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Stephanie Feels A Little Excited Tonight Part 1
by Steph's Pink Skirt

It was the Raw when Steph wore that tight pink skirt showing her sexy
legs. The night she aligned herself with Chris Jericho.

Jericho and Steph walked backstage. Steph had her hand on his shoulder as
the 2 walked back to the locker rooms.

Jericho walked in and started to undo his boots as Steph walked her self
into the restroom for a potty break.

When she walked out, she felt so good Y2J retained his title tonight that
she felt a little "GOOD".

She walked over to Chris and said, "You know what Jericho?" Stephanie
trotted over to a corner and put her hands on it.

She stuck out her ass out. Her ass was so hot tonight in that bright pink

Steph said, "I need a spanking!"

Jericho got up and smiled.

She was his business partner, they had 50-50 so if Steph wants to be
spanked, he puts his 50 in.

Chris walked over to Steph and laid a hand on Steph's HOT round ass. He
pretended to blow on his finger to arouse Steph.

Steph told him to use his hands.

Jericho began to spank Stephanie's ass. She yelled and laughed in

"More! More Jericho!!" Steph muttered as Chris spanked her ass watching
it jiggle behind her skirt.

Chris lifted up Steph's skirt and slowly moved his hand up her sexy tan
legs. He moved up till he felt her thong.

He then began to rub her sexy thigh and moved right in to her ass. Chris
began to feel tingly as he felt the skin of Steph's round rear.

THE BILLION DOLLAR ASS!! Chris sqeezed and pinched it moaning as each time
her ass jiggled and hit him.

Steph smiled and lifted her skirt up to her hips.

Chris froze when he saw the matching thong covering the billion dollar

He wanted steph's "TREAT" and he knew how sweet it was from backstage

Chris asked "Steph are you playing a joke on me?"

Steph replied, " see, we are friends now
and...and I treat my friends like a husband."

Chris smiled grew to a frown as he loosened his belt.

Steph added, "So you want the billion dollar treasure chest?"

Chris jumped "HELL YEAHHHH!!"

Steph began to laugh her evil I get dick tonight smile.

Chris jumped to his knees with Steph still in the corner.

Her pulled the thong strap down and then teased her.

He licked the shit out of her ass. Steph found this amazing and giggled at
the feel of a undisputed champions tongue.

Steph moaned as Jericho reached in front of her rubbing her mid bush
vagina. He rubbed as Steph laid a hand on his and moved the speed quicker.

Steph put his hand on her stomach and he rubbed her belly. Sure her belly
wasn't firm...but you know what they say" the fatter the belly, the thicker
the pussy."

Steph moaned as finally he inserted his dick up her much awaited pussy.
She yelled as Jericho fucked her up her pussy fast.

Each thump making Steph sound more like an animal.. Steph yelled and
moaned as her wet pussy leaked on Jericho's nuts.

Jericho moaned only when her pussy lips took a good lock on his dick to
the point where it felt like it would ever come out.

Steph began to sweat as the blue tip dick tapped her tight pussy.

Steph knew HHH was lying about her pussy that night....but she also lied
about his size.

Jericho's skin tapping Steph's ass made him her bitch.

Jericho felt like he was the luckiest man in the world fucking the hottest
girl in the WWF. She was still young... 25 is nothin.

Steph sqeezed letting the cum fully explode all over. As Jericho pumped
the girl.

He always starred at Steph's ass while fucking her as it made the mood

Steph bent her sexy smooth legs and Jericho reached for them as he began
to pick up speed making Steph jerk up and down.

Steph kept sliding off Jericho's wet cock but always pushed the inches
back in.

Steph was now in tears but laughing and moaning to the smack of her tan
skin on his bulky biceps.

Steph and Chris fucked for nearly 15 minutes before Steph retreated.

Steph sat on the cold floor gasping for air.

Chris said, "Can't handle it can you Steph?"

Steph replied, "We'll see... tonight at my hotel room who has the better
strenght....the undisputed champs stick or the billion dollar pussy!"

Steph walked to the door pulling down her skirt.

As she was about to leave she gave Jericho the biggest wettest kiss she
ever gave anyone.

Jericho sat there stunned as Steph went to the door.

She opened it and said, "Hey, Chris!!!!"

His mouth wide open as Steph flashed him... no bra!

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