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Disclaimer: This is just a story used to enrich the imagination of the fans.
This does not in any way represent the behavior of these two young ladies.
All trademarks in this story are property of World Wrestling Entertainment.
I hope you enjoy this story.

AKA THIS IS FICTION! Both ladies are heterosexual females as Stephanie
McMahon is married to Paul Levesque (aka Triple H). This story is not meant
to offend anyone in anyway. It's just a lesbian tale of two hot young ladies.

Imagination Bit: For all intents and purposes, each woman has the DD Breasts
they have today.


Stephanie McMahon was practically a Princess. She had it all, money and a
multi-million dollar industry to fall back into. However she had wanted a
college education to ensure that she would have something fall back into
incase the WWF fails.

On the other hand, we have Trish Stratus. Trish grew up in Canada in a family
that was a normal middleclass family. She wanted to get an education so she
could support her family when she gets older. Trish was rebellious too, she
was sexually active with Men and WOMEN. Trish's family hoped that going to
college would help her attitude.

Stephanie & Trish Part 1a: The College Years - The Meeting
by Storyteller

Location: New York City College (Fictional)

Stephanie had just left the admissions office and gotten the key to her
room. Stephanie was wearing tight black jeans a sweater with "NYCC" on it.
Stephanie was given the key to Dorm 316. Stephanie walked up to her room
and unlocked the door. Stephanie entered and laid her suitcase on the bed.
Stephanie unpacked and put everything up. Stephanie sat on the bed and
anxiously awaited her roommate. Stephanie saw college as an opportunity to
meet new people and hopefully be taken seriously. Back home, she was just
the rich McMahon girl with big breasts. Suddenly a knock at the door came.
Steph got up and answered the door, in walked a voluptous blonde. Trish
dressed a bit less conservatively than Steph, Trish was wearing a lowcut
tight top with TIGHT Leather Pants. Stephanie reached her hand out to Trish
and said "Hi, I'm Stephanie McMahon."

Trish stood there and returned the handshake. "Hi, Stephanie. I'm Trish

Trish went over to the bed and flopped her suitcase on the bed. Trish
unpacked and looked at Steph. "So why are so dressed up? This is going your
home for the next 4 years so just relax. I have more comfortable top for

Steph blushed and said "I'm okay it really is cold outside. How are you
walking around in such a skimpy outfit?"

Trish smiled and said "I'm Canadian so I'm used to it."

Stephanie looked at the College's Television and decided that she should
unpack her TV. It was a small TV but it was brand new. Trish looked at her
and said "Prima-Donna?"

Stephanie just said "No, I just don't like this TV." Stephanie had to bend
over to pick up her TV and when she did, it caught Trish's eye.

Trish stared at Steph's ass, of course with Steph's back turned she couldn't
see a thing. Stephanie sat the TV on the table and hooked up the VCR and all
of that other stuff. Trish had an idea "Hey Steph, why don't we go out and
rent a movie. I mean you have this wonderful VCR and I'd hate to waste it."

Steph looked back at Trish, "Good idea, do you know any good rental stores?"

Trish thought "I saw one coming off the Interstate. I'm sure we can find it."

Stephanie and Trish rode down the road in Trish's car. Stephanie drove.
Stephanie and Trish got out at a local Blockbuster and got a few movies. On
the way back, Stephanie and Trish spoke for a bit and Trish asked "So Steph,
do you have a boyfriend?"

Stephanie said "Not really, I'm not looking neither. I'm sick of men for
now, all they care about are my breasts. I just want to take a break from

Trish said "Tell me about it, I mean Men just think these are theirs. It's
not our faults we were lucky."

Stephanie and Trish shared a chuckle at that. They got back to the dorm and
Trish flopped onto one of the beds, suddenly the bed broke. Trish was mad

Stephanie just looked back at Trish and said "I guess the College didn't buy
new beds. It looks like we are going to have to rearrange the way we sleep.
I guess I'll take the floor tonight."

Trish looked back at Steph and said "This bed is big enough, we can share."

Stephanie was confused at that but Trish decided that two women sleeping
together won't be anything sexual. Stephanie headed to the shower. Trish
decided that she should look through the keyhole to see Steph. Trish saw
the water going down Stephanie's big breasts and down past her clit. Trish
felt herself getting wet. Stephanie looked so damn hot in the shower as
the water slowly ran past her hard nipples. Trish saw Stephanie cut the
water off so she went back to the bed. Stephanie got dressed into an
evening gown and came out. Steph had a bit of clevage showing but Trish
didn't complain. Trish got up and went into the shower. Steph just set up
the VCR and got everything ready. Steph wasn't interested in seeing Trish's
naked body in the slightest. Steph laid down and cut on the movie.

Trish suddenly walked out in the nude, Trish said "Steph, I sleep in the
nude. Is that okay with you?"

Steph decided to be kind and she nodded. Trish laid down beside Steph. The
bed was fairly small meaning that Trish's side was pressed against Steph.
The movie was a romantic movie about a girl and a guy who were having a
whirlwind romance. Steph and Trish enjoyed popcorn together. There was a
scene in the movie where two girls kissed.

When that scene came up, Trish said "Hey Steph, do you ever think about

Steph was caught outguard so she said, "Excuse me?"

Trish said "Women? Do you ever fantasize about them?"

Steph said "I've thought about it when I was in High School but never
seriously considered it."

Trish sees an opportunity and says "Would you like to try it?"

Trish took a big risk but Steph said "I don't know."

Trish tried to convince her "Steph, you said that you are tired of men right?
Well no one knows how to satify a woman quite like another woman."

Steph smiled and said "Alright, I'll do it."

Trish and Steph cut the movie off and cut on the lamp.

Steph was beginning to feel nervous as Trish leaned in for a kiss. Their
lips met and Steph felt herself intoxicated by Trish's kiss. Trish reached
back unzipped her new lover's gown. It dropped down as Trish begin to kiss
down Steph's neck. Trish reached Steph's right breast and begins to play
with the nipple using her tounge. Trish played with the left breast while
she sucked Steph's right breast.

Trish came up and said "Steph, just follow me. Now you do that."

Stephanie went down to Trish's right breast and passionately played with the
nipple. Stephanie finally stuck the whole nipple in her mouth and began to
suck. Steph kept going after that and began kissing down Trish's stomach
until she got her dripping wet pussy. Stephanie began massaging Trish's clit.

Trish said "OOOOOOO Steph."

Stephanie drank up Trish as Trish began to orgasm "STEPH STEPH STEPH."

Stephanie got up and said "Is that right?"

Trish said "Hell yes, you are great."

Stephanie got on top of Trish and they shared another kiss. The two women's
breasts were against each others.

Trish turned it over and said "Let me return the favor."

Trish went down and began to eat Stephanie. Trish massaged Steph's clit and
Steph enjoyed the best pussy eating of her life. Trish went back up and
began to kiss around Steph's breasts. She fingered Steph while she kissed her
nipples and made her feel like a million bucks. Steph in her first lesbian
experience just sat back and enjoyed what her new lover was doing to her.
Trish squeezed her huge breasts and just got a mouthful of Steph's left

Trish whispers to Steph "You have the best breasts in the world." Trish
positions herself ontop of Steph in the 69 Position. Trish said "Now we are
going to do it together."

Steph and Trish ate each other like there was no tomorrow. Finally both
girls were worn out. They laid down together recovering from their sexual
encounter. Both girls played with each other's breasts. Steph began sucking
Trish's nipples as a thank you before raising up.

Steph tells Trish "That was the best sex that I have ever had. I really love
you Trish."

Trish said "I love you too."

The two girls share a french kiss before falling asleep.

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