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Stephanie AKA The Pimptress Part 4: Wrestlemania 23
by WOWButtLover (

It had been a very long time since Stephanie had imagined and created her
"moral booster" project. After Wrestlemania 20 Vince and Stephanie had
decided to only hold the event backstage at Wrestlemania's, so the guys
wouldn't run out of money and the girls wouldn't get so much money that
they didn't need the WWE. And since Wrestlemania 20 many things had changed.
Superstars had left, divas had left and Stephanie was struggling to keep her
masterpiece alive. Vince had a certain rule that Stephanie couldn't invite
every single girl to become a whore. They had to trust the person first, and
this rule made Stephanie's job hard. She was left with only a handful of
girls. It was six days before Wrestlemania and she only had Victoria, Mickie
James, Melina, Candice and Maria. It wasn't enough and she didn't have many
more options. Torrie still refused to do it, Lilian as well. And then there
was the group of new-comers. The non-trustees. But Stephanie had to get more
girls, cause if she didn't then she would of failed. She would of failed at
doing what daddy wanted her to do in the beginning. To boost the guy's moral,
to make things exciting again. She had done that once a year and the time was
coming again for her to deliver.

Stephanie sat in her office backstage at Raw and awaited the arrival of one
of the Raw brands divas. And the first to meet with her was Torrie Wilson and
Torrie already knew what Stephanie had wanted before she even spoke to her.
It was the same thing Stephanie wanted every year. She wanted Torrie to be
her little ho, she wanted her to make "the boys" happy. Torrie walked into
the office and sat infront of Stephanie, she gave the million dollar baby a
sly, sexy smile. Stephanie did the same to Torrie.

"Hey sexy." Stephanie always called her that.

"Hey momma." Torrie replied. Stephanie chuckled.

Stephanie tossed a pair of keys at Torrie. Torrie caught them.

"What is this?" Torrie asked.

"It's the keys to my Porshe in the parking lot outside. And it's yours if you
say yes." Stephanie answered. They stared at eachother for around a minute
before Torrie spoke. She had thought about so many different things in that
minute but one thing was prominent. That goddamn Porshe.

"You evil bitch." Torrie replied with a smile. Stephanie smiled a genuine

"I need you Torrie, I promise you won't regret it. If things go right you'll
have two sets of keys." Stephanie told her. Torrie stood up and still looked
at Steph. There was something about how Stephanie handled herself, Torrie
admired her. She was powerful. Stephanie handed Torrie a piece of paper with
the "Do & Don't" It included the actual sex acts and the prices. She had
given a price range for every act. Torrie started for the door.

"Don't be afraid, try new things Torrie." Stephanie said before the beautiful
blonde left the room. As soon as she left Stephanie lt out a huge sigh. This
was beyond great, she had finally gotten probably the most sought after diva
on the roster. But her day wasn't over, Stephanie needed more girls, there
wasn't quite enough yet. So she had plans to meet with one more Raw girl and
that was Ashley.

Stephanie didn't know what to expect from Ashley, she was just like she
looked and acted on TV. And Stephanie realized it as soon as she stepped foot
in the office. Ashley dropped into the chair infront of Stephanie's desk.

"What's up?" Ashley asked, she played with the piercing in her lip. Stephanie
looked at her for a moment before speaking.

"We gave you what? $250,000 to be on Raw?" Stephanie wasn't looking for an

"What if I told you that you could make an extra $20,000 in one night?"
Stephanie stared at Ashley. She didn't answer she just stared right back at
Stephanie. Ashley wasn't one for being fucked with. She didn't like people
trying to play her for a fool.

"Listen to me. You don't know abo-" Ashley cut Stephanie off.

"I know about it Steph, your little whore house." Ashley revealed to
Stephanie. Stephanie's eyes widened. How could she of known? Fuckin bitches
cant shut their mouths.

"Lita told me." Ashley told Stephanie. Lita and Ashley had been good friends
while Lita worked for the WWE. And Lita had told Ashley with a friends
promise that she wouldn't say anything.

"And to answer your question, yes I will do it. I've been waiting for you to
ask me." Ashley stood up and leaned over the desk. She chewed gum right
infront of Stephanie's face.

"You're cute." Ashley told Stephanie. Stephanie handed Ashley the paper.

"You're...different." Stephanie replied. Ashley chuckled. And as Stephanie
packed her stuff and headed to the hotel she was relieved. It was the first
time in a long time, but she was stress-free.

* * *

The next day Stephanie once again was backstage awaiting one of the sexy
women of the WWE to enter her office. This time she was backstage at
Smackdown/ECW. Which meant she had more choices of girls. But she had only
3 real options. Two lovely black girls and an Italian girl. Stephanie twirled
her pen between her fingers as she waited. She hadn't told her father of the
good news involving Torrie and Ashley, she loved to surprise daddy and she
loved to give big surprises. Which meant more girls.

Trinity knocked on Stephanie's door and let herself in. She quickly sat in
the chair infront of Stephanie. Stephanie took a moment to look at Trinity,
in reality it was a bit odd.

"I'm sorry to bother you. I just wanted to tell you how nice of a job you've
been doing. We really appreciate it." Stephanie out-stretched her hand and
Trinity took it. Stephanie didn't trust her. After yesterday when Ashley
revealed that she had already known about the going-ons backstage at
Wrestlemania, Stephanie was paranoid. With good reason too, if the wrong
person knew about this the WWE would be over, no more. Trinity found the
entire exchange weird but she was just glad she still had a job.

* * *

15 minuted later Layla peaked her head into Stephanie's office.

"Hi." Layla said to Stephanie. Stephanie giggled before inviting Layla in.
Something about Layla made Stephanie happy. She was beautiful, cute and
funny. Plus her voice was beyond sexy. Layla's eyes were really wide as she
awaited the worst. Stephanie smiled as she looked into Layla's eyes.

"I like you Layla, I like you alot. You're a great member of the roster."
Stephanie told Layla.

"And I think you're one of the more beautiful girls we have. There's
something I've got to ask you thou-" Stephanie stopped herself.

"Wait here one minute honey, I'll be right back." Stephanie told Layla. Layla

Stephanie left the room and returned a few minutes later with a VHS tape in
her hand. She locked the door and walked over to the TV in the corner of the
room, she pushed it over infront of Layla and put the tape in.

"I've got to show you something." Stephanie said before hitting play and
taking a seat beside the sexy black beauty. Layla couldn't really notice what
she was seeing at fist but when she realized her jaw dropped. She looked at

"That's Trish Stratus fucking Edge." Stephanie told Layla. Layla looked at
the video then back at Stephanie.

"Oh my god, is he in trouble?" Layla asked. She had no clue why Stephanie was
showing her this. Maybe to ask if she had heard anything about the two in the
past or something.

"No, they aren't in trouble. You see Layla." Stephanie began to play with
Layla's hair.

"There is something that goes on at every Wrestlemania. It's something that
is a huge secret. I got a bunch of girls together and decided to make up this
system where the boys come meat me and give me money to fuck the divas. It
was a way to make the boys happy and the girls even happier." Stephanie
paused to read Layla's reaction. It was total shock as you would guess.

"And I called you here to ask you if you would like to become a part of that.
And before you answer I just want you to know that every last dime goes to
the girl and believe me, it's alot of dimes. Like 20,000 dollars worth of
dimes." Stephanie smiled at Layla as she watched Layla.

"And I came to you because I think that you are one of the sexiest girls
we've ever had in the WWE. And I would be beyond happy if you did this for
me, for you and for the company. Stephanie finally gave Layla a chance to

"Yes." Layla answered simply.

"Yes, yes, yes." Layla said again. Stephanie giggled.

"I'm so glad. I'll take care of you babe." Stephanie stared into Layla's
eyes, they were beautiful. God, Stephanie was attracted to Layla more than
she could imagine. Stephanie handed Layla the paper and set her on her way.
Stephanie's eyes were on Layla's ass as it bounced its way out of the door.
Stephanie shivered, god that girl gave her chills.

It was only 10 minutes later that Kristal knocked on Stephanie's door and sat
infront of the beautiful daughter of Vince Mcmahon. It didn't take Stephanie
long to convince Kristal to join the other 8 divas in this years Wrestlemania

* * *

Wrestlemania 23

Stephanie ran up to her dad, bouncing everywhere on the way to him.

"Daddy, I did it again. I've got 8 girls this time and dad...I got Torrie."
Stephanie said as she hopped up and down. She loved to make her dad happy and
to make him proud of her. And he was proud of her. She had changed things
around, he was beyond proud. They hugged and then Stephanie continued to tell
Vince about all of the girls and how she managed to do it again, it was a
struggle every year but this was the most difficult yet. After she got done
gloating to her dad she headed to the hallway where everything was going to
take place. She had gotten all of the beds set up a couple of days prior to
the show. She had to do all of the work herself because she couldn't ask
workers to set up beds backstage, it would draw too much attention. Of course
she did get a few of the guys to help her, it was their way of paying her
back for her genius idea.

Stephanie sat in the office at the head of the hall and re-read over
everyones list. Melina was a high-pricier. The Stacy Keibler of her time.
Torrie as well but she was sorta generous. The cheapest was Layla and
Victoria. Stephanie was happy to see Layla's prices, she knew business was
going to be big for her. As Stephanie sat, she reflected on the last 3
times she did this. She had much more sought after divas back then. Trish,
Lita, Dawn (Oh how she remembered Dawn), Molly and her big ass, Jackie and
her free blowjobs and of course Stacy and her extreme pricing. Things were
different now. The prices for the girls had went down and demand just the
same. But Stephanie could remember them any time she wanted, she owned a
box full of tapes of every one of the divas fucking. Dozens and dozens of
tapes. She took full advantage too, watching one every night it seemed. And
now she was about to have more tapes to review. The Diva brothel was about
to begin.Stephanie was The Pimptress for another night.

* * *

2 Hours Later

Stephanie stood in front of all nine of the girls, each one dressed in the
skimpiest, slutiness clothing that they could find. Some looked abit nervous,
others looked anxious to get their money. Stephanie cleared her throat before

"Alright ladies, tonight we do it again. Some of you are new, most of you
have done this before." Stephanie gazed around the room.

"I want you girls to have fun, after all you will be having sex and sex is
the funnest thing right?" Stephanie said to an agreeing group.

"Now you girls will be making a bunch of money tonight, I hope you enjoy the
money and I'm sure the boys will enjoy spending it." Stephanie smiled at her

"Now if you all will please go to your assigned rooms and hold tight until
its time to begin, thank you." Stephanie sat back in her seat and watched as
the divas left the room. And like always she admired their asses jiggle and
bounce on their way out.

Stephanie waited for nearly 10 minutes before their first customer arrived.
And it was none other than "The big man" himself Batista. Batista was always
a big spender at the yearly Diva brothel so Stephanie was more than happy to
see him. She sat up straight and smiled her trademark sexy grin.

"What can I do for you today Dave?" Stephanie asked the current Smackdown

"Well I don't think you are available but if so..." Batista said with a
smile. Stephanie giggled.

"I'm sorry but no, I'm not an option." Stephanie was blushing a little.

"How much would it cost me to get Candice? Pussy and ass of course?" Batista

"Um..." Stephanie scanned over her papers, calculated the total price.

"Seven thousand, two hundred." Stephanie answered. 3 thousand for the pussy,
4 thousand for the ass and 2 hundred for the multiple sex acts. Batista
didn't complain, he removed his wallet and handed over the cash to Stephanie.

"Alright big man, room 6. Make her work for her money." Stephanie told
Batista, she gave him a wink as he left the office. Seconds later Lance
Cade walked into her office. This was his first time at the Diva Brothel,
he didn't have enough money last year.

"Who and what would you like tonight Lance?" Stephanie asked the young man.

"Um...lets see..." Lance pondered his choices, he was nervous to part with
his money so he wanted to make the right choice.

"Can I make a suggestion? You could get a blowjob from Layla for just 4
hundred dollars." Stephanie told Lance. She didn't know why but she was
drawn to Layla, so she wanted to throw some business her way. Lance nodded.

"Alright, sounds good." Lance said before getting his money and giving it to
the beautiful Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie sent him to room 2 and as soon as
he left she turned her attention to the monitors to her left. She watched as
Batista removed his jacket. Candice was laying on the bed infront of him. She
was already naked. Stephanie didn't get long to enjoy it because another Diva
brothel favorite JBL walked in.

"Hey John." Stephanie said as she shook his hand.They were good friends, have
been for years.

"Hey there Steph, how's business?" John asked. Stephanie took a moment to

"I won't lie John, things have been tough. But all is well right now. And I
hope you make it better." Stephanie said with a smile. John chuckled.

"Well I won't disappoint you. I've been waiting for this. I want Torrie and
I want everything Steph. Pussy, ass, spank and a deep-throating blowjob."
John said with more than excitement. How it worked if the customer got two
different sex acts is that they got to perform them until they came or until
they didn't want to continue. So in Johns case, he was about to cum 3 times
and he would have to pay for it. Stephanie couldn't help but smile as she
began to add up the numbers.

"Damn John. Eleven thousand." Stephanie looked up half expected John to
deduct some of his choices. But he didn't John had the money. It was 4
thousand for the pussy, 5 thousand and 5 hundred for her ass, 3 hundred to
spank her, 8 hundred for a blowjob and 4 hundred for the multiple sex acts.
John handed Stephanie a huge stack of cash and she sent him to room 7.
Stephanie was already beyond excited to tell her daddy how much they were
making. It was already 18 thousand and six hundred dollars. Not all of the
guys had arrived at the arena yet so this gave Stephanie some time to enjoy
the her masterpiece. She watched as...

Candice was in doggy-style with Batista right up behind her. He squeezed some
strawberry flavored lube on his condom covered dick and alittle on her pretty
little asshole. He rubbed it around her asshole and covered his cock nicely.
Candice looked back at him, eager to get this started, she relaxed her ass
and opened up wide for him. She wasn't a stranger to anal, as a matter of
fact she wasn't a stranger to anything. Batista held his cock and guided it
into her ass, it fit perfectly. Candice moaned lightly as it went deep into
her ass. Batista wasn't fully hard but hard enough as he pushed his currently
6 inch cock into her deeper. He loved how tight her hole began to get as he
went farther. Finally he was satisfied with how much he had in her and slowly
began to squeeze her voluptuous ass. It was truly a ass to die for. His hands
got lost in her chubby ass cheeks. Batista then began to pull his dick out of
Candice Michelle's asshole and then thrust it back in.

"Oh god!" Candice groaned as he started slowly fucking her ass. He held her
hips firmly. With every thrust he pulled her ass towards him as hard as her
could, this made her ass scrunch up against his lower abdomen. God it was a
beautiful sight for Batista as he looked down at her ass. He started going
faster and the faster he went the more she her ass shook. He watched the
force of his body hitting her ass make ripples of fat run up her ass.

"Fuck my ass Dave!" Candice yelled to him. Batista increased the pace when
she said that.

"Do you like that baby? Huh? Do you like me fucking your fat ass?" Dave
smacked her left ass cheek. She moaned loudly.

"Oh god yes, fuck it hard! Ram you cock all the way in my ass!" Candice
yelled back. He did as she wanted and pushed his now fully erect 8 inch cock
all the way in her asshole. She screamed in pleasure. After keeping it deep
in her ass for 5 seconds he slowly pulled it out and continued to fuck her.
Dave fucked her ass for another 3 minuted before ramming his cock as deep as
it could go again and unloading his cum in the condom. Candice screamed as
she felt his cock begin to twitch inside of her. It was so deep in her ass
that she could feel the cum go through his dick. Batista pulled out of her
and layed back, Candice fell on her stomach and layed there catching her

"God damn girl." Batista said as he looked over at her, all he could see was
her wet pussy and her ass. He admired the view as did Stephanie Mcmahon.
Stephanie then shifted her attention to her woman Layla and Layla was going
to town on Lance's dick.

Layla was bobbing up and down on Lance's 7 inch dick, her huge fro bounced up
and down as she took his entire dick down her throat. She had her left hand
around his cock as she went up and down on it. Lance layed his head back
against the wall as she gave him easily the best blowjob he had even been
given. Layla stopped sucking for a moment and looked up at Lance, she jerked
his dick with her left hand.

"Do you like that baby?" Layla asked as she gave him a handjob, more than he
paid for but she was the one who decided to do it so Stephanie didn't mind.

"God yeah!" Lance said as she showed him how fast her hand could go. She
then resumed her sucking duties. She didn't hesitate as she took all of his
manhood in her mouth without stopping, his cockhead hit the back of her
throat. He moaned loud enough for Stephanie to hear it from her office. Layla
slowly brought her head up and squeezed her lips around his cock-head as
tight as she could. Lance grabbed her fro in both hands. Layla then cupped
Lance's balls in her right hand, once again a move that Lance didn't pay for
and something Layla did have to do but she was there to please. She then
bobbed up and down some more on Lance's cock. She massaged his balls and
sucked his dick for another 2 minutes.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" Lance yelled. Then Layla did something that shocked
Stephanie and Lance. Something that Stephanie kinda did have a problem with.
Layla didn't grab the cum towel for him to cum onto, she put his dick in her
mouth and let Lance blow his load into her mouth. Lance sprayed a huge load
into her awaiting mouth. Some cum began to leak out of the side of Layla's
mouth, she used her finger to recover it. Layla then spit the cum out onto
the towel. Layla smiled at Lance.

"Was that worth it baby?" Layla asked. Lance let out a deep breath

"Fuck yeah." Lance replied. Layla laughed. Stephanie smiled, she knew Layla
was a keeper and Layla just proved it for her. Stephanie looked at Torrie's
monitor just in time to see JBL spanking Torrie's meaty ass. Torrie was
dressed in a school girls outfit, her skirt was flipped up as JBL groped her
right ass cheek.

"God you have such a great fuckin ass." John said as he smacked her ass
cheek. Torrie yelped in pleasure.

"Did you like that?" John asked.

"Uh huh." Torrie nodded. "Spank my ass."

John smacked it again this time harder. Torrie's ass isn't as fat as
Candice's but it isn't without some jiggle.

John continued to spank Torrie's ass as Stephanie was getting a special
request. Bobby Lashley had paid for Victoria and Maria in a threesome. He
only paid for Maria's pussy but he gets to watch them fuck and he paid for
role-playing. JBL rubbed Torrie's red bottom, she was bent over his knees.
He gave her ass one last hard spank before standing her up.

"I want you to ride me baby." JBL told Torrie. Torrie smiled and began
slowly swaying her hips side to side as she undressed. Her body was perfect,
her pussy completely shaved, not a hair in sight. JBL removed his pants and
boxers as Torrie danced for him. He now layed back on the bed, his cock
pointing up to the ceiling fully erect, spanking Torrie Wilson's ass will to
that to a guy.John unwrapped a condom and put it on. Torrie got ontop of John
and rubbed his bare chest. Torrie positioned her pussy above John's 7 inch
cock, he held it in place as she lowered her moist pussy onto it.

"Ah, fuck." John groaned as her tight snatch engulfed his cock. She took it
all in her. When she finally finished she sat on his lap and slowly rocked
back and forth, rubbing her wetness all over his balls. Torrie continued to
grind her cunt against John's body for a second before slowly beginning to
lift her body up and lower it back down. Her meaty ass looked even meatier
as she sat it on his thighs. She slowly began to ride his cock before
actually getting into her groove and then she began to hop up and down on
it. John grabbed her tits as she hopped up and down, he squeezed them to
Torrie's delight. This made Torrie even wetter, she then realized how much
she was loving doing this job.

"God! fuck me John!" Torrie yelled as she continued to bounce on JBL's
cock, her ass made a clap every time she went down. She began to sweat, her
beautiful skin glistened in the light. Her golden hair flew in the air.
Torrie rode John's cock for 5 minutes until...

"I'm gonna cum!" John yelled, Torrie stopped bouncing on his cock and
starting grinding her pussy against him again. He groaned loudly before he
thrusted his pelvis upward against Torrie's body. He unloaded a massive load
into the condom.

"OH FUCK!" John yelled. Torrie just sat on his cock for a few more moments
before laying beside him. She was breathing deeply as expected. By the time
John had blew his first load. Stephanie had sent John Cena(who just so
happened to be the Diva Brothels very first customer ever)to Ashley's room.
All he wanted was her pussy. She had also sent Shelton Benjamin to Kristal's
room for a handjob.

Bobby entered the room and there probably hasn't been a more beautiful sight
to behold. Victoria was on top of Maria and had her pinned down with her
knees. They both were naked, Victoria's sexy amazon body was truly something
to admire, her pussy sported a landing strip of pubic hair, it greatly
complimented her thighs and hips. Her pussy layed ontop of Maria's tits.
Bobby stood there frozen, he seriously must be dreaming.

"Sit down...enjoy the show." Victoria told him. Bobby did as told and sat in
the chair at the bottom of the bed. Victoria leaned over and Maria and her
kissed a very lustful kiss. Spit was swapped and tongues were twirled.
Victoria then slowly backed up, she kissed down Maria's chin and to her
lovely chest. Victoria pinned Maria's arms above her head, still not letting
her get away. Victoria licked both of Maria's tits, she sucked on each nipple
for a few moments. Victoria looked up at Bobby, her lustful eyes pierced him.

"So who are we Bobby?" Victoria asked as she grinded her hips back and forth.
Bobby thought for a moment before answering.

"You're her mother and I'm her daddy." Bobby said with a smile. Victoria
liked the idea, she kinda laughed to herself considering the apparent skin
color difference but it was all good. Victoria gave Bobby a sexy grin before
turning her attention back to the lovely Maria again. Victoria began kissing
and licking Maria's tits again.

"Hmmm, do you like when mommy plays with your tits?" Victoria asked Maria.

"Uh-huh mmmmmmm." Maria moaned as Victoria nibbled on her right nipple.

"Do you want mommy to eat your pussy?" Victoria asked Maria. Maria nodded.

"Beg me you dirty little slut!" Victoria said before giving Maria a light
slap across the face.

"Please eat my pussy for me mommy!" Maria yelled. Victoria smiled before she
started kissing down Maria's stomach and to her waist. Victoria then began
taking huge lollipop licks. Her tongue was so wet and it felt so good on
Maria's body. Victoria soon reached Maria's beautiful pussy. Maria had a tiny
patch of hair at the top of her mound, not much but it was as sexy as fuck.
Victoria took a deep breath.

"Oh god you smell good babygirl." Victoria said before she started rubbing
the top of Maria's pussy, right above her clit. Victoria the spit on Maria's
pussy and rubbed it in with her left hand. Maria was really wet and Victoria
loved it, her pussy was glistening.

"Lick me mommy, let daddy watch you lick my pussy." Maria said as she looked
up at Bobby. Victoria smiled before giving Maria a long lick from the bottom
of her slit to the top, then she did it over again. Victoria then plunged
into Maria's cunt, her tongue spun inside of the little divas soaking wet
cunt. Victoria loved the taste of a good pussy and Maria had a very sweet
taste to hers. Bobby was of course already fully erect, he had undone his
jeans and pulled out his cock while Victoria ate Maria out. Victoria peered
up at Bobby as she went to town on Maria's pussy. Something that Stephanie
hadn't really realized yet is how the Diva Brothel had brought the divas
together so much. They all bonded in their experiences. Nothing will bond two
girls more than eating eachothers pussy. Victoria and Maria both knew they
would be good friends after this. Victoria watched Bobby begin to stroke his
large black dick, it was probably around 8 inchs, she couldn't tell. Victoria
stopped eating Maria, she got face to face with Maria.

"Lick your pussy juice off of mommy's face." Victoria demanded Maria, she did
as told and licked Victoria's mouth, chin, nose and cheeks. She enjoyed the
taste of her own pussy.

"Come on, get up." Victoria positioned Maria in doggystyle position, Maria
faced Bobby, her ass towards Victoria. Victoria fondled Maria's ass, she
had a cute little ass. Victoria shook Maria's ass cheeks and squeezed them
together. She loved to watch them in motion. Victoria then began to lick
Maria's pussy from behind. Maria stared into Bobby's eyes as she moaned in

"Lick my asshole mommy!" Maria moaned. Victoria smiled and did as Maria
asked. She parted Maria's ass cheeks and gave the cute little blonde's
asshole a kiss and then a lick. Maria yelped at the sensation that she felt
when Victoria's warm tongue coated her asshole with saliva. Victoria licked
Maria's ass and pussy for awhile before she decided to get to business.
Victoria looked up at Bobby.

"Are you ready to fuck our little girl?" Victoria asked Bobby. Bobby gulped.

"Fuck yeah." Bobby replied. Victoria layed back on the bed, her head layed
on the pillow. Maria took the cue and turned around, her ass faced Bobby now.
Bobby got behind Maria and admired a sight that every man could only dream

As Bobby got ready to fuck Maria's tight little pussy, Mickie James and
Melina received their first customers of the day. Melina got Randy Orton and
Mickie was scared when she found out her guy. The Great Khali, her stomach
felt odd, how huge must a man of that size be? Dear god, he was going to rip
her apart. Those are the kinda thoughts that went through Mickie's mind as
she looked up at the giant Khali.

"Hey...uh..." Mickie backed up alittle.

"Hey big guy, what's up?" Mickie asked him nervously. Khali began to remove
his pants.

"You know Layla has some REALLY cheap prices. If you wanna like cancel this
and head over there it would be ok." Mickie said as she watched Khali step
out of his pants.

"Ok, or not. Maybe we can jus-" Mickie froze when she saw Khali finally
remove his boxers and reveal his cock. It was limp and it was 7 inches. Dear
god he was going to rip her apart. She wondered how big his dick would be
hard. What 11 inches? 12 maybe. Khali removed his shirt and stood completely
naked at the bottom of Mickies bed. Mickie just stared at his cock with wide

"Come here and turn around." Khali told her. Mickie jumped when he spoke.
Then a lightbulb went off in Mickie's head.

"Oh damn big guy, I don't think we have a big enough condom. Sorry, no can
do." Mickie said.

Khali then grabbed his pants, reached in his pocket and pulled out a huge
condom wrapper. He smiled at her. Mickie then lost hope. She crawl over to
the bottom of the bed and turned around. Khali got behind her and began to
rub her pussy alittle. Mickie's roast beef pussy lips quickly grew moist
and Khali quickly grew hard. He brought his hand to his mouth and tasted
Mickie's fluid. He liked the way she tasted. Khali then grabbed his now 9
inch cock and began to rub it up and down Mickie's slit, her big pussy lips
molded around his cock head. Mickie was terrified of what was about to
happen. Khali held his cock while he guided it into her pussy. Mickie was
fine until about the 8th inch and then she began too groan loudly as dig
her claws into the bed sheet. Khali smiled as he watched Mickie struggle to
take his cock. He got about 9 inches into her then he began to pump his cock
in and out of her.

"OH FUCKIN SHIT!" Mickie screamed Stephanie heard it loud and clear from
her office. Everyone heard it. Khali was going easy on her though, he wasn't
going too fast, but his cock grew even larger and he put it all in her, all
12 inches of it.

"GODDAMN! OH FUCK ITS SO BIG!" Mickie yelled. She continued to yell as Khali
penetrated her pussy. He went faster now though, sweat rolled off of Mickie's
ass. Meanwhile Torrie was getting ready to get assfucked by JBL. She grabbed
a condom and some lube and handed them to John. Both of them were drenched in
sweat. Torrie then got on her knees and turned her ass to John. John took a
moment to admire the sight of Torrie Wilson's pussy and asshole. He put the
condom on and got behind the sexy blonde. He squeezed plenty of lube on his
cock and put some on her asshole. Torrie reached back and spread the lube
around her asshole and inside alittle. John pressed the head of his dick
against the entrance to her ass.

"You ready?" John asked. Torrie nodded and then John pushed his cock into her
ass. Torrie groaned as it went deeper into her. She wasn't a pro at taking it
in the ass like Candice. Torrie moaned and groaned as John fit almost all of
his cock into her pretty little hole. He started slow, he wanted her to enjoy
herself as well so he didn't just rip into her. He squeezed her meaty ass as
his cock made its way in and out of her ass. John gave her ass a few smacks.
After about a minute of John fucking her ass Torrie reached down and began to
play with her pussy to John's enjoyment. John then quickened the pace and
they began to get into a nice groove.

"Fuck its so tight." John remarked, Torrie chuckled under her breath. JBL
again quickened the rate of things and started to pump his cock in and out of
her tight little ass even faster. Torrie yelped at every thrust. They were
actually going so fast that Randy and Melina in the next room could hear the
bed rocking. They had just begun, Randy had Melina's legs behind her head and
was pumping his cock in and out of her tight Spanish cunt. He wasn't going
slow like JBL, he was ramming it in her as fast as he could. Melina yelled
every second of it too, and no one can scream like her. Melina scratched
Randy's back until it bled and he liked it.

"Fuck me you fuckin bastard!" Melina said as she smacked Randy. Randy smiled
and rammed his cock in her as hard as he could. Melina was loving how Randy

Meanwhile Ashley was ontop of the guy who always seemed to be on top John
Cena. She was hopping up and down on the champs. There's not much to tell
here, it wasn't long before Cena blew his load. Ashley was abit disappointed
by how long Cena lasted but still...she made some money. One person who
wasn't disappointed was Batista, he was ontop of Candice Michelle. He
thrusted his cock into her as fast as he could, he could tell by her moans
that she was loving it. Her wet pussy was as tight as he could of hoped for.
He kinda expected a woman like Candice to be abit loose but he was surprised.
Candice dug her nails into Dave's ass as he fucked her cunt as good as he

Maria had her face buried in Victoria's snatch and a thick black cock in her
tight cunt. Bobby smacked her ass over and over as he pumped his dick in her
pussy. Maria backed her ass into him every time him thrusted forward.

"That's right, eat mommy's pussy. Do you like how daddy's fucking your tight
little pussy?" Victoria asked Maria.

"Yeah. Fuck my virgin pussy daddy!" Maria yelled. Bobby loved how they were
talking. He held her hips and went faster, his black balls smacked against
her pussy. Victoria stopped Maria from licking her cunt and got behind Bobby.
She reached between his legs and massaged his balls.

"HOLY FUCK!!" Bobby yelled as he fucked Maria hard.

"Is our babygirls pussy tight?" Victoria asked Bobby.

"Fuck yeah!" Bobby replied. Victoria then got between his legs and began to
lick Bobby's dick as it went in and out of Maria's cute wet pussy.

"FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME HARD!" Maria screamed. Bobby gave it one last thrust
and blew his load inside of her pussy. His cum filled the condom. Victoria
slowly rubbed Maria's clit as Bobby slowed down and pulled his cock out of
her pussy. Bobby lifted his leg and got up from above Victoria. He then
watched as Maria sat her pussy on Victoria's face. Victoria stuck her tongue
as deep as she could reach in Maria's pussy. She loved the way Maria tasted.

"AHHHHHH OH GOD!" Maria moaned. Victoria reached up and grabbed Maria's tits
and squeezed them as she tongued her pussy. Maria squirmed and let out a loud
groaned as Victoria stuck on finger into Maria's tight asshole. Bobby could
see that this had quickly became Victoria and Maria fucking and loving it.
Victoria pumped her finger in and out of Maria's ass as she licked her clit.
Maria then began groaning in a deep voice. Victoria used her right hand to
finger Maria's cunt and Bobby then began to hear a kinda water squishy noise.
Maria gave only one screech and then squirted pussy juice all over Victoria's
face and chest.

"You fucked that bitch good!" Bobby said as Maria rested her soaking cunt on
Victoria's chin. Maria looked down and smiled at Victoria.

"Thanks." Maria said to her. One person who wasn't doing too much thanking
was Mickie James. Khali continued to penetrate her cunt with his huge cock.

"FUCKIN SHIT!" Mickie screamed. Khali smiled every time she yelled something.
He watched her ass jiggle everywhere as his cock filled her hole with every
thrust. Mickie didn't have to take it much longer as Khali soon came. He left
Mickie just laying there on her stomach, breathing deeply.

* * *

1 Hour Later

Stephanie sat in her office and reflected on the day. All of the divas had
made a good amount of money and all of the guys left happy, especially Bobby
Lashley. She had succeeded once again.

"Hey Steph." Vince said to the deeply in thought Stephanie. Stephanie jumped.

"Damn dad you scared me." Stephanie said with a smile. Vince stood infront of
her with his hands in his pockets.

"So how did things go?" Vince asked. Stephanie got a giant smile on her face.

"It went perfect." Stephanie answered. Vince nodded.

"I'm glad to hear." Vince said as he started to turn and leave.

"Hey dad. Wait a sec." Vince turned around. Stephanie had her trademark smile

"There's someone waiting for you in room 2. I won't say a word to mom.
"Stephanie told Vince. Vince just stood there, shocked of course. Speechless
as well.

"Go on dad. It's my treat to you." Stephanie told him and then without a word
Vince left the room and went to Room 2. And Stephanie watched on the monitor
as her father walked into Layla's room...
_ _ _

To be continued ?

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