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Stephanie Gets Revenge On Stacy Keibler
by Brent M Denny and Strokes

Another RAW show had just finished and Stacy had just gotten out of the
shower with a towel wrapped around her body she walked to her locker to find
a note sticking out of it Stacy first got dressed and then sat down opened
the letter and then read it.

"Come to Hotel Room 69
Come at exacterly 9:pm
Come alone
You Career Might Just Depend On it"

Stacy Keibler sits there with shocked look on her face. Thinking who could
this be is this a joke or is this serious. Stacy keibler grabs her bags and
stuff. Her car keys and rushes to her car. She puts her bags in her car and
looks at her watch. It says its 8:35pm.Stacy has 25 minutes to get to the
hotel.Stacy gets in her car, starts it up and pulls out of the parking lot.

Stacy Keibler races to the hotel room while trying to keep under the speed
limit but she know's what traffic is like after a special event in a big town
she reached the hotel parking lot parks get's out walks into the hotel room.
Stacy then enters the hotel room. Stacy then see's the receptionist at the
desk she walks quickly over.

"Excuse me." Stacys says.

"Good evening madam How I may be of service?" The receptionist says with a

"Good evening I was wondering who is in hotel room 69?"

"Hotel room 69?" The receptionist asks

"Yes." Stacy's says

"One momment please madam." The receptionist says before opening a book and
looks down the list of room numbers until she finds the room number "I'm
sorry madam but the key holder of that room has requested to remain

"Can guest's do that?" Stacy asked having never heard of such a thing.

"If they pay enough yes." The receptionist said with a giggle.

Stacy sighed "Thank you."

"Have a good evening madam." The receptionist said.

Stacy walked away from the desk looking at her watch 5 minutes left.

"Oh shit! Stacy said with a sudden rush of panic she then saw the lift.

"Hey hold that elavator." Stacy cried running for it.

Stacy Keibler presses the button to go to the second floor. The elevator goes
to the second floor. Stacy takes her bags and runs down to Room 69. Stacy
Stands in front of Room 69 with 2 minutes left. Stacy hesitates then knocks
on the door.

On the otherside of the door a brunette stops taking a swig of champagne out
of champagne glass and looks over at the door and eyes her watch 9pm on the

"I love punctuality in a women" the person then says as she puts down her
glass and makes herself comfortable on the bed she is sat on.

Once she is comfortable she calls out.

"Come in."

Stacy Keibler takes the key card and swips it down the key hatch. Stacy opens
the door and walks in. She closes the door behind her. She walks into the
room and see the brunette sitting on the bed wearing a purple silk robe.
Stacy Keibler puts her bags down.

Stacy Keibler: Who Are You? What Do You Want From Me?

Stephanie: One of your bosses off screen and your former boss offscreen...
Rermember Stacy how you turned your back on me and joined Bishoff?

Stacy realises imidiatly who is speaking.

Stacy: Stephanie!

Stephanie reaches over and turns on the bedside light to reveal herself to
Stacy with a smile on her face.

Stephanie: Did you get my note?

Stacy: Yes.....It said your career might just depend on it.

Stacy Keibler just stands there shocked and scared. Stacy Keibler backs up
and gets against the wall. Stacy bends down and puts her head onto her knees
and begins to cry.

Stephanie: Why are you crying Stacy?

Stephanie asked acting conserned when deep down she's loving every second of

Stacy not raising her head answers.

Stacy: Your gonna fire me arn't you.

Stephanie then get's up and walks over to the bottle of wine in a bucket of
ice and takes it out and begins to pour the wine into two glases one half
full (hers) the other empty.

Stephanie: Well...That's really upto you Stacy...Ya see as your
boss I have a number of options.

1: I can screw with your career.
2: I can fire you on the spot and let that be it.
3: Or I can see what kind of things you'd be willing to do to stop me from
fireing you at all and maybe even help your career.

However I'm gonna let you decide your career's fate.

Stacy Keibler lifts up her head with tears stilling rolling down her cheek.

Stacy Keibler: Wh...Wha...What Would I have T...T...To D...D...Do?

Stephanie once both glasses where filled took them in her hands after putting
the bottle back in the bucket and walked over to Stacy.

Stephanie: I think the real question is Stacy. What would you be willing to

An with that Stephanie offers Stacy her glass.

Stacy Keibler takes the glass and takes it down with one gulp. Stacy Keibler
whips her eyes and looks at Stephanie McMahon.

Stacy Keibler: I will do anything you want me to do Ms. McMahon. WWE is my
life. I dont know what I would do if I wasn't here in the WWE.

Stephanie then took Stacy by the hand and led her to the bed and then sat
down on the bed.

Stephanie: Tell me Stacy have you ever been with another girl? An don't lie
or I'll know.

Stacy Keibler just looks into Stephanie McMahons and honistly answers.

Stacy Keibler: Not in bed no. But I made out with a girl once. And that was
Torrie Wilson. A Long Time Ago Though.

Stephanie: I know.

Stacy looks at Stephanie once again shocked.

Stacy: You know?

Stephanie: Yep.

Stacy: How?

Stephanie: How do you think?

Stacy looks into Torrie's eyes.

Stacy: Torrie....Torrie told you.

Stephanie: Well not straight away I had to do a little favor for her first.

Stacy swallows hard.

Stacy: What favor?

Stephanie: Fuck her.

Stacy Keibler leans back away from Stephanie McMahon for a second.

Stacy Keibler: Are... Are. Are You Serious!!! I don't believe it. Yo...You...
Your a lesbian? I thought you loved Triple H?

Stephanie: Smoke screen.

Stacy: A what?

Stephanie smiles

Stephanie: Stacy your gonna learn alot of things that take backstage are
sometimes just as fake as what happens on tv...What you mean to tell me you
really belived that Joanie and Paul where an actual couple off screen.

Stacy: Your saying they wern't.

Stephanie: Joanie is bisexual and Paul is as homo as you can get in the WWE.

Stacy Keibler: So You Are A Lesbian? I dont fucking believe it. I fucking new
it. Trish and Lita owe me Five Hundred Bucks. HAHA!! WOOO!

Stephanie took a deep breath.

Stephanie: Yes I am a lesbian I love women I especially love fucking women
and right Stacy Keibler I want to fuck you now the question here is not
weather or not I'm a lesbian the question is weather or not you are and
weather or not your willing to try sex with a woman again only this time
not "a try out" as Torrie called it but in order to save your job.

Stacy Keibler stares at Stephanie McMahon huge big tits. Stacy then begins
to talk.

Stacy Keibler: So I Have To Fuck You To keep my job? Thats extortion... Wait
till I tell your dad.

Stephanie sat back and just smiled at Stacy.

Stephanie: My dad knows my mum knows my brother knows even my sister in law
Marissa knows infact my mum and my dad knew what I was before I did. So now
what ya gonna do to stop this from happening?

Stacy still staring right at the hot clevage of Stephanie McMahon's huge

Stacy then speaks again.

Stacy Keibler: No Im not going to tell them that your a lesbian. I'm going
to tell them that your trying to extort sex from me so I can keep my job.
And then you'll be the one getting fired not me.

Stacy Says as she continues to stare at the clevage of Stephanie McMahon's
huge tits.

Stephanie: We're the McMahon Stacy we are one of the most powerful and
respected families in the world and if not the world at least the world of
sports and entertainment and do you really think my father and my brother
haven't done things that are "illegal" to get what they want out of hot
little women like you. What about Sable huh ya think my dad and her just
sat down and talked and that was it? I can show you the video tape of
they're so called "meeting" if you want.

Stephanie then smiles even more.

Stephanie: An will you stop staring at my cleevage and look at me when your
talking to me.

Stacy Keibler not listening to Stephanie McMahon.. Just leans forward and
goes face first into the clevage of Stephanie McMahon. Stacy sticks her
tounge out and twirls it around. Stacy then moves her face back and forth
with her tounge out.

Stephanie then leans her head back and just enjoys the senasation gently
holding on to the back of Stacy's head not wanting the sensations to pass
and wanting more.

Stacy then rips Stephanie McMahon's rob off revealing her huge 38DD tits.
Stacy then pinches the nipples of Stephanie McMahon. Stacy then continues
to lick and go wild of in between Stephanie McMahon's tits.

Stephanie: Oh Stacy that tounge may be forked sometimes but it sure knows
how to pleasure a woman.

Stephanie cried as she held her onto Stacy's head as she fell back on the
bed with Stephanie down on the bed and Stacy ontop of her.

Stacy continue to go crazy on Stephanie McMahons clevage. Stacy Keibler moves
her hand down Stephanie McMahons stomach, right down to Stephanie McMahon's
Clean Billon Dollar Pussy. Stacy starts to rub it but instead of continueing
to rub it, she continues to move her hand down further. Stacy goes underneath
and rubs her index finger around Stephanie McMahons billion dollar asshole.

Stephanie feeling Stacy's hand and finger near her ass and not one to stop
a woman who was in the middle of pleasuring her Stephanie simply lifted the
lower part of her body in order to give Stacy easier access to her ass hole
all the while Stephanie layed there bottom half of her body up in the air
eyes closed and a very big smile on her face loving the treatment she was
reciving at the hands and tounge of Stacy.

Stacy Keibler lifts her head out of Stephanie McMahon's clevage. And starts
to talk.

Stacy Keibler: mmmm. So you like that Stephanie? Stacy going to keep her job
now? Stephanie looked Stacy dead in the eye.

Stephanie: If you think licking my breasts and fiddling with the OUTSIDE of
my asshole is good enough to allow me to let you keep your job then your
blonder than you look.

With that said, Stacy Keibler without hesitation, Stacy Keibler shoves her
finger hard into Stephanie McMahons raw tight billion dollar asshole.

Stephanie: OH FUCK ME YES!

Cried the Billion Dollar Princess who looked at Stacy and then grabbed the
back of the blonde's hair and forced her to take her left nipple into her

Stephanie: Get back to pleasuring me bitch!

Stephanie said having had enough of being nice Stephanie McMahon and deciding
to get what she wants one way or another.

Stacy Keibler starts to suck on Stephanie McMahon's left nipple hard. Getting
it erect. Stacy sucks on the nipple as she continues to finger fuck Stephanie
McMahon's ass. Stacy takes a second finger and shoves it into Stephanie's
ass. Now Stacy is fuckin Stephanies ass with two fingers, Raw. Stacy then
picks up the pace and finger fucks Stephanies ass harder and harder. As she
also continues to suck on Stephanie McMahon's left nipple.

Stephanie now feeling wet enough to let Stacy finish her pussy off grabs a
handful of hair and pulls Stacy off forcefully with one hand.

Stacy: OW Watch it Steph!

Stephanie just smiles and then forces Stacy's head down between her legs.

Stephanie: Get to work on my pussy and you better do a better job than you
did on my breasts or so help me god I'll make sure your firing is done next
week live on RAW.

Stacy Keibler looking up at Stephanie McMahons face, sees that devilish evil
smile that Stephanie McMahon does best. Stacy then has a tear roll down her
cheeck. Stacy then looks down at Stephanie McMahons clean pussy. Stacy then
goes buck wild on Stephanie McMahons wet pussy. Stacy still with two fingers
in Stephanie's ass. Stacy takes her free hand and puts two fingers in
Stephanie's pussy as she goes buck wild with her tounge and nose on
Stephanie's pussy. Stacy can really smell the aroma of Stephanie's pussy now.

Stephanie meanwhile does her best to help Stacy by forcing herself down on
Stacy's face and sending Stacy's fingers further into her ass moaning and
groaning all the while.


For Stacy to get deeper into Stephanie McMahon's ass, Stacy inserts a third
finger into Stephanies ass. Stacy then moving them around like they were a
dildo or a video game joystick. Stacy still going tounge-finger-fucking wild
on Stephanies pussy. And still looking. Stacy is definetly enjoying this for
the first time. Stacy is starting to get wet and feels it running down her
Fourty-One and Half in leg.

Stephanie meanwhile can feel herself quickly approching the point of no
return and pretty soon Stephanie stops moaning and groaning and goes red in
the face using all her focus and all her self-control not to let herself cum
feeling that it's too soon and knowing that if she does she'll be wiped out
because the orgasam is gonna be so intense she's not sure she'll be able to
remain contious through it or by the end of it.

Stacy knows that something is going to happen. So Stacy continues to pick up
the pace. And starts to go even faster. Finger fucking Stephanies ass harder
and harder. In the fast motion of Stacys Fingers in Stephanies ass, she
quickly rams a fourth finger in. Stacy also going at Stephanie's pussy. Stacy
didnt even know that she could do this. Because she has always been with

Stephanie closes her eyes knowing that this is it she grits her teeth but
then letting go of all herself control letting of everything and as she did
so she screamed.


An with that Stephanie was out cold due to how much energy she'd exserted
trying to hold off the orgasam and how powerful the orgasam was when it
finally over took her body.

Stacy with her fingers still in Stephanies ass. Stacy takes out her fingers
from Stephanie's pussy and puts her whole mouth over Stephanie's pussy. Stacy
gets ready for what is about to come. Stacy waits and then all of a sudden,
a huge load of Stephanies Billion Dollar Cum shoots right into Stacy's mouth
and down her throat. Some of the cum spirts out of Stacys mouth, but Stacy
swallows and takes down all of Stephanie McMahon's Billion Dollar Tasty Cum.
Stacy then rolls over and lays down in Stephanie McMahons arms, and her head
on Stephanie McMahon's huge right tit.

Stacy then pulled the quilt cover over the two of them and then looked up at
Stephanie and just smiled for a not so strong looking girl she had alot of
endurance Stacy remembered Torrie not being able to with stand Stacy's hands
on her breasts before she came all those years again Stacy just layed there
content safe in the knowladge that she had managed to keep her job and won a
bet and slowly but surely the long legged blonde joined her brunette haired
boss in the land of nodd.

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