her cunt, he put all of
it in her and then kept still for a moment. He was savoring the moment. He
held onto her hips tightly and slowly pushed her forward, his dick began to
reappear, he then thrusted hid cock back in to her snatch. He had then
completed the first pussy penetration in the Stephanie "moral booster"
program. He moved his pelvis back and forth now, he watched her ass jiggle
oh so nicely and he slowly fucked her pussy. John had learned from experience
that every pussy was different in some way, but he had already determined
that Dawn's was better than any other pussy he had ever had. It was loose at
first but as he went deeper it tightened much more. It was also a bigger cunt
than he had ever had the privilege to fuck.

"Oh, fuck!" John moaned as he penetrated her hole.


The Hurricane sat on the edge of the bed in Jackie's room, looking at the
sexy slut herself infront of him. She was dressed in a see-thru dress that
had a slit up her left thigh. Of course she wasn't gonna give anyone a free
peek at her cunt, so she had on a blue thong. But the same couldn't be said
about her tits. She didn't bother to cover those babies, no. She had them
proudly displayed behind the thin material.

"Citizen Miss Jackie, I have come here for you to suck my cock." The
Hurricane was in character. Jackie laughed.

"Okay, then you'll need this." Jackie grabbed a condom from a basket full of
them and tossed it to him.

"From experience The Hurricane knows that someones lips are not nearly as
pleasurable to a man's penis if he is wearing a rubber...holy-shit that just
sounded like I am gay!"

"I understand your worry but never, I mean NEVER underestimate the
cock-sucking abilities of Jackie Gayda." Jackie said before getting down
on her knees infront of Hurricane. She reached up and pulled down the
Hurricane's wrestling tights, revealing a limpish six inch dick.

"It's not even hard." Jackie said to herself. He handed her the condom, she
tore the pack open and removed the condom. She put the condom between her
lips and went down on him.

The condom slid over his dick head, her head traveled down more and more and
his stiffening cock was getting longer with each inch Jackie took in. At the
moment she only had four inch's in her mouth. Jackie had her palms pressed
against The Hurricane's thighs as she took in his prick. She was now almost
there, six inch's down, two to go.

She took those two inches with ease. His entire eight inch cock was down her
throat. To say the least she was surprised at his man-hood size. She expected
him to be maybe a little bit more than six but not eight. She tightened her
lips around his cock and slow began to make her way back up the mountain. She
pressed her tongue against his shaft as she went along, this maneuver was one
that The Hurricane had never experienced before.

* * *

By the time that this was taking place in Jackie's room, Stephanie had
already sent Randy Orton to Trish's room and Chavo to Nidia's. Stephanie
peeked at the monitor, which showed Cena pounding away at Dawn's cunt, it
was Steph's first chance to look at the action.

"So it begins." Steph said.

"ahem." Rob Conway cleared his throat as a way to get Stephanie's attention.

"Oh, sorry." Stephanie looked up at him.

"No problem." Rob said to her.

"So who do you want?" Steph asked.

"Uhhhh...give me Victoria." Rob answered.

"Ok, she was a little nervous about doing this so, I told her to start with
oral and handjobs until she feels like doing the rest. So do you still want
her?" Steph hoped so, because if Victoria didn't get even one customer then
she doubted that the beautiful amazon would care to continue.

"Oh yeah, sure." Rob answered.

"Ok then, which do you want?"

"I don't have much money so I'll take a handjob." He replied.

"It'll be one thousand." Steph said.

"Wow, that's a lot for a jackoff." Rob responded.

"Oh come on, it's for the 'Vicky ass fund'. If she gets enough money then
she'll want to do the other stuff, like anal and maybe she'll let you into
her box?" Stephanie put on her sexy smile and stared into his eyes.

"Ok, yeah." Rob handed her the money. He looked mesmerized by her.

"She's room three." Stephanie put the money in Victoria's folder.

* * *

"OH Shit!!!!" Dawn yelled just seconds before John blew his load into the

"Damn." Cena barely said through the huffs and pants. He pulled out of her

"You have to use this for my ass." Dawn took another condom out of her bra
(I think she has a machine in her bra), this was a pre-lubed condom. Dawn
didn't want to do anyway non-lubed ass fucks this early in the night, she
still had many more people left.

"Sure." Cena grabbed the condom out of Dawn's hand.

"You still hard?" Dawn asked.

"Shake that ass a little and I will be." Cena said as he peeled the used
condom off of his semi-limp dick, as he removed the condom some cum spilled
onto the floor. Dawn complied and began to shake her fat ass from left to
right, causing her ass cheeks to slam into eachother, creating loud claps
when they collided. His dick began to grow, it was that easy. All it took
was for her to shake her ass a bit and tada! It's hard! He got close to her
ass again.

"Open up." Cena said as he circled her asshole with his thumb. Her ass did
open and it opened wide. He fit his dick in without a problem. Dawn didn't
know that he had entered her until he was almost all of the way in. He
squeezed her ass cheeks around his cock.

"Oh, fuck!" Cena moaned. He slowly pulled back and then thrusted his dick
back in. Dawn grunted as Cena began to pump her ass, she loved anal sex alot,
it's her preference. Despite how many countless times Dawn had been fucked in
the ass, her hole was still as tight as it was when she had first let a guy
fuck it.

"Oh, yeah." Dawn moaned as Cena went deeper.

* * *


Someone was at Trish's door. She was afraid that this whole thing would
involve her fuckin' old, fat guys, that couldn't get pussy otherwise. But to
her surprise...

"Come in." Trish yelled. Randy Orton entered. Wow, I can't believe I'm
getting paid for this. Trish thought.

"Um...what did you order?" Trish asked in a shaky voice. She was alittle
nervous about fucking someone that so many women could only dream of fucking.

"Uh, pussy." Randy on the other hand wasn't nervous at all. Well maybe a
little bit, Trish was a woman that every man could only dream of fucking.
Trish smiled.

"Well'll need one of those." Trish pointed to a pile of condom on a
table across the room from her bed. Randy walked over a selected one. He
then went back to the end of Trish's bed. She laid on her back with her legs
crossed. He began to unzip his pants.

"No allow me." Trish crawled over to the edge and stood up off the bed. She
looked into Randy's eyes as she moved her hand down his chest and over his
abs. She grabbed around the top of his pants and boxers and pulled them
toward her. She then used her other hand to reach into the front of his
pants. Her hand was met by Randy's hardening 6 incher, It was pointing to
the sky. She grabbed it and began to give him a slow handjob. He had not
paid for this but because it was Trish's decision to do it, then it was okay
by Stephanie. She had provoked his cock into growing to seven inch's.

"Oh, god." Randy grabbed her head and kissed her. At first it was a small
peck, then they began to full on make out. She nibbled on his lower lip, as
she unbuttoned his pants with one hand. His pants fell to his knees. His
boxers still hide her hand has she jerked him off.

Trish broke the kiss and removed her hand from his from. She fell back onto
the bed. As he removed his boxers, she removed her white thong. What the
thong had covered was truly a masterpiece. Her cunt was as tight as a 17
year old, and She had the most beautiful pussy lips, they protruded a little
as if they were calling you to them, welcoming you. Randy's heart nearly
stopped when he caught sight of her snatch. She laid back and spread her
legs wide.

"Come and fuck it." She told him.

* * *

Over in room nine, Nidia was yelping loudly as Chavo pounded her pussy with
amazing speed.

"Fuck me hard baby!" Nidia yelled. In the room on the other side of the wall,
Sable's was getting wet as she listened to Nidia carry on in the room next to

* * *

"Holy whore I'm cumming!" Hurricane gave a late warning to Jackie before
blowing his load into the condom, Jackie continued sucking for a few seconds.

"What I tell you?" Jackie said as she stood up.

"Oh shit that was great." Hurricane said.

"Apology accepted." Jackie chuckled.

* * *

Over in room three, Victoria stared a Rob Conway's seven inch cock.

"Are we gonna do this or not?" Rob asked.

"Yeah." Victoria answered. Victoria grabbed his bare cock. Stephanie allowed
the divas to jack them off without a condom, as long as they had a towel to
cum on.

* * *

Meanwhile John Cena left Dawn Marie room as Danny Bashem entered Gail Kim's,
He wanted a suckoff. Stephanie watched as Victoria hand went up and down
Rob's cock. She's was visibly eager to get it over with, but despite her
dislike for what she was doing, Rob loved it. Stephanie watched Victoria
jerkoff Rob for a good five minutes, before he came all over the white towel
on his stomach. Some cum spilled onto her hand as her shot it. She quickly
wiped it off on the towel.

"How's it goin'?" Vince asked his daughter.

"Oh, god." Stephanie jumped.

"You surprised me." Stephanie told him. "It's going great, we've already
made..." Stephanie looked at a piece of paper. "Thirty three thousand and
five hundred dollars." Stephanie smiled a somewhat cocky smile (told you
so dad).

"Wow!" Vince was floored. "I'm must say that I'm sorry for yelling at you
earlier." Vince wasn't afraid to admit when he's wrong...sometimes...50/50...

"Well I won't hold you up." Vince said before leaving, Bastista stepped out
of his way. Stephanie took a quick glance at the monitor to see Nidia sucking
Chavo dick.

"Hey big man!"

"Hey Steph." Batista replied.

"Any suggestions?" Batista asked.

"Uh...yeah." Stephanie shifted thru some papers. "See that you are a big man.
Maybe you'll need two women to satisfy you. How 'bout I hook you up with two
girls of your choice." Stephanie asked him. Batista didn't need to think that
offer over.

"Sounds good, I'll take Molly and...Stacy." Batista was smiling like he had
just won a million dollars.

"Oh...sorry but Stacy's not available for that." Stephanie hated doing that.
This made Batista alittle let down.

"Ok, maybe Terri." He was always attracted to Terri.

"That sounds good to me." Stephanie let that slip but Batista didn't catch on
to it."What would you like to do to them?" Stephanie handed him a piece of
paper. He looked it over.

"Ah...anal from Molly, head from Terri and I'd like to watch them." Batista
told Stephanie. He thought that he would feel odd telling a woman, especially
Stephanie this kind of stuff but He felt comfortable with Stephanie.

"Ok, that equals to..." She added it up. "Eleven thousand nine hundred."
Stephanie was happy about the amount of money She had gathered for the girls.

Stephanie chuckled.

"You're makin' a killing here." Batista said as he gave her the money.

"Thank you sir." Steph took the money and put it away. She then got on the
speaker phone and told Molly to go to Terri's room. This made Molly exstatic.

"Okay big man, go to room six and have fun." Stephanie watched as Batista
left. She watched very closely...

* * *

Trish clenched her teeth as Randy slowly thrusted his cock into her cunt.
They were slowly but great thrusts, He was hitting a really good spot, this
was sending Trish to pleasureville. She was loving this whole thing WAY more
than she could have ever imagined.

"Oh god!" Randy moaned.

"Come on." Trish yelled. They had been fucking for 15 minutes and Trish knew
that Randy was about to bust, and she was right. He started to pump her cunt
faster and faster, so fast and hard that the bed nearly broke the wall.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh Shit." Trish yelled with no care if she was heard. She didn't
care if the condom broke and his cum invested her cunt, She wanted it harder.
She dug her claws into the top of his ass.

"I'm cummin'!" Randy yelled.

"Me too!" Trish screamed.

* * *

Stephanie watched as Randy threw his head to the sky and pressed his pelvis
against Trish cunt, Trish's back arched and she let out a scream that
Stephanie was sure every diva heard. Stephanie flipped the monitor to Gail's
room were she saw the beautiful asian's head bob up and down at a high rate
of speed. And next was Terri's room. Terri was sucking Batista's dick as
Molly ate her out from behind. She wasn't just eating her pussy out, she
tongued Terri's ass as well. This was a sight that Stephanie just couldn't
resist. She slid her hand down the front of her pants and began to pleasure
herself as she watched it unfold.

20 minutes later...

Rey Mysterio left Sable's room after some pussy fuckin in which Sable
complained that he kept going to fast and that he didn't last long enough,
and in Terri's room Batista had already left but Molly was still eating her
pussy. Danny had left Gail's room too. Stephanie got on the speakerphone and
tole every diva to come to her office. Five minutes later everyone was in
her office.

"Ok ladies did it go good?" Stephanie asked but not everyone nodded their
heads. Some were disappointed with what little money they had made.

"I have decided that we will do this at every pay per view." Stephanie told

"Now I know that you all have to get ready for the night, so let me pay you."
Stephanie brought out multiple envelopes with the diva's names on them.

"With sixteen thousand five hundred dollars...Dawn Marie." Everyone was
shocked at the amount including Dawn. She would have done it for free. Dawn
got her envelope from Steph, they smiled at each other.

"I told you that your ass would make alot of money."

Stephanie said to Trish as she accepted her pay. Almost everyone was happy
with how much they had made that night. After everyone had left her office
and went elsewhere. Stephanie personally went to every room and emptied the
trashcan which had cum filled condoms in each. It took her awhile to empty
all of them but she didn't want someone finding condom all over the WWE
backstage. She also collected the tiny spycams that she had hidden in each
room so that she could "keep an eye on them".

Stephanie sat in her office, gathering papers.

"So how did it go?" Vince asked.

Stephanie jumped. "You scared me again." Vince chuckled.

"It went perfect." Stephanie said.

"Well I just left the guys lockeroom and they are all talking and laughing
and they look happy."

"The girls were happy too." Stephanie smiled.

"Well I'm as tired as hell, so let's get out of here."

Stephanie had her briefcase under her arm. "Could you get that?" She pointed
to a big black trashbag with all of the condom in it.

Vince picked it up and followed Steph out into the hallway, and then to his
office where they watched Wrestle mania unfold.

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