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Stephanie & D'Lo
by Tazz (

Steph waited in her bedroom for her lover that she had been seeing behind
Triple H's back... D'Lo brown. Steph heard a screetch at her bedromm window,
it startled her at first, but then she turned and saw D'Lo. She got up and
opened the window.

"Hey baby, whats up." said D'Lo.

"Hey, were gonna have to be a little quiet tonight my parents are asleep
downstairs." whispered Stephanie McMahon.

D'Lo grabbed her head and started to french kiss Steph, their tongues
twirled together as they fell to the bed with D'Lo on top. D'Lo loosend
Steph's nighty with his hand. He continued to suck on Steph's tongue.

Then Stephanie pushed him over and rolled on top of him. She sat on him
and slowly began to take off the top of her nighty. D'Lo saw her rock hard
nipples poking through the thin fabric. Steph finally dropped the lace, and
revealed her voluptuous breasts to d'lo.

He started to grabbed for her soft melons, but Steph grabbed his hands and
placed them on her legs. She then grabbed her tits and pushed them up to her
neck and began to lick and suck on them. This made D'Lo SO fucking horny.

Steph dropped her tits sliding off the rest of the nighty while still on
D'Lo's lap. She threw the nighty behind her. Since Steph was sitting on
D'Lo's cock, she could feel it rising through his pants. She slid back a
little and pulled down his pants, and pulled his boxers down, and then she
saw his hardening cock, it was already at full 9 inch length.

She then reached down and started to play with her pussy, she massaged her
vaginal folds with one hand and worked her clit with the other. A few more
seconds of watching this and D'Lo was gonna explode. She then slid two
fingers into her pussy, then pulled them back out. Her finger were gleaming
with vaginal wetness.

"OOHhh look how wet my pussy is D'Lo" squeeled stephanie.

Then she applied the wetness to D'Lo's hard cock and began to stroke him
hard. D'Lo moaned sofly as her soft hands stroked his stiff prick. Then Steph
leaned over and finally took his cock into her mouth. steph began to stroke
his shaft while she only focused on sucking the head of his penis.

D'Lo almost screamed out when she did this. D'Lo ran his hands though
Stephanie's hair as she furiously sucked his dick. Then Steph stopped
stroking him and she placed one hand on each of D'Lo's legs to steady herself
and began to bob her head up and down as fast as humanly possible, taking at
least 8 inches of his prick in her mouth whenever she came down.

BITCH!" shouted d'lo.

Steph pulled her head up quickley. "D'lo, be quiet." whispered Steph with
a worried look on her face.

Steph shoved his cock back into her sluttly little mouth, but D'Lo could
take no more. He grabbed her under her arms and pulled her up onto his cock,
Steph knew what he wanted now. D'Lo reached behind Steph and grabbed her ass,
and pulled her milky white cheeks apart, she grabbed his huge penis and
slowly placed it in her vagina.

D'Lo buried his head between Steph's sweaty breasts, while he lifted her
up and down on his cock. Steph pushed him down, and began to bounce on his
cock, doing the work for him. Steph spread her pussy lips open so that D'Lo
could watch as his black cock slid in and out of her wet pussy.

"OH FUCK D'LO, I THINK IM ALMOST THERE!" screamed stephanie, forgetting
all about her parents downstairs.

She bounced on D'Lo's extremeley hard erection for a few more minutes,
deperatly seeking orgasm. Then suddenly her bedroom door swung open.

froze as soon as he saw what was going on.


"OH DADDY, I CAN EXPLAIN EVERYTHING PLEASE!" promised the very scared

"Shut up steph.....D'lo, I thought you were a good man, but I guess I was
sorely mistaken." said Vince.

D'Lo shuttered at the words of his boss.

"I gotta tell ya D'Lo.....I have to admit...there is nothing that makes
me more......HORNEY, then watching my daughter get fucked, by a huge, black

Then a devilish grin swept across vinces face, and the same for D'Lo and
Dteph. Vince jumped on the bed, and laid on his back. Steph didnt say a word,
she slowly crawled up to her father, and put one leg on the other side of
his, sitting on his lap. She took his cock out of his boxers to see that it
was already rock hard. She then got up and turned around and sat back on
Vince's lap...backward. She leaned forward, and spread apart her soft cheeks,
exposing her soaking wet pussy and her tight anus.

Vince gripped his cock and slowly put it up Stephanie's gleaming cunt.
Vinced placed his hands on her cheeks and began to move them back and forth,
making his dick move in and out of Stephanie's pussy. Steph grabbed D'Lo's
cock and began to suck on it harshly.


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