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Stephanie Gets Something She's Needed For Some Time
by The Dude

For years Stephanie has been playing a slut on television but everyone
in the backstage area knew she wasn't this way. Well one evening a new recuit
that everyone was trying to get was coming in to take a look around. Vince
met him at the backdoor and introduced him to some of the people backstage
and to his children. Shane and Stephanie then escorted me to the back to
start negotiations. Shane then left to complete some business so Stephanie
escorted me to the back to watch the show.

I went into the room where Stephanie closed the door turned the TV on and
sat down right next to me. They were showing footage of past shows and I
looked at Stephanie who was blushing not believeing this was the same person
on TV that I was sitting with on the couch. During the first break she left
and came back with some drinks and asked how I was enjoying the show. I
said," It's fantastic but I still can't believe you act like that on TV but
in real life you are a very polite, considerate and beautiful person." She
was shocked but accepted the compliament. She then mentioned how nice of a
gentleman I was. She then sat down next to me again and started watching the

Toward the middle of the show I accidently put my hand on her leg just
below her dress. I removed it quickly but she said it was OK and I could
keep it there if I wanted to. So I put it back on her leg and over the course
of the next 10 minutes I slowly moved my hand up her dress until I was at the
heam of her dress. She looked at me sheepishly and raised the heam of her
dress and told me to continue. So I took the sign and moved my hand up her
dress. I told her it was uncomfortable and a sorry look came over her face.
I removed my hand but instead of putting on my lap I lifted her shirt around
her waist and moved my hand down the shirt. She closed her eyes as I did
this. I worked my way down to her moist pussy lips. I then went under her
underwear and inserted my fingers into her pussy. She was breathing heavier
now as I continued to move my fingers in and out. After a few minutes of this
she whispered in my ear I'm cumming. She then came right there putting her
face into my shirt so no one could her her yell.

I removed my fingers from her pussy and licked them clean. I then moved
to my knees right in front of Stephanie. She put the TV a little louder to
cover up any sound. I slowly kissed my why up her thighs until I was under
her skirt. I moved her panties aside and slowly worked my tongue into her
pussy. She was sqirming around at this time and I had to put my hands on her
legs to stop her from moving so much.

ENITRE LIFE. MAKE ME CUM." Just then she screamed as she came for the second
time tonight.

I moved out from her shirt and slowly picked her up and put her on the
couch. I removed her panties and put them into my pocket. I removed my
clothes and my nine inch cock sprang out. I slowly moved my way onto
Stephanie and slowly inserted my penis into her. I slowly moved in and out
as she squirmed around like crazy. I started to pump faster and faster. "OH
that she came for the third time that night. I continued to pump faster and
faster until I came exploding inside her.

We both led their for a while until I got dressed again got cleaned up
and sat there watching the last 30 minutes of the show. After the show Shane
came in and said how would I like to sign with the WWF. I said," If its
anything like what happened tonight I'm all for it." Stephanie blushed when
I said this. I signed the contract the next day and Stephanie and I became
an item.

Next time my experience with Stephanie and Trish.

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