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Stephanie Gets Nasty
by Larkin

(Copyright, all rights reserved by Larkin. The author appreciates your
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"Hi Steph, glad you could make it on such short notice. Here have a
seat". The young girl from Greenwich CT, could feel something was wrong with
good ol' JR's words. He was nervous and wouldn't peer into her eyes. On the
other hand The King, Jerry Lawler just sat in a chair in the small dressing
room with a stupid looking grin on his face. Stephanie McMahon had admired
and been friends with JR since her Daddy first brought JR into the company,
not so Lawler. Lawler was a pig. Wayne Ferris, better known as the Honky
Tonk Man, and a first cousin of Lawler's warned her that Lawler would try to
fuck anything that was wet; no matter if it was 15 or 55. He was a creep
and everyone knew it.

"What's up JR" asked Stephanie as she sat down in a steel folding chair
that had been set up in the middle of the room. She crossed her lovely legs,
one over the other and felt cool air play on her thigh, which was now exposed
through the leg slit on her leather knee high skirt. Lawler seemed to giggle
a little, and Steph felt uncomfortable as his eyes wandered from her form
fitting pink summer sweater down to her exposed leg flesh, and down further
to her black leather boots.

"Well, Steph", JR began as he took a seat away from Lawler in one of the
player's benches that ran the length of the dressing room in the Montreal
Forum. "Your Daddy has been talking a lot to me lately about your role in the
company. Specifically on-screen. Since your brother Shane has been such a
huge success we are thinking about adding you to the mix. Are you

Interested? Young Stephanie could barely hide her excitement. In fact if
Lawler hadn't been in the room she probably would have jumped up and down
shrieking with excitement. Instead she just smiled at JR and said "Yes, of
course, sounds like a lot of fun!".

JR got up, and began to pace, as if her answer was not the one he wanted
to hear. His back was to her now, his chin in his hand, the shadow of his
trademark black stetson on the wall. Unable to see his expression she
glanced over at Lawler only to see him with an even bigger stupid grin on
his face.

Good ol' JR spun around with a determined look on his face, looked into
Steph's eyes, and his resolve melted away. She was so young and innocent.
"Steph, the only way this will work is if you take a..."nasty" heel turn".
JR looked at Steph, but she only looked back with eager eyes, so he
continued. "Now your Dad has given me strict instructions not to allow the
bookers to degrade you with the same level of T&A show that is expected from
the hired help. That may cause some dissension towards you from the rest of
the locker room. Can you handle that?"

Without hesitation, Steph said she could handle anything this business
wanted to throw at her. This made Lawler chuckle with glee and JR closed
his eyes for a second and grimaced before continuing. "You see the problem
though Steph, from a creative point of view, is that nobody on the booking
committee can believe that you can be nasty".

"But that's what make's heel turns great...not just ordinary. It's the
stretch. Right JR?" Steph was excited now about getting on camera.

"Exactly, Steph. Either they will absolutely hate your guts..or they
won't buy it and we'll be left with a lot of egg on our faces." Lawler then
interrupted JR, and while trying to keep a straight face piped in, "and we
hate to have dirty faces around here". JR grimaced again. "Now you know
Steph, that your Daddy leaves final decision on how Shane and yourself are
used in the WWF on-camera to the bookers, so as not to cause a riff with the
talent in the back. Well, the booking committee is having a tough time
believing you can be a naughty girl. I mean you are so sweet, young, and

For the first time since the conversation had started Steph was lost, not
seeing where this was headed. She tried to reason it through. Russo wasn't
convinced she could play the heel. So why was she here with JR and Lawler?
Was she supposed to prove her heelish ways? Why wasn't Vince Russo here
instead of JR and Lawler if he doubted that she could be nasty? JR caught the
confused look on her face and came over and knelt in front of her, his eyes
unable to look into her face they instead stared intently on her big firm

JR finally broke the silence. "Look Steph, you probably don't want to be
on camera this bad, but Vince sent us in here to test you. He said that if
you couldn't convince us in private that you could be naughty, that you would
not be able to convince the thousands and thousands of live fans, and the
millions and millions of TV fans that you are a real heel". JR paused, but
Steph just kept looking more interested.

She stood up and walked wordlessly away from JR towards the door. He
hung his head in shame, all the while feeling the rock hard erection in his
pants. He felt like he would cry right here in front of Lawler. Oh how he
had wanted this girl for so long. Now she was leaving.

The door closed, and looking up JR was shocked to see Stephanie on the
inside of the closed and now locked dressing room door. Her face transformed
from innocence to a goofy yet mischievous smile that would later be her
trademark. Her mouth had never looked more lovely or full. JR tried to
fight back the visions of fucking her face, but to no avail.

Stephanie McMahon began to prance around the dressing room with that look
on her face. "So you boys want me to try out for the team, huh? Well I'm
game for that!" Without another word or wasted movement she began to pull
her tight pink sweater over her head. It was so tight that it took her a
few seconds to get it over her face, and while she struggled JR and Lawler
openly gawked at not only the firm yet large young pink breasts but also at
the flimsy white lace bra that Steph wore. It looked like something right out
of Victoria's Secret.

Lawler could not contain his excitement any longer. "Who, hooo...look at
those puppies JR! Bet you didn't know the boss could raise a pair of puppies
like that!" JR was speechless and as Steph finally pulled free of her sweater
he averted his eyes away from her tits. Too late, her eyes had caught the
look of lust. "I know you're not Canadian Steph" Lawler whined, "but this is
Montreal, and I would love to see some beaver!"

Steph didn't answer the King; instead she slowly strode towards JR.
Looking into his face, yet he still averted his eyes. Finally she was
directly in front of him with his eyes on her sultry neck, her eyes on his
face. He was shocked when he felt her hands lightly caressing his fat thighs
through his black jeans. As she continued her caresses she drew closer and
he could feel her warm breath on his face.

Her hands hooked into the top of his pants, and he risked a glance into
her eyes. His eyes locked together with her eyes. He could not turn away.
They were young, but confident. Sweet but about to get nasty. He could not
look away from those McMahon eyes.

From the other side of the room Lawler piped in, "whew hew...what do you
usually say at about this time JR... let's see... hummm... oh yeah...
business is about to pick up folks!"

She was so sweet and innocent, Vince's daughter, that good ol' JR could
not believe what she was doing. That was the whole point he surmised; she
would make an excellent heel. Shit, he thought here he was, an ugly old man
about to have his cock inserted into a voluptuous rich girl's creamy mouth,
and he was thinking business!

All those thoughts melted away as young Steph got down on her knees and
JR could feel her warm breath now penetrate his open fly. She buried her
face into his crotch and he could feel the pressure of her tongue probe
inside his fly and press against his briefs. She was teasing him and doing
a great job. JR could not bear to glance over at Lawler's direction afraid
of what he might see that pervert doing. Steph's fingers reached deftly
above her head and unsnapped the top button on his jeans. Her warm mouth
dipped down lower and teased his balls through his jeans. Her fingers in the
mean time rolled his briefs down exposing the purplish head of his cock.
From the other side of the room they could both hear Lawler's deep moans and
the light slapping of skin.

Steph came up for a breather and gazed at the head of JR's cock. Her
fingers lightly touched the underbelly of his cockhead making him squirm.
That devilish smile returned to her face as she began to suck on her index
finger, teasing him some more. His blood was boiling now. He needed her
little mouth on his cock.

"Why JR" Steph teased in her sultry voice, "I never dreamed that your
cock was so fat. I've wanted to suck you off for so long... I can't believe
that you've never made a play for me. What's the matter? Am I not your
type?" As she spoke she gently dried her index finger on his cock head. JR
said nothing. "Which Stephanie do you like better JR, the innocent demure
Steph, or the wicked nasty cocksucking Steph?" JR did not know what to say.
So, Steph turned to Lawler. It took a second for him to notice her stare as
he was quite intent on his own jacking motions. "How about you Uncle Jerry?
Which Stephanie do you like better?"

Lawler giggled long and loud before saying, "I like the Stephanie with
JR's cock in her mouth and my cock up her tight little prissy cunt!" JR was
shocked, Steph was not.

"Well Uncle Jerry why don't you and JR sit down here together like you do
every Monday night, and let me give you some action to call!" Lawler did not
need any more urging as he got up and shuffled with his pants around his
ankles and his cock in hand, over to sit beside good ol' JR. The two men sat
beside each other with their pants at their ankles.

Stephanie knelt in front of JR and took his fat cock in her hands. She
closed in so she was between his thighs, and slowly stroked his fat cock,
just admiring it's girth. "Take my skirt off King" she instructed. With a
hoot and holler Lawler got up and knelt behind Steph. His hands roughly
played with her skirt unable to remove it until she released JR from her hot
little hands and stood up. She stared down directly into JR's eyes as she
felt Lawler's warm hands caress her stomach and pull her skirt down to her
ankles. Lawler gave out a catcall as he gazed at Steph's perfectly perky
little ass, hidden only by a pair of white thong bikini briefs. She knelt
down again and took JR in her hands once more. "I've always wanted to say
this to you Lawler... Kiss my ass baby!"

Lawler needed no more convincing as he bent down, one hand stroking his
own cock, the other caressing Steph's hip, and his tongue found young McMahon
ass flesh. Jokes about Patterson and Vince McMahon came to his mind but for
once Lawler was more interested in a young ass then he was in being a
smart-ass. He kissed and sucked on the round, soft flesh of Steph's ass
cheeks. In the mean time Steph had taken JR's cock head into her mouth and
she began to swirl her tongue around his head as her hand softly stroked his

The King looked up from his ass kissing role, and taunted JR, who was red
and sweating across his face. "Looks like a real slobberknobber, hey JR! Is
that enough business for you JR? " JR actually had to stifle a laugh and
Lawler's ribbing seemed to loosen him up a little. JR grabbed the side of
Steph's face and began to pull her onto him, forcing her mouth to fuck his
cock. He liked being in control of this young lady, and indeed was enjoying
this slobbernobber.

"Faster Steph" JR moaned, "I know you can be a nasty cocksucker... those
other cheap bitches like Sable got nothing on you baby, you are a classy
little whore!" As Steph began to deep throat JR, he gathered her hair into
his hands in a ponytail. He liked ponytails, looked so young and fresh.
"Hey King why don't you make yourself useful and fuck this little ladies

Suddenly JR stopped, worried. "You're not a virgin are you Steph?"

"Hell no, JR, I'm not exactly a whore but you don't hang out with this
many athletic young men while you are growing up without trying out a few
cocks!" This made Lawler hoot with pleasure as he squirmed his way under

"What the hell are you doing King?" JR sputtered.

"I want this little philly to ride me JR, no doggy style for this guy, no
sir!" He squealed with delight as his hands found Steph's hips and pulled her
down onto his cock. He groaned out loud as her wet pussy slid over his
five-inch cock. She felt like a tight velvet glove, much tighter than Miss
Kitty had ever been. All the while she was sucking and licking good ol' JR's
hard fat cock. He didn't know how much more of her talent he could take.
Pre-cum was beginning to ooze out of his cock, and she was lapping it up as
quickly as it was cumming.

"Well, like Father like Son" Steph said between licks on JR.

"What" squealed Lawler, "you and my Kid! Who-wee you are a hot bitch".

The three fell into silence now, or at least to only emitting occasional
groans and curses. Steph closed her eyes as she began to deep throat JR's
fat cock. She got the hang of doing her first double, withdrawing from JR's
cock on the down thrusts when her pussy would swallow Lawler's cock, her
sweet ass pounding down on his thighs. JR stood over her now, in admiration.
A million dirty fantasies flooded his mind for Stephanie. He tried his best
to control himself but at some point he looked down on this sweet young thing
and saw her saliva dripping down his cock, down her chin, pooling on her firm
tits. He watched in awe as Lawler's fingers gripped into her hips so tight
that he was leaving red finger streaks. She did not complain but in contrast
the gurgles and muffled screams of pleasure that escaped the corners of her
mouth crammed with cock gave away her genuine pleasure.

JR lost it, "That's it baby... oh yeah... suck me like you want to suck
all those big black cocks like Mark Henry and D-Lo... I know you like black
cocks, I know you like big cocks, I know you like to be gang fucked bitch...
and I know that you like a face full of cum...yessss..."

As JR spouted off his fantasies Steph just kept deep throating him harder
and harder. Suddenly from beneath her Lawler got in the act too. "Oh yeah,
he's got you down right Stephie... who's your daddy now, huh Steph?.. you
called me Uncle Jerry, but is that your daddy with his big Oklahoma cock
stuffed in your..."

Lawler never got to finish his sentence. Steph dismounted him and
straddled his face with her soaking wet cunt. Lawler began to lap away at
her lips and clit, not penetrating her with his tongue. This frustrated her
and she began to grind it into his face. He reached back with one hand and
stroked his cock. He was ready when she was.

When Steph straddled Lawler's face she stopped sucking on JR and began
to work him with her hands instead. Two hands, one rubbing and squeezing
his cock head, the other stroking his saliva drenched shaft. She looked up
at him with that twisted smile of hers..."oh yeah baby...give it to
this nasty enough for you JR or do I have to do the whole fucking booking
committee...let me wear your cum home tomorrow for Sunday supper so Mommy
can lick it off my face..."

It was too much for one man to good ol' JR screamed out loud
as his cock erupted, spewing gobs of white cum across Steph's face and tits.
Interestingly enough her demeanor seemed to change back from nasty whore to
nice girl next door as she laughed and giggled in pleasure as the hot cum
splattered her face. She took it all without flinching.

"Look at me Steph," yelled Lawler from beneath her. Steph threw her hair
back, sending a wad of cum across the dressing room and then peered down at
Lawler. He looked up at her cum drenched face and began to hump her with his
tongue. That was all she needed..."My clit" she begged at the top of her
lungs, and as soon as the King's mouth returned to the spot she came bucking
his face with wanton disregard. She did not hear his screams of pleasure as
he burst his load across her ass cheeks, slapping his ejaculating penis
across her white flesh.

All was still. JR's face loaded instantly with guilt. Lawler just wanted
to get out from under the whore and roll over and go to sleep. Could he just
ask her? A few seconds later she stood up smiling, her face still dripping
cum. She used a finger to taste it looking at JR, but he could not return
her stare. "Thanks a lot boys...I am looking forward to doing some stuff
with you on camera...on Raw that is." She grabbed a towel and headed for the

Lawler got dressed quicker than JR who moved in slow motion. As the King
left the dressing room he grabbed a towel and threw it at JR. "You better
get busy and clean up that mess JR, we wouldn't want the wrong person to find
it". He laughed and closed the door behind him.

JR got down on his knees and looked up at the heavens..."Damn you Vince...
you dirty bastard...damn you to hell".

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