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Stephanie Gets Jungle Fever
by Revolution

Backstage at a Smackdown show, Stephanie McMahon was watching the matches
with more detail, trying to figure out what was missing from the show and
what could be done better. As the head of creative, she was responsible for
making the show better and getting the ratings higher. Stephanie had a keen
eye on one of WWE's newest stars, Bobby Lashley. They were pushing Lashley
very hard but Stephanie wasn't too pleased with what she was seeing from
the former amateur wrestler. He was an impressive physical specimen but she
felt something was missing. Stephanie told one of her assistants to make
sure that Bobby Lashley stayed after the show and came to meet her in her
office because she had a few ideas on how he could improve. Stephanie went
about her work backstage until the show was over and then went back to her
makeshift office to do some more work. She was usually one of the last
people to leave the arena because she had so many responsibilities. The
night wasn't going well for Stephanie because the show didn't come off as
well as she would have liked and she got yelled at over the phone by her
father. He yelled at her for ten or fifteen minutes and blamed the quality
of the show on her even though she wasn't the one in the ring performing.
When Stephanie hung up the phone, she was steamed. She took off her suit
jacket and tried to calm herself down a little bit. Something that helped
calm her down was when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.
Stephanie posed a little bit in her tight dark grey mini-skirt and low-cut
powder blue shirt. "Damn I'm looking fine today," she muttered to herself.
Stephanie's self-admiration was interrupted by a knock on the door.
Stephanie quickly sat down behind her desk and called the person in. It was
Bobby Lashley, still in his white wrestling tights and a t-shirt.

"You wanted to see me?" He asked.

"Come in and sit down, Bobby," Stephanie said in an annoyed tone. He shut the
door behind him and sat down facing Stephanie's desk.

"So how do you think you've been doing so far?" She asked.

"Pretty good," He replied.

"Well pretty good is NOT good enough for me! You're very impressive to look
at and you have some good moves in the ring but you've got no personality out
there. You're very bland. What we need to do is spice your character up."

"Ok, what do you want me to do different?"

"Well tell me about your background. Like were you ever in prison?"


"So you were never arrested?"


"Did you sell drugs and never get caught?"

"No way."

"Can you rap? You must be able to rap."

"Never tried."

"Don't lie to me, I know how you people are."

"You people? I see where you're going and you're way out of line. I was a
three-time national wrestling champion and a four-time wrestling All-American
and a two-time Armed Forces Champion. I'm not criminal!"

"Hey! Don't get all uppity with me!"

"Oh I see what this is all about," Bobby said. He stood up and walked next to
Stephanie, standing over her.

"Back off," she said.

"You want me to be your nigger, don't you? You want me to do whatever you
want and be your big nigger."

"I didn't say that."

"You want to. I'll be your nigger, Stephanie, all you have to is say it to
me. Don't dance around it. Just say it! Say it!"

"I want you to be my nigger!"

"Yeah! Say it again!"

"You're my nigger!"





"Oh fuck yeah," Bobby groaned. Stephanie's eyes moved down from his face to
see that there was an enormous bulge in Lashley's tights. He reached down and
pulled out his FIFTEEN INCH COCK! It was fucking massive.

"Touch it. Touch my big black dick. I bet you've never seen a big nigger dick
before, have you?"

"No I haven't."

"Touch it!" He demanded again. He grabbed Stephanie's hand and put it on his
huge cock. She felt it and started to rub it. She was in awe of how huge it
was. It was double or maybe even triple the size she was used to.

"I've never lowered myself to one of you people ... until now," Stephanie
said as she moved off her chair and down onto her knees in front of Bobby.
She grabbed onto his cock and pumped it with both hands. Her mouth watered
and drew her lips closer and closer to that big black cock. Stephanie
wrapped her lips around the head and worked over the first four or five

"Yeah! Make your nigger happy! Suck my big black cock!"

"Mmmmmmmm MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!" Stephanie
moaned with a mouth filled with black cock.

"Ah ya damn work that motherfucking dick!"

"Yeah I like this big fucking gorilla cock!" Steph said. She put her mouth on
the side of Bobby's cock and licked up and down the massive shaft. She made
sure to give all of his cock some attention before sucking on as much as she
could take in her mouth.

"How about you take that shirt of and let me see those big titties?" He
asked. Stephanie smacked her lips removing Lashley's cock from her mouth.
She stood up and held her boobs, showing off how big they were. She then
pulled her hand back and slapped him hard across the face. He held his
jaw and looked very angry but Stephanie was equally as angry.

"I don't take orders from no stinkin' nigger! You're mine! You do what I say
and I want you to lick my pussy!" Stephanie demanded.

"Yes Ms. McMahon, I'll lick your fine white pussy," he said, licking his
lips. The way she was talking to him was just making him more turned on. He
lifted Stephanie up onto the desk and she hiked up her short skirt. Bobby
pulled off Stephanie's lace panties and put his head between her legs.

"Mmm yeah use those big nigger lips on my pussy! Mmm damn you're making me
wet," Stephanie moaned. She leaned back on the desk and found a place to rest
her hands. Her thick thighs would move slightly out and back in, squishing
against Lashley's face.

"Oohh mmm ohhh that's it oohh right there yeah right there ohhh god don't
howled. She grabbed the back of Bobby's head and held tightly for a few
moments and then pushed him back. He lifted his head out of her crotch and
had her sweet nectar dripping from his lips. She told him to sit down while
she stood up off the desk.

"Now I've got some tits the right size for your big black cock! I can't
believe I'm letting a fucking nigger see my tits," she said. Stephanie pulled
off her top and then took off her bra, letting her huge DD breasts flop out.
Bobby grabbed them with his big hands and they were way more then a handful!
Stephanie knelt down and wrapped her massive funbags around Lashley's huge
cock and squeezed. She started to move and fuck that big black dick with her

"Damn! DAMN those are some big titties! Fuck!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah they are some nice big titties! You're a lucky nigger aren't you?"

"Hell yeah I'm your lucky fuckin' nigger, Stephanie!"

"Oohh come on and stick this big fucking black cock in my pussy! It's so
fucking big! Fuck me now!" Stephanie demanded. She sat back up on the desk
and lied back. Bobby stood up and worked his cock slowly into Stephanie's
damp pussy. It was warm and tight around his huge cock. He pulled her back
to the edge of the desk and rested her long thick toned legs on his

"Are you ready to get fucked?" He asked.

"I told you to fuck me! Fuck me like the fucking animal that you are!" She
demanded. Bobby grabbed onto her legs and started pounding her pussy with
his fifteen inch cock! He hammered away fast, loosening Stephanie's twat
with every hard and deep thrust.

THAT'S HUGE!" Stephanie screamed out.

"Yeah you fucking like the black cock now don't you?"

"Ahh yeah you big fucking ape with your huge fucking black cock! Ohhhh god
fuck me nigger!"

"Oh say it again!"

"FUCK ... ME ... NIGGER!"

"UNhhh yeah bitch say it again!"


Bobby grabbed Stephanie around the waist and picked her up with ease! She
wrapped her legs around his muscular torso and held onto his neck. He tossed
her up and down on his cock, letting it stab her pussy deep each time! He
held her tightly, making sure those glorious breasts rubbed against his
chest. When he finally let her down, Stephanie was bending over slightly and
rubbing her sore pussy.

"Get down on your knees," Bobby told her.

"Excuse me? You don't tell me what to do! Remember your place," she snapped

"I said get down on your fucking knees!" He said, giving her his meanest
looking face. Stephanie stepped towards him but Bobby grabbed her by the hair
and shoved her down to her knees. He got down behind her and started rubbing
his fingers in her meaty ass cheeks.

"Oh yeah you got it goin' on back here! Look at all this white ass!" He

"Yeah you people like the big asses don't you?"

"You're thick fuckin' booty is just right for my fifteen inches!"

Bobby spat on his cock and got it wet and then poked it at Stephanie's
asshole. She reached back to stop him but he leaned forward and held her
down. He kept on forcing his black cock deeper and deeper into her super
tight asshole.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Stephanie yelled out. Her asshole was being invaded by
fifteen inches of black cock and there was nothing she could do about it.
Bobby worked it in nice and slow and pulled it back out. He did this a
few times until he could get most of his cock deep inside Stephanie's ass.
She started to relax a little bit and her asshole relaxed around his cock.
He grabbed onto her womanly hips and started to fuck her big ass.

"How's it feel, huh? How's it feel to get your ass fucked by this no good

"Mmmmmohhhhh my fucking ass! Ohhh fuck it hurts! I love it! I fucking love
all your fucking nigger cock in my big fat white ass! Fuck my ass you fucking
jungle monkey! Fuck my ass with that big black cock! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"Look at you, you rich millionaire bitch getting ass fucked by a nigga and
liking it! Ahh damn I can't take much more of this hot ass!"

Bobby gave Stephanie's nice round ass some more pounding before whipping his
cock out and moving around to her face. He grabbed Stephanie by the hair and
choked her with his cock. He shoved it down her throat and held her nose so
she couldn't breath! After 45 seconds, he let her go and Stephanie was
gasping for air with pre-cum and saliva hanging down her chin. Bobby slapped
her in the face with his cock a few times which made Stephanie rub her jaw.
It was like being hit in the face with a bat!

"Milk my big fuckin' dick with those tits! Make me fucking cum with your huge
tits!" Bobby said. Stephanie grabbed onto that big black cock with her tits
and gave him a fast titty fuck, jerking his cock with her mounds.

"Cum on me! Come on! Cum on these tits!"

"Aghhhh here I fucking cum! Ohhh fuuck!"

Bobby grabbed his cock and started spraying a MASSIVE load of cum! He had at
least ten spurts of thick cum spraying all over Stephanie's face and tits! He
emptied all the cum he built up all over Stephanie! Her face and tits were
just dripping with thick white jizz.

"Oh wow!" Stephanie muttered.

Bobby reached over and pressed his hand against her forehead.

"What?" She asked.

"Looks like you've just got your first case of jungle fever!" He smiled.


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