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Stephanie Gets Abused By Vince Mcmahon! Part 1
by Steph's Legs

Stephanie Mcmahon wanted a contract with the WWF. She went to her daddy's
mansion to try to beg him for another chance. If that didn't work, she had a
Plan B, her chest!

She walked into the house and found Vince in his office reading some
papers. Stephanie had on a short black skirt that exposed her sexy tanned
legs and a black shirt.

She walked in and Vince looked up. Vince said, "What the hell do you

Stephanie said, "Daddy, I want back in the WWF. I'll do anything, I'm
sorry please please??"

Vince said, "Get the hell out of here girl before you get escorted!"

Stephanie begged and said, "Daddy, I have a suprise for you."

She closed the blinds in his office because there was maids around.

Vince got angry and said, "Well, you better hurry up, you have 2 minutes."

Steph said, "Close your eyes, daddy."

Vince put his hand over his eyes. Steph took off her black shirt. Her big
huge breasts dangled down.

She covered them with her hands. They were so huge,she could only cover
her nipples.

She hoped this would work. She moved Vince's hand over and said, "Suprise
daddy, my breasts!"

Vince was shocked. They were so huge and big.

Steph said, "Feel them daddy. It was your money."

Vince grabbed one and could barely hold it. He sqeezed it and felt how
juicy it was. He grabbed the other and sqeezed.

He smiled. They were bigger than Trish's and that amused him. He couldn't
believe their size and froze as he rubbed them. They were so tan and big.

Steph said, "Daddy, I think the WWF needs these two, don't you think??
Better yet, you need these two don't you daddy?"

Vince liked the idea. He could make Steph show her boobs to him for a
contract. He thought about trish. She had big boobs too. Her ass was huge, so
was Steph's. Steph had a nice face, so did Trish.

Trish was single, Steph was married. But Steph was his daughter!

Vince had an idea!

Steph said, "Daddy? Can I have a contract?"

Vince said, "Steph, I'm taking into consideration that your my daughter
and you have a nice chest. But you have to show more in order to have a

He grabbed her hips and pushed her sexy body against his. Steph said,
"Daddy what are you doing?"

Vince said, "I'm getting all of you!!"

He put his hand under her tight skirt and in between her sexy tan legs. He
grabbed her panties and pulled them down. He then rubbed the billon dollar
pussy hair and massaged her pussy.

Steph yelled, "Stop daddy, please!!"

Vince continued. Steph yelled for help.

He stopped and said, "Steph, as rich as I am, I don't take chances. Incase
some jerk has a gun and is going to blast my ass, well I have bullet proof
and SOUND proof glass windows!! Steph, no can hear you."

Vince then started rubbing her pussy hair again. Steph was trying to get
out but Vince used the other hand and pushed on her legs.

Vince pulled the panties down to her knees. Her pussy was getting hot and
Vince could tell.

Steph begged her dad that her breasts were enough. Vince grabbed her hot
ass and picked her up and put her on the table.

He hiked up her skirt showing her sexy ass, legs and half of her warm and
wet pussy.

Vince sucked on her neck and grabbed her tits. Steph tried to get away.
Vince pushed her down and ate out her pussy. She yelled for help as Vince
licked her pretty pussy all over.

She sqirmed everytime Vince got a spot that made her feel good.

She grabbed Vince's hair and tried to push his head back. Vince punched
her soft in the eye. She fell back on the table.

Vince got up and she was knocked out. He got out two handcuffs and
handcuffed her hands to the side of the table. Her legs were so hot. He
yanked off her skirt and panties off and she was butt naked on the table.

Vince wanted Steph to feel the pain of his 11' dick that was about to be
shown. He got a bottle of water and poured it on her face. She woke up and
said, "Daddy, please, don't do this."

Steph begged, "Daddy, I showed you my breasts, I wore the shortest skirt
I have and you want my pussy?"

Vince froze and said, "Your point is?" he said, "You see Steph, it was my
dick who banged Linda, you know what? Linda is blowed out!!" he said. "It was
this dick I made every single WWF Diva suck for a contract. It was this dick
who fucks Trish's big ass everynight!! It was this dick that is going up your
billon dollar pussy and fucking the shit out of you."

Vince's face was red from the lecture!!

Steph was crying. She was hopeless.

Vince said, "Now then Steph, operation 'fuck my daughter's pussy because
she had a nice chest' is under way."

He got down and started to relick her pussy all over. She yelled in pain
as Vince used his teeth to bite her pussy. He tried to give it a hicky.

Ge smelled it and smiled. Steph moaned a little "ah" every time Vince
licked it.

Then he licked his way up her stomach and between her HUGE BOOBS before
sucking her huge nipples.

Steph begged for him stop.

Vince sucked and sqeezed her boobs all the way. It made him feel so horny.
He said, "Steph, suprise!" and he unzipped his zipper, unbuttoned his pants
and pulled down his expanding underwear and exposed his 11' dick.

Steph looked scared at it's size. It was so huge and thick. She knew it
was a monster and ready to release cum.

Steph tossed around trying to escape. Vince grabbed her sexy tan legs and
pushed them up. He jammed his dick up her pink pussy and steph yelled,
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO NO AH!!!" Vince started to fuck steph up her pussy.

He yelled, "Steph this is for the Alliance!"

He fucked her so hard Steph's whole body moved up and down. She was having
trouble breathing with all the pain of it she had.

Vince yelled as his dick never went up a pussy this tight. It was like as
tight as Trish's ass.

He fucked the fucking shit out of her till she fainted with all the
torture. Vince had made Trish faint alot of times.

Vince looked up and could barely see her face with her huge boobs

Steph was so fucked up she had drool coming down her face. Vince yelled as
what appeared to be something wet ooze out. It wasn't him. He stopped and
licked it.

It was Stephs pussy juice. Vince smirked at the taste of it.

He fucked her so hard his dick had a little burn mark from rubbing bodies
together fast.

He stuck it out and ate out her pussy again. Licking all the juice away
and fingering her for more to leak out and he could lick.

He got up and stared at his daughter. She looked so hot. She had a tight

He grabbed her breast again and couldnt get over the size of it. He was
just so amazed.

He then picked her legs up again high and jammed his dick up her huge ass.
It was so tight and felt so damn good.

He began to thrust fast and fucked her hard. Her body slapping the table.
He fucked her ass up and moaned as he sqeezed her ass cheeks.

They were so plumb and juicy. They felt so good and soft and round. He
yelled as his foreskin went down and the tip of his cock jammed her asshole.

He moaned again and stuck it out.

He then was going to fuck her pussy again. He stuck his dick half way and
fucked her pussy. He let tons of pussy juice splash on the table. His dick
was so hard. He them took a deep breath and jammed it all in and out and in
and out till she cummed all over.

Just as he was about to fuck the shit out of her, Trish knocked on the

Vince looked at the clock. It was time to fuck Trish's ass. Vince opened
the door and Trish walked in wearing a tight skirt.

He said, "Hey, Trish, look, I'm fucking steph!!"

Trish smiled and said, "WOW, I can't believe she let you."

Vince said, "She's not, it's for a contract."

Trish got the idea and smiled.

Trish walked up to Steph. She said, "Damn you bought her those breasts.
They are huge."

Vince said, "Yep, and I fucked the shit out of her. Go get you a piece of

Trish said, "I've always wanted some revenge on Steph."

She got down on her knees. Her skirt hiked up. Vince stared at her huge
ass and got his sore dick ready for a good fucking.

Trish began to lick Steph's pussy. She licked fast and fingered her pink
pussy. She licked some remaining cum and moaned as she felt horny. Vince
watched juice run down her skirt.

Steph was still uncontious and didn't feel the licking she was getting.

Trish finished licking her tan pussy and looked at Vince. They kissed when

It was Stone Cold!! He walked in with Debra and froze in shock. He yelled
at Vince.

"Vince, you think you can fuck your own daughter?"

Stone Cold added "what?"

Vince was scared. He said, "Yes, I can."

Stone Cold yelled, "Then why are you going to fuck, trish?"

Vince said, "She has a nice chest."

Stone Cold says, "Steph has a better one." He looked at Steph and said

He froze and said, "Well, Debra has a nicer chest than Trish see!!"

He made Debra take her shirt off. Debra had her mouth wide open as she was
shocked Stone Cold just did that.

Stone Cold grabbed Debra's breast and said, "See? Its tan and big and
plump and has a nipple right her see? What?"

Vince liked her chest too, but he said, "Well, Trish has a better one,
see!" He made Trish take off her shirt!

Trish was embarrassed. Her boobs were exposed. Debra was shocked at the
size. Stone Cold was looking at Steph's huge breasts.

Vince said, "Stone Cold, you go fuck Steph, Debra you go help. I have to
go with Trish."

Stone Cold ran and licked her nipples. Steph was so fucking hot, "What!?!"

He took out his hard dick and fucked Steph just as she awoke. She woke in
pain as stone cold fucked her pussy. He got so hard he cummed and Steph
cried. Debra pulled down her pants and made Steph lick her pussy. Debra
moaned as Steph tried to beg for help.

Then another moan was heard as Trish was being fucked hard on the floor by
Vince McMahon. He said, "Next time we bring Steph."

* * *

SHOULD I CONTINUE?? I was thinking of Vince giving Steph to Stone Cold or
adding her to Trish and Vince.


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